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Chapter 549

Alyssa’s complexion was slightly stagnant, and the joy in her heart only spread for a second, and then quickly sank.

She knew that Martin would never take her to see Clifford easily.

Martin saw her hesitation and smiled and said, “What? Don’t you dare to go?”

“Do words count? Would you really let me see Clifford?” Alyssa certainly dared to go, but she couldn’t believe him.

Martin raised her eyes, with a hint of anger in his tone: “A gentleman makes it difficult to chase a horse.”

Alyssa gritted her teeth and said, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Martin seemed to have expected that Alyssa would agree to meet Clifford with him. There was no unnecessary change in the expression on his face, and he stood up straight: “The journey is a bit far, we can set off now.”

Alyssa followed him out of the cafe and got into the car with him.

Martin’s car is a Wrangler, which looks very cool.

He drove, Alyssa sat in the passenger seat.

The car gradually left the city and drove to the country town.

Alyssa looked out the window along the way, trying to remember the road signs and special signs along the way.

It may be used when it is available.

Martin glanced at her in the rearview mirror: “Do you have a good memory?”

Alyssa said very cautiously: “I have a bad memory. I fell on my head three years ago and have lost my memory for a while.”

Who knows, Martin then said: “I know about this.”

Alyssa always felt that Martin could guess what she was thinking, and stopped talking to him.

Say less and make less mistakes.

She stopped talking, but Martin kept talking to her unwilling to be lonely.

Alyssa just gave a perfunctory laugh, or an “um”.

After the car drove for five or six hours, it drove into a seaside town.

The town is very lively, but they seem to be familiar with each other before.

When Martin drove into the town, he slowed down, and people greeted him along the way.

Someone knew him, which meant that this was probably where Martin lived.

They should be almost at their destination.

Sure enough, after more than ten minutes, the car stopped in front of a villa.

Three-story European-style villa, there are several big trees in the courtyard, but because it is almost entering winter, it looks a bit sluggish.

There were servants sweeping the floor in the yard, and plainclothes bodyguards patrolled the yard.

It can be seen that this villa is very closely guarded.

“get off.”

When Martin’s voice sounded, Alyssa came back to her senses, unfastened her seat belt, and opened the car door.

He walked in front and entered the villa gate, Alyssa followed closely behind.

The servant sweeping the floor in the courtyard saw Martin and said respectfully, “Sir is back.”

Martin ignored and walked straight inside.

After entering the villa, Martin ordered the servant: “Take Miss Alyssa to the guest room to rest.”

The servant walked up to Alyssa and said: “Miss Alyssa, please follow me.”

Alyssa glanced at the maid, and stretched out her hand to grab Martin’s arm: “Don’t you say that you took me to see Clifford?”

“I mean I want to show you to Clifford, but did I say when it was? Did I say I will take you to see him as soon as you came?” Clifford smiled, this looks most like Clifford.

However, Alyssa couldn’t be sober at this time, this man was not Clifford.

Alyssa pressed the corners of her lips, turned her head and glanced at the outside of the villa. There were still bodyguards patrolling there. Even if she wanted to run, she could only think about it.

She stared at Martin and said bitterly, “Despicable!”

Martin just smiled, his smile looked particularly hateful.

Alyssa stared at Martin bitterly, and then followed the maid upstairs.

The villa is closely guarded, and if Martin really brought Clifford back, he should also be in this villa.

Since she has already arrived, she will live first, and sooner or later she will see Clifford.

Alyssa was taken to a guest room by a servant.

The decoration of the room is European-style rural style. After the servant went out, Alyssa began to look at the room.

The decoration of this room is obviously a woman’s room, and everything is very particular.

Alyssa flipped through the drawer in front of the dressing table and went to open the closet again.

When she opened the closet, she couldn’t help being stunned. There was a closet full of clothes, all brand new, all without tags, as if they were specially prepared for someone.

These clothes were tightly packed, and Alyssa was a little strenuous to reach out and take one, she could only pull the corners of her clothes to see what the clothes were.

She saw from the left to the right and found that these clothes were not the clothes of women of the same age.

On the left are light-skinned-female style clothes. The tailoring and style are relatively mature. They are suitable for women of Alyssa’s age. To the front, there are some floral skirts and sailor suits…

The more you go to the front, the younger you look.

The arrangement of these clothes seems to record the age of a woman, from the young girlhood to a woman when she grows up.

It’s like some kind of ritual.

These clothes were definitely not prepared for her, but for the original owner of this house.

Alyssa closed the closet, sat on the bed, calmed down and started thinking.

It’s not time to think so much now. It doesn’t matter to her who the original owner of this house is, but where Clifford is now.

From the time she met Martin to the present, Martin said “Clifford” and never called “brother”.

This can show that the relationship between the two brothers is not good.

However, Martin said that he knew about the island and also knew about her amnesia…

If it hadn’t been told by Clifford, how did he know?

No, Martin said a word before. He said that he should be the one who saved Alyssa.

Alyssa stretched out her hand and pressed her temple. It was too messy. Everything was kneaded together, and she had no clue.

At this time, she was a little bit interested in Karl.

Karl was so smart, he would definitely find a breakthrough from these news, instead of being messed up like her.

However, she and Karl have not been in contact for several days.

She didn’t realize it until she arrived in United States. It wasn’t that Karl was not angry, he just changed a way of expressing anger.

To United States she came by herself, and she cut first and then played it. Karl should be angry.

Because of this, she has to deal with it all by herself.

Alyssa took out the phone and looked at it, flicked her finger on the screen a few times, then put the phone back.

Solve her own business by herself.

Chapter 550

Alyssa took a closer look in the room and didn’t let go of any corner.

She found that in addition to the closet full of clothes in the room, there is also a small cloakroom, which is all accessories for women.

It ranges from belts and bracelets to brooches and earrings.

All of them are exquisite and sophisticated, almost all of them are big-name products. No matter how bad they are, they are also unique and niche brands but have very good reputation.

She couldn’t guess who prepared these things for whom, but it must have something to do with Martin and the others.

After Alyssa looked around, she walked to the window again.

The room is very spacious, and there is a huge floor-to-ceiling window with great lighting. The courtyard is visible from the floor-to-ceiling window.

If it is in the spring and summer season, the scenery from here must be very beautiful.

But at this time, looking out from here, you can only see the bodyguards patrolling outside and the withered trees.

If you want to escape, it seems that you can only get away with the bodyguards.

However, she has no plans to run now.

In the evening, a servant came and asked Alyssa to eat.

“Miss Alyssa, dinner is ready, you can come to the restaurant for dinner.”

Before Alyssa leaned on the sofa and closed her eyes to rest, she fell asleep as soon as she didn’t pay attention. She was awakened by the servant’s knock on the door and heard a servant tell her to go down for dinner.

She stood up, sorted out her clothes, went to the door and opened it.

The servant was still waiting outside, and when she saw her opening the door, she nodded slightly: “Miss Alyssa.”

“Thank you.” Alyssa showed a kind smile to the servant.

The servant was stunned for a moment, and shook her head in panic, “Miss Alyssa don’t need to be so polite, you are a guest of Mr. Dixon.

“Does your landlord often have guests?” Alyssa asked casually.

The servant thought for a while, then shook her head: “Very few, almost none.”

“Oh.” Alyssa replied, and then asked: “You are also from Country Z, what is your name?”

The maid pursed her lips and smiled: “My name is Daisy, but I did not grow up in Country Z. I was adopted by the godfather like my husband.”

Alyssa caught the key words in Daisy’s words: adoption, godfather.

Her eyes condensed, and she lowered her eyes slightly to cover the emotions in her eyes, trying to make her tone sound without any abnormalities.

“Godfather?” Alyssa repeated, pretending to be curious and asked, “Is it your foster father?”


Speaking of adoptive father, Daisy’s eyes showed respect and awe: “He is our adoptive father, but we are used to calling him Godfather. He gave us a new life and let us continue to live. He is a good man.”

–He is a good man.

A good person is an extremely difficult identity to define.

Judging from Daisy’s expression and tone, this godfather is indeed like a great good man.

Alyssa said calmly, “If I have time, don’t know if I have time to meet such a kind gentleman.”

Daisy heard the words, and a look of loss appeared on her face: “I haven’t seen the godfather for many years. After his daughter fell ill, he took her to live alone, living alone, rarely we contacted, nor dpes he want to see us so much…”

Before Daisy had finished speaking, Martin’s voice came not far away: “Daisy.”

His voice was not hurried or slow, and she couldn’t hear the blame, but Daisy looked at Alyssa in a panic: “Miss Alyssa, please come to the restaurant for dinner.”

“Then I’ll go there first.” Alyssa still had that calm appearance.

After she went down, she walked up to Martin and looked at him blankly.

She didn’t need to show him a good face for Martin, a villain who said nothing.

Seeing her expression, Martin asked her with interest: “Isn’t there a saying that says,’People are under the eaves and have to bow their heads’? Your attitude towards me is so unfriendly now, so you are not afraid of me being upset. Make you suffer?”

Alyssa sneered: “A person like you who doesn’t believe in words, no matter what you do, I won’t be surprised.”

The expression on Martin’s face finally changed: “Let’s eat first.”

Alyssa didn’t say anything any more, and followed him to the restaurant.

She dared to speak like this in front of Martin, for a reason.

When Martin brought her here, he was very polite and didn’t seem to want to hurt her.

But it is undeniable that Martin must have his purpose when bringing her here, but he will never reveal it.

In this way, what does Alyssa have to do with him?

He had stopped her from leaving anyway, and she would never leave until she saw Clifford.

When the two arrived at the restaurant, they sat face to face like this, and began to eat without saying a word.

However, Alyssa was a little surprised that it was not Western food.

She thought that people like Martin, who have lived in United States for many years, should be used to Western food, but dinner turned out to be the Country food.

Alyssa didn’t eat much today, but when she saw a large table of dishes, she ate a lot of food when her appetite rose.

She raised her head after eating and saw Martin staring at her.

Alyssa only glanced at him, and asked, “Does it seem to me to have dinner?”

“You have a good appetite.” Martin put down his chopsticks: “It seems that you are quite comfortable with me.”

“Very good, but it would be better if you let me see Clifford.” Alyssa raised her eyebrows, and turned her head slightly to look at him.

Martin laughed, wiped his hands with a towel, and slowly said, “What’s the hurry? Since you are here, you will see him sooner or later.”

With his appearance, Alyssa couldn’t help but think of Clifford again.

Clifford and Martin look so alike, they are exactly the same.

If it weren’t for the difference in personality, Alyssa couldn’t tell whether he was Martin or Clifford.

Alyssa gave him a glance, stood up and walked upstairs.

When she left the restaurant, she saw Daisy.

Daisy looked at her happily, “Miss Alyssa, you finished eating so soon?”

Daisy looks a little younger than her, and when she smiles, she has a shallow pear vortex, which looks very pure and easy to make people feel good.

However, what happened to Gerald told her that many people look the same on the surface, but in fact they look different.

She wasn’t quite sure whether Daisy herself was so kind as she was acting, but she knew this kind of thing in her heart, and she just had to pay attention. It was unnecessary to show her vigilance too obvious.

So Alyssa smiled back: “Well, have you eaten?”

Daisy smiled more happily: “I haven’t. I will wait until the master finishes eating. Your clothes, they have already delivered to your room.”

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