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Chapter 1335

Alyssa’s unhurried tone did not hide her closeness with Tina.

The script of “Lost City” was conceived when she was in college, and the female lead was indeed derived from Tina.

“Really?” Cathy’s face changed slightly, but she quickly returned to nature, her smile deepened, and she appeared gentle and moving: “It’s no wonder that when I watched the “Lost City” web drama before, I felt that the heroine’s personality was set I have a very familiar feeling.”

It’s so affectionate, and even the heroine of the web drama is not Tina, how good can this relationship be?

After Cathy finished speaking, she gave Tina a look calmly.

But she too underestimated the friendship between Tina and Alyssa. This level of provocation and separation was nothing but a joke.

Moreover, this question is also very subtle.

The same script, web dramas, and movies, will definitely be compared.

Cathy mentioned the heroine of the web drama here, and she was also digging holes for Tina and Alyssa. If one accidentally said something wrong, she might be caught by someone and can go to death.

Tina chuckled and rushed to Alyssa to speak: “Because the show itself is very real, and the protagonist’s personality is also very real. They are like any ordinary people around you, and I listen to Alyssa. I said that when Ms. Scott made the online drama “Lost City”, she worked very hard and worked very hard, so she finally showed such good results.”

Alyssa was afraid that Tina’s words would be picked out by someone to cause black spots.

After listening to Tina’s praise of Scott, the heroine of the “Lost City” web drama, Alyssa felt that she was thinking too much.

After all, she is a person who mixes in the entertainment industry, and she is just a small screenwriter behind the scenes, and she is not enough to watch intrigue or something.

“That’s right, Miss Scott…” Cathy paused slightly, considering what else to say to dig pits for Alyssa and Tina. She didn’t believe that these two people really did not leak.

But this table is the main creator of “Lost City”, and this team is also a very dedicated team. Hearing her understanding of the heroine of “Lost City”, Tina was completely distracted.

“Miss Weber has always had the most thorough understanding of the role. I like you. Come and go.” The director is a lover of personality, and when he is happy, he raises a glass of wine.

Others also talked about what happened when they worked with Tina before.

Cathy just couldn’t find a chance to speak, everyone else was chatting enthusiastically, as if she was the only outsider.

She had to turn her head and looked at Peter with a gentle expression: “Peter, what do you want to eat? I’ll get you some food.”

Peter stared at her solemnly, with a strangely cold voice: “I don’t have long hands?”

Cathy choked: “Peter, you…”

“As long as you shut up, I will have an appetite and I can eat everything.” Peter’s voice was not loud, only two people could hear it, so getting close to her was enough to give Cathy a face.

And this scene fell in the eyes of others, as if a couple were whispering.

Alyssa looked left and right, feeling puzzled, and whispered to Tina, “Tina, based on your understanding of Peter, do you think he really likes Cathy?”

Alyssa was a little suspicious of life, feeling that this was not the Peter she knew.

In the past, she always felt that Peter was not serious, but now she has known him for many years, and she also knows that Peter is a principled person.

Tina glanced at the two people who were close to each other, “It might be true love.”

He said he would break up before, but now he is so close again, it’s not true love?

Alyssa twitched the corner of her mouth: “Maybe it is.”

Chapter 1336

Tina gave a look at Stephanie, who had been watching the show, indicating that she could start.

Had it not been for Cathy, Stephanie would have “played dead” and fled the scene.

Later, she saw Cathy’s green tea look provocative and cool. Stephanie was busy watching a good show, thinking that it would be a big tear. As a result, Cathy’s combat effectiveness was too weak and she didn’t enjoy it at all.

Stephanie was a little disappointed, and threw herself on the dining table with a “bang” sound.

Rubin on the side was taken aback: “Miss Stephanie, what’s the matter with you?”

Stephanie lay down on the table, her voice as soft as a mosquito: “I… my head hurts… it hurts…”

“Stephanie, what’s the matter with you?” Tina got up and looked at Stephanie’s situation with a nervous expression, but no one noticed something wrong, except for Alyssa and Peter.

“Headache…” Stephanie was full of weakness, pretending to be very laborious and opened her eyes, as if she was leaving this beautiful world in the next second.

“I’ll take you to the hospital now.” Tina frowned slightly and looked up solemnly and said: “Sorry, I’m going to be separated first. I will still attend the script reading meeting tomorrow.”

Rubin asked, “Ms. Grant is okay? Would you like to help?”

Stephanie was so scared of Rubin, for fear of Rubin’s bad things, she quickly said weakly, “I’m getting sick…”

“I’m leaving first, see you tomorrow.” Tina helped Stephanie and left in a hurry.

Until the two left the Hot Pot restaurant, no one noticed the abnormality.

Alyssa bowed her head and sent a WeChat message to Tina: “Your agent’s acting skills are equal to you.”

Tina replied quickly: “I have conveyed your words to her. She said thank you for the compliment.”

Alyssa pouted her lips and knew she was acting.

Tina had a lot of ghost ideas, and Stephanie was not a fuel-efficient lamp. The two people got together, it must be a good show.

Alyssa would come to eat supper, but just wanted to get acquainted with the crew. Now there is Cathy who doesn’t look pleasing to the eye, and she doesn’t want to stay anymore.

“I want to go now.” Alyssa turned her head, gently leaned against Karl, and whispered.

Karl nodded imperceptibly, and then said aloud: “There are children at home, so I don’t feel relieved, we have to go back.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone looked different.

Listening to this tone, it seems that this child is still the child of Karl and Alyssa.

When they heard that Karl had a child earlier, it seemed that it was not with Alyssa, but with a woman surnamed Palmer.

When everyone has questions, they can only be hidden in their hearts, and no one dares to ask.

“In that case, Mr. Adams and Mrs. Adams should also go back earlier.”

“That’s right, I have to get up early tomorrow, and I should leave tonight.”

“Yes, speaking of it, I am a little worried about my child…”

Karl said that he was going to leave, so he turned and left with Alyssa.

The leading actress and screenwriter were gone, and the rest of the director team did not continue to linger, and soon left.


“Ms. Tina, how was my acting skills just now? The screenwriter Adams praised me, I must have performed well.” Stephanie spoke to Tina proudly while driving.

Tina unceremoniously poured cold water on her, “If you have such good acting skills, can Alyssa find out?”

Stephanie was silent for a moment: “Although I don’t want to admit it, I think what you said seems reasonable.”

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