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Chapter 477

Alyssa opened her eyes and met Karl’s deep eyes.

He pursed his lips, squinted his eyes, suddenly propped himself up, and sat up from the bed.


Karl originally leaned over to look at her , but when Alyssa got up, she bumped her forehead.

Alyssa touched her forehead silently, a little pain, but it soon eased.

Karl stretched out his hand, covering his forehead, staring at Alyssa with a sinking face.

Alyssa slid out of bed slowly, and said calmly, “Sorry, I accidentally bumped into you.”

Although she was a little bit painful, Karl looked more painful.


Karl believed her to blame.

Because of the bad conditions, the two of them didn’t take off their clothes when they slept, so Alyssa put on her coat and went downstairs.

The uncle who took them in has gotten up and is making a fire in the kitchen.

Alyssa said, “Uncle, early.”

The uncle raised his head from the smoke and fire, and squinted to look at Alyssa: “You got up so early, don’t you sleep more?”

“You wake up when you wake up. Don’t you also wake up so early?” Alyssa rolled up her sleeves: “Do you want to cook breakfast? Let me help you. What do I need to do?”

The uncle shook his head: “No need.”

This girl looks like someone with a delicate skin and tender flesh, so how could she do these rough jobs.

“Then you burn the fire, I can help you cook.” Alyssa drew the hair around her ears and said with a smile.

Seeing that she had said so, the uncle didn’t say much, so he sat in front of the stove and burned the fire and told her what to do.

In the countryside, there is what to eat is mostly fixed, what kind of dishes to eat in any season, noodles to eat, and rice to eat.

The uncle asked Alyssa to fry three eggs, and then poured water to boil the noodles.

Before the water boiled, the uncle stood up and took the raincoat to go out.

Alyssa asked him, “What are you going to do?”

“There are green vegetables in the field in front. I’ll pick some to cook.” The uncle said, he was about to go out.

Alyssa glanced outside, the rain was so heavy, the ground outside the door was covered with mud, and if he stepped on it, he would fall.

Alyssa frowned slightly and pulled the uncle: “Let me go.”

“What are you going for? I’ll go by myself!” The uncle’s temper was stubborn, and his eyebrows were horizontal, revealing a bit of elders’ majesty.

At this time, Karl came down from upstairs.

Seeing this, Alyssa quickly pointed to Karl and said to the uncle: “Let him go.”

Karl pointed at himself, raised his eyebrows and walked over: “What am I going to do?”

“Uncle said he was going to pick some green vegetables in the front field, and when he came back to cook the noodles, the water in the pot would boil immediately. Go quickly.” Alyssa pushed him outside.

His tone of voice couldn’t be more natural.

Karl glanced at her faintly, took the raincoat from uncle, put it on and walked out.

Alyssa smiled slightly when she saw him striding through the rain curtain.

She found that Karl only spoke ugly on trivial matters, but was never vague in actions.

Although it was different from the past, Karl was still Karl.

“Haha.” The uncle on the side suddenly laughed twice, shook his head and continued to sit back in front of the stove to burn.

Alyssa asked him: “Uncle, what are you laughing at?”

The uncle just smiled and didn’t speak.

Karl quickly picked the vegetables and returned.

There was a water tank under the eaves of the kitchen back door. Alyssa took the vegetables and washed them and put them in the pot.

Breakfast is egg noodles.

After eating, the uncle sat in the rocking chair by the gate, holding the cat drowsy.

Alyssa and Karl stood under the eaves outside the door.

“This rain looks like it won’t stop for a while.” Alyssa looked at the rain curtain outside with a worried expression on her face.

Karl’s expression is also very serious: “There are no other people around here, and the highway has been destroyed. There is no other way but to wait for someone to come and rescue.”

“How do you know that there is no one nearby?” Alyssa asked him curiously.

Karl raised his eyes slightly: “I went out and took a look last night. I couldn’t see any light.”

It turned out that he went out last night to make sure there was no one nearby.

Alyssa pursed her lips, and asked him aloud, “Is it really the only way to wait for them to come to us? There is no other way?”

Karl turned his head to look at her, with no expression on his face: “I said before, I told you not to come.”

“Before I came here, I didn’t check the terrain here. It was indeed my own mistake, but is your idea completely correct?”

The expression on Alyssa’s face faded.

Karl was indifferent to her words, and looked back at her casually: “Are you sure you want to discuss this topic with your savior in this kind of tone at this time?”

If it weren’t for Karl to save her, she might still be standing on the side of the road now, maybe she wouldn’t be able to return.

Seeing that he was a little impatient, Alyssa stopped continuing this topic.

The two stood under the eaves for a while. Just as Karl was about to turn around and enter, Alyssa suddenly figured out something, and suddenly stretched out her hand to hold him: “Karl!”

Karl’s expression remained unchanged, but his tone was already a little impatient: “What else is there?”

“You didn’t let me come to visit the group, is it because I had to go for so long, I feel…” Alyssa looked at his expression, paused and said softly, “Can’t bear me?”

Karl’s expression changed slightly, and the expression in his eyes became a little deeper.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Karl raised his eyebrows: “Being amorous is quite good.”

Alyssa asked nonchalantly: “Then why do you say it? Is it just because you think I can only revolve around you, and there is no other reason except the exclusivity in your heart?”

Karl seemed to be too lazy to talk to her, and went into the house without her hand.

Alyssa stretched out her hand to her waist, raised her head and sighed deeply against the rain curtain.

Karl’s mouth is stiff. Even if he has a weird temper and refuses to admit it, he can rush to rescue her as soon as he can, because he said he cares about her.

Karl’s feeling towards her now may not be as strong as before, but it has been getting deeper step by step.

This is a good sign.

And now more importantly, they want to get out from here.

If it rains for ten and a half months, will she and Karl stay here forever?

Although she was happy to have time alone with Karl, the time and place were wrong.

Grace is still waiting for them at home, not to mention Karl. He still has to take care of Adams’ affairs. Even if he has already arranged the company’s affairs when he comes out, some mistakes will inevitably occur. No cell phone signal…

It is not a trivial matter to lose contact completely for ten and a half months.

When Alyssa entered the room, she heard Karl talking to uncle.

“Is there any other way to the county HQ?”

Chapter 478

The uncle saw Alyssa coming in, glanced at her, and said to Karl, “There are, but it is not safe.”

Karl looked back at Alyssa, without saying much.

In the next few days, it was still raining and the road conditions did not improve, so even if the county sent someone to repair the circuit and signal, there was no way to get in.

Karl and Alyssa could only stay at the uncle’s house.

When it rains, the uncle doesn’t have to go out to do farm work. He often takes a pipe and sits on a rocking chair at the gate to watch the rain outside, and occasionally holds the cat and pets it.

The vegetables they eat are picked from the vegetable garden every day.

Alyssa and Karl borrowed to live in their uncle’s house, so naturally she took care of picking vegetables and cooking.

But she still doesn’t know how to burn wood, so he usually burns fire, Alyssa cooks, and Karl washes the dishes after dinner.

When she woke up this morning, Alyssa listened to whether there was rain on the house.

After listening for a while, she turned her head to look at Karl: “It’s not raining anymore.”

Karl lay flat beside her, staring lightly, looking like he was asleep, but Alyssa knew that he had slept very lightly these days, not to mention that his eyebrows were tightly furrowed. Seeing that he is awake.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, the man beside her opened his eyes slightly, and his voice responded with a slight dumb voice: “Yeah.”

After hearing the words, Alyssa got up and went around to the other side, got out of bed and put on her jacket and walked to the door.

She has a long memory in the past few days. Every day she wakes up and walks around Karl’s feet to get out of bed.

Alyssa went downstairs, opened the door and walked out.

This house was built on a mountain, with a small movable platform in front of the door, and a mountain forest further ahead.

At this time, white mist formed in the forest.

Long rain and heavy fog will clear up.

When it clears up, the circuit and the signal tower will be repaired, and someone will come to repair the road, and Peter and others will definitely be able to find them in the fastest time.

They are leaving the place soon.

It was obviously only two or three days, but in retrospect, it seemed like a long time.

With her head down, Alyssa could see the black plastic slippers that she was wearing on her feet. The size of the slippers was a bit large, and it showed a white instep on her feet.

She stepped on her slippers in the mud a few times, and the mud splashed on the corners of her pants.

“Girl, come here with a basket.”

At this time, the uncle’s shout came.

When Alyssa heard the sound and looked over, she saw Uncle standing in a green vegetable field, waving his hands full of mud.

The distance is a little far away, and Alyssa doesn’t know what the uncle is doing, and replied: “Oh, come right away.”

Alyssa walked over with her back and saw Uncle squatting in the vegetable field, pulling something from the pile of freshly planed dirt.

“Uncle, what are you doing?”

After so many consecutive rains, the soil in the ground was soaked, Alyssa pulled the corners of her pants to her knees, and walked over with a deep foot and a shallow foot.

The soil was too sticky, and Alyssa’s slippers were covered with a thick layer of mud.

When she walked in front of the uncle, the pair of slippers were covered with mud all over, which was extremely heavy.

The uncle wiped the mud on his hand, handed a ball to Alyssa, and smiled: “Do you know this thing?”

Alyssa stared at the thing for a few seconds before confirming: “It’s a sweet potato.”

The uncle was surprised: “Do you know this too?”

“Yes, I bought it in the supermarket, but I haven’t seen one just dug out from the ground.” Alyssa said, squatting down curiously, and took one.

After watching for a long time, she bit the corner of her lip and said, “It’s a bit small.”

“I’ll look for a few more. If I can dig it we’ll eat it later. Take these to cook sweet potato porridge.” The uncle said, and put the sweet potatoes he planed out into the back basket.

Alyssa also helped him pick it up.

In the end, there was a sweet potato with a smooth skin. The uncle took a knife and cut it open and handed it to Alyssa: “Taste it, this kind of well-looking sweet potato tastes sweet and crisp.

Alyssa took a bite, which was indeed sweet and crispy.

“Is it sweet?”

“Well, it’s very sweet.”

Alyssa helped the uncle walk behind with a basket on her back, and the uncle walked in front with a sickle, and the two chatted with each other.

When approaching the door of the house, Alyssa shouted to the house: “Karl, we dug a very sweet sweet potato!”

Alyssa’s words were out, but Karl didn’t give a response.

Alyssa said to herself: “Don’t you wake up yet?”

As she thought, she walked back with the uncle.

When she walked to the door, she saw that there seemed to be more people in the room.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and the expression on her face slowly faded.

Peter and the others found them.

The uncle squinted and looked into the room: “Is anyone here?”

“It should be our friend who came here.” Alyssa pursed her lips and said faintly.

The uncle was also stunned, and after a few seconds he reacted, and reached out and took off the basket she was carrying: “Go and see, I’ll make a sweet potato porridge.”

Alyssa turned her head, only to see Uncle crouched back, carrying a basket on his back to the kitchen.

Alyssa went to the hall.

There are no windows in the main room. When you enter from the outside, because of the alternating light, some people can’t see it for a while.

Alyssa stepped in and took a moment to see what was inside.

Karl was sitting on a wooden chair, and the man sitting opposite him was not Peter!

As soon as Alyssa came in, both of them turned to look at her.

There was no expression on Karl’s face, his eyes were deep, and she couldn’t see what he was thinking.

And the other man smiled slightly towards Alyssa: “Alyssa.”

The surprise on Alyssa’s face was too late to stop: “Dixon… Clifford, how come you… come here?”

That’s right, the man sitting across from Karl was Clifford.

Alyssa knew from Karl that Peter had come to find Tina, and had been guessing that the first person to find him might be Peter, but Smith was more likely.

Although Karl didn’t bring Smith out this time, in Alyssa’s view, Smith was an almighty special assistant, and his supernatural powers were so great that there was nothing he could not do.

She hadn’t thought about it anyway, the first person to find them turned out to be Clifford.

“Of course I am here to find you.” Clifford smiled openly and purely. It seemed that he simply knew that Alyssa was trapped here, so he brought someone to find her.

Clifford spoke lightly, but Alyssa felt a little heavy.

She came to find out about Tina, except that Karl knew, she hadn’t told Clifford.

She does not deny that Clifford is capable, but it is simply impossible to find her in such a short time without knowing her itinerary.

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