The Warmest Romance Chapter 729 -730

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Chapter 729

Ruan Shishi retched for a long time, and at last he only vomited some gastric juice. At this time, a slender hand held an open bottle of mineral water and handed it over.

Ruan Shishi took it and gargled. Then he felt better.

She raised her head again, just to see Jiang Huanchen with his hands around his chest, standing on one side, staring at her with great interest.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath. His eyes were shining with tears. He took a deep breath and asked, “is this OK?”

The subtext is that she’s already like this. Isn’t he going to forgive her?

Jiang Huanchen looked at her and chuckled. A moment later, he restrained his smile and raised his eyebrows at her. He said with a smile, “I’ll make an appointment some other day and take sister Qiong with me to learn more about the brand of redeur.”

Hearing what Jiang Huanchen said, Ruan’s heart, which was originally hanging in his throat, suddenly relaxed.

Since Jiang Huanchen is willing to let go, it means that what she has done is worth it.

Even from the car club, her legs are still a little soft.

After arriving at the company from the club, during the lunch break, Ruan Shishi hardly ate anything and had a rest on his desk for more than an hour. Then he felt his spirit was gradually restored.

The lap of the car in the morning was enough to make her suffer for a whole day.

Xiao Han, who came back from eating outside, couldn’t help asking, “Shishi, do you really eat nothing? I have sandwiches here, or you… “

Ruan Shishi shook his head feebly and said in a soft voice, “no, I really don’t want to eat.”

Xiao Han advised her several times, but she was determined not to eat, so she had to give up.

At the same time, on the other side, in the elevator run by the president, a light figure came out from inside, holding a large insulation bucket.

Ye Wan’er walks towards Yu Yimo’s office, and the memories of last night’s shame flood into her mind.

She clenched the handle of the thermos bucket in her hand, feeling a little unwilling and angry at the same time. When she came to the president’s office, these feelings suddenly disappeared.

Ye Wan’er quickly walks to the door of the president’s office, raises her smiling face, raises her hand and knocks on the door. Originally, she wanted to wait for Yu Yimo to come to coax her, but she didn’t expect that he was completely quiet in the end.

This is not, for fear of estrangement between the two people, she immediately let the aunt stewed fish soup, take the initiative to come to him.

At this time, even if she put down her dignity, she can’t give other women an opportunity!

In this way, ye Wan’er felt comfortable and raised her hand to button the door again.

Hearing the man’s reply, ye Wan’er was relieved and pushed the door open.

As soon as she went in, she raised her smiling face and said to Yu Yimo, “brother Mo, are you busy? I specially asked the chef to stew fish soup for you

Yu Yimo is criticizing the documents. When he sees her, his eyes darken.

He thought she would be angry for a few days and would give up, but he didn’t expect to come here today.

Ye Wan’er went straight to the sofa, put down her lunch box, looked at Yu Yimo and said, “brother Mo, if you don’t come here, I’m afraid the soup is cold. I’ll send it to you right away.”

Yu Yimo picked her eyebrows, hesitated for a moment, stood up and walked towards her.

Chapter 730

Now ye Wan’er has taken the initiative to be soft, and he has no reason to continue to carry it.

Ye Wan’er divided the fish soup in the thermos bucket into two parts, one of which was pushed to Yu Yimo, and said excitedly, “have a taste.”

Yu Yimo took a sip of the steaming fish soup, and his brows stretched a little.

He preferred fish soup and preferred to drink it when he was in a bad mood.

“How’s it going? Is it good? “

Ye Wan’er is in one side, Mou Guang bright asks a way.

Yu Yimo nodded, “not bad.”

At least it’s much better than the fish soup Ruan made for him before.

Unconsciously think of that woman, two seconds later, Yu Yimo reaction, action, can’t help frowning.

At this time, the next ye Wan’er did not notice, looked at him, blinked his eyes and asked, “brother Mo, if you like, I’ll come to deliver it to you every day.”

“Don’t bother.” Yu Yimo’s face softened a little, turned to look at her and said in a soft voice, “you will be too tired.”

Ye Wan’er blushes and lowers her head shyly. A moment later, she suddenly reaches out her hand, hooks Yu Yimo’s arm and says, “brother mo I didn’t mean to do what happened yesterday. “

It’s said that after a pause, he said softly, “it’s OK.”

She continued, “are you not angry?”

Yu Yimo shook his head and pulled his lips. “What do you want to do with me?”

Listen to him say so, ye Wan’er this just thoroughly relaxed, embrace his arm, smile of sweet.

As soon as she lowered her head and saw another bowl of fish soup on the table, she suddenly thought of something and quickly said, “by the way, brother Mo, I brought the rest of the soup to Shishi. You can call her and ask her to come and drink it.”

As she spoke, ye Wan’er observed Yu Yimo’s expression.

A chill passed over the man’s face, which was fleeting. He paused and said in a cold voice, “if you want to give her a drink, I’ll ask her to come.”

Ye Wan’er shook his arm and said, “they are all friends! You just call her and ask her to come, or this bowl of soup will be wasted. “

Yu Yimo hesitates for a moment and calls Du Yue to call Ruan Shishi.

In the office of the assistant in charge of the administrative department, Ruan Shishi’s state just changed a little, and she received the notice from Du Yue. She took a deep breath and got up.

When she arrived at the president’s office, as soon as she got to the door, she heard a woman’s light laughter coming out of the office. She raised her hand, knocked on the door and pushed in. Unexpectedly, she saw ye Wan’er and Yu Yimo sitting on the sofa.

Suddenly, she felt a little uncomfortable.

They two people you Nong I Nong or affectionate, call her to come to do?

She stepped forward and asked softly, “Mr. Yu, what can I do for you?”

Before Yu Yimo spoke, ye Wan’er waved to her with a smile, “come on, I’ve brought you fish soup. Come and have a taste!”

Ruan poetry smell speech, this just found the fish soup on the tea table.

She raised the corner of her lip and gave ye Wan’er a polite smile. She declined and said, “no, I’ve already had dinner.”

Ye Wan’er continued with a smile, “try it! I brought an extra one on purpose. “

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