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Chapter 413

Speaking of it, it was the first time Peter came to Karl’s office.

He looked curiously here and there, and then said: “The decoration style here is similar to your prosperous office.”

“Just say something.” Karl walked to the back of the desk and sat down, his tone of voice was very weak.

Peter turned around, strode to Karl’s desk, put his hands on the desk, stared into his eyes and said, “Karl, have you recovered your memory?”

Karl’s expression still did not change much.

The two looked at each other for a while before Karl said aloud, “What do you think?”

“At Best Day that day, you despised that the meeting gift I gave to Grace was a box of cash. You used to despise me so much but kept pressing me…”

As Peter said, he couldn’t help but began to complain.

Karl repeated a word in his words: “Squeeze?”

Peter’s complexion changed, and he swallowed and said, “No…not squeezing, but loving…”

Karl snorted coldly, noncommittal.

“You really regained your memory.” Peter almost cried: “Damn, I blocked you for three years, and you didn’t react at all. Now that I have lived with Alyssa for a long time, my memory has been restored. Is it?”

Peter said bitterly, but Karl was completely indifferent: “What is your relationship with Miss Weber?”

“What is my relationship with Tina, don’t you know?”

“I didn’t think of it for the time being,” Karl said.

Peter was taken aback for a moment and asked, “What is your situation?”

Karl simply explained: “Some pictures will flash occasionally.”

“How could this be?” When he was in Best Day before, he felt that Karl had recovered his memory, but he didn’t expect this to be the case.

“don’t know.” Karl said truthfully.

“What about Alyssa? You had an accident together. Did she recover a little memory?”

“She was injured more severely than me at the time, and now there is no sign of regaining her memory. The doctor said that the possibility of her regaining her memory is very low.” Karl said to the back, his voice low.

Speaking of what happened back then, Peter’s expression became serious.

“At that time, when you had an accident on the island, Claire took someone to rescue you, but in the end only took you away. When I rushed over, I didn’t find Alyssa, and Claire didn’t let us see you.”

When Karl heard the words, he raised his eyes suddenly, with an unpredictable expression: “She didn’t save Alyssa?”

“She has always wanted to rub you and Miana, how could she save Alyssa, the most poisonous woman’s heart.” Peter saw that Karl’s expression was wrong, so he didn’t say anything else he wanted to say.

During these three years, he and Tina thought that Alyssa was no longer there.

Karl lost his memory again, completely trusting Claire’s words, and forgot Alyssa.

Peter couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed: “We have thought these three years, maybe this should be the case in this life, but Alyssa is still alive, you are slowly recovering your memory, everything is developing in a good direction…”

There was no fluctuation on Karl’s face, and he didn’t know if he listened to Peter’s words.

Instead, he asked Peter about another thing: “Claire took me to United States for treatment back then, do you know which hospital it was?”

Peter thought for a while and said, “I don’t know, she took you to the United States temporarily. We were busy looking for Alyssa at that time, and we didn’t pay attention to these things.”

Hearing this, Karl lowered his eyes, motionless, not knowing what he was thinking.

Peter asked him puzzledly: “What’s wrong?”

Karl reached out and opened a document: “AdamPic should have a lot to do.”

Peter touched his nose, Karl was driving him away.

When he left, Peter didn’t forget to say: “Then I will return to AdamPic first, and we will go to Best Day for a drink together.”

Karl said lightly, “No, there is a child at home.”

Peter twitched the corner of his mouth, and he was shown off even without children.

He thought for a while and said, “Then I will come to your house for a drink?”

Peter and Karl are about the same age, but their personalities are a little more leaner than him.

At this moment, he was looking at Karl expectantly, looking a bit nervous again.

“Yeah.” Karl said as if thinking of something, “You can call Miss Weber.”

Peter was so happy that he slapped his lap sharply: “Okay! I bring my own wine!”

In the hall.

Alyssa and Grace sat on the sofa, watching cartoons.

Yesterday she said that she would watch cartoons with Grace today, so naturally she couldn’t break her promise.

She was holding a tablet computer with the search page of “Lost City” on it.

Just a search, there are tens of thousands of information.

This suffices to show how hot-hot it was when “Lost City” was launched.

The discussion and popularity are high.

Alyssa watched with Grace intently, and eyes caught a glimpse of a servant hurriedly walking in from outside.

The maid hurried to Alyssa’s side, and before she could speak, Alyssa said, “What’s the matter?”

The maid said with embarrassment: “Miss Adams is here.”

Miss Adams?

Alyssa only wondered for a moment, and then guessed that she was talking about Claire.

She was about to speak when she saw someone coming in from outside.

Claire is dressed in a neat white lady’s suit, tailored appropriately, and the lines are well outlined, which makes her somewhat proud of her look even more domineering.

She looked around, then turned her gaze to Alyssa.

A coldness flashed in her eyes, and she walked straight towards Alyssa.

Alyssa stood up slowly, and saw the servant next to her turning around to leave. She guessed that the servant was going to call Karl.

Alyssa stopped speaking: “You don’t need to inform Karl about this small matter.”

When she was in Adams’ Old House that day, Alyssa could see that Claire hated her to the bone.

Today, Claire will come to her door, and there is nothing to be surprised.

Claire and Karl both work in the Adams’. If Claire wants to find Karl, she can directly find him in the company.

Claire will come here, naturally looking for her.

After hearing Alyssa’s words, the servant was obviously at a loss.

Seeing her like this, Alyssa did not force her: “It’s up to you.”

The servant nodded slightly, turned and left.

Claire walked over, her gaze just swept across Alyssa’s body, and then fell on Grace’s body: “Grace.”

Alyssa walked over, picked up the remote control and paused, and said warmly, “Grace, your aunt is calling you.”

Grace looked up at Alyssa.

Alyssa pointed to the place where Claire was.

Grace looked at Alyssa’s fingers. When she saw Claire, she smiled happily: “Auntie.”

“Yes auntie, give me a hug.” Claire squatted on the ground and stretched out her hand towards Grace.

Chapter 414

Grace jumped off the sofa and ran towards Claire.

Alyssa watched from the sidelines, and there was no special emotion on her face.

She just looked at Claire a few times, then turned around and ordered the servant to fetch some tea.

Even if Claire is an uninvited guest, she is a guest.

Although Alyssa didn’t know why Claire hated her, Grace was named Adams.

It can be seen that Claire also has some true feelings for Grace, and Claire did not treat Grace badly when she hated her.

Therefore, she will not prevent Grace and Claire from getting close.

Grace jumped off the sofa and ran towards Claire.

Claire took Grace into her arms and k!ssed her on the face: “Grace, do you miss Auntie?”

“miss you.”

Claire smiled and hugged her up and talked to her.

At this time, the servant brought tea over: “Miss Adams, please have tea.”

Claire put Grace aside and looked up at Alyssa.

Alyssa didn’t avoid it, and directly met Claire’s gaze.

The eyes of the two met in the air, and Alyssa sneered without the slightest timidity.

Alyssa turned her head and handed the tablet computer in her hand to the servant: “Take Grace upstairs to play.”

After she finished speaking, she said to Grace: “Mom and aunt have something to talk about, you should go upstairs to play for a while, and then mother will come up to you.”

“Yeah.” Grace nodded and was taken away by the servant.

As soon as Grace left, Claire no longer concealed, her face was unabashedly contemptuous: “Grace follows Karl, is kind to people, and all kinds of people can be seen.”

Three years ago, she couldn’t look down on Alyssa. Three years later, she still looked down on Alyssa.

“Really?” Alyssa twitched her lips, her expression unchanged: “I don’t understand what Miss Alyssa said, but I know there is a misunderstanding between Miss Adams and Karl, so it’s fine if you find him.”

Karl’s attitude towards Claire that day was clearly evident for Alyssa.

The two siblings are obviously at odds.

Karl could not listen to Claire at all now.

Claire had to come to her.

People are like this, always like to pinch soft persimmons.

Claire thought how much she could be softer than Karl?

Claire actually has very little contact with Alyssa, so she doesn’t know much about Alyssa either.

Claire was a little surprised when she heard Alyssa’s hiding the needle, but she became even more angry.

“There was a misunderstanding between Karl and me. Isn’t it because of you?” Claire stared at her coldly, adding to her tone: “If you are acquainted, just be more interesting and leave Karl by yourself.”

Alyssa was lying on the sofa, with a loose tone, “You can tell Karl these things.”

“Alyssa!” Claire stood up from the sofa suddenly with anger, “Don’t toast or drink fine wine.”

Alyssa took a deep breath, pretending to be puzzled: “Ms. Alyssa came to the house today, does Karl doesn’t know?”

Although the two brothers and sisters of the Adams’ family are not in harmony, they also have similarities.

For example, they all like to order people.

It seems that others should be controlled by them and listen to them.

Alyssa was a little irritable in her heart, but she still maintained a calm smile on her face.

Claire stared at her with an ugly expression: “Did you let someone inform Karl?”

“Who didn’t know that Miss Alyssa, you are his relatives, you come home, they naturally want to notify Karl.” In fact, she was not sure whether those people had notified Karl.

However, Claire obviously believed her.

Claire was still a little afraid of Karl in her heart, and she asked Alyssa unwillingly: “You are by Karl’s side, isn’t it just for his power and money? How much money do you want to leave him?”

Claire had always looked down upon Alyssa, and felt that Alyssa was for Karl’s money and power.

Alyssa sneered: “Even if I was trying to use his power and money, how could I leave him because of how much you dole out? Wouldn’t it be better to stay with him and be the mother of his child?”

After she finished speaking, she seemed to be very curious again, and asked Claire aloud, “However, how much money do you plan to spend to let me leave Karl? If the amount is what I like, I can think about it.”

Alyssa’s tone of playing with Claire so obviously made Claire tremble with anger.

“I hope you can always be so arrogant!” Claire gritted her teeth and left this sentence, and then left.

When Claire left, Alyssa let out a long sigh of relief.

She leaned on the sofa and thought for a while, and was about to go upstairs to find Grace, when she heard the movement outside the door.

Lifting her eyes and looking at the door, she saw Karl walking towards her with long legs.

Alyssa’s face was slightly surprised, and the servant really called Karl and told him to come back.

Karl walked straight to her and asked, “Where is Claire?”

“She went out.” Alyssa curled her lips: “I was offended by her.”

After speaking, Alyssa looked at Karl innocently.

Karl just raised his eyebrows, didn’t say anything, turned around and walked out again.

Alyssa stood up: “Are you leaving now?”

Without turning his head back, Karl moved faster under his feet.

Alyssa’s expression turned upright.

She just deliberately said that Claire was the one who left her in anger, and also wanted to test what kind of status Claire has in Karl’s heart.

Now it seems……

Karl really turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone. He didn’t care what happened to her and Claire at all.

What does he come back for?

Karl received a call from a servant before, and heard that Claire came to Alyssa, but subconsciously worried that Alyssa would suffer, so he drove back.

After all, Claire could hardly save Alyssa back then, but now deliberately looking for her while he is not at home, naturally it is impossible to shake hands with Alyssa.

Claire came to trouble Alyssa.

As a result, when he came back, Alyssa seemed to be at a loss.

Karl got into the car, loosened his tie, and drove to Adams’ office.

He entered the office before leaving the elevator, and a secretary came and told him that Claire was waiting for him in his office.

Karl smiled unclearly, “How long has she waited?”

The secretary said: “Just here.”

“Didn’t you say that there was a meeting? Let’s have a meeting now.” After Karl finished speaking, he walked straight to the meeting room.

The secretary stood there with a blank face, did the CEO deliberately make the vice CEO wait?

As for the whole Adams’ family, who didn’t know that Karl and Claire were relatives.

Is it a trouble now in this situation?

In the past, Karl and Claire were also at odds, but only the Adams’ family knew about it, and outsiders didn’t know what was going on.

The secretary just stood there for a while, and then went to pack the things needed for the meeting.

Claire waited left and right, but did not see Karl coming back, did he really go to Alyssa?

Even with amnesia, Alyssa is still so important to him?

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