The Warmest Romance Chapter 915 -916

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Chapter 915

From the perspective of Ruan Shishi, she can only see the broad and strong back of the man. She inhaled deeply and tried to calm herself, but she was in a cold sweat.

The man seemed to have been punctured. He stood still and looked down at the report. Two minutes later, he finally moved and turned around. His sharp and cold eyes seemed to be armed with a blade and shot at her quickly.

Ruan Shishi was cold and her brain was blank. Two seconds later, she closed her eyes and did not want to look at him.

It seems that he knows everything.

After five years of hard work, he found out the secret she had kept.

All of a sudden, there came a small sound, followed by the sound of the man walking away. Ruan Shishi quickly opened her eyes and saw Yu Yimo’s face cold, lips tight, and striding away, without a trace of unnecessary nostalgia.

Ruan Shishi was stunned. He looked around in a daze, but he didn’t know what happened. Suddenly, he found that Yu Yimo had a crumpled paper ball on the ground where he was standing just now.

She gritted her teeth and felt numb. With the last bite of courage, she stepped forward and picked up the paper ball on the ground.

It is Yu Yimo’s test report!

Her eyes skimmed over the top, looking directly at the final conclusion, with a big red impression of “confirmation of no blood relationship”.

At that moment, her head hummed.


If it’s Sha Sha’s hair, how can it be unrelated? Could it be that song yean sent people to the hospital and bribed the doctor?

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath. She quickly folded the test report and put it away. She glanced around and left quickly.

The big stone in her heart had not been put down, but she became more and more nervous.

Now, when Yu Yimo sees this inspection report, will he believe it?

Escaping from the disaster did not bring her strong joy. On the contrary, another unknown sense of danger, fear, surged into her heart, making her more and more uneasy.

She quickly left the hospital and returned to Xiqiao garden, it was too late.

Ms. Liu and Professor Ruan are celebrating the discharge of Sasha. The living room is bustling, but Ruan Shishi is in no mood at all and goes straight back to her bedroom.

She took out her mobile phone and found that it had been blown up by song yean. She immediately dialed it back.

Soon, the other side was connected, and song yean’s anxious voice came from that end, “poetry! What’s going on? “

Ruan Shishi was stunned, thinking of the inspection report that had been tampered with, he was even more puzzled, “aren’t you?”


After a while of doubt, Ruan Shishi realized that song yean had not sent people to the hospital for public relations.

Who is it?

Is there someone hiding in the dark quietly to help her?

Meanwhile, the central hospital.

A well proportioned woman in a nurse’s uniform went through the small garden of the hospital, directly through the back door, and got into a black car.

As soon as she got on the bus, she couldn’t wait to grab the nurse’s hat off her head and spread her black hair. She picked up the rubber band and was going to tie it into a high ponytail.

Suddenly, a hand next to her reached over and held her wrist directly. “Don’t move, I like you like that.”

Chapter 916

Lu Xiaoman, stunned, looks at Yu Gubei, pauses and takes his hand back.

Yu Gu North see shape, lip corner smile deepen, not slow to ask, “all done?”

Lu Xiaoman inhaled deeply, passing a trace of doubt under his eyes, but he nodded and reported, “it’s done.”

“Well, well done.”

Yu Gu Bei reaches out his hand and naturally embraces the woman’s slender waist. He lowers his head and sniffs the light jasmine fragrance on her head. There is more tenderness between his eyebrows and eyes.

Lu Xiaoman inhaled deeply, but he could not help asking, “Mr. Yu, why do you want me to do this?”

She didn’t understand that five years ago, and now, when Yu Gubei asked her to do something related to Yu yimuran’s poems, she couldn’t figure it out.

Sometimes it’s like helping, sometimes it’s like making trouble, so that she doesn’t know what role Yu Gubei plays in the game.

The man’s hand on the woman’s waist suddenly tightened. Two seconds later, he said without expression, “nurse Lu, you will understand one day.”

It’s the same story again.

After a pause, Lu Xiaoman did not continue to ask.

In the past five years, she has been with Yu Gubei all the time. As an unknown person, they seem to be very close. They are teachers, friends and lovers, but there is always a thin layer of paper between them.

It’s as if anyone takes one more step and all the stable and balanced relationships will be restored.

Therefore, she still called him “Mr. Yu”, and he also called her “nurse Xiaolu”, just like five years ago.

However, she really moved her heart to him, so whenever he asked her to do something, she could not refuse, she could only accept it.

Now, she is willing to do everything for Yu Gubei, as long as she is not hurting her old friend Ruan Shishi.

For several days, Ruan Shishi lived in fear. After the paternity test, song yean rushed back from other places the next day to find out the situation. He always accompanied her and the little guy, ate and lived together, and never left.

For several days, Yu Yimo didn’t contact them or come to find them, as if everything had gone back to the past and the days had gradually returned to peace.

“Mom, are you going back to work next Monday?”

After dinner, the family sat on the sofa watching TV. Bored, they turned their heads, pointed to Ruan’s hair and asked.

Ruan Shishi nodded, nodded his little nose, and said, “yes, there’s still a group of photos that haven’t been taken. I’ll stick to it for another two days. It’s very fast.”

The last photo of wild boa constrictor was stopped because Sasha was bitten. During the period when she was in hospital, the shooting team had replaced the last group of animals with flamingos. Sasha was discharged from the hospital. Naturally, the shooting still needs to be promoted.

However, it’s just a group of photos, which can be finished in two days at most. Ruan Shishi also wants to take them out of Jiangzhou as soon as possible.

They have been delayed for a long time because of all kinds of miscellaneous things.

Ruan Shishi turned her head and looked at Sasha on the other side. She gently straightened her hair and asked, “Sasha, I’m going to continue shooting next Monday, can you?”

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