CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1651 – 1652

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Chapter 1651

Stephanie coughed slightly, cleared her throat, and said solemnly: “I, it’s okay…not so good-looking…”

Tom: “You are quite self-aware.”

Stephanie: “…”

Look, she knew, with Tom’s virtue, how could she miss this opportunity to attack her.

The roast meat in the mouth is not fragrant again.

But it is not important, she is very strong mentally, she can still bear it.

Stephanie took a deep breath and smiled: “Yes, walking around the rivers and lakes, and I don’t have any points in my heart. That’s not good.”

“Then you.” Tom’s tone was beyond doubt.


Stephanie felt that he had something wrong, and only hit her before. He agreed that she was not that good-looking, and said that he wanted her to accompany him to the activities.

Tom put it very succinctly: “Take you there, it is not easy to cause misunderstanding.”

“What do you mean?” Stephanie felt that there was a pitfall in his words.

“I thought about it myself.”

After Tom finished speaking, he looked at the empty barbecue plate, stretched out his long hand, and took two skewers from the plate in front of her.

Stephanie was still thinking about what he meant by what he said, and when she saw this, she quickly hid the meat skewers in front of her, but her movements were still a little slower, and Tom had already taken them away.

Not only took it away, but also ate it in front of her with a calm expression.

It really is……

Stephanie wrinkled her nose, glared at him, and then began to think about what he just said.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in her mind, and she suddenly understood what he meant.

“You…” She pointed at him angrily, “Didn’t have friendship! I want to break the relationship with you! It’s impossible for me to be your female companion, and go with you to any activities!”

Thinking that this was not ruthless enough, she added another viciously: “I am a woman you can’t get!”

“Cough…cough cough…”

Tom didn’t prepare for the moment, and was shocked by Stephanie’s bold words.

He reached out his hand to cover his lips, his face blushed with choking.

This barbecue tastes a bit heavy, hot and spicy. Once choked, it is difficult to get over.

Stephanie didn’t want to care about him, but after thinking about it, she poured a glass of water for him and handed it to him.

Tom drank the water and slowed down for a while before finally slowing down to a halt.

His face was still a little red, and he smelled a little pitiful inexplicably.

Stephanie looked a little softhearted, thinking that she was just going to an event and wasted a lot of time. As for her own work, she could arrange it casually.

However, in the next moment, Tom defeated Stephanie softly with his strength to vanish.

“I can’t help you.”

Although Tom had been choked a little bit earlier, he did not lose his attitude at all from beginning to end, and he did an excellent job of managing his image. This opening was even more vigorous.

Such a good man has his mouth open!

Stephanie bit her back tooth socket secretly, poured a glass of water, got up, and leaned forward across the table to Tom, and filled him with water.

“I think you should drink more water.”

She was so angry.

She pressed the cup to Tom’s lips and filled him with water directly.

Tom didn’t prepare for a while, and he was actually poured in, but she also spilled most of it.

Tom quickly reacted, holding her hand and taking the cup in her hand, but didn’t want her to hold it tightly. As soon as he applied force, she was leaned forward by him.

The two were separated by the dining table, Stephanie was led by him, his feet were unstable, and the whole person planted forward…

Chapter 1652

Everything happened so quickly. Seeing Stephanie’s whole body falling forward, the corners of her clothes were about to slip into the grill pan. Tom was so obsessed with cleanliness that he frowned and stretched out his hand to support her waist.

When a person loses his balance, he will panic trying to grab something to balance himself, and his upper body will keep dropping.

And Tom supported Stephanie’s waist, but didn’t support her head…

After Stephanie’s exclamation, the world was completely quiet.

Stephanie’s eyes widened, and he stared in disbelief at the black eyes that were close at hand. The whole person was completely frozen. There seemed to be a hundred rabbits beating in his chest, and the sound of his heartbeat became chaotic, suddenly like Jump out of the chest at any time.

“f*ck, k!ss!”

The people at the table next to the table noticed the situation here and started talking in a low voice.

Tom turned his face slightly, “Is it enough?”

When he spoke, the heat spread on the corners of her lips. It was obviously a normal temperature, but at this time it gave her a scorching illusion.

It burned her cheeks a little hot.

“Yes… I’m sorry…” Stephanie managed to squeeze out a few words, her tone sounded almost crying: “I…I didn’t mean it, I can’t stand up…”

She didn’t want this either.

Who knew that the bloody bridges in the idol drama would fall on her.

Stephanie didn’t want to eat barbecue at the moment, and didn’t want to fill Tom with water to make him quiet. She just wanted to disappear in place or dig a hole in place to bury herself.

She has never done such a shameful thing in her life.

And the object was Tom.

Thinking about it, she feels that life is overwhelming.

Will Tom kill her out?

After all, he doesn’t look like that kind of casual person…

Besides, he still has a fiancée. He usually cleans himself up, and has never seen any other woman around him.

But today, just now, she defiled Tom, who was like a jade.

The little girl in front of him was flushed with a cry in her voice, and looked very pitiful.

If it wasn’t for the wrong occasion, Tom would have thought to tease her for a while.

From his side, he had caught a glimpse of someone next to him taking out his mobile phone.

Tom got up, straightened Stephanie, turned his head and glanced at the person holding the phone in a warning.

His eyes were sharp and bitter, and the man instantly turned around and no longer looked here.

But there are many people eating barbecue here, and Tom couldn’t stop it.

He picked up his coat and put it on Stephanie’s head, took her shoulders, and walked out.

Tom doesn’t mind these things, but Stephanie is still a bleak agent now, and has shown his face in the public. Such things have a bad influence on her.

“Eh, what are you doing…” A piece of clothing was suddenly covered on her head, his vision was blocked, and it became pitch black. Stephanie stretched out his hand and wanted to lift the clothing he had over her head.

Tom held her messy hand, turned his head to her ear, and whispered: “Someone is taking a picture.”

After Stephanie became Tina’s agent, he was very sensitive and sensitive to the word “photograph”, so he immediately calmed down, stopped moving, and didn’t reach out to pull the clothes on his head.

She just wore Tom’s clothes and walked forward with him.

The darkness in front of her made her uncomfortable, so she reached out and grabbed the corner of Tom’s clothes.

He noticed her reliance on her little movement, and slightly curled his lower lip, and the steps under her feet slowed down.

“Is it all right?” Stephanie felt that they had left the barbecue restaurant.

Tom glanced at the quiet and unoccupied road and said nonsense with his eyes open: “Someone has followed, and I will talk in the car.”

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