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Chapter 461

Alyssa felt that Karl’s tone seemed to be deliberately targeting Clifford.

She said irritably, “You are the best, right?”

However, Isabel’s thoughts, he was right.

Isabel really wanted to kill them to avenge Gerald.

Karl raised his eyebrows: “Do you think what I said is wrong?”

“Did Clifford have any feasts with you? As for letting you target him like this?” Karl’s preference was particularly obvious in front of her.

Karl sneered, with a bad tone: “Are you talking to him? Being his fiancée, and still making love with him?”

His tone sounded a little dangerous, Alyssa didn’t dare to pluck the hair on the tiger’s mouth, but she had to say what she should say.

Her tone softened: “After all, he saved me.”

Karl locked his gaze heavily, making Alyssa uncomfortable looking at her.

After a while, he suddenly asked: “How much do you know about Clifford?”

Alyssa asked suspiciously: “What’s the matter?”

In fact, she didn’t know much about Clifford.

“How did you meet him? Apart from knowing that he is a psychologist who came back from abroad, what else do you know?” Karl looked at her with a serious expression, “From the data point of view, except when you were pregnant, you have been Living in Rostenvel.”

When Karl said the word “pregnant”, his eyes flashed slightly.

During this period of time, he has read all the information Smith gave him, and he has almost understood everything about himself and Alyssa.

Alyssa understood that Karl was not here to eat today, but to question her.

Now that Karl had asked, she did not conceal: “From his tone of voice, he should have known me very early, and I knew him three years ago, on the eve of our trip to the island.”

Karl frowned slightly: “Nothing?”

Alyssa shook her head and asked him, “What do you want to do?”

Karl groaned for a moment, and said coldly, “Stay away from those who have unknown origins.”

The origin is unknown, isn’t it just Clifford?

“Although his origin is suspicious, he saved me after all. It is impossible for me and him not to be in contact.” Alyssa said seriously.

Karl sneered, did not speak to her, bowed his head to eat.

Karl had eaten and left.

Before leaving, Alyssa packed some snacks for Karl and asked him to take them back to Grace.

She did it specially for Grace before.

When she nodded, packed, and handed it to Karl, Karl’s brows were frowned tightly: “It’s not that my house has no servants.”

“The servant is a servant, I am Grace’s mother, that’s different.” Alyssa said, and passed the packing box in her hand to him.

Although Karl’s complexion was not so good, he still reached out and took it.

Alyssa sent him out, and he looked back at her as if he had something to say, but in the end he left with a cold snort.

Alyssa looked at his back, her face full of confusion, when did she provoke him again?

After closing the door, Alyssa thought of Karl’s words and walked inward slightly in thought.

Karl’s words reminded her that when she met Clifford last time, she wanted to ask how Clifford knew her, but because Clifford didn’t want to say it at the time, she didn’t ask.

But sooner or later this matter is to be asked.

Alyssa took this matter to heart, thinking that she would find a time to ask about Clifford as soon as possible.

The next day, Mattie asked Alyssa to go out again.

This time it seems to be a new movie conference of her friend.

Only after Alyssa went there knew that her friend was Robin.

Perhaps because of the movie’s role, Robin grew a little beard, and looked a little more vicissitudes of life, and more manly.

Alyssa’s impression of him still remained three years ago.

After careful comparison, Robin seems to be no different from three years ago.

Most of the press conference site was reporters and media. Mattie took Alyssa in disguise, mixed with reporters, unobtrusive.

Alyssa pulled the mask that covered half of her face and asked Mattie in a low voice, “Why did you sneak in? You haven’t chased Robin for three years?”

Through the mask, Alyssa couldn’t see Mattie’s face, but she could see the panic flashing in her eyes.

Mattie quickly denied: “What, who is chasing him! I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Oh, you didn’t chase him, just secretly come to attend his movie conference.” Alyssa finished speaking, no matter Mattie glared at her, she frowned and said, “However, you are coming to participate in Robin’s movie release. Yes, what will I do?”

“Anyway, you are still idle, what’s the matter with me?” Mattie turned her head and glared at her.

Alyssa sighed in response to Mattie’s familiar tone: “Miss Adkins, don’t you still want to make “Lost City 2″? Don’t you worry about letting me write the script?”

“That’s not anxious for this day or two.” Mattie finished speaking, and smiled at her flatteringly: “Actually, I have always been very curious, how did you make Karl feel so devoted to you before?”

Alyssa frowned and asked her: “Before?”

“Does Karl not have another fiancée now? Although don’t know what happened to you in the past three years, why you separated, but three years ago, he was totally devoted to you.”

Mattie said while paying attention to Alyssa’s face. It seemed that Alyssa’s face was not right, and she could immediately stop the topic.

But Alyssa’s complexion was no different, and she finished her speech with confidence.

Alyssa was slightly lost in thought.

What Mattie said was correct, Karl had indeed “changed his heart” now.

If she didn’t mention it, Alyssa almost forgot that Karl has a fiancee Miana outside.

He met Miana three years ago.

Miana is Claire’s friend, with a sense of superiority and domineering similar to Claire.

“Didn’t you also say that Karl has changed his heart? If he changed his heart, it would not have been stubborn.” Alyssa’s tone was faint, unable to hear any emotions.

Mattie stopped asking more questions.

Alyssa thought about Robin when Mattie quarreled with Anya when she went to Karl as a servant three years ago.

She turned her head to look at Mattie, and asked, “What about you? You didn’t follow Karl at all three years ago. You clearly like Robin. Why do you even pretend to be a servant to go to Karl’s house?”

“When did I say that I like Robin?” Mattie was like a cat stepping on her tail. When she was excited, her volume increased a lot.

It naturally attracted the attention of other reporters.

Alyssa secretly said that it was not good.

She pulled Mattie and was about to run, but the sharp-eyed reporter recognized her.

“It’s Alyssa!”

Chapter 462

Alyssa heard the reporter call her name, her scalp tightened, and she ran out quickly while pulling Mattie.

However, some reporters ran after her.

“Is it Alyssa?”

“should be!”

“Why is she here? Who is the person next to her?”

Alyssa didn’t care what the reporters and paparazzi behind her said, pulling Mattie and running out.

However, there are chairs in the venue, and it is not particularly convenient for them to go out quickly.

Alyssa could only shuttle hard between the gaps of the chairs.

The reporter and the paparazzi blocked her separately, and she and Mattie could only circle around the venue.

The venue was plunged into small-scale chaos.

Alyssa took the opportunity to whisper to Mattie: “Let’s run separately.”

At this time, she and Mattie stay together, neither of them can run.

Mattie nodded immediately: “Yes.”

After the two separated, it was much more convenient for Alyssa alone.

She quickly ran to the entrance of the venue, and was about to go out when she saw a group of people approaching.

And the one headed is Karl!

Karl was surrounded by others and was walking in her direction.

How could he come here?

Although Karl is the behind-the-scenes boss of AdamPic Media, he has never cared much about the company or participated in these activities.

Even if he attended the event, he only participated in some commercial activities related to the Adams’ group.

Because she was too surprised, Alyssa stopped at the entrance of the venue unconsciously, and the paparazzi and reporters quickly chased her and surrounded her.

Alyssa was also wearing a mask, and stretched out her hand to block the dazzling flash.

“Are you Alyssa? Can you take off the mask?”

“Please accept my interview…”


The reporter rushed to pass the microphone to Alyssa.

Alyssa was forced to hide back and lean against the wall.

This group of reporters only paid attention to Alyssa, and did not notice that Karl was here too.

After Karl brought the group of people closer, they realized that Karl had also arrived.

All the reporters boiled over.

Karl and Alyssa have almost never framed a public contract.

Not to mention after their divorce.

Just take a photo of the two of them in the same frame and take it back to write a long report. This photo alone can also attract people’s attention and increase a lot of clicks.

The reporters stopped surrounding Alyssa, they all picked up their cameras to take pictures of Alyssa and Karl in the same frame.

Alyssa stood against the wall next to the door, and these reporters stepped back to find the angle and kept shooting.

For a time, the sound of flashing lights and taking pictures one after another.

Alyssa looked in Karl’s direction, and just met Karl’s inadvertent glance.

His gaze didn’t stop on Alyssa’s body, as if he didn’t recognize that she was Alyssa.

His gaze skipped directly over her face, and then he whispered something to the people around him, then raised his foot and walked into the venue.

The reporters who were still taking pictures were soon driven away by security.

Alyssa glanced inside the venue, and found that Karl was sitting in the last row, as if he had actually come to attend the movie conference.

She looked at the door for a while, then turned and walked outside. It is not convenient for her to appear next to Karl.

She went outside, found a rest area and sat down, took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Karl: “Why are you here?”

Karl did not reply to her.

Fortunately, Alyssa had long been accustomed to such a cold Karl.

She had to call Mattie.

She came with Mattie, and naturally she also had to go with Mattie. The two of them had just separated and did not know where Mattie had gone.

Alyssa made two calls to Mattie before Mattie answered.

“Alyssa, where are you?” Mattie’s voice sounded a little panting.

Alyssa looked around while speaking, “I’m in the rest area, where are you? Do you want to come over?”

“Why did you go to the rest area? So far, I won’t pass.”

“Okay, then I’ll go back by myself later.”

Mattie couldn’t come, and Alyssa thought about going back.

She fiddled with the phone, her eyes falling on it.

Karl still didn’t reply to her.

Alyssa sighed, and was about to stand up and walk out, when a familiar voice came into her ears.

“I can see you everywhere.”

Alyssa looked up and saw Isabel standing up from the sofa not far away and walking towards her.

Isabel should have come to participate in some activities today. The makeup is exquisite and the dress is also very particular. At first glance, she was carefully selected and dressed up.

It is not uncommon to meet Isabel here.

It can only be said that Such a small world.

Alyssa sat on the sofa and did not move, but raised her eyebrows and said, “Same to you.”

Isabel snorted, and sat down beside her, her tone soft and weird: “I heard that Karl is here too?”

Alyssa looked back at her quickly: “What are you going to do?”

“What can I do?”

Isabel seemed to enjoy Alyssa’s nervousness. She raised her legs and her expression was gloomy: “Of course I know what kind of person Karl is. Naturally, I can’t treat him like this, just ask. , Care about your current relationship.”

Alyssa frowned slightly, and every word Isabel said now made people respond exceptionally.

Alyssa raised her head slightly, and said in a calm tone: “My relationship with Karl, is there anything to do with you?”

“I just want to know if you are living happily now. If you are not happy, I am also happy. If you are living happily, then I will be sad.”

Isabel said casually, raising her fingers to look at the manicure she had just done: “However, seeing you last time with that surname Dixon, it shows that Karl no longer wants you, you are alone. The women abandoned by men are really sympathetic.”

Alyssa was about to speak, before she could speak, she heard a series of footsteps hurriedly approaching.

Immediately afterwards, someone called her name.


Familiar low voice.

Alyssa looked up in surprise, and saw Karl walking towards her in strides.

The group of people who followed him before didn’t know where they had gone. He walked over here alone, his eyes locked on Alyssa’s body.

There seems to be a different kind of emotion in his eyes.

It’s just that because the eyes are too dark, it is not easy to distinguish.

The other person has tall legs and soon walked to Alyssa.

He first looked at Alyssa, then turned his eyes to see Isabel.

Alyssa also followed his gaze, looking at Isabel.

She clearly saw that Isabel shuddered when she met Karl’s gaze.

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