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Chapter 617

It is rare to see Karl choking with nothing to say, and Alyssa laughed very shamelessly.

She buried her head on Karl’s chest, her laughter dull.

Karl had a dark face, letting Alyssa laugh at him blankly.

After a while, he seemed unwilling to reconcile, and stretched out his hand to slap Alyssa’s a$s: “Don’t laugh!”

Alyssa raised her head, her eyes were bright and hydrated, and her cheeks were slightly reddish: “Then do you admit that I can do what you can’t do?”

“You are a mess!” Karl’s voice was cold, but he was not really angry.

Alyssa raised her eyebrows: “You still don’t make sense!”

Karl narrowed his eyes and threatened her: “You say it again?”

Alyssa won’t say it again, is it okay to find trouble?

She looked around in the room and asked cautiously: “Where is Grace? Is she… okay?”

She wanted to ask this question before, but she was a little scared.

At that time, the fire was so big, she was really afraid that Karl would be a step late.

Speaking of Grace, Karl’s tone also became serious: “She’s okay.”

When he rushed into Grace’s room at that time, he found that the fire had not yet reached Grace’s room, but the room was full of smoke.

If he went a little later, he might not see Grace alive and well.

Grace was also a smart baby, and when she realized that something was not right, she hid in the bathroom.

After Karl found her, he tore the sheets and put Grace around, and put her down from the third floor.

The young child, although she doesn’t understand many things, she also knows to be afraid.

He still remembered that when he hugged Grace on the window sill, her face was pale in fright, and her face was full of pleading.

She didn’t want to jump, she was scared.

Karl looked at her, but he let her go without hesitation.

The bed sheet could carry the weight of a child, but it couldn’t bear Karl, and he could only go out along the way.

However, there is no need to let Alyssa know about the difficulties and dangers in the middle.

Alyssa naturally believed in Karl the most.

He said that Grace was okay, and Alyssa believed.

“Then where is she?” She wanted to see Grace now.

“I sent her to Rostenvel overnight.” Karl said.

Alyssa listened to his words, was silent for a moment, and said, “Also.”

Leaving United States, a place of right and wrong, Grace is the safest in Rostenvel.

“As long as she’s okay, I can rest assured.” Alyssa felt that she owed Grace too much.

Both of them fell silent.

After a while, Alyssa changed into a negotiating tone and said to Karl: “Karl, I’m serious. I can’t go back to Rostenvel with you. I’m going to Clifford’s place. Help you find out why he hates you so much.”

“Alyssa!” Karl said almost gritted his teeth: “Do I need a woman to try the insurance for me?”

Alyssa was also a little impetuous.

She increased her tone and raised her voice a little higher: “I know you don’t need it! But I want to help you, I feel sorry for you, I don’t want you to have trouble, I want to help you! Can you understand? I want to help you!”

She said several times “I want to help you”.

Karl turned his head aside and stopped looking at her.

He was silently rejecting her offer.

Alyssa knew she couldn’t move him, so when he wanted to bring her back, he would resist so desperately.

For a long time, Karl’s voice sounded leisurely: “If Clifford knew you lied to her? Have you ever thought about what he would do?”

“He won’t find out!” Alyssa said with certainty.

“What if? What if he finds out?” Karl asked and replied: “He will do everything possible to torture you!”

Alyssa understood this naturally.

Therefore, she can only succeed but not fail.

“Karl, trust me!” Alyssa held Karl’s hand and looked at him expectantly.

How can she convince him that she can really protect herself?

Karl shook his hand back, very hard.

Alyssa didn’t even dare to tell Karl that Clifford still wanted to use her to rescue Muffi.

Muffi is very ill. If there is a transplant operation, both she and Muffi need to restore their bodies so that they can undergo the operation in their best condition.

Therefore, Alyssa knew very well that she was the safest and most dangerous to stay with Clifford.

The reason for saying it is safe is because Clifford still wants to use her to save Muffi, so she won’t let her happen.

The danger is that don’t know when Clifford will want to cut her body, take out the organs from her body and transplant them on Muffi.

She dared not tell Karl these things.

Karl didn’t agree with her to try the risk.

If Karl were to know these things again, it was absolutely impossible for Karl to let her return to Clifford.

Karl did not speak, got up and got out of bed, put on his jacket and went to the balcony.

When he walked to the balcony, he turned back halfway and took a coat for Alyssa.

The heating was turned on in the room, but Alyssa only wore a thin dress.

He threw his clothes on the bed and went to the balcony.

Alyssa held her coat and looked out of the balcony, got up and put on her coat, and walked towards the balcony.

Outside the balcony is a gloomy night sky and sparse lights.

And Karl, with a cigarette between his fingers, turned his back to her.

A piece of soot accumulated on the cigarette and did not flick off. Seeing that the cigarette was about to burn Karl’s hand, Karl seemed to regain his senses. He flicked the flick of cigarette, and then held it to his lips to take a deep breath.

Karl is not a smoker.

Alyssa stood quietly by the door for a while, then turned around and planned to go out.

Karl took her away, Peter and the others shouldn’t stay longer at the banquet, she wanted to see Tina.

When she opened the door, she heard Karl’s tense voice behind her: “Where are you going?”

Alyssa turned her head and saw Karl strode towards her.

After he walked over, he stretched out his hand and closed the door that Alyssa had opened halfway back.

Alyssa looked at the closed door and said helplessly: “Aren’t you smoking on the balcony? I’m going to find Tina.”

Karl curled his eyebrows and asked her, “You don’t care about me if I smoke?”

“You don’t smoke often.” Alyssa knew he only smoked one or two when he knew that she was not liking him. There was no craving for cigarettes, and of course he didn’t care.

“Then I start smoking every day now.” He said, and took another pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit a cigarette in front of Alyssa, and held it to his lips.

He took a puff of cigarette, puffed out a ring of smoke from mouth, sandwiched the cigarette between his index finger and middle finger, and asked solemnly: “Do you care?”

Chapter 618

Alyssa stared at Karl’s series of movements in a daze, making her whole person dumbfounded.

Alyssa stared at Karl for a moment, then reached out and took the cigarette from his hand, and whispered, “Don’t make trouble.”

Karl allowed her to touch the cigarette between his fingers and watched her turn around to squeeze the cigarette out, without saying a word from beginning to end.

Alyssa took a deep breath and turned to look at Karl: “I’m serious with you, Karl, you think about it.”

Karl still didn’t speak, and walked out after raising his foot.

Alyssa originally wanted to find Tina, but after another thought, she felt that the less people knew about it, the better, so she decided not to go.

At the banquet before, everyone had something to eat. When it was almost eleven, the servant prepared a supper.

Come up Smith and ask Alyssa to eat supper.

When Alyssa went down, everyone else sat at the dining table.

Only Karl had an empty spot beside him.

Alyssa looked at it and sat down beside Karl.

As soon as she sat down, she felt everyone’s eyes fall on her.

Karl picked up the chopsticks and tapped on the rim of the bowl with care. The others moved their eyes away tacitly, and started to eat.

But Alyssa could still feel their eyes falling on her from time to time.

From the moment she sat down until she finished the supper, she didn’t say a word, nor made eye contact with anyone.

Karl is the same.

After eating, everyone else left the restaurant in a tacit understanding.

Only Alyssa and Karl were left in the huge restaurant.

“When are you going to let me go?” Alyssa sat at the dining table and turned to look at Karl.

Karl looked back at her: “Alyssa, I will say one last time, don’t think and you will promise.”

Alyssa closed her eyes and stopped making a sound.

Early the next morning.

When Alyssa got up early in the morning, she was carried into the car by Karl.

The destination is the airport.

Karl said last night that today’s plane will return to Rostenvel.

Karl did what he said and did not lie to her.

When they first came to United States, Alyssa and Karl came one after another.

But now they go back, but a large group of people go back together.

However, Tina is now a member of the entertainment industry. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she did not take the same plane with them.

Check the ticket and go through the security check.

Everything is going smooth.

Until the time of boarding…

They saw Clifford in the first class.

“Mr. Adams, it’s such a coincidence.” Clifford followed Daisy, and the two blocked in the aisle one after another.

Alyssa and Karl were also standing in the aisle one after the other.

Karl glanced at Clifford faintly, then turned to look at Alyssa.

Alyssa did not look at Karl, but nodded towards Clifford.

In the next second, Karl took Alyssa to the bathroom.

After entering the bathroom, Karl closed the door with a “bang” and pressed Alyssa on the door.

“Alyssa!” Karl almost squeezed these words from his teeth.

Alyssa even felt that he might hit her next second.

The bathroom was very narrow, and Alyssa was almost surrounded by Karl’s breath. The strong sense of oppression made her shiver involuntarily.

When Karl became angry, he was not sure what he would do.

She was afraid that she would make Karl even more angry if she talked again, so she simply didn’t say anything.

As everyone knows, Alyssa lowered her eyes, as if she didn’t say anything, it made Karl even more angry.

Karl took a deep breath, with patient anger in his tone: “Alyssa, do you really think I am patient?”

Almost immediately, Alyssa gave a positive answer: “No.”

Karl became angry, and stretched out his hand to pinch Alyssa’s chin: “When will you learn to be a little behaved? The more you are not allowed to do, the more you will do! I don’t let you take risks, but you want to Tell Clifford about our schedule!”

“Yes, I told him that you are going back to Rostenvel stock market today.” Karl had said clearly, and Alyssa was naturally honest with him.

She was indeed telling Clifford that Karl and they were returning to Rostenvel today, so Clifford will appear on this flight.

Karl laughed so angry!

Alyssa shrank her neck, feeling that this Karl was even more terrifying.

He is angry, but how can he keep Alyssa away from this?

Karl gritted his teeth, wishing to repair Alyssa, but in the end, he just took a retaliatory b!te on her l!ps.

However, with this bite, he did bite a bit hard, and directly bit Alyssa’s l!ps.

Alyssa let out a painful “hiss”, but couldn’t push him away after reaching out.

Karl still held her chin and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Alyssa stared at him: “I will bite you and try, don’t you know?”

“Give me the pain!” Karl stretched out his hand, pressed the place where her l!ps had just been bitten by him, and said bitterly: “Sooner or later you will be mad at me!”

After speaking, he pushed Alyssa aside, opened the bathroom door and went out.

Alyssa fell behind and took a look in the mirror.

The place where Karl had bitten her lips was so conspicuous that others would know what was going on.

But there was no way to cover it, Alyssa had to walk out like this.

To go to the seat from the bathroom, she had to pass the seats of Clifford and Daisy.

It is inevitable to meet their sights.

When Alyssa walked past them, Clifford’s gaze stayed on her face for three seconds, and then he showed teeth but not a smile.

Alyssa glanced at him, did not speak, hung her head and walked directly towards Karl.

Karl was typing on the keyboard while holding the computer, Alyssa sat down beside him, and he did not take the time to look at her.

Alyssa guessed that he should be angry now.

When did Karl really get angry with her?

Isn’t it all right if you get angry?

But this time, it seems to be different from the past.

Alyssa turned her head to the side and asked the stewardess to bring her a blanket. She covered the blanket and adjusted the seat and started to sleep.

When Karl turned off the computer, he noticed that Alyssa was already asleep.

Oh, this woman with no conscience!

With a “bang”, he deliberately increased his strength when he covered the computer.

Alyssa was awakened by the sound of the computer being covered.

She opened her eyes to look at him, then looked at the computer covered by him, curled her mouth, closed her eyes and continued to sleep.


It’s just that she just closed her eyes when she felt someone pulling her blanket.

Alyssa opened her eyes and saw Karl pulling her blanket.

Alyssa frowned, pulling on the blanket hard not to let go.

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