The Warmest Romance Chapter 1445 -1446

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Chapter 1445

Morimori was flustered, and his body was shaking. Yu Yimo immediately held his body and looked at him seriously.

He glanced at a circle of clear teeth on his forearm and stared at him sternly, “why bite?”

Sensen said with a strong sense of reason, “who Who let you bully mom! “

Yu Yimo is innocent, “when will I…” Bullying her?

“You want to kiss her, Sasha and I have seen it!” said morimori


Merton was speechless. He just wanted to have a look at her. Unexpectedly, he was caught and misunderstood by them!

He stared at him angrily.

Yu Yimo was angry and laughing, but he had no choice but to explain, “I just looked closer, not as you said…”

Sensen doesn’t believe it. He stares at what he is about to say. At this moment, Ruan Shishi on the bed suddenly moves and calls Sensen Shasha’s name in panic.

All of a sudden, three people’s movements were stiff, and they all looked at the bed.

Ruan Shishi didn’t wake up. She was still having a nightmare. She stretched out her hand and tried to grasp something. She was in a panic struggle.

Sen Sen was too scared to move and didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, Yu Yimo reaches out his hand and holds Ruan Shishi’s waving hand back and forth. He lowers his voice to comfort him, “it’s OK. They’re all here. I’ll protect them. It’s ok…”

His gentle voice seemed to have the magic of calming people. After repeating it for several times, Ruan Shishi on the bed really calmed down, and the hand that he had waved was also slowly lowered

Yu Yimo immediately reaches out his hand, picks up the wet tissue beside him, gently wipes off the fine sweat on Ruan Shishi’s forehead, and then tucks in the quilt corner for her.

After doing all this naturally, he suddenly felt that there was a look beside him. As soon as he turned his head, he saw that Mori was looking at him with his eyes shining.

The little guy was sitting on his lap. At this moment, he was like a doll, staring at him, as if he was full of curiosity.

Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows slightly, raised his lips and asked, “is this seat comfortable?”

On hearing this, Sen Sen’s face turned red and his legs were about to come down from him. Yu Yimo, with a smile, picked him up and walked out.

Sensen and Sasha were surprised again. They watched him walk out of the room foolishly. At this time, Sasha couldn’t help catching up and asked, “Uncle Shuai, can’t your legs walk?”

Yu Yimo put Mori down and winked at her at the same time, “just a little magic, you can go.”


Suddenly, Sha Sha’s eyes were full of envy and surprise, “what magic? Can you teach me? “

Yu Yimo smiles at her, “next time.”

Then he straightened up and told them, “you two are playing in the living room. Don’t run around. I’ll guard your mother.”

Now Ruan’s fever has not subsided, and his nightmares are endless.

Sensen originally wanted to refuse, but it seemed that he thought of Ruan Shishi’s nightmare scene just now. He puffed his cheeks and turned to say in a half threatening and half admonishing tone, “Mom will give it to you. You can’t bully her!”

Chapter 1446

He also waved his fist symbolically.

Yu Yimo was amused by him, nodded and agreed.

When you go back to the bedroom, Yu Yimo sits down beside the bed, and the smile at the corner of his mouth slowly diminishes.

He always has an inexplicable sense of closeness to these two little guys, but every time he thinks that they are the crystallization of Ruan Shishi and song yean, his heart pricks.

Still, he didn’t fully believe it. Now, he’s waiting for the test results.

Recently, a typhoon hit Jiangzhou City, overcast for several days, since that day after a heavy rain, it has not been clear.

In the afternoon, the weather was dull, and the thunder came. Ruan Shishi turned over and slowly opened her eyes.

In a daze, she saw a handsome outline and blinked. Then she realized that Yu Yimo’s face was face to face with her. The man was lying on the bed, sleeping soundly.

She was startled, immediately sober a lot, Teng sat up.

The next second, the body felt a cold attack, she shivered, subconsciously bowed her head, when she saw her body, she could not help screaming!

She grabbed the quilt and put it in front of her chest. Looking at Yu Yimo who was awakened, her upper and lower lips trembled, “you What have you done to me

Yu Yimo opened his eyes, looked at her hair, pulled the corners of his lips, and slowly said, “physical cooling.”

Ruan Shi was confused, “ah?”

At this moment, Yu Yimo suddenly reaches out his hand to her. Seeing that his hand is about to touch her forehead, she subconsciously excites herself and immediately waves away his hand, “Yu Yimo, don’t touch me! Ah, I’d rather die than follow

Yu Yimo couldn’t laugh or cry. Seeing her like this, he couldn’t help teasing her. He moved his lips and said, “I can’t help you.”

Then, without saying a word, he grabbed her hand and stretched out his other hand toward her forehead to test her temperature.

Ruan Shishi was flustered. She thought he was going to do something and tried to push him away. But after all, her strength was limited, so she had to press her whole body towards him.

Yu Yimo just fell asleep with numbness in both legs. Now, one of them didn’t stand firmly. She threw him back on the chair. Seeing that Ruan Shishi was about to fall, his powerful arms firmly encircled her in his arms and landed on the ground with a “bang” on his back.

“Dong!” Ruan Shishi’s body was shocked by the sound, but he didn’t feel the pain. When he looked up, he realized that Yu Yimo firmly threw her in his arms, and his body completely acted as a meat cushion.

Suddenly, she felt guilty, “you…”

Without waiting for her to finish her speech, Yu Yimo had already frowned, with a look of wind and rain.

At this moment, Ruan Shichi is lying on his chest, looking at him innocently, pure and lustful, which makes him hot all over.

All of a sudden, he flipped and pressed her on the carpet. His dark eyes locked her firmly. His Adam’s apple couldn’t help sliding up and down. His throat was tight and he said in a dumb voice, “Ruan Shishi, I didn’t think about it.”


The next second, Ruan Shishi’s hand was pressed on the soft carpet and pressed tightly by him. Then, his hot body was pressed down and he gave her a strong kiss.

In an instant, Ruan’s mind was blank.

Everything happened too suddenly, but it happened naturally, incisively and vividly. He patiently used the foreplay hook to make her lose her mind, and then slowly pinched her waist for several ways to send her to the cloud and into the dream.

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