CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1603 – 1604

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Chapter 1603

As for why the discussion went up all at once, it was because someone had revealed that the current person in power of the Scott family was previously related to Cathy’s dirty videos-Cody.

At that time, the incident of Cathy’s dirty videos was raging on the Internet. After netizens picked Cody, they almost dragged Tina into the water as well.

Although Peter let people suppress all this news at the time, the Internet has memories. As long as someone is willing to look for them, traces of these things can still be found on the Internet, but the truth is difficult to distinguish.

As soon as this notice was issued, netizens turned over the previous dirty videos.

Looking at the situation on the Internet, Stephanie couldn’t help worrying: “Ms. Tina, are you too impulsive? I know you want to help your friends, but this is not the way to help.”

Tina smiled faintly: “Stephanie, what do you think is the most important thing in a person’s life?”

“Huh?” Stephanie was full of doubts on her face, and she talked about work. Why did she start to talk about life again?

“Is it career, love, or friendship? What is the most important thing?” Tina thought, as if she was really thinking about this issue seriously.

“It’s all important. After all, these things are an important part of life. Because of career, love, and friendship, life will become very exciting.”

Although Stephanie didn’t know why Tina asked this suddenly, she still answered her question very seriously.

“Yes, they are all important parts. I want to help the friend I care about. Is this the right thing?” Tina asked again.

“Yes… right…” Stephanie felt that Tina’s words made sense, but after thinking about it, she still felt strange.

So she said: “Ms. Tina, I can understand you, but I think there must be a limit to help, that is…you know it yourself.”

“Yeah.” Tina nodded, her eyes still on the schedule in her hand.

don’t know if she listened.

However, Ms. Tina is so smart, she must have her own ideas in doing things.

Stephanie talked to her about some recent work arrangements, and went to work on her own business.

As soon as Stephanie left, her cool gaze left the schedule in her hand, staring forward without focus, in a trance.

The phone placed aside began to vibrate continuously.

Tina turned her head and glanced, and saw Peter’s name on the screen.

This time he called, naturally because of the announcement.

It’s really embarrassing for him, he is so busy, there is still time to care about her.

Tina stared at the phone vibrating all the time, and didn’t want to answer, and didn’t move her fingers.

Until the call was automatically hung up because no one answered.

“Ms. Tina, was your phone vibrating just now?” a staff member passed by and asked.

Tina picked up the phone and lazily said, “It seems that someone called me.”

She picked up the phone and turned it to silent. Before putting the phone back, another call came in.

It is still Peter.

She thought for a while, and was about to press the Connect button when the phone was hung up.

Just a little bit, she received this call.

She sneered and put the phone aside.

Her studio has not been refurbished yet. Now, this studio is also temporarily rented. It is not complete. She is going to participate in an activity in the circle in the afternoon, so she goes out to do styling.

Chapter 1604

There are still many things to deal with in the studio, Stephanie can’t do without, so Tina went by herself.

It is an activity within the circle, the environment is relatively free and relaxed, there are no outsiders, there will be no media reporter paparazzi, etc., it is fine if you don’t bring people there.

Stephanie had accompanied her once before. Knowing the environment there, she felt relieved that Tina would go alone.

Not long after Tina’s front foot walked, Peter came on the back foot.

“Stephanie!” Peter entered the studio, looked around, and finally only saw Stephanie.

“Cousin?” Stephanie was stunned when she saw Peter, then looked at the time on hand: “It’s not time for you to finish work, why are you here?”

“Where is Tina?” He looked for Tina’s figure in the room, frowning slightly, looking a little worried.

“Ms. Tina went to attend a symposium, just the one before.” Seeing that he was so anxious, Stephanie directly told him where she was going.

Peter’s frowned brows did not relax because of Stephanie’s words.

She asked him: “What’s wrong?”

He took a deep breath: “Tell me about the announcement.”

“Don’t you know? Didn’t Ms. Tina did not tell you?” She was a little surprised. She knew that Cody and Peter were also young, thinking that Tina had discussed this matter with him.

When asked by Stephanie, Peter’s complexion also became difficult to look at.

For such a big matter, Tina should indeed discuss with him, but the problem is that Tina did not discuss with him, so she insisted on cooperating with Scott’s family.

When Stephanie looked at Peter’s face, she knew that Tina had not told Peter about it.

At this point, her expression also became a bit solemn, she lowered her voice: “Cousin, come with me.”

He saw that she had something to say, and followed her to the small garden outside the studio.

“I think Ms. Tina is also very strange today. I haven’t heard her mention this before. She suddenly proposed to cooperate with the Scott Group today.”

“You feel strange, something is wrong, can’t you stop her?”

Peter became furious when he heard this.

Stephanie shrank her shoulders: “I don’t make such a big fire, but I think Ms. Tina is so smart and so powerful. She must have her own reasons for doing things. How can I stop her.”

“You…” Peter opened his mouth, and Stephanie bowed her head.

Seeing her like this, Peter was not so angry at her anymore, so he was so angry that he calmed down: “She is great? She has a great temper, and likes nonsense the most!”

Tina is indeed smart, but she is also willful.

It’s just that her little temper is what she used to.

Stephanie stared at Peter in a daze: “Cousin, if Ms. Tina knew you said this to her, do you think you still have a wife?”

“You don’t you say who knows?” Peter knocked Stephanie’s head hard.

When she saw the staff in the studio looking over here, she whispered to him, “Give me some face.”

Peter’s tone eased a little: “You also give me a long snack. If you have this kind of thing in the future, you must tell me in advance.”

“Do you think this is feasible?” Stephanie felt that this would not work.

With a cool temper, she would secretly tell Peter if she knew what decision her boss made in advance. It would be strange not to be angry.

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