The Warmest Romance Chapter 897 -898

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Chapter 897


Two people argue, are in a huff, completely did not find the balcony outside a man standing in a suit, motionless.

Song yun’an panted through the hall, climbed to the second floor, turned his head and swept around. When he couldn’t find anyone, he raised his eyes and saw a man standing outside the balcony.

She frowned and looked left and right again, but she still didn’t see Ruan Shishi.

she came all the way, and she didn’t even have time to change her clothes. She went to Jiangzhou international and asked several waiters, then she found out Ruan Shishi’s whereabouts.

As soon as she heard that Ruan Shi might be on the second floor, she ran up without thinking.

I didn’t expect that after I ran up here, it was empty and there was nothing.

Just as she was about to leave, she heard a faint quarrel nearby. She walked along and saw the balcony over there.

The man stood outside as if he were eavesdropping.

Song yun’an’s heart clattered for a moment, and he stepped forward with a light step. However, when he came closer, he felt more familiar with the man’s back.

Suddenly, the man body move, turned around, sharp and alert light straight toward her to see.

But when their eyes met, they were stunned.

Two seconds later, song yun’an frowned and looked a little ugly.

It’s Du Yue!

She thought she was wrong!

“How do you…”

She was just about to ask when she heard a woman’s voice coming from the balcony. She looked over and saw the two women standing on the balcony facing each other. She was even more shocked.

It’s Shishi and ye Wan’er!

She just looked around the hall, but she didn’t see them. She didn’t expect that they were really on the second floor. But when was Du Yue here? How much did she eavesdrop?


Just as she was about to speak, Du Yue’s face suddenly changed. He immediately stepped forward. At the moment when she cried out, he immediately pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth!

He frowned and lowered his head. “Don’t make a sound!”

Song yun’an was surprised. He was covered with his mouth and could only say “Oh Well… ” The sound of the sound.

Du more tiny Cu eyebrow, the action is neat of embrace her, retreat to the room beside, directly enter.

He carefully closed the door, locked it, and tried not to make any extra sound. Then he let go of the struggling woman in his arms.

Song yun’an became angry and her face turned red. “What are you…”

Before she finished speaking, Du Yue gave her a warning in her eyes, as if he would cover her mouth again if she didn’t shut up.

She quickly stepped back and looked at him with some vigilance, “you What do you want to do? “

“Why eavesdrop on poetry?”

“Tell me what you heard!”


Song yun’an threw out several questions in a row, and without waiting for Du Yue to answer them, he had already opened his fire.

Du Yue has some helplessness, pursed lips and didn’t reply.

Seeing his expression, Song Yun felt uneasy.

Does he already know?

She yelled in her heart. She gritted her teeth and said seriously, “Du Yue, what did you hear?”

Chapter 898

Du Yue’s face changed slightly. After two seconds, he said in a slow voice, “all that should be heard.”

As soon as this sentence came out, Song Yun changed her face when she settled down, “do you mean…”

Du more deep inspiration, “Sen Sen and Sha Sha, is the president’s flesh and blood.”

Hearing this from Du Yue’s mouth, song yun’an was in the same place. His whole body was like a petrified statue, and he didn’t come back for a long time.

She did not expect that Du Yue actually knew everything!

The more Du knows, the more Yu Yimo will know!

With such a thought, song yun’an has the heart to die!

She knows too well how Ruan Shishi survived these five years. If this secret, which they have been guarding together for five years, suddenly comes to light, I’m afraid something will happen!

She clenched her teeth, suddenly thought of something, quickly looked up, saw Du Yue, eye bottom suddenly flashed a glimmer of dark light, she immediately came forward, stretched out a hand to hold Du Yue’s arm.

She gritted her teeth, ready to fight him to the end, “you are not allowed to go! You can’t leave today

Looking at the woman suddenly changed face, holding his arm how would not let go, Du Yue’s lips unconsciously rose twice.

He jokingly asked, “why?”

Song yun’an grasped his arm and said hysterically, “why do you say that! Duyue, you are so mean! What kind of gentleman is hiding in the corner and eavesdropping on people

“If you dare to tell me about it, I’m not finished with you!”

“Do you hear me! You’re going to rot in your stomach. No one can say it! “


Du more listen to the woman in his ear threat, the corner of the mouth smile deepening.

How does he think that’s interesting?

“Du Yue! I’m talking to you

Seeing that the man hasn’t responded for a long time, Song Yun doesn’t get angry when she settles down, but Du Yuesheng has a poker face. When his face is expressionless, he has an expression, which is cold.

In Song yun’an’s opinion, this is inhuman. That is to say, he can’t accept what she said just now!

When Song Yun settled down, she wanted to cry without tears.

But for the sake of the future happiness of Shishi, for the sake of Sensen and Sasha, she also has to find a way to stop it!

Song yun’an clenched his teeth, and his heart became horizontal. When he looked at Du Yue again, his expression softened a bit, and his voice also increased a bit. “Du Yue, make a price.”

At this time, it doesn’t matter what money is not. She should take out a sum of money to seal Du Yue’s mouth.

Who knows Du Yue hears speech, eyebrow picked to pick, he droops Mou to look toward her to come over, “I love money so in your eyes?”

Song yun’an inhaled deeply, forced himself to bear down, raised his eyes to Du Yue, and said seriously, “what do you want? As long as I can do it, as long as you can promise, I will try my best to satisfy you! “

Smell speech, Du Yue heart a tight, looking at in front of the woman’s pink cheeks and lips, heart move, some hesitation.

Song yun’an didn’t notice the abnormality and continued, “anyway, it’s not the first time you’ve done this kind of thing. Even if you help me this time, you can make a price!”

He rolled his Adam’s apple up and down. “Are you serious?”

Song yun’an raised her eyes to his eyes, “really!”

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