CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1279 – 1280

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Chapter 1279

The meeting room suddenly became silent.

It was so quiet that even a needle could be heard on the ground.

Tina took out a tissue and wiped the corners of her lips silently, and glanced at Peter with a smile, wanting to see how Peter reacted.

At this glance, she found that Peter was staring at Stephanie with a bad look.

Stephanie was stunned when she finished speaking, looking towards Tina, pitiful little with a look of help.

Tina raised her eyebrows, and there was no one word on her mouth. She regretted it when she finished speaking. Is this expecting her to wipe her b.utt? When she is a good person?

Stephanie saw the cool thoughts, folded her hands together, and made an imploring gesture.

At this time, Peter’s voice sounded: “Ms. Weber, if you have any dissatisfaction with the company’s arrangements, you can raise it directly. After all, we have been working together for so many years and we are considered old friends.”

The meaning is that Tina was dissatisfied with the company’s advertisement to Cathy, and did not speak herself, deliberately let Stephanie speak out in public so that she would not be able to come to the stage.

This pot is simply clasped.

If this is put on other artists, it is only a small matter.

But Tina just broke up with him. If she carried the pot, wouldn’t it be equivalent to admitting that she couldn’t afford to lose?

“Mr. Grant is right. We have been working together for so many years and we are already old friends. If someone like Mr. Grant is well-rounded in business affairs, if he is interested in my resources, just let me know, and I will naturally let it out.”

“As for what happened yesterday, it must have been someone in the middle who didn’t do the job well, and didn’t notify me in advance. My advertisement has been taken by others.”

The calm tone was tepid, with a shallow smile on her face, very reasonable.

The high-level colors in the sitting are also a bit strange.

Although Tina is also praised, she has the strength. Each of her works has achieved certain results. The company has made a lot of money from her. In addition, she is not a demon and has a good reputation in the circle. Not bad, everyone in the company also sold her face.

But this time, she temporarily gave the advertisement to Cathy. It was indeed not kind, and several senior executives were a little embarrassed, so they didn’t say anything.

Peter gritted his teeth with anger.

She said such a long paragraph, and to sum it up, she was saying that he did not distinguish between public and private, and because he was dumped by her, he deliberately grabbed her resources.

But he couldn’t refute Tina.

Because he did it intentionally.

After having a fight with Tina that night before, he drank and gave the advertisement to Cathy out of anger. He deliberately went to breakfast with Cathy in the morning.

Doesn’t she think he is sick?

He would show her disgustingly.

However, her calm reaction at this time told him that she didn’t care at all.

This made Peter feel that she was just a clown. She watched all the jokes on the sidelines and might still laugh at him in her heart.

The more he thinks about it, the more difficult it is to get rid of the depression in the heart.

Peter stretched out his hand to loosen his tie, curled his lips, and showed a warm smile, with a mocking tone: “Since Miss Weber is so generous, it’s better to give all your resources to Cathy. You know, she is My girlfriend, I want to hold her up.”

Everyone present was human spirits, and upon hearing Peter’s words, something was wrong.

Two people whispered:

“Miss Weber and Mr. Grant have a…?”

“I don’t know, Ms. Weber is a pretty good person. Mr. Grant paid much attention to Ms. Weber before.”


Chapter 1280

Annie vaguely felt that something happened between the two of them, but Peter was too much. She couldn’t help but said: “Mr. Grant, Tina’s resources are planned according to her personal characteristics, Miss Lee’s… The route is different from Tina’s. If Tina’s resources are given to Miss Lee, the expected results may not be achieved.”

Annie’s words are already very euphemistic, and they are also what other executives present have to say.

Tina is already a first-line actress, she has good resources, she is worthy.

However, Cathy only had the eighteenth line in a web drama that didn’t even smash the splashes. She could not carry the cool resources to her at all.

There is an authority in the entertainment circle: it relies on support, red relies on life, strong support is condemned by God.

If Peter were to forcibly squeeze good resources to Cathy, and Cathy took it, it would ruin the resource, and it might be backlashed in the end.

“If you have such an idea, the boss will give it to you?” Peter raised his eyes and glanced at Annie, his face covered with frost.

Annie was completely shocked by Peter’s expression. She was taken aback for a while before lowering her head, not daring to speak again.

In the past, Mr. Grant was also very serious in meetings, but he was not as scary as he is now… But I haven’t seen him for a few moments. What happened to Mr. Grant?

The rest of the people also felt that Peter’s decision was a trifle, but no one dared to refute it.

Peter cast his gaze on Tina, with an indifferent tone: “How do you feel Miss Weber?”

Tina smiled: “I have no opinion.”

“Ms. Tina…” Stephanie whispered to her next to her.

Tina seemed to have not heard, still looking at Peter with a smile on her face.

Peter’s face became colder, and his hands on the table slowly tightened.

“The meeting is over! Miss Weber stay.” He almost squeezed this sentence through his teeth.

Several executives got up and Annie both got up and walked out, but Stephanie sat still.

Peter asked Stephanie in a cold tone: “Your surname is Weber too?”

Stephanie was so scared that she shivered, turned her head to look at Tina, Peter’s complexion was so scary, she was afraid that Tina would have trouble staying here alone.

“Go.” Tina gave her a relieved look.

This little agent looks unreliable, but she is not bad.

Stephanie turned around one step at a time and went out.

Peter’s assistant, Rubin, finally went out and helped them close the door of the meeting room.

Only Peter and Tina were left in the conference room, which suddenly became empty.

“Tina, I didn’t know you were so generous before, and you are willing to hand in the resources.” Peter’s eyes were locked in Tina, and his tone was full of mockery.

Tina leaned back in her chair lazily, with an indifferent appearance: “That’s also divided. After all, we have been in friendship for so many years, so I am naturally willing to let you dole it out to others.”

Yes, because Peter proposed it, she would be willing to let it out.

And let it out without complaint.

She didn’t give the resources to Cathy, she was willing to give the resources to Peter.

The anger that was forcibly suppressed in Peter’s heart suddenly filled up again, and Tina’s nonchalant appearance was really an eye-catcher.

Tina knew him too well, and she could easily feel his emotional changes.

Peter is actually a very stable person, but in the brief meeting just now, he has repeatedly become angry.

She originally wanted to get together and stay away, but now it seems that she still can’t be kind.

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