CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1641 – 1642

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Chapter 1641

“I didn’t think so much at the time. The people who thought it was the casino wanted me to pay back the money as soon as possible, but the trick I came up with, I also had nowhere to go, and I didn’t have any doubts to check it, and now I check it again. What’s the clue…”

Cody still looked a little uncomfortable when he talked about this.

Later, after talking with Peter, he was pushed into the water again. He also felt that everything might not be easy.

Just don’t know what the people behind this are going to do.

Who is blocking his way, who wants to harm him?

And Tina…

Cody fiercely raised his head and looked at Tina: “What happened to you this time, didn’t someone deliberately harm you?”

“Do not rule out this possibility.” Tina said calmly.

Cody nodded, then thought of something, his face hesitantly said: “Tina, there is one thing, don’t know if I should ask…”

“Then don’t ask.” Tina said directly.

There is no need for Cody to speak, just listening to his tone, Tina probably knows what he wants to ask.

After so many years, she didn’t want to mention that.

There is no need to mention it again.

What’s more, she still mentioned it to Cody.

“The person you have always liked is actually Peter, right?” Cody still couldn’t help but ask.

Tina was silent, ignoring him.

Cody laughed at himself, and said generally, “If this is the case, many things can actually be explained.”

“In this life, it is impossible for a person to like only one person.” Tina slowly said, as if to herself, and as if to Cody.

Cody stared at her: “But people are different and it varies from person to person. Some people will like many people in their lifetime, while some people will only like one person in their lifetime.”

Tina paused slightly and was about to speak when she heard someone calling her name next to her.

“Tina, you are too partial, you only chat with Mr. Scott, and don’t ask how we are doing recently…”

“Yes, Mr. Scott, hurry up to say a few words, and give us a chance to talk. It is very difficult for us to make an appointment with Tina…”

“Who said no.”

A group of people sang and drank, Tina didn’t mind, and smiled and let them tease.

She knew that they were not malicious.

After that, Tina and Cody were pulled to talk from time to time, and the two had no time to talk about the previous topic.

After the dishes were ready, everyone began to eat. Stephanie picked vegetables and took care of Tina to eat, and finally had the opportunity to talk to her.

“It seems that my cousin is not coming.” She started eating directly, he must have come. If Peter wants to come, these people must be waiting for him.

Peter has a great face.

“Yeah.” Tina replied faintly.

At this time, the box door was pushed open from the outside.

Tina thought it was a waiter and did not lookup.

Until she heard someone yell: “Mr. Grant!”

“Mr. Grant, you don’t want to come too soon, we are so waiting for you.”

“Hurry up and add a chair and sit next to me.”

“Sit next to you, who are you, Mr. Grant sits with me.”

Tina looked up and saw Peter ignored them, but walked towards her.

Stephanie was very enthusiastic, pursed her lips and smiled, and gave Peter a place.

Peter directly sat down in Stephanie’s seat, and at the same time, took over what Stephanie did just now-picking vegetables for Tina and taking care of her meal.

Chapter 1642

Tina’s hand was injured, and he was eating with his left hand. There was really no way to pick up food.

“What to eat?”

As soon as Peter sat down, he leaned to her ear and asked her in a low voice.

Tina moved aside reluctantly, and frowned slightly, “Whatever.”

Peter actually knows the taste of Tina and also knows what kind of dishes she wants to eat. He deliberately asked again, just to say a few more words with her.

The desolate indifference was in his expectation.

He didn’t get angry, and put a few chopsticks for her, and carefully set aside the green onions that she didn’t like.

When the person next to him saw this, he teased: “Mr. Grant, you are really good to Tina, and that’s nothing more to your girlfriend.”

“Those who don’t know really think that Mr. Grant and Tina are a pair…”

This remark caused a burst of laughter.

Anyone who knows them knows that Peter and Tina have a good relationship.

They all know that Peter is good to her, and they also know that the Grant family has a deep relationship with the Weber family.

In the early years, they would also think that Peter and Tina would be together, but then Peter went out of the country without hesitation, Tina stayed in the country alone, and entered the entertainment industry.

Another said: “If our brother wants to really have that heart, he didn’t start it early, alas… think about our Tina and don’t know which pig to do, my old heart is uncomfortable. …”

As the man said, he covered his chest with heartache, and then the pot of hoof soup turned to Tina: “Mr. Grant, help Tina prepare the soup. This is what I specially ordered the kitchen to make for her. What to eat to make up…”

Tina looked at the white and tender hooves, and pressed the corners of her lower lip slightly: “Then you should eat some brain flowers to make up for your brain. The hooves and the hands are not distinguished…”

Hearing the words, Peter gently curled his lower lip, making a gesture to give Tina soup and hoofs, and asked her, “Do you want to eat?”

Tina glared at him: “You want to eat yourself.”

Peter really served himself a bowl.

The people who ridiculed Peter and Tina just now are rehearsing the old saying.

“It’s really a pity. If Mr. Grant and Tina are together, they can pay for one share, but there is no hope in this life…”

Peter abruptly flew past: “Who said there is no hope?”

The man quickly changed his words: “Of course there is hope, it is also possible that you will not get married. We only need to pay the little cool guys money. Hahahaha…”

Peter’s face sank, and the person didn’t dare to laugh anymore.

What gave these people the illusion that they felt that he and Tina could not be together.

The man persuaded: “Mr. Grant, just kidding, don’t be angry.”

Peter couldn’t say what kind of anger he was in.

These people didn’t speak well, and he was used to it.

Tina broke up with him now, and when he heard these words, she was happy to have ghosts.

However, he couldn’t figure it out. He liked Tina so much. How could outsiders think that he and Tina would definitely not be together?

“They are right.”

After Tina said this sentence leisurely, she turned her head to look at Peter: “Okay, let’s eat.”

Peter’s thin lips were tightened, and he stared straight at her to express his dissatisfaction.

But Tina didn’t look at him.

He took a deep breath and persuaded himself from the bottom of his heart, Tina is only thinking about this mess now because of the emotions.

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