CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1569 – 1570

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Chapter 1569

Stephanie felt that Tom had been picking up faults just now, and she thought he was thinking of his fiancée who fled, so he was not happy.

Unexpectedly, Tom was digging a hole for her, waiting here for her to fall, and stepping on her again.

Stephanie is not a soft bun, and it is not that she has no temper. Tom did provoke her.

She was so angry that she stopped calling “Mr. Allison” and called him by full name.

After scolding, she actually regretted it so much.

After all, Tom might become their golden duck in the future. If he is offended, the loss will be great.

But the feeling of regret is fleeting. If there is anything to regret, she just thinks that Tom has something wrong, pass!

Sure enough, old men are dogs!

She knew she pitted her!

She really can’t play!

Stephanie became more and more determined in her inner thoughts, she would never go to see the fiance in the rumors.

The old man knows to cheat.

Although her parents tried their best to facilitate this marriage, as long as she resolutely disagrees, they can still force her?

Unless she is no longer born.

Besides, if parents are unreliable, she can still find Peter and Tina.

Stephanie became angry, her eyebrows were erected, and her small face was vivid and agile.

Tom felt that she was a little changed, and he actually felt that she was even cuter like this.

He pursed his lips slightly and suppressed the smile on his lips, pretending to be serious: “But you really said that.”

Stephanie couldn’t compare to Tom’s Taoism, that point of anger was relieved, and Tom made it clear that he was only embarrassed.

Tom was indeed deliberate.

He didn’t know that this little girl called him an old man secretly.

She still became an old woman and didn’t see him.

In her heart, he turned out to be like this.

Tom was a very planned person since he was a child. He was rational and smart. He made friends with whom he was a child, made academic plans when he was a little older, and planned his career when he grew up.

Every time he made a major decision, he never made a business trip that was futile.

He is good at weighing pros and cons.

He also once thought that after analyzing the pros and cons of everything, the most reasonable and best decision can be made.

But obviously, that’s not the case with emotions.

He always knew that his family had booked a marriage for him.

He believes in his family’s perspective, which saves him his own plans for starting a family, and he can save more time to do other things.

But he didn’t expect that this thing that seemed to him insignificant would also go wrong -Stephanie escaped.

He is more than 30 years old, and all his energy is spent on work. There is no extra energy to get to know a lady’s daughter again, and he doesn’t want to waste time thinking about who is suitable for marriage.

Therefore, he finally found Stephanie and decided to take action by himself to deal with her.

He thought it was just a young and innocent girl, who could not match him.

As long as he does a little trick, he can easily subdue her.

Who knows, this girl is different from the things he usually faces that can be solved by weighing the pros and cons.

He spent the greatest patience with women in his life on her, he had never been so patient with his mother even.

Even so, when Stephanie talked about him, she also said that he was an old man.

This makes him angry.

Even so, he cannot give up.

Because the input cost is too large, it takes too much time, and if you give up halfway, you will lose a lot.

Chapter 1570

Stephanie didn’t know anything about Tom’s scheming in her heart, and she was still completely in the dark, not knowing that she had become his prey.

It’s the kind that is inevitable.

She feels that the golden duck is important, but it is not necessary to betray her dignity and soul.

“Yes, yes, I just don’t like arranged marriages, I just don’t like that old man, I just won’t go to see him. I know, I said this touched your sensitive and fragile nerves, right? After all, your fiancee also ran away?”

Who would expose people’s sore spots like that?

Stephanie smirked professionally.

“But don’t be sad, Mr. Allison. After all, most girls don’t like arranged marriages. We women are emotional. We can’t be like you men without being dominated by emotions. You will always treat everything rationally, even marriage. It’s a deal.”

Tina heard that Stephanie was really angry.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t directly speak out the thoughts deep in her heart.

It’s so exciting.

Stephanie actually said this to Tom.

Tina turned her head to look at Tom’s face, and she saw that Tom’s face was darkened to the bottom of the pot.

The phone she placed on the desk rang, it was Peter’s call.

She guesses there is nothing important, he just wants to harass her or something.

Peter often does this kind of thing.

She hung up the phone very quickly and turned it silent.

At such an important moment, she didn’t want to miss it because of answering the phone.

Tom’s face was extremely cold, covered with frost, and she could feel the deep chill at a glance.

Fortunately, Tina sat far away without being affected.

Stephanie sat close, she felt the chill radiating from Tom, and she did not show the slightest retreat or regret.

She thought she was too brave.

Stephanie was ready to face Tom’s anger.

However, Tom did not get angry.

He was really angry, but laughed: “Very well, Stephanie.”

This is scarier than getting angry.

When people are most angry, they seem to really not get angry.

She got into trouble in the past, and when her parents were extremely angry, they also had this expression, and then they deducted her pocket money for months.

Fortunately, there are many cousins ​​in the Grant family, so she can survive by eating and drinking with those brothers and sisters.

Tom said again: “I remember what you said.”

Although the sense of right and wrong was strange, but listening to his tone, it seemed to have eased a bit.

Stephanie quietly turned her head and glanced at him. She really only glanced at him, then quickly retracted her gaze.

Tom’s expression looks much calmer?

Stephanie turned her head and glanced at him again, and found that Tom had basically recovered his calm.

When Stephanie was also learning Mr. Grant’s anger, she coldly snorted and said, “You don’t have to remember it, it’s not a famous saying.”

After speaking, she glanced at Tom and found that his expression had not changed.

Stupid to be stimulated? Nothing happens at all?

“It’s not important, I will remember what you say.” Tom’s ability to endure now has once again improved.

In the latter two sentences that Stephanie said, where are those words that were said before are so destructive?

“That…” Stephanie didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, a series of messy and dense footsteps sounded at the entrance of the studio.

Next is the familiar questioning sentence pattern.

“Miss Weber, why did you terminate the contract with AdamPic?”

“Miss Weber, does Cathy’s death have anything to do with you?”

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