The Warmest Romance Chapter 909 -910

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Chapter 909

Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned. Two seconds later, he nodded with a smile, “OK, I’ll listen to you this time.”

She suddenly found that the man who had been in front of her for the past five years would be tired, so she should spare more time to accompany him.

In a flash of time, several days later, Sasha’s state tends to be stable, and the wound on the back of her hand has become scabby. She is still alive and strange.

At the moment when the doctor said that he could be discharged from the hospital, the big stone hanging in the air in Ruan Shishi’s heart was finally able to fall to the ground.

Because song yean was away on business, he couldn’t make it back, so he had to let song Yunan take the driver to pick up Shasha and leave the hospital.

Ruan Shishi has been busy with the discharge procedures for a moment.

Shasha and Sensen stay in the ward, under the care of song Yunan. The two little guys hold the magic cube and fight for several rounds. They are not willing to be outdone.

At this time, the door suddenly heard the sound of opening, and then, the door opened, a tall figure appeared at the door.

Sitting on the bed, Sasha is the first to see the person at the door. Her face suddenly becomes fresh. She directly drops her magic cube and waves to the man at the door, “handsome uncle!”

Song yun’an, sitting on one side while brushing the video, hears the sound and looks at it in a hurry. When he sees that the person standing at the door is Yu Yimo, his face is suddenly gloomy.

She threw her cell phone aside and directly stepped in front of Sassen, protecting them behind her, staring at the man at the door.

Yu Yimo, with a smiling face slightly stiff, stepped forward and said in a light tone, “I heard that Sasha was discharged. I’ve come to see her.”

Song yun’an tone blunt said, “Sasha is very good, can eat and drink, lively, since you have seen, then go.”

Sasha pokes her head out from behind her and looks pitifully at Yu Yimo, but she doesn’t dare to say anything.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to her. I’ll leave after reading it.”

Word by word, Yu Yimo walked straight around to the other side of the bed.

Shasha called timidly, “Uncle Shuai…”

Yu Yimo’s heart is so tight that he suddenly feels sour. He can’t help but want to hold the little girl in his arms. However, due to song Yunan’s protection, he can’t touch her at all.

He paused, slightly twisted his eyebrows, turned to Du Yue, who was standing at the door with a doll bear and a gift box, and made a sign in his eyes.

Du Yue received the information and immediately stepped forward to song yun’an.

Song yun’an did not expect that Du Yue would also appear. She was stunned, and a sense of tension from the bottom of her heart suddenly ran to her limbs, and her body was inexplicably stiff.

Song yun’an clenched his teeth and pretended to be calm What are you doing here? “

Du Yue hung her lips, gave her a clear smile, handed the doll to Sasha, put down the basket, and then turned to look at her, whispered, “I’m here to find you.”

Song yun’an was surprised, his eyes were about to stare out, “looking for me?”

“Well, I have something to tell you.”

Du Yue nodded and said, naturally took her hand and took her out.

Song yun’an was surprised, subconsciously broke away his hand, and hurriedly stepped back, “are you sick?”

Du Yue smell speech, action, suddenly leaned close to her ear, softly said something to her.

Chapter 910

Suddenly, song yun’an’s face pale, delicate lips slightly open, speechless.

A few seconds later, she returned to her senses, turned her head and took a deep look at Yu Yimo beside her. She gasped and said, “I only give you 20 minutes.”

With that, she looked at Sensen and Shasha beside her and whispered, “little aunt, go out for a while. You should be obedient and don’t run around. You can only stay here. Do you understand?”

Listening to the agreement of the two little guys, song yun’an felt relieved, rubbed their faces, glanced at Du Yue and walked out.

One after the other, the door closes and there are only three people left in the room, senshasha and Yu Yimo.

As soon as song yun’an leaves, Shasha immediately releases herself and opens her arms to Yu Yimo, “Shuai uncle, hug!”

Yu Yimo’s heart is transiently changed, and the coldness and alienation in the workplace disappear without a trace. The eyes looking at Sha Sha are full of doting.

He opened his arms and immediately picked up the little girl and put her in his arms.

One side of the Sensen see this, light hum way, “mom see will be angry.”

With that, he went to one side and played Rubik’s cube on his own.

It’s not that he hates Yu Yimo, but that Ruan Shishi and song Yunan treat him in a general way, which makes him feel that he should not get too close to this strange handsome uncle.

However, every time he sees Yu Yimo’s kindness to Sha Sha, he will feel sour and astringent.

He goes to one side to play the magic cube in his hands, and he doesn’t want to participate in the topic between Yu Yimo and Sasha.

Sasha is very curious about everything. She asked coldly, “Uncle Shuai, when is your birthday?”

Yu Yimo heard the words and then moved his lips a moment later. He replied, “my birthday is still early.”

He hasn’t had a birthday for several years. If he hadn’t been reminded by the little guy, he couldn’t remember that he still had a birthday.

“Uncle Shuai, let me tell you a secret. I have two birthdays!”

Sasha said, but also aimed at him than out of two fingers.

Yu Yimo thought she was talking about the lunar calendar, but she didn’t take it seriously, but she said solemnly, “one is October 13th, the other is April 20th.”

Yu Yimo was stunned when he heard the words, and what passed quickly in his mind.

Once upon a time, he doubted the identity of sensenshasha, and specially sent someone to check the information they submitted to the brokerage company. The two kids were born on October 13 four years ago, and he still had an impression.

If we calculate by this age, Ruan Shishi only had them half a year after he left Jiangzhou City, and gave birth to them in October. In this way, they are just over four years old.

But why did Sasha say she had two birthdays?

Yu Yimo frowned, took a deep breath, reached out and rubbed Sasha’s head, and said, “how can there be two birthdays? Everyone has only one. “

Sasha shook her head firmly, “no, I have two with Sensen, and my mother specially told us not to let us tell others!”

Hearing the words, Yu Yimo has more and more doubts in his heart. What is the connotation of these two completely different days, October 13th and April 20th?

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