The Warmest Romance Chapter 1485 -1486

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Chapter 1485

Ruan Shishi brushes news at home every day. In addition, Xiao Meng comes to deliver things from time to time. She also knows that the recent form is not optimistic. Although she claimed that she would not bring him any food at noon three days ago, she still delivers it on time at noon the next day.

She thought it was just a wave of the times, but she didn’t know how many undercurrents there were.

Just after 12 o’clock at noon, Ruan Shishi put the lunch box into the Bento bag, gave orders to Xiaomeng, and then went out of the door.

These days she went out to deliver meals. Xiao Meng was always at home with Sensen Shasha. Although he was always bullied, he was very happy with Sensen Shasha.

With Xiaomeng at home, she can rest assured.

She got into the driver’s car. As soon as the car started, her mobile phone vibrated twice – she received a new text message.

She picked it up and glanced at the screen, but with one glance, she became stiff.

It was sent by Yu Gubei. The message said, “after today, I will let your parents go home.”

She should be happy to see this message, but the amount of information behind this message is too large. All she can feel is chill.

Why is he willing to let her parents go home after today? Is he going to do it today? What exactly is his plan? What is it that leads to metaphor computer? What are the consequences?

All the questions, like a mess, stuck in her mind, so that she did not have any clue.

At the beginning, she tried to open the things in the U-disk to see what they were, but later she found that they were all encrypted files. What’s more terrible is that the encryption has a countdown, which can be seen after the set time. It’s like a time bomb. After it’s buried there, how long it will detonate regularly.

Although she didn’t know what was in it, she could guess that it was something more powerful than a time bomb. When it came to time, it would explode and kill people.

Since it is introduced into Yu Yimo’s computer, there is no doubt that Yu Yimo is the target Yu Gubei wants to ignite.

Thinking like this, her body could not help shaking. She gave her psychological hints again and again, took a deep breath, slowly dispelled the uneasiness and confusion in her heart, and forced her to calm down.

When she arrived at the gate of Yu’s group, she opened the door and got off, but her feet were a little weak. She picked up her lunch box and took the elevator to the president’s office.

When he arrived at the office door, Yu Yimo’s assistant came to remind him, “president Yu is receiving important customers. I’m afraid he won’t be able to come out for a while. Miss Ruan, do you want to wait?”

Ruan Shiben was a little restless and wanted to have a rest. Hearing what the assistant said, he immediately nodded and agreed, “well, I’ll wait.”

The assistant nodded, “OK, please follow me.”

Then he took her to the reception room next to him, gave her tea and left the room.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi was the only one in the room. She gasped for breath. After a while, the tension gradually eased, and then she felt better.

After she calmed down, she drank tea in the reception room and flipped through magazines. Twenty minutes passed unconsciously. She looked at the clock on the wall and looked down at the lunch box on the table. For a moment, she hesitated.

Chapter 1486

If you don’t deliver the food, it will be cold, but now it seems that Yu Yimo’s side should not be over.

Just then, the door of the reception hall was suddenly pushed open, and the female assistant appeared at the door.

Ruan Shishi was so happy that he asked, “is it over there?”

The female assistant was stunned for a moment, and soon gave her a sorry smile, “not yet. Just now, a girl came from outside and said that she was from the marketing department. She said that the director of their department Han wanted to see you and asked you to go to the rooftop. She had something to say to you.”

Ruan’s poems were slightly stunned.

Someone’s looking for her?

Strange, she is not familiar with the people in the company now!

At the same time, she murmured: “director Han of the marketing department…”

Two seconds later, I woke up.

Isn’t that Xiao Han! Five years ago, she was in the marketing department with Xiao Han. Later, when she left, Xiao Han was already a deputy director, and now it’s reasonable to be promoted to a director.

Some of her old friends met with joy, but the next second, the bottom of her heart and a bit of doubt.

She didn’t come here in a big way. Besides, there are few people who know her in the company now. How can Xiao Han know that she is here?

Ruan Shishi was suspicious and asked the assistant, “how did she know I was here?”

The female assistant replied with a proper smile, “then I don’t know. The messenger is still out there. You can ask her. “

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi immediately got up and walked out.

Sure enough, a few meters outside the reception hall stood a young girl, looking at Gu Ling’s strange face, with a sense of cleverness between her eyebrows and eyes.

The girl saw her, immediately walked forward with a smile, lively and excited asked, “are you sister Shi?”

Ruan Shishi nodded, “I am.”

“Sister Han asked me to come. She said she saw you in the hall today, but she didn’t catch up with you because she had something on hand. Then when she went back to the office, she asked me to come to the president’s office to look for you. I didn’t expect to find you!”

Ruan Shishi smiles and asks, “is she in the marketing department?”

The girl looked frank and said with a smile, “no, sister Han hasn’t had lunch yet. She went to the roof with a box lunch and said that if she found you, she would tell you.”

Hearing the words, the doubts in Ruan’s heart suddenly disappeared.

Xiao Han loves the habit of running on the rooftop. She knows that when she was in the company before, sometimes she would go to the rooftop for dinner or rest. She always said that she would be in a better mood. Unexpectedly, after several years, her habit has not changed.

When she saw the girl in front of her again, she said with a smile, “thank you for your message. I’ll go up and find her later.”

The girl poked her tongue at her playfully, then said briskly, “then I’ll go to dinner first!”

With that, he turned and left happily.

Looking at her back, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help smiling. At the beginning, five years ago, she was as big as her, simple and pure, and had not experienced the social beating.

Ruan Shishi smiles and turns to the direction of the president’s office. The door is closed. It seems that the people inside have not come out yet.

After a pause, she turned to the female assistant and said with a smile, “if they’re finished, you can help me deliver the lunch box to Yu Yimo.”

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