The Warmest Romance Chapter 699 -700

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Chapter 699

Mobile phone to see a few people, they have been silent, did not speak, the rest of the people see, the heart also guessed a 778.

After the mobile phone had passed most of the time, Cheng Zixiao said calmly, “yesterday, Ruan Shishi and I met by someone with ulterior motives and were photographed secretly. Early this morning, your company’s email system was hacked and sent out that kind of email, just to mislead you and make you think Ruan Shishi was the culprit in the leakage of the plan. You say, Why do the people behind this do this? “

Needless to say, everyone can think of it. The purpose of doing this is to cover up the truth and launch a backer, so that the real black hand can better hide.

“If you don’t believe what I said, you can go to the monitoring of the fashion shop in person, and the assistant was also present at that time. You can ask her,” Cheng Zixiao pauses, and then says, “as for the person who plays tricks behind his back, whether it’s a person or a ghost, once I find out, I will never let him go! You have not only framed my friend, but also denied my ability. If anyone has any objection, let’s talk face to face. I’m in charge of this matter to the end! “

Cheng Zixiao’s words were released, and everyone on the conference table looked a little ugly.

In contrast, what Cheng Zixiao said just now is really justified, and they have no direct evidence to prove that Ruan Shishi leaked the plan. If the stalemate continues, I’m afraid the scene will be very embarrassing.

Yu Yimo frowns slightly, and looks up at Ruan Shishi. The woman looks at Cheng Zixiao with bright eyes. For a moment, something strange appears in his heart.

Over there, Cheng Zixiao looked at Yu Qingshan calmly, “chairman Yu, what do you think?”

Yu Qingshan’s face was serious and his hands were behind him. He cleared his throat and said, “since manager Cheng has said that, naturally I don’t have any opinions.”

Cheng Zixiao smiles and looks at other people, “who has any opinions? I’ll stay with you to the end. “

Yu Qingshan, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, has already spoken. Naturally, the other senior executives and shareholders have nothing to say. The original active and active people all bow their heads and say nothing.

Cheng Zixiao pulled the corner of his lips, raised his eyes to Ruan Shishi, looked at her, picked her eyebrows and blinked.

That look, like a lucky win in a game of children, lovely naughty, full of childish.

Ruan Shishi’s tension eased most of the time. Seeing Cheng Zixiao make a face for her, she couldn’t help laughing.

Over there, Yu Qingshan took a look at Yu Yimo and said, “you can finish. I’ll wait for you in the office.”

With that, he nodded to Cheng Zixiao, then walked out of the meeting room.

As soon as the people left, the meeting room became quieter, as if a needle could be heard clearly.

After a pause, Yu Yimo said coldly, “it’s over now. I’ll ask the technology department to strengthen the management of the company’s mail system, and Ruan Shishi will keep her original job. As for those shady rumors, don’t spread them from this room.”

With that, he raised his hand and buttoned the table. He said in a deep voice, “farewell.”

Finish saying, he gets up, enjoin Du Yue, “send small Cheng always.”

With that, he strode out and never looked at Ruan’s poem again.

Chapter 700

Ruan’s heart sank and he was a little uneasy.

Next to him, Cheng Zixiao looked at Du Yue and said, “you don’t have to send it.”

Then he went to Ruan Shishi, raised his chin slightly to her, and said with a smile, “you send me.”

When Ruan Shishi heard this, he came back to himself, but he couldn’t help thinking about Yu Yimo’s expression just now.

Did she make him angry?

For a moment, she didn’t understand. She followed Cheng Zixiao out of the meeting room and sent him away.

The two of them were walking in front, followed by the assistant. When they crossed the corridor, Ruan Shishi could not help saying, “thank you for what happened just now.”

If it wasn’t for Cheng Zixiao, she would have been thrown out of Yu group.

“What shall we say, thank you?” Cheng Zixiao picks eyebrows, suddenly raises a hand to embrace her shoulder, half jokingly way, “want to thank me, with body mutually agree Bai?”

Ruan Shishi naturally recognized that he was joking. He looked up at him and asked, “are you serious?”

The bottom of Cheng Zixiao’s eyes flashed a wave. Before he answered, the sound of footsteps came from the side.

Naturally, Ruan Shishi also heard it. She turned her head slightly and saw Yu Yimo standing not far in front of her.

Heart fierce a tight, she subconsciously and Cheng Zixiao opened distance, face flashed a few silk flustered.

Yu Yimo’s eyes were as bright as ice. He looked at them steadily, and his mood was dim. When Ruan Shishi looked up at him again, he had already removed his eyes and walked straight by.

Ruan Shishi’s heart couldn’t help beating faster. Unconsciously, a layer of cold sweat appeared on his back.

After getting on the elevator, she slowly regained her mind.

Cheng Zixiao naturally took a panoramic view of her reaction, restrained the smile on her face, pretended to be relaxed and said, “if you really want to thank me, please invite me to dinner some other day!”

Ruan Shishi lost his mind and said, “good.”

I don’t know why, just now, Yu Yimo’s casual glance has given her invisible pressure. After she sent Cheng Zixiao to the door of the company, she went back to the administration department.

Xiao Han looked at her at the door. When she saw her, her eyes lit up. She came forward and asked, “Shi Shi, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Ruan Shishi pulled his lips feebly and went straight to the office.

When passing by the office area, Meng Zihan happened to be checking the form. When he saw her coming, she looked a little cold and said sarcastically, “who has done anything will eventually be exposed.”

“Yes, there is no fire in paper.”


Ruan Shishi didn’t pay attention to the irony when she heard it. At this moment, because of Yu Yimo’s confused mind, she had no time to pay attention to them.

On the contrary, Xiao Han, who was walking beside her, could not help but frown. She began to speak for Ruan Shishi, “food can be eaten, words can’t be spoken! You don’t know what happened, so don’t chew your tongue here! “

When the female colleague heard this, she picked her eyebrows and said, “who’s talking nonsense? I didn’t name you. What are you so proud of? Didn’t you just get promoted? Why do you pretend to be sisterhood and hypocritical when you have taken someone’s place

Female colleagues teeth sharp mouth of a few words, said Xiao Han blushed, do not know how to say.

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi frowned and turned to look at Xiaohan, “Xiaohan, let’s go back to the office.”

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