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Chapter 1533

Tina was taken aback: “When were you so delicate? I just hit it twice, and your face is swollen like this?”

Tina just hit the bag with a lot of force and strength, but his face didn’t swell up so quickly.

An uncomfortable touch flashed across Cody’s face, and he tilted his head slightly to cover his face: “My dad hit it.”

The reason why he was beaten by his father was naturally because he appeared in Cathy’s private videos.

After Cody finished speaking, a trace of embarrassment flashed across his face.

Tina also fell silent for a while.

When the topic got here, it was blocked all at once.

Cody’s father is also a very old-fashioned person, and Tina has rarely seen him in the past few years, and her impression of Scott’s father still stopped when he was a child. He was a very strict uncle.

Cody’s father must be very angry when something like this happened to him, so he could start beating him.

Cody laughed mockingly: “I never thought that I would be beaten by my father in my thirties.”

Tina’s face was indifferent, and her tone seemed a little cold: “Anything else to say?”

What Cody said was not what she wanted to hear.

When the incident came out, Cody never showed up at all, this incident was suppressed by Peter.

Until now, the matter had passed, Cody came out secretly, and his attitude was unclear.

Cody also fell silent.

Tina waited for two seconds, without responding, turned around and left.

At this time, Cody caught Tina’s arm: “Tina, I was kept at home by my dad these past two days, and the phone was also confiscated, so he wouldn’t let me out.”

Tina turned her head and looked at Cody carefully.

Just now she looked at the half of Cody’s hidden face and didn’t pay attention to anything else. Now she took a closer look and found that Cody’s clothes were wrinkled, and mud was stained on his shoes and trouser legs.

Looks a little embarrassed.

Tina asked slowly: “Did you escape?”

“My dad’s company has something to handle, so I’ll…” Cody silenced when he said that, but Tina understood what he meant.

He did escape.

“Why shut you off?” Tina didn’t quite understand for a moment.

Cody’s complexion became even more embarrassed, the corners of her lips moved, and finally she shook her head: “Anyway, I’m sorry about this…”


The phone in Cody’s pocket rang.

He took it out and took a look, a panic flashed quickly under his eyes, and hung up the phone: “I’m going now, I’ll look for you when I have time.”

After Cody finished speaking, he hurriedly turned and left, still walking fast.

Tina felt that Cody was weird, and walked two steps forward to catch up with him.

“Mr. Scott!”


As soon as Tina’s voice fell, Peter’s voice sounded behind him.

Tina had to stop, and when she turned around, she saw Peter striding over from not far away.

She stood there waiting for Peter to approach: “Why are you here?”

“You said you were going to arrive before, and I haven’t seen you up there, so I came down to look for you.” Peter glanced in the direction where Cody left: “What happened?”

When he came over just now, he didn’t see Cody’s figure clearly, he saw Tina looking towards that side, vaguely as if she was looking at someone.

At this time, Cody’s figure had long since disappeared, and she hadn’t seen anything.

Tina explained: “It’s Cody.”

Peter’s face was slightly dark: “What did he do with you? He has the face to come to you?”

“Don’t be angry, I think Mr. Scott seems to have something wrong.” The calm tone was a little worried.

Chapter 1534

Tina could feel that Cody had something to say to her just now, but after the call came, he changed his mind and didn’t continue speaking, but left in a hurry.

Peter raised his eyes again and glanced in the direction Cody had left, with a deep tone in his words: “What can he do? You think too much.”

“No, he obviously just…”

Tina wanted to continue, but Peter interrupted her aggressively: “Karl and Alyssa have already arrived, let’s go up first, they also brought Grace.”

Tina heard that Grace was also here, her eyes lit up: “Little Grace is also here? I haven’t seen her in a long time!”

Peter hooked his lips: “Let’s go.”



When Tina arrived in the box, she heard Grace calling her.

Tina heard the sound and found that Grace was standing at the door of the box, looking at her with her head.

“Little Grace!” Tina ran to the door of the box, hugged Grace and k!ssed her.

Peter followed behind, watching the two people hug each other, his heart panting.

He has never had this kind of treatment.


As soon as Tina and Grace met, they seemed to meet an old friend they hadn’t seen for a long time, and the two of them murmured and went inside.

Alyssa watched Tina and Grace come in together, and couldn’t help smiling, “Tina, come sit here.”

Grace took Tina and ran to Alyssa and sat there.

Alyssa asked Tina through Grace, “Why did you take so long to come up?”

“I met a friend.” Tina said lightly.

There is no need for Alyssa to worry about such things.

Alyssa was too familiar with Tina. When she heard her say this, she vaguely felt that she was not as simple as an ordinary friend, so she didn’t ask more.

After serving the dishes, Karl and Peter both drank.

“Congratulations, I’ll fill you up.” Peter tosted the wine to Karl first.

Karl’s brows were indifferent: “Thank you.”

Peter pulled the corner of his mouth and poured the wine more full.

The two men got on the bar, drank one cup after another, and finally put two bottles directly in front of them.

Peter was also a little embarrassed. Originally, he and Tina had dinner, but he didn’t expect that Karl and Alyssa would have a second child…

After all, he lost.

Alyssa and Tina didn’t bother to care about them. When they were eating slowly, Peter and Karl were obviously drunk, but they were still holding on.

Peter’s eyes were somewhat distracted, but she did not forget to provoke Karl: “Are you okay?”

Karl’s complexion was calm, but his face flushed unnaturally, “It’s you, right.”

“I, Peter, will it work?” Peter sneered before taking another sip from the wine glass.

Karl snorted coldly, “Just having a drink, do you think you can do it again?”

Peter glared at Karl, and staggeringly poured another glass: “Who said I can only have one? I can still drink!”

Seeing Peter had a few drinks, the wine in front of Karl still didn’t move.

Tina felt that he didn’t have a look, turned his head and said to Alyssa, “Let’s go out and take a walk, ignore these two crazy men.”

She was not afraid that they would drink too much, Karl was much more reliable than Peter, and he knew it.

Alyssa nodded, and when she left, she did not forget to tell Karl: “It’s almost enough.”

Karl saw that they were going out, grabbed Alyssa’s hand and asked, “Where?”

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