CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1619 – 1620

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Chapter 1619

Peter knew that when she was calm and stable, it meant that she had thought clearly and had made up her mind.

He didn’t expect Tina to mention it again, and he began to feel flustered.

Standing in front of the car, he did not respond for a long time.

Tina waited for a while, and made sure that Peter didn’t mean to speak aloud, so he opened his mouth and said, “I’m leaving first, you can go back.”

After Tina finished speaking, she left in front of him.

Peter reacted slowly, and stepped forward to hold her, and said firmly and urgently: “No talk, it’s impossible to break up!”

“Emotion is a matter of two people. It doesn’t count if you say it alone.” Tina was calm, tried to shake his hand, but didn’t shake it away: “Let go.”

Peter is not loose.

“If you want people to be photographed by us, you don’t have to be loose.”

“It’s not better to shoot, anyway, I wanted to make it public.”

Peter looked like a [email protected]

Tina couldn’t do anything with him like this. She looked up at Peter with an expression of impatience on her face. She didn’t try to persuade Peter to let go. It looked like she was too lazy to argue with him, and it seemed like nothing. Don’t care anymore.

Peter was frightened by the coldness.

He had never seen her like this.

The feeling of being unable to grasp came to his mind again. Not only did he not let go of her hand, but he tightened it.

“I don’t want to go back anymore. I stayed up for several nights in a row. I can’t drive back again. Can I go to your place to rest?”

In fact, it wasn’t that he was so busy at work that he stayed up late night, he just didn’t have her by his side and had insomnia.

Tina noticed that his face was really bad, and when she looked closely, he was a little haggard.

Peter saw that Tina hadn’t spoken, thinking that she was going to reject him, and quickly said, “I know your apartment is not big. It’s okay for me to lay on the floor, I can!”

Tina couldn’t bear to refuse, and nodded slowly.

Peter looked happy, his eyes lit up suddenly: “Then I will go drive now!”

Tina stopped him.

“You don’t drive, didn’t you stay up at night for a few hours?”

Fatigued driving is prone to accidents.

Tina is caring about him.

After Peter realized this, everything about driving and not driving was forgotten, and he nodded quickly: “OK, won’t drive! Let’s walk together.”

Tina walked slowly, not in a hurry, or talking.

She is too quiet, Peter is still a little uncomfortable, but this is much better than the coldness of breaking up with him before opening her mouth.

The two quickly walked to the desolate apartment.

The desolate apartment is about 100 square meters, but it has been renovated into one bedroom and one living room with no extra rooms.

Peter regretted as soon as he entered the door, why did he talk about hitting the floor?

Tina walked in front, and found that Peter hadn’t followed up after entering the door, so she looked back at him.

Peter forced a smile and walked in.

Okay, anyhow, I also came in, where I sleep is the same.

I can only comfort myself in this way.

Tina walked over and opened the bedroom door: “Go to bed.”

Peter raised his head when he heard the sound, and saw Tina standing at the bedroom door, looking back at him.

She was standing by the door, thin and quiet, which made Peter afraid to speak too loudly.

“It’s okay, I just…” He whispered rejection.

Tina didn’t listen to what he said at all, so she walked into the bedroom and made the bed for him.

Chapter 1620

Peter had to swallow the words behind her, and walked to the door honestly, watching Tina make the bed for him.

Tina lived very little here, and there were only two sets of quilts just changed, and they were all washed after she moved in.

She bent over on the side of the bed, her expression serious and focused, she was rare to be kind of like a good wife and mother.

But how uncomfortable Peter thinks, he feels that this is not somber.

She is not like this.

What should Tina look like?

In the eyes of the audience, she is bright and beautiful.

In his eyes, she is the little girl who is arrogant and self-willed, and prodigal.

However, the little girl now looks like a different person, how can this make him feel comfortable?

When Tina was shaking the quilt, a pillow was shaken to the ground.

As soon as she bent down to pick it up, Peter grabbed her and ran over and said, “I’ll pick it up.”

Tina glanced at him, did not stoop to pick it up again, and continued what he was holding.

After Peter picked up the pillow, he tentatively took her by the side, and saw that she didn’t mean to refuse, he was relieved.

The two made the bed together, Tina found some disposable bath towels and handed them to him: “Go wash and sleep.”

Peter took the bath towel and did not move.

Tina looked at him unclearly, “Is there anything else?”

“How about you?” Peter asked baffled.

“I have to read the script for a while, and you don’t need to worry about me.” Tina raised her foot and walked outside. Halfway through, she stopped again: “There is a toothbrush under the bathroom cabinet.”

Tina arrived in the living room, nestled on the sofa, and began to read the script.

Looking at it, she was a little surprised, and involuntarily raised her eyes to look in the direction of the bedroom.

The bedroom door was half open, and Peter went to take a bath.

What she thought was that the mattress here was not as soft as at home, and she didn’t know if Peter could sleep well.

On the surface, Peter can do everything, but in fact, he is a Lord.

Soon, Peter came out of the bathroom.

He wrapped a bath towel, took a look at Tina, and then quickly turned his eyes off.

“The washing machine is on the balcony. I wash it myself. After washing it, I put it in the dryer. You can wear it tomorrow morning.” She reminded Peter aloud.

“Oh.” Peter went to the balcony again.

The view from the balcony was good. He looked at it for a while, waiting to put the clothes in the dryer, and then passed the living room back to the bedroom.

“I’m going to bed.” He did not forget to say to her as he passed the living room.

“Okay.” Tina replied faintly.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, he lay directly on the bed.

Although they are all freshly washed quilts, he always feels a cool smell.

The bedroom door is not closed. From this angle, he can see her sitting on the sofa in the living room.

He changed to a comfortable posture, stared at her, and fell asleep unknowingly.

Don’t know if it was because Tina was also in this house. Peter slept very deeply. When he woke up, it was already bright.

His first reaction was to touch his side.

There was no one beside him, and he looked up at the door and found that the door had been closed.

He remembers that before going to bed last night, he didn’t close the bedroom door. Tina must have helped him close it when he fell asleep.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help laughing, she still cared about him.

He got out of bed, opened the door and went out, only to find neatly folded quilts on the sofa in the living room.

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