The Warmest Romance Chapter 1427 -1428

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Chapter 1427

Then she took the two little guys into the room and settled down. Then she came out and closed the door.

Song yean stood at the door, looking at her serious and cold face, feeling inexplicably guilty, “poetry, you…”

“Come with me.” Ruan Shishi directly raised her feet and walked to the side.

Song yean swallows the rest of the sentence and raises her foot to keep up with her step. She is inexplicably uneasy at the bottom of her heart.

He always felt that as soon as Ruan Shishi came back, she was like a completely changed person, and she disappeared all afternoon today. No matter how he called her, she would not answer.

There’s definitely something wrong.

Ruan Shishi went to the small balcony, then stopped and looked outside. He didn’t speak for a long time.

Song yean stood beside her, hesitated, and then asked softly, “what’s the matter today, Shishi?”

As soon as his voice fell, Ruan Shishi turned his head, looked at him seriously and asked, “good night, let me ask you something. Is the bleeding of Lu Xiaoman related to you?”

Song yean was surprised. His eyes suddenly sank. He stopped for two seconds, then shook his head, “no, why do you think so?”

“What about last time? Yu Gubei followed me to Qingshan temple, and then killed Abbot Zhenyuan. Does this matter have anything to do with you? “

As if struck by a lightning strike, song yean’s face turned white, his eyelids moved and he didn’t speak.

Ruan Shishi’s black eyes locked him tightly, “answer me, did you do it?”

Song yean opened his mouth and could not say negative or positive. He held out his hand to her and said, “poetry, please listen to me…”

Ruan Shishi subconsciously retreated, looked at him strangely, shook his head and said, “it’s really you…”

Thanks to her struggling for him, she has regarded him as the most trusted and reliable person, but she didn’t expect that she was the one who betrayed her most thoroughly in the end!

This is to destroy all the trust built in a person’s heart, so that she can no longer trust others from now on.

“Shishi, I didn’t expect to be like this at that time…”

Song yean stepped forward and stretched out her hand to pull her arm. Unexpectedly, Ruan Shishi waved away, stepped back two steps to distance himself, shook his head and said, “but you just lied to me Lu Xiaoman’s business has something to do with you, right? “

Song yean is speechless. He has no way to admit it or not, because it’s a fact, and he can’t hide it any more. But once he admits it, he means that he has completely thrown himself into the dungeon, and everything he has now will disappear.

“Shishi, I know I’m not doing it right, but it’s all because I care about you You know, I’ve never had a double heart for you

Ruan Shishi’s heart tingled, and suddenly said, “I’d rather not care about you! Because I want you to harm others. Do you think I can sleep soundly in this way? “

She was ashamed of the death of Abbot Zhenyuan. Now she trembles when she hears what he said. If song yean says that, isn’t she the biggest murderer who killed the abbot?

Such an idea is like a group of difficult grievances, which makes her unable to straighten up at all.

Chapter 1428


Song yean strode to catch up and explain. Ruan Shishi closed his eyes painfully and inhaled deeply, saying, “let’s separate.”

This sentence made song yean’s step stop for a moment. He looked at her in amazement, as if he could not believe it, “you What are you talking about? “

“Let’s separate.”

Ruan Shishi repeated what he had just said, and then, without waiting for him to answer again, he turned around and walked quickly towards the children’s room.

Song yean stood in the same place for a long time without making a sound. When he heard a sound coming, he looked up and found that Ruan Shishi had pulled Sensen and Sasha out of the room.

They went straight up to the second floor. Not long after that, Ruan Shishi came down from the upstairs with a suitcase. Sensasha stood by, carrying a small schoolbag on her back. They looked like they were going to leave home. Their eyes were red, but they didn’t dare to say anything. They were obedient around Ruan Shishi.

Seeing this posture, the servant was startled and quickly came forward to ask the situation, “madam, what are you doing?”

Without saying a word, Ruan Shishi put his key on the table, then took Sensen and Shasha and walked out of the gate.

Looking at the woman’s resolute figure, song yean felt uneasy. He immediately ran after her, “Shishi, what do you want to do? It’s very late now! “

Ruan Shishi looked at him with a cold voice, “from now on, we will not interfere with each other.”

As she said this, she took the luggage with one hand, and Sensen and Sasha with the other. The two little guys turned back three times at a time. They couldn’t figure out the situation and didn’t dare to ask more questions, so they had to follow.

Song yean came forward and grabbed the pull rod of her trunk, “Shishi, shall we talk about it again? Give me a chance

Ruan Shishi was disappointed and looked at him with a bitter smile. “Before you had so many opportunities to confess to me, but you never said that, even in order to fool me, you found a scapegoat to carry the pot for you. Song yean, did you really think about me when you did this?”

At the beginning, she was full of guilt and tried every means to find out the traitor. Unexpectedly, everything was just a situation he had set up for him, but she could not escape from his trap. It was ridiculous.

Song yean has nothing to say. He is very clear in his heart that this matter is really his fault. Thousands of mistakes are all wrong because of his first thought. Because of care and jealousy, he made a wrong decision.

Now if Ruan Shishi agrees to have a good talk with him, he will try his best to make up for it, but now, she won’t give him a chance to talk at all.

He did not speak, eyes complex looking at the woman in front of him, lying in the trunk lever hand is always reluctant to release.

“You let go!”

Ruan Shishi tried several times, but finally she didn’t take the suitcase away. She bit her lower lip, simply released it, and pulled Sensen and Sasha out quickly.

Now, she doesn’t want to stay here for a second. As soon as she sees song yean, she can’t help thinking about the face of Abbot Zhenyuan. The boundless guilt spreads from the bottom of her heart, which will devour her and drive her crazy.

She took Sensen Shasha to leave quickly. She happened to see a taxi coming at the gate of xiqiaoyuan. Someone just got off the taxi. She immediately stopped the driver and got on with her child.

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