The Warmest Romance Chapter 957 -958

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Chapter 957

Listening to Su Yucheng’s ambiguous tone, Yu Yimo sweeps towards him coldly.

“I’ve got business to call you.”

Smell speech, Su Yucheng this just sat straight body, smile to ask a way, “what business?”? It can’t be related to Ruan’s poems. “

It’s said that he didn’t reply directly. A moment later, he said in a light voice, “it seems that Lord Luo is staring at Ruan’s poetry.”

Then he took out the jade box and put it on the table.

Su Yucheng’s face was serious. He opened the box and looked at it. Then he listened to Yu Yimo’s story. He said solemnly, “it seems that the ninth master of Luo is serious this time.”

Yu Yimo said nothing.

He can throw out the things he has carried with him for decades as a guide, which shows that he has made up his mind.

“Obviously, he’s after you.” Su Yucheng said in a deep voice, “Lao Yu, you have to be careful.”

Yu Yimo frowned, “but now he’s staring at Ruan Shishi.”

Hearing him say so, Su Yucheng’s face became a lot of ugly, hate iron not into steel said, “old Yu, you still don’t understand? Why does he stare at Ruan Shishi? Isn’t it because of you? “

“You’ve exposed yourself. You’ve exposed your weakness. It’s taboo!”

Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows and subconsciously denied, “I have no feelings for her.”

“Yes? You ask yourself, you have no feelings for her, why would you protect her again and again? Luo Jiuye has seen all these things. Don’t you realize it? “

Listen to Su Yucheng’s words to say, metaphor to Merton when dumb.

A moment later, with a tight throat, he said solemnly, “but this time I’ll be responsible to the end.”

Since these things are caused by him, he must ensure the safety of Ruan Shishi and sensenshasha.

Su Yu became angry and said, “old Yu! Are you really out of your mind! If it was five years ago, you could manage it, but now, in what capacity do you manage the affairs of ninth Lord Luo? “

Smelling speech, Yu Yimo’s face was slightly heavy, and his cold eyes swept to him, “I know it in my heart.”

Su Yucheng frowned, “since you don’t listen to me, what do you want me to do?”

Yu Yimo said in a deep voice, “I need your cooperation at that time.”

Su Yucheng’s face was not willing to move his lips, but he didn’t say anything.

Now, if he doesn’t want to help him, he is really alone.

As for how to help Yu Yimo, he is still thinking about it.

In his opinion, to keep Ruan’s poems away from Yu Yimo is really to help him.

Su Yucheng’s eyes flashed, and suddenly he had an idea in his mind.

There will be some risks in doing so, but after many years, when Yu Yimo looks back, he will surely be grateful.

It was getting dark. After dinner, Ruan Shishi played with senshasha for a while, and planned to accompany them back to their bedroom to read for a while. Unexpectedly, as soon as they reached the stairway, the door opened.

Song yean walked in, looking tired.

Seeing such a man, Ruan Shishi was stunned and asked Sensen to take Shasha upstairs, then turned and turned back.

She took a deep breath and thought of what happened in the swimming pool during the day. She didn’t know how to say, “good night…”

Chapter 958

Song yean raised his eyes, hooked his lips to her, and asked in a low voice, “I heard that Yu Yimo took you away today. I asked him. He said it was about work.”

Ruan’s voice made his throat tight and he could not speak.

Two seconds later, she took a deep breath and said, “there’s something wrong. Aren’t you angry?”

A gentle smile appeared on Song yean’s face, and he said in a light voice, “what are you angry with? I went back to the swimming pool a few minutes later and got a work emergency call. I packed up your things and left

Then he put his things on the table next to him.

Seeing this, Ruan Shishi was in a mixed mood. He opened his lips and didn’t say anything in the end.

Song yean said softly, “I’ll go back to take a bath first, and I’ll be on a business trip tomorrow morning.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi nodded and said nothing more, watching him step up the stairs.

Although song yean’s appearance is no different from the usual, she is still a little confused and uneasy. She always thinks that he is different

At this time, the mobile phone in the bag suddenly rang, and she quickly went to take out the mobile phone.

There were several missed calls from director Gao, and Ruan Shishi suddenly remembered that she and director Gao had arranged to meet tomorrow to talk about the details of her work.

She quickly answered the phone, “hello? Director Gao… “

Then the phone, she walked to the side of the small balcony, but did not find that just upstairs the man has stopped at the top of the stairs, eyes dark, looking at her.

Song yean felt sour and disappointed.

He thought that Ruan Shishi would see his abnormality, perceive her depression, or explain to him what happened today, but in the end, nothing happened.

He laughed with self mockery, the original cold heart has been completely cool, no consciousness.

He doesn’t know how long he can survive such a hopeless marriage? But his heart, no doubt, had been given to Ruan Shishi for a long time. Now, it’s not so easy for him to get out.

What Yu Yimo said to him in the reception room today still reverberated in his ears, one after another.

He said that he didn’t fulfill the duties of husband and father, and that he never protected them when they needed them, and that he sent them to a safe place

Suddenly, the clues in my mind, woven into a net.

There must be a reason for Yu Yimo to come and take people away in broad daylight. According to what he said, is it unsafe to go to the swimming pool today?

Song yean frowned. After a pause, he finally took out his cell phone and dialed his number. “Go to fengle swimming pool…”

Today’s matter, he must make it clear!

The next day, song yean left xiqiaoyuan very early to catch a flight, and could not come back for nearly a week.

Ruan Shishi wanted to take him to the airport, but song yean politely refused. She prepared breakfast for Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu, and then went back to her room to wake up the two kids.

After a busy morning, the household chores were almost finished.

For two days, apart from going out to see director Gao, Ruan stayed at home almost all the time.

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