The Warmest Romance Chapter 1509 -1510

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Chapter 1509

Ruan Shishi took a look at the vest, and he had a number in his heart, “bulletproof?”

Yu Yimo nodded, pursed his lips and said, “just in case.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, picked up the vest, turned to the inside and put it on. The vest was close to the body and could completely protect the chest and abdomen, which could not be seen in the clothes.

After changing clothes, she comes out again, gets on the bus with Yu Yimo and goes directly to the destination.

As soon as the car started, Ruan Shishi suddenly realized something. She looked down at Yu Yimo’s legs and hesitated, “what happened to your legs…”

Yu Yimo said faintly, “I can’t hide it.”

As early as yesterday, when he received the text message from Yu Gubei, he already knew that Yu Gubei had let them go alone. It was obvious that his legs had recovered.

Ruan took a deep breath and said nothing more.

For a moment, the car quieted down, as if the air had condensed. The more we went to the countryside, the more desolate and silent the surrounding scene was. In addition, these two days were overcast, and the people who looked at it were depressed.

An hour later, they got closer and closer to their destination, but there was no obvious sign around.

Yu Yimo glanced around and said, “turn on the navigation. Songyun electronics factory should be near here.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and immediately reached for her mobile phone.

The area here is very desolate. There are scattered buildings around both sides. It looks like factories and so on.

Looking at the navigation, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said, “there is still a long way to go. You have to turn into a small road and walk a long way to the southwest to get there.”

Yu Yimo twists his eyebrows and glances over the navigation on the screen. He turns the steering wheel in one direction, and then the car turns on another path.

The path spread, leading to the direction seems more desolate and gloomy.

After a while, they had already felt the bumps of the path, the shaking of the car body, and the disturbing people were even more nervous.

After driving for a while, through the window, they saw a forest nearby. Not far behind the forest, there was a low cement wall, which looked like a factory building.

Intuition tells them that there is songyun electronics factory.

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank and whispered, “sit down.”

With that, he stepped on the accelerator, sped up, and drove toward the other side. The car was bumpy. Ruan Shishi’s attention was focused on the workshop there, with a heart beating fast.

The car quickly entered the woods, was driving forward, suddenly came “whew, whew A few sounds, followed by something hit the car body.

Ruan Shishi was surprised. Before he could react, he heard Yu Yimo saying, “there’s an ambush!”


Ruan Shishi was stunned, but soon, her reason returned. She reflected that the person who could ambush here must be Yu Gubei! He’s trying to kill them!

Just then, I heard a few more “whew, whew “Bang bang!” The bullet came from all directions and hit the car body quickly, but it did not penetrate the car, but embedded in the car body.

Yu Yimo frowned. He looked ahead and said, “hold on!”

Chapter 1510

At the moment when the voice fell, he held the hand of the steering wheel and made a sharp turn. The car turned quickly and deviated from the original route. At the same time, he stepped on the gas pedal and ran wildly in the forest.

Yu Gubei must have expected that they would take this road for a long time. Because it is the shortest way to get to the factory building through the forest, and the trees are sparse in the forest, which is convenient for cars to pass through. So he deliberately arranged for people to wait for them here, and he didn’t hesitate to use weapons. It’s really cruel!

Yu Yimo clenches his teeth and holds the steering wheel. After a disorganized collision in the woods, he rushes into a bush!

When the car suddenly stopped, Ruan felt that the world was quiet for a moment, her brain was blank, and her ears were buzzing.

Yu Yimo frowned and called her, “Ruan Shishi!”

Seeing that she didn’t respond, he was a little worried and quickly stretched out his hand to shake her.

Ruan Shishi’s body trembled and suddenly recovered. His eyes focused. When he saw Yu Yimo in front of him, his voice trembled. “He wants to kill us…”

After a pause, he nodded his head seriously. His hand holding Ruan Shishi’s wrist slowly tightened, and his eyes became calm and firm again.

“Ruan Shishi, listen to me. You get out of the car immediately and hide in the bush. Don’t worry. As long as you don’t move, you won’t be found. I drive to the factory. You wait for Su Yucheng and meet me outside. Do you understand?”

Ruan Shishi shook his head with tears when he heard the speech. “No, I want to go with you…”

Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows, lowered his voice and said quickly, “don’t you understand? Yu Gubei wants our lives on the road. He doesn’t care how many people passed us. You wait for Su Yucheng outside. That’s the most important thing! This car is made of special material. It can’t be penetrated by bullets. Don’t worry, I will guarantee my safety! “

Ruan Shi’s nose is sour and his whole body is cold.

She knew in her heart that at this time, she could not ask to go with him at all. He took her with him, but it was a burden.

“You can’t stay here long, or people in the woods will be suspicious!” Yu Yimo calmly said, at the same time, he quickly untied the safety belt on Ruan Shishi, “listen to my arrangement, we can have a turn.”

Ruan Shishi bit her teeth, pressed down her worry and sadness, nodded with tears, “I’ll meet you outside.”

With that, she pushed the door open and got out of the car. Before closing the door, she couldn’t help looking at Yu Yimo.

Yu Yimo tugged at her lips and said firmly, “wait for me to come back.”

The door closed, and the car ran out like it was electrified. Ruan Shishi watched the car leave with tears in her eyes. Her heart was complex, bitter and astringent.

She obediently squatted down and hid herself behind the bushes. She did not dare to move, but her tears were sliding silently.

A few minutes later, she raised her hand and wiped the tears off her face. She calmed down a little bit.

What’s the use of crying at this time? What she has to do now is to wait patiently. When the people in the forest withdraw, she will go to the factory and meet Su Yucheng. They will come to help Yu Yimo in time.

Long before they came here, they had already discussed. Su Yucheng and others were waiting near the factory. When the time was almost right, they would surround them from the outside.

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