His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1695 – 1696

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Chapter 1695 She can only marry me.

It turned out to be better now.

Christian reluctantly followed the back of the team, watching Chi Yu being invited in by Alisha, and a group of people quickly walked to the entrance of her home.

Eldon felt a murderous intent coming from behind him, and turned his head to see Christian, who was at the end of the team, staring at him with a knife-like look, making him feel excited. “If it weren’t for your sister, things could change like this” That’s what the expression in his eyes meant.

He was so scared that Eldon blinked his eyes desperately to wince: How could I know that she would come over Christianhehe sneered twice, watching Sherry Xu hurriedly move two more chairs, his brows were frowning and knotted, Ameli Su sat down next to him, and Chi Heng on the other side also sat down firmly.

Alisha could only pull a “happy” face that could not be faked and said, “Thank you for coming over today. Sherry Xu and I would like to offer everyone a cup.”

Looking into the cup, Alisha said, ” A glass of Coke. Everyone is driving and don’t drink.

Let’s play that set and it’s boring. Just eat more today.”

Sherry Xu put his hands on his chest, “We made the dishes together. You can comment on it.”

“Yes. “Gulliver Gu smiled on the side, “You are now upgraded to become a family cook.”

Sherry Xu’s eyes lit up and he said proudly, “In order to help Alisha, I don’t have to learn how to cook, we both Decided to get pregnant.”

Beibei Eldon almost jumped from the table, dare to love old Xu became the fastest in their circle to have a baby.

He was the waverest of the year, and now he is the one who has the fastest heart.

Luo Youyou blushed when she heard this, and she stammered, “You two have not received the certificate so soon.”

“Is this certificate?” Sherry Xu said, “You can get it in a few days.

I wanted to get the certificate a long time ago, mainly” He cast his eyes on Alisha.

I heard Alisha resolutely say, “I want to marry Yan Yan and Youyou on the same day, no one can say that it’s not good.”

Alisha is not joking about her marriage, she just can’t worry about being together Growing up good friends, Luo Youyou is a soft and weak person, looking harmless to humans and animals, Ameli Su is also a sad person who swallows her stomach, their relationship is a blue seven-seven heart knot.

I really hope they can find someone who really loves them.

That’s why Alisha was anxious.

She looked at Ameli Su, very serious, “I call you over on the anniversary, and I want to share our courage and perseverance with you, Yan Yan, I have been together with Lao Xu for a long time.

Like an old husband and wife, it’s not too bad to get married these days.

I just want to wait for you.” I learned from Ameli Su and insisted silently. Now, I want to see her also find her own destination.

After hearing this, Ameli Su has red eyes.

Alisha is a very big girl.

She doesn’t have that much scheming, so she often speaks to Ameli Su under impulse, and she can’t even say certain things. My mind is so careful in this place.

Ameli Su said with red eyes and smiled, “Really, then you can’t keep dragging the old Xu, I and You You are fine, you two quickly pick a good day to get married.

I can’t hide my money.


Alisha refused to live and die, “I’m going to be with you two” Sherry Xu was angrily laughed by her, “Then I think you can marry Ameli Su and Luo Youyou.”

Alisha said, “You can control “I” Christian who had not spoken finally spoke, “Don’t worry, get married together.

Ameli Su, I’ll marry.”

Chapter 1696

The atmosphere solidified all of a sudden, the moment Christian said this.

It was as if someone had pressed the pause button and stopped breathing for this second.

Then Sanity finally slammed back into Ameli Su’s body.

She raised her head in disbelief and faced Christian’s eyes, feeling almost suffocated. .

Christian…Just now, what did you say? Marrying…

Alisha took the case all of a sudden, “Is it serious?!” Yuan Yingzi was more excited than her.

She was holding the chopsticks tightly, and she could break the chopsticks in half, looking at Christian.

Sitting with Ameli Su, there was shocking hatred in his eyes.


If Christian and Ameli Su were married, then…

How could she compete with Yuan Heize for the entire original family? No, she would never let this happen.

Christian can only be matched by such an excellent and perfect man! Just about to open his mouth, thinking of Hara Eldon’s instructions just now, Hara Sakurako abruptly pulled out a smiling face, mixed in the voices of everyone, and it was not so abrupt, but the expression was still too obvious hostility, so much so Ameli Su looked up and met her jealous face.

Ameli Su lowered her eyelids, and it took a long time before she responded to Christian’s words.

She was suffering from a shocking wave in her heart, but she still looked like she couldn’t feel any pain.

She just looked at Christian. With both eyes, “You are joking.”

Christian’s mouth pierced, and then said, “You will know if I was joking.”

Ameli Su absently took a sip of the soup, while she went to Chi Xun and pretended not to.

As I heard it, while mumbling “It’s okay or okay”, he served her soup easily. “If you don’t marry, I can do it.”

After serving the soup, Chi Yu left a shocking sentence, “Last time Ameli Su’s dad talked to me about this matter. Both my dads like Yan Yan. Yan Yan and I have known each other for a long time.

Actually, it’s not impossible for me to marry her.

In short, Ameli Su can’t stand the grievances at my house.” It’s okay if you don’t say it, Christian almost sneered when he remembered it. “Are you dreaming? Sherry Xu and Alisha have cooked a few dishes for you. Don’t just drink, eat a few cephalosporins.”

Why is this person so cruel! Is wine with cephalosporin not dead! Chi Heng pouted, “I sent people out at the beginning, but now it’s better, but I still grabbed it.”

The murderous aura on Christian’s smile became stronger. Yuan Heize even felt that the fork in Christian’s hand could go directly through Chi Yu’s temple in the next second.

He has always been a person who doesn’t care, if it is really exciting.


However, Chi Li’s purpose is to stimulate him.

Some people will not realize anything if they don’t stimulate it.

After finishing talking, Chi Li smiled and touched Ameli Su’s head, “Is it Ameli Su, can you sleep at my house after dinner?” Yes! Inch! Come in! ruler! Christian fiercely reached out and knocked out the hand that Chi Li placed on Ameli Su’s head, and the sound of a beast roared from his throat, “Don’t touch her.”

Gu and Luo Youyou were dumbfounded, and for the first time from Christian. Feeling such obvious and strong targeting, but what is even more frightening is…

Ameli Su suddenly smirked at Chi Xun, smirking very softly and said, “Well, good.”

Dan’er Ye It’s too big! ! ! ! What a ghost! ! Christian wished to overturn the table, his eyes were so dark as a cold muzzle, he aimed at Ameli Su’s face, he said, “His house?”

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