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Chapter 659

Robert’s head stuck in the car window, and he didn’t dare to move. He trembled, and there was a water stain on his body.

Is this scared?

Alyssa glanced at Robert coldly, then looked up at Clifford.

She was calm and sober now.

Seeing Alyssa standing still, Clifford said sharply, “After me!”

Alyssa still stood still.

She will not want to be rescued by the man who almost killed her daughter again.

I don’t want to.

Clifford seemed to have seen her thoughts through her heart: “If you don’t follow me today, you cannot see the sun tomorrow, you know very well in your heart. If you follow me, there is still a chance to retaliate against me.”

Alyssa’s eyes widened.

She could hear that Clifford was using a radical technique.

However, Clifford’s eyes were open.

His tone was serious, he really wanted to save her.

There is no smile on his face, his face is gloomy, and there is a cold feeling. This is how he removed his disguise.

She really didn’t want to be saved by Clifford.

However, if she really died in Robert’s hands, it would be even more worthless.

The corners of Alyssa’s lips were pressed tightly, and she walked slowly behind Clifford.

When she walked behind him, she felt Clifford’s shoulders collapse as if relaxed, and then turned his head and whispered, “Get in my car!”

Alyssa didn’t hesitate any more, turned around and got into the car directly.

What she opened was the door of the cab.

Clifford suddenly pulled Robert out of the car window, clasped him and walked out of the car door.

Alyssa reached out and opened the door of the co-pilot.

Robert’s life was still pinched by Clifford, and he tremblingly said: “You…you don’t let me go! I’ve… let go of that cheap…ah!!!”

Before he could say the rest, he was pulled over by Clifford and threw him to the ground, making a scream.

At the same time, Clifford quickly got into the car.

As soon as he got in the car, Alyssa started the car.

The speed reached the highest, and Robert’s men did not react.

However, even if Robert’s subordinates reacted, they didn’t have the heart to catch them, after all, Clifford did not take Robert lightly.

They naturally have to save the life of their boss first, otherwise no one is paid.

After driving some distance, they heard the horn of a police car.

Alyssa thought for a while, and said aloud: “I called the police before.”

Clifford let out an “um” and turned to look at her: “Get over, I’ll drive.”

Alyssa’s condition was indeed not very good. She took a look and found that no car was following, and the police car happened to pass by from the other side, so she parked the car safely on the side of the road.

She and Clifford changed sides. Clifford drove the car and asked, “How is your injury?”

“I can’t die.” Even if she was saved by Clifford, it couldn’t offset the things Clifford had done.

She had never seen anyone more perverted than Clifford.

It was so bad that he saved her again and again.

Instead, Alyssa’s mood became a little complicated.

Originally, after the villa fire incident, Alyssa really hated Clifford.

But now, the hatred seemed to fade a little.

Clifford didn’t say much.

The scar on the neck is actually not deep, the blood has coagulated, and the wound does not bleed much, as long as it is not pulled, she can still go to the hospital.

Alyssa leaned back in the chair and turned to look out the car window.

Suddenly, she straightened up abruptly: “Stop!”

Clifford didn’t know why, but he stopped the car.

Only when his car stopped, Alyssa got out of the car.

Clifford frowned, looking in the direction Alyssa was walking, and he happened to see Karl and Miana hugging each other.

He curled his lips and said to himself: “It’s really interesting.”

Alyssa walked quickly, but she stopped when she walked only a few steps away from Karl and Miana.

Just glanced at the car, she thought she was wrong.

So she has to come closer and see clearly.

It turned out to be Karl and Miana.

Alyssa stopped and stood there, biting her lips tightly, staring at Karl and Miana.

Miana saw Alyssa and pushed Karl away with a shy expression, and said, “Look, isn’t this Miss Alyssa?”

Karl turned his head to look at Alyssa, his eyes were so dark that it was difficult for people to see what he was thinking.

He stared at Alyssa for a moment, and then faintly responded, “Oh.”

Miana was very satisfied with Karl’s indifferent appearance, and deliberately said in surprise: “It looks like something has happened to her? How to say she is also your ex-wife, don’t you ask what happened to her?”

“People who are irrelevant, I don’t ask more, let’s go.” After Karl finished speaking, he opened the co-pilot’s door for Miana.

Miana smiled triumphantly at Alyssa, and got into the car with a raised chin and a proud face.

In fact, the person Alyssa was watching from beginning to end were only Karl.

She cares only about Karl.

But what did Karl say?

People who are irrelevant, don’t need to ask more.

Good one, don’t ask more.

Miana got into the car, and Karl closed the door and turned to get in from the other side.

At this moment, he heard Alyssa’s piercing voice behind him: “Karl!”

When Alyssa called his name, he felt a chill from the inside out.

He turned his back to Alyssa and did not look back.

Alyssa’s face was cold and numb: “As you wish, we will all be irrelevant people in the future!”

After she finished speaking, she turned around just like when she came, and walked quickly towards Clifford’s car, and quickly got in.

Clifford looked at her with a playful look: “Can you go now?”

Alyssa’s face was as cold as this winter.

“As you wish, Karl and I have never been involved anymore.”

The expression on Clifford’s face paused slightly, staring at her face, and an inexplicable smile: “Really? Then why are you crying?”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and stretched out her hand to touch her face.

Fingers touched the cold moist feeling on her face.

He hesitated to stretch out his hand to her, it turned out that she was crying.

The tears are cold.

Alyssa stretched out expressionless hands to wipe away the tears on her face, and then said in the same cold voice: “The wound is too painful. If you don’t hurry to the hospital, I will die in your car.”

“I won’t let you die.” Of course, Clifford would not believe Alyssa’s nonsense at this time, even though Alyssa said it seriously.

Clifford flew all the way and took Alyssa to the hospital.

Chapter 660

Alyssa’s wound was not deep, but it was still a bit long.

The doctor said to stitch.

Alyssa has been very quiet.

However, when the doctor wanted to give her anesthetic, Alyssa refused.

There was no wave on her face, no expression: “Sew it directly, without painkillers.”

The doctor is a middle-aged man. After hearing Alyssa’s words, he first looked at a loss, and then asked uncertainly: “No need for painkillers?”

Without waiting for Alyssa to speak, Clifford came forward, frowning and said: “Alyssa, are you irritated or stupid? Do you think you are a female soldier?”

Alyssa didn’t look at anyone, her eyes didn’t focus much, and she said quietly, “I want to remember this pain.”

She must remember the pain Karl gave her.

Clifford seemed to be extremely angry and smiled, his face was a little ugly, and he dropped two words: “It’s up to you!”

The doctor naturally didn’t understand what the two said, and didn’t know the relationship between the two, but just knew that both of them decided not to take painkillers.

Alyssa didn’t care about Clifford’s expression or what he said, and only raised her eyes to the doctor: “Doctor, you can start.”

Clifford slammed the door and went out.

The doctor obviously hesitated.

“Doctor, I can, don’t have any worries.” Alyssa said again.

The doctor sighed and started to take the equipment: “If you can’t help it, tell me.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa’s voice was unusually firm.

In fact, only two or three stitches are required.

However, the feeling of sharp needles piercing the flesh is still quite painful.

Alyssa bit the corner of her lips, fine beads of sweat leaked out of her forehead, and her face turned pale.

The doctor was a little surprised to see that she really could bear it.

After sewing, the doctor handed Alyssa two tissues: “Wipe off the sweat.”

“Thank you.” Alyssa reached out and took the tissue and stood up.

“I’ll give you a prescription. You can take some medicine back and take the stitches in a few days, or you can take them at another clinic.”

“Thank you.” Alyssa reached out to take it.

The doctor looked out the door curiously: “Hey, where is your boyfriend? Why hasn’t he come in yet?”

“He is not my boyfriend.” Alyssa finished speaking and went out.

She didn’t see Clifford outside the door.

Not too lazy to care where Clifford went, Alyssa went straight to get the medicine.

When she left the hospital, she found Clifford’s car was still parked in front of the hospital, and he was sitting in the car smoking a cigarette.

Alyssa stayed there for a while, and walked over with a complicated expression: “I’m going back.”

“Don’t say thank you? Karl and other women can k!ssed and hug each other. If I didn’t save you today, would you still stand here alive?”

Clifford had a cigarette in his hand and squinted his eyes slightly. The expression on his face looked like a dude.

“As long as it’s not something that hurts the world, you can find me when you need me to repay you.”

Alyssa had just sewed a needle, there was no blood on her face, and her eyes were not as bright as usual.

Clifford looked unpleasantly.

He squeezed out the cigarette in his hand a little irritably, and repeated: “As long as it’s not something that hurts the world, it’s okay?”

Alyssa nodded blankly: “Yes.”

“Oh.” Clifford put his hand on the car window, with a serious tone: “Then you marry me.”

Alyssa directly ignored Clifford’s words: “Clifford, my words always count.”

After she finished speaking, she turned and left.

She didn’t expect Clifford to answer seriously, but when she heard him tell her to give it to him, she still found it ridiculous.

Alyssa’s car was stopped by Robert’s people on the road before. When she and Clifford were leaving, they were driving Clifford’s car.

She can only take a taxi back now.

The phone is not on her and her wallet is still in the car.

Everything is terrible.

Alyssa thought, she might have to go back.


A voice came from the coming car.

Turning to see, it turned out to be Clifford.

Alyssa quickened her pace and ignored it.

“Get in the car, I’ll take you back.” Clifford’s speed was very slow, and he was very well controlled, just enough to parallel Alyssa.

Seeing Alyssa ignored him, he said again: “Are you planning to go back?”

Alyssa had already made up her mind to ignore Clifford, so naturally she would stop speaking.

But Clifford was also very stubborn and followed her like that.

Both of them stopped talking, just like that, one walking and the other driving back to Alyssa’s residence.

Fortunately, the hospital was not very far from Alyssa’s residence. Even so, she still walked for almost an hour.

When she went upstairs, Clifford was still following her.

“Are you planning to follow me in?” Alyssa stopped at the door.

“It’s all here, don’t you plan to invite your savior in for a cup of tea?” Clifford sweared to not give up.

Alyssa didn’t have much energy to deal with him, opened the door and walked in, went directly to the kitchen to boil water and make a cup of tea for Clifford.

She put the teacup “boom” on the coffee table: “Hurry up after drinking.”

The heating in the room hasn’t turned on yet, and the tea is cold quickly.

Clifford didn’t bother too much, and left after drinking tea.

After Alyssa was the only one left in the room, it was terribly quiet.

She threw the tea cup that Clifford had drunk directly into the trash can, walked into the bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror looking at the wound on her neck.

The woman in the mirror looked terrifying, her expressionless face looked like a walking dead.

Alyssa touched her face and murmured: “You have to cheer up. There are still things to be dealt with later, and the script is still a few episodes away…”

She pulled the corners of her lips, trying to make a smile.

However, such a squeezed smile is more ugly than crying.

Alyssa sank her face, washed her hands and went out of the bathroom.

It’s so ugly, she doesn’t want to look in the mirror anymore.

She changed her clothes, cleaned herself up, and put the blood-stained scarf and coat ready to be removed and thrown away.

She went out of the house, and when she waited for the elevator, the elevator door opened, and the person who came out was Dave.

Dave carried a black bag and a peaked cap. He didn’t look like a good person.

But Alyssa knew that Dave has his own rules and principles.

People with rules and principles are not so scary, provided that you don’t break his rules and principles.

“Miss Alyssa?” Dave noticed the wound on Alyssa’s neck, his tone was puzzled, but he didn’t ask.

Alyssa nodded slightly and raised her foot to enter the elevator.

At this time, Dave stopped her: “Miss Alyssa, I haven’t found a new employer in the past few days.”

Alyssa turned her head and raised her eyebrows slightly, motioning him to continue.

Dave said directly: “Do you need a bodyguard?”

Alyssa knew Dave’s strength.

During this period of time so many things happened one after another, Alyssa didn’t even think about it, and said directly: “I Need.”

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