The Warmest Romance Chapter 903 -904

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Chapter 903

Leaving this sentence behind, he turned away from the two women’s begging for mercy, turned to Ruan Shishi and said coldly, “you, come with me.”

Ruan Shishi just stood aside and saw that Yu Yimo had taught the two women a lesson. He felt a burst of pleasure and was not so angry.

Now, she was suddenly called, asked to follow him, she inevitably some resistance.

She frowned and asked, “what are you doing?”

Yu Yimo glanced at her clothes and said coldly, “if you want to wear such clothes all the time, I don’t mind.”

Ruan Shishi was surprised when he heard the speech. He looked down from his eyes and saw his torn cheongsam. His face turned white.

Now, although she is wearing a suit, which can be slightly blocked, this strange match will still attract many people’s eyes. Everyone can see that her clothes have been torn. In addition, she is wearing Yu Yimo’s clothes. I’m afraid that even if she jumps into the Yellow River, she won’t be able to wash them.

She clenched her teeth and had no choice but to keep pace with the man.

As Yu Yimo goes through the corridor, he goes to the elevator entrance and directly goes up to the third floor. As soon as he comes out of the elevator, Yu Yimo turns right and walks to the door of the second room. He takes the exit card and brushes it open.

Ruan Shishi stood there, hesitant to enter, but the man had turned his head and stared at her.

She took a deep breath, had to mind those embarrassed doubt down, stepped in.

The interior decoration of the room is very simple, there are not many furniture, but everything has its meaning of existence, showing excellent texture.

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath. As Yu Yimo walks to the sofa in the small suite, the man turns around and looks at her. “I’ve asked someone to prepare. It should be delivered soon.”

After that, without waiting for an answer from Ruan Shishi, he took out a bottle of foreign wine from the nearby wine cabinet, opened the refrigerator and put cool ice in.

He walked to the French window, sipping wine and looking out of the window.

A man with wide shoulders and narrow waist is a standard and strong inverted triangle from the back. Although he is separated by a layer of shirt, his fine and healthy texture can still be seen.

Ruan Shishi’s eyes flashed over his back, and her heart beat faster. She didn’t open her eyes and calmed down a bit, but suddenly she realized that he didn’t mean to leave.

But they are lonely men and few women, two people living in a room, if people see this, is not to spread the uproar?

Ruan Shishi sat up straight, took a deep breath, deliberately cleared his throat, and said word by word, “well, when are you going to avoid it?”

Hearing the sound, the man’s body moved slightly, then slowly turned and looked at her. He gently picked his eyebrows and said in a light voice, “avoid? Do I need to avoid facing you? “

In a word, it’s half a word that Ruan’s poems can’t say.

Although the two of them used to be husband and wife, they did everything they should do, but after all, they are divorced now. It’s embarrassing for her to say so.

The atmosphere suddenly a little cold, at this time, there was a knock at the door, and then, the voice outside the door came, “Mr. Yu, the clothes have arrived.”

Chapter 904

Yu Yimo walked over with his long legs, opened the door, took an exquisite handbag from his hand, and then closed the door without hesitation.

He turned around and went to the sofa. He put the mobile phone bag on the sofa next to Ruan Shishi, “change it.”

He dropped the sentence, walked to the side and continued to drink.

Ruan Shishi glanced at the handbag with the big logo on it, hesitated for a moment, picked up her clothes and went to the next bathroom.

A simple dress, the color is elegant beige, upper body gentle temperament, more importantly, the size is also appropriate.

Ruan Shishi looked at herself in the mirror, hooked her lips with satisfaction, then stuffed her changed cheongsam into the bag and went out.

The man standing by the window heard the sound of opening the door and turned slightly. His eyes stayed on Ruan Shishi for a moment, and the bottom of his eyes flashed a dim light quickly.

He just chose one according to his own preference. He didn’t expect that she would look so good on it. How could she look.

The only thing that doesn’t match well is her red lips.

When she was wearing cheongsam, she painted red lips and her beautiful eyes were all amorous feelings. But now she is so soft that it’s against nature to match red lips.

Ruan Shishi didn’t notice the man’s drooping eyes. She picked up the handbag beside him and said, “thank you for helping me out. I’ll give you the money for the skirt.”

With that, she nodded slightly to him and walked towards the door.

As soon as I touched the doorknob, there was a breeze behind me. Then my wrist was pulled.

Ruan Shishi involuntarily exclaimed, the whole person was pulled around, the next second, the man’s body was pressed up.

Yu Yimo stretched out a big hand like iron, squeezed her chin and said in a deep voice, “wipe the lipstick before you go.”

With that, his thumb swept over Ruan’s soft lips and took away most of the color.

Some of the red is rubbed out of the lip line, blurring the edge and looking more attractive.

Yu Yimo’s heart sank and his body felt slightly hot. He pretended to be calm and didn’t open his eyes. He picked up the tissue beside him and wiped his hands, “OK.”

For his series of actions, Ruan Shishi was at a loss. She was stunned. After a few seconds, she reacted and frowned, “Yu Yimo, are you sick?”

Then she reached out to push him away.

He suddenly came to wipe her lipstick. She didn’t know what he thought!

Yu Yimo eyebrows a pick, tone light way, “you like this, I prefer.”

This sentence, like a thunderbolt, exploded in Ruan’s ear.

Is Yu Yimo confessing to her?

There was a surge of suspicion and confusion in her heart. She couldn’t grasp it clearly. She took a deep breath and quickly reached out to push Yu Yimo, “don’t be kidding, it’s meaningless!”

The man’s body is like a wall, blocking in front of her, can not push, Ruan Shishi a panic, fist suddenly slip, hit his waist down position.

In an instant, she acted, and the whole person was petrified.

A few seconds later, she looks at the bulge of Yu Yimo’s area. Her face turns blue instantly. She shrinks back in fright, but behind her is the door panel, and there is no way to retreat.

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