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Chapter 671

As long as she can talk with Jiang Huanchen face to face, she still has hope. If she can’t talk face to face, she should brush her sense of existence in front of him.

Ruan Shishi tidied up, said to assistant Liu, left the company in a hurry, and went directly to the film and television city of Jiangzhou city.

Jiangzhou film and television city has a large area. Many of the dramas were shot there in the past. Jiang Huanchen took over the hero of a Republic of China drama. Now the shooting is over, and the task of the crew is relatively easy.

Jiang Huanchen’s schedule shows that he will finish work at 4:30 and leave the studio, then attend an interview recording at 8:00 p.m.

She should make good use of the time in between.

As long as she can meet Jiang Huanchen, she will have a chance to negotiate.

When she got down from the subway and rushed to the film and Television City, she arrived at the venues of the Republic of China. She thought there would not be many people on weekdays, but when she got to the place, she realized her innocence.

There are a large number of people outside the venue, all young girls in their twenties. They are blocking there in groups, holding banners and mobile phones in their hands, discussing excitedly.

When he saw the big characters on the banners and the photos on the display boards, Ruan realized what it was.

Those girls are all fans of Jiang Huanchen. They are on the third floor inside and the third floor outside. They are just waiting for Jiang Huanchen to come out and see him.

Ruan Shishi didn’t expect that there would be so many people. She walked over and squeezed into it. But the young girls didn’t let her. Seeing that she was empty handed, she didn’t look like a fan at all, and even refused to let her push forward.

Ruan Shishi looked at the time and felt anxious.

She can’t get close to Jiang Huanchen at all. How can she get a chance to brush her sense of existence in front of him and talk about endorsement with him?

Ruan Shishi looked around, and suddenly saw a few girls coming out of the bungalow from a distance, holding an aid card with a picture of Jiang Huanchen in her hand.

She fixed her eyes and found that it was a place for making posters and display boards. She had an idea and walked quickly.

The shopkeeper was a small, middle-aged man. Seeing her, he asked with a smile, “girl, who are you chasing?”

Ruan Shishi was stunned. He took a look at the display boards of various shapes in the house and said, “Jiang Huanchen.”

“Ha ha, there are too many people chasing Jiang Huanchen. Today I have made dozens of his brands alone!”

The boss pointed to the sign neatly, “it’s different sizes, which one do you want?”

“Give me the biggest one.” Ruan Shishi quickly turned out a picture on his mobile phone and motioned to his boss to see it, “I want to print this picture.”

The boss nodded with a smile, asked her to send the photos to the computer, and began to be busy.

In less than ten minutes, a super large display board was finished, on which a handsome picture of Jiang Huanchen was impressively printed. The board is one meter wide, which is really eye-catching.

Just now, Ruan Shishi had a look in the crowd and found that the little girls were all holding small brands, which were convenient and easy to lift. In contrast, the one she had just printed was much larger.

However, this is also her purpose. Standing in the crowd with such a sign, she must be the most eye-catching one. Even if she can’t speak to Jiang Huanchen, at least she can make him pay attention to her.

After taking the big sign and paying for it, Ruan Shishi quickly walked towards the crowd. As soon as she approached, she attracted a lot of people’s attention. She went to the place with the least number of people, held the sign and squeezed in, and soon reached the front.

Chapter 672

People next to her look over, many people began to whisper.

“What’s wrong with her? She’s such a big brand!”

“On purpose, in order to let Jiang Huanchen see her, he really went out…”


Ruan Shishi didn’t care much when she heard some miscellaneous words. She didn’t think much about Jiang Huanchen. She just wanted to talk about cooperation with him.

Ruan Shishi looked inside the Museum of the Republic of China. After waiting for a long time, no one came out. Just then, a sneer came from the side, “who do I think it is! I didn’t expect it to be you! “

As soon as she looked back, she saw Song Qi. She was wearing a blue open navel cardigan and leather pants. She also painted the make-up of a little wild cat. She looked like a funny girl.

Ruan Shishi was surprised. When she saw the aid card in her hand, she couldn’t help stirring up her lips. “Is Miss Song also a fan of Jiang Huanchen?”

“Of course I am!” Song Qi cold hum a, Mou Guang some cold, “I’m the president of Jiang Huanchen fan association, how I don’t know you like him! You’re not pretending

Song Qi looked at her up and down, her eyes full of suspicion.

Ruan Shishi chuckles. Unexpectedly, the rich family’s daughter is still the biggest fan of Jiang Huanchen. She whispers, “if you like it, you can like it. What’s good for you? Jiang Huanchen is not your own. Can you only like it?”

Song Qi’s face sank and said angrily, “I’ve never seen you in so many activities before. You suddenly come here with such a big brand. Who knows if you’re real or fake?”

Song Qi’s voice is not small, and she is a high-profile temperament. As soon as she said this, all the fans around her looked at Ruan Shishi.

For a moment, Song Qi became more arrogant, raised her chin and said contemptuously, “Ruan Shishi, do you think we raccoons are vegetarian, and can’t see whether they are real powder or black powder?”

Ruan Shishi didn’t want to quarrel with her. She chuckled and said in a soft voice, “Miss Song, if I were black powder, why should I buy such a big aid card from Jiang Huanchen?”

Song Qi couldn’t say a word.

A fan nearby also spoke for Ruan Shishi, “yes, President, I don’t think she’s fake powder. The biggest brand is quite expensive. Black powder shouldn’t be so silly, right?”

There are also people nodding in response.

Seeing this, Song Qi had to suppress her dissatisfaction and gave Ruan Shishi a cold glance, saying nothing more.

At this time, the fans closest to the door began to make a commotion. For a moment, everyone’s eyes looked over there.

Soon, there are security out in front of the road, blocking the fans on both sides of the road, to maintain order.

Look at this posture, Jiang Huanchen should be coming out.

Ruan Shishi stood on tiptoe and looked over there. Before she saw the figure, she heard the fans screaming.

“Jiang Huanchen! Jiang Huanchen


For a moment, she was surrounded by shrieks. When she could not help frowning, she saw a tall man surrounded by several people striding towards her.

He was wearing a hat with a low brim, but still showed a delicate white chin. He came out, seemingly deliberately slowing down, and also raised his hand to wave to the fans on both sides.

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