CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1665 – 1666

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Chapter 1665

Tom opened his legs and walked in.

He actually came to Stephanie’s place for the first time.

Her residence, as he imagined it, was a standard girl’s residence.

There are traces of life and a warm feeling everywhere.

It can be seen that the owner of the house is a person who takes life seriously.

This is also in Tom’s imagination.

After seeing Tom coming in, she looked around, not feeling uncomfortable in her heart.

Tom is a miraculous person. Some ordinary people would feel offended and impolite behavior, but when she did it, he didn’t feel any uncomfortable feeling.

Just like now, he knocked on the door for a long time to come in without speaking, just watching around, and she didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Fortunately, she just made time to clean up the house a few days ago.

Also, she thinks Tom is a bit strange.

In the middle of the night, it’s always a temporary motive, why does he want to visit her residence?

“You…” Stephanie said, Tom turned to look at her.

Stephanie asked cautiously: “Is there anything wrong with you coming to see me?”

“You didn’t call me.”

Tom’s eyebrows were calm, his tone was also very calm, and he didn’t seem to be very gentle, but he didn’t feel a bit of questioning. Instead, he seemed to be treated unfairly, asking for an explanation.

“Phone? What phone?”

Stephanie was stunned for a moment before remembering that when she came back from the taxi, Tom seemed to have said that she should call him when she gets home.

He also deliberately repeated it twice, waiting for her affirmative answer.

And she also promised well…

But later, when she got home, she forgot all about it.

After putting Grandma Allison’s bracelet away, she forgot about it.

No wonder that when she slept before, she felt that something was forgotten by her, it turned out to be this.

“Remember?” Tom saw her expression of a guilty conscience and knew she remembered.

She nodded and became even more guilty: “You…could not be…”

The words “Come for this matter” at the back were interrupted by Tom before he said to her: “Yes, I came for this matter. I have been waiting for your call.”

“Huh?” Stephanie couldn’t respond completely.

Her mind is a little messy.

Mainly this sentence said by Tom, it is too easy to disturb people’s minds.

What does it mean to have been waiting for her call?

She felt that Tom’s recent behavior was getting more and more strange.

It is easy to misunderstand.

“I’m not a kid, so I can’t get anything wrong if I take a taxi home. You don’t have to wait forever for me. Even if you can’t wait, there is no need to rush to my house in the middle of the night. You are already an adult. Can you act mature a little…”

The more Stephanie said, the more she felt she was right, and instead she began to teach Tom.

“You teach me?” Tom raised his eyelids slightly, just a faint look in his eyes.

Stephanie pursed her lips and stopped talking.

Mainly she dare not say anything.

It’s just holding him inexplicably.

That’s hard to say.


“Why is the phone turned off?” Tom asked again.

It was already late after he sent his grandma home.

There were so many things in the day today, and he was a little tired. He sat on the sofa and waited for Stephanie’s call. He didn’t expect to fall asleep while waiting.

It was a bit when she woke up, and when Stephanie’s phone was turned off, he drove around most of the city to find her at her house.

Chapter 1666

On the way here, Tom kept thinking, why on earth did Stephanie not call him, and why on earth she shut down her cell phone.

He was wondering if something really happened to her.

What happened.

If nothing happens, he will not let her go home alone.

No matter how late, no matter how busy, no matter what the situation, he had to send her home.

Stephanie’s phone has been turned off, and he has been in fear of her not getting home.

He knocked at the door for so long, until the neighbor showed up, his heart was sinking.

Later, the neighbor opened the door, and the neighbor’s words made him a little relieved.

It wasn’t until Stephanie finally opened the door, standing in front of him intact, that his heart returned to its proper position.

Finally, at ease.

She quickly thought about it to see if there was any reason for being tall, but in the end, he told the truth.

“No power turned off…”

“You…” Tom didn’t know what to say when he heard this reason.

Stephanie just looked at him innocently.

She also didn’t want the phone to be turned off.

Where did she know that she hadn’t been charged and her phone was turned off?

If it can, she doesn’t want it either.

This is not to blame her.

Stephanie had already done a good job of mental construction for herself quickly, so he didn’t panic at all.

Tom looked at her for a long time, and couldn’t say anything cruel to her innocent eyes.

But he still didn’t hold back, and cursed: “You are so stupid!”

“Tom!” Stephanie looked at him angrily, “Is there something wrong with you? You came to my house in the middle of the night just to scold me?”

She had never seen such a person.

Tom said frankly, “Yes, I’m sick!”

In the past, there were friends who fell in love with each other, and they called friends to drink together.

At the end of the drink, the person was not sober, so he tugged at him and said, “Brother, don’t touch this thing about love, don’t fall in love, it’s nothing, it’s simply invulnerable, how cool and cool…”

Tom felt that this statement was too exaggerated.

Moreover, it is an irrational feeling that makes people so painful.

If you are more rational, it won’t be so painful.

But he understands now.

There is no reason for feelings.

“You…” He admitted so bluntly, but it made Stephanie feel like there was nowhere to go.

Tom was too abnormal.

“Okay, I give up, I’m stupid, can I be wrong? Can you be normal, it’s scary.” It also made her uncomfortable.

“I want to drink water.” Tom sat down on the sofa and said calmly.

Stephanie pursed her lower lip and said, “Wait.”

Look, that’s the truth.

Yes, this is the real Allison Dynasty.

This is the Tom she is familiar with.

She poured water for Tom. After Tom drank it, he said, “I’m hungry.”

Stephanie took a deep breath, then forced it down again abruptly, and said, “Would you not expect me to get you food? I only have instant noodles.”

She didn’t believe that Tom would eat instant noodles.

But it turns out that the less she believes, the more likely it will happen.

“Yes,” Tom said while looking at her.

Stephanie’s eyes widened, she looked at him in disbelief, and confirmed: “Instant noodles, do you hear what I’m talking about?”

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