The Warmest Romance Chapter 979 -980

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Chapter 979

Ruan Shishi’s heart moved, and immediately let the woods lock and ask for directions.

Lin Zi shook his head. “This place may be a little far away.”

“How far?”

It’s not easy to find a satisfactory shooting site. How can she give up easily?

Even if she can’t shoot today, she has to confirm the position and wait until tomorrow morning to start shooting.

Lin Zi took a look at the time. “When our people get there, I’m afraid they won’t be able to shoot anything this afternoon, and it’s still an hour and a half before the downhill time.”

Hearing this, Ruan frowned slightly and hesitated.

She has always been meticulous in her work, trying to do everything as best as possible, but now, they obviously have problems.

After thinking for a moment, she looked at director Gao, who was communicating with the actors. She took a deep breath, looked at the woods and said, “why don’t we send someone to look at the actual situation there first, and go there to take pictures tomorrow morning?”

Lin Zi shook his head and said, “but we have limited manpower. I’m afraid we can’t leave.”

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and kept silent.

It seems that she has to go in person.

“I’ll go.”

She is the chief director and chief director in charge of this public welfare short film. After many discussions and meetings, she knows very well what the final effect of the company is.

Therefore, since she came to Daishan this time, she could not leave with regret.

She must go to that place.

Lin Zi’s eyes widened, a little surprised, “what?”

Ruan Shishi smiles at him, “there’s director Gao here. I don’t worry about shooting. I’ll step on the spot and see the situation. If it’s suitable, we’ll go there to shoot tomorrow morning. If it’s not suitable, our staff won’t have to run for nothing.”

When she said that, Lin shook his head again and again, “how can this work? In case of any danger? “

Ruan Shishi began to pack things with a quick smile, “what’s the danger? I’ll go and have a look. I’ll be back soon. If it’s four o’clock later, I’ll go straight down the mountain. “

She is not a city girl who is afraid of everything for a long time. She used to climb mountains and hike when she was in the United States. This distance is nothing to her.

Lin Zi was still worried. He hesitated to call director Gao to discuss with him. But Ruan Shishi held his arm and said, “don’t disturb director Gao now. It doesn’t matter if you tell him later. I’ll go and have a look first. Don’t worry.”

With that, she raised her hand and patted Lin Zi on the shoulder, put the climbing bag on her back, and walked in that direction.

The woods hesitated, but they didn’t stop her.

Ruan Shishi stepped forward, one foot deep, one foot shallow, walking on the mountain road, in a good mood.

She hasn’t been to this quiet place for a long time. Now she climbs the mountain by herself, which is a completely different experience.

Before long, she turned around again and couldn’t see the tent on the other side of the photography team.

The mountain road is rugged. It’s hard to walk. After 20 minutes, the scenery on both sides is almost the same, but the sky is a little overcast.

Chapter 980

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and slowly quickened his steps.

She walked a little further, and the scene around her was a little bit different. She was a little happy, and unconsciously quickened her pace. At the same time, she did not forget to take photos and mark along the way. The speed was not fast, but she did not consume too much physical strength.

Before she knew it, it had been nearly an hour since she left the group. The sky was getting darker and the light in the trees was getting darker. Ruan Shishi walked forward slowly, but she still didn’t see the scenery in the UAV just now.

She took a deep breath, feeling a little uneasy.

It is reasonable to say that she should be able to arrive in an hour or so after a long journey. Is she going in the wrong direction?

She turned on the compass in her mobile phone and found that although the direction deviated a little, the general direction was right. Should she continue to walk forward to see the scenery?

Just when she didn’t know whether she was going on or just going back, suddenly there was a dull thunder in the sky, like the sound of a hungry beast before eating.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and hesitated at the bottom of his heart.

At this time, if she stops and goes back, the more than an hour’s journey just now will be in vain. But now it’s gloomy, and leaving is the safest and right choice.

Ruan took a deep breath, took out the last two red scarves from his bag, tied them to the most iconic branch nearby, and then took out his mobile phone to take some photos.

This is the mark. When she comes to the mountain tomorrow, if she has time, she can continue to look for it.

After all this, she turned around and walked down the hill.

At this time, douda’s rain beads fell down, one by one. Ruan Shishi’s heart tightened, and immediately quickened her steps.

But who knows the raindrop is bigger and bigger, more and more dense, with a “boom!” The thunder of “Hua!” All of a sudden, the rain became a lot bigger.

In a few steps, Ruan Shishi’s clothes were all wet, and the rain hit her face, which made her have to narrow her eyes.

It was very dark, and with the shelter of the trees, it was even dark in the jungle. Suddenly, Ruan Shishi’s steps slipped and he fell to the ground.


Slippery road in rainy days, coupled with a certain slope of the mountain, she lost the center of gravity, the body directly rolled down the slope!

At that moment, several pictures flashed in Ruan’s mind, including Sensen Shasha, Professor Ruan, Ms. Liu, and Yu Yimo’s face

“Bang!” Her body bumped into something hard. Her body vibrated and vibrated to the viscera. Her head was numb and she fainted directly.

Daishan hotel.

When director Gao and his party arrived at the hall, everyone was drenched.

Next to them came the staff of the hotel and gave them dry towels. Director Gao wiped the rain on his body and immediately went to the front desk to ask, “has Miss Ruan, the 702 tenant, come back?”

The staff checked the records, shook their heads and said, “I haven’t come back yet.”

Listen to the front desk say, director Gao’s face immediately become like, pick up the mobile phone immediately to Ruan Shishi dial the phone.

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