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Chapter 689

The two adults looked at each other, put down their phones one after another, and then they ate with Grace.

It’s been a long time since the three of them had a meal together.

And when they were sitting together for dinner, they were a family of three.

Grace looked very happy, and even the mood of Alyssa became very good, and Karl was more pleasing to the eye.

It may be that Grace was particularly excited tonight because she was infected by the atmosphere of the New Year.

She hadn’t fallen asleep until eleven o’clock. She was clearly sleepy, but she just didn’t sleep.

It was useless for Alyssa to persuade her to go to bed, and finally put her on the sofa to prevent her from moving.

Not long after, Grace fell asleep.

As soon as Grace fell asleep, Alyssa raised her head to look at Karl, and began to rush people: “You can go now.”

Karl’s expression darkened a bit, he raised his wrist and looked at it, and said quietly, “It’s not twelve o’clock.”

“Grace is already asleep, you don’t need to stay here anymore,” Alyssa said coldly, and returned to the room holding Grace.

Karl kept a calm face, looked at her back, and said nothing.

Alyssa put Grace on the bed, and when she came out again, she found that Karl was no longer on the sofa.


Alyssa looked in the room and found that Karl had really left, and then she was relieved and sat down on the sofa.

After a while, she got up again and poured herself a glass of wine on the coffee table.

At the bottom of her heart, she seemed to be a little lost, but it didn’t seem to be.

She is not as unacceptable as she was when she first broke up with Karl.

Time slipped by unconsciously, the bell rang at twelve o’clock, and Alyssa’s mobile phone began to have a continuous influx of New Year greeting text messages.

Some of them are sent in groups at first glance, and there are also people who don’t know each other.

Alyssa first responded to Tina and Mattie, and then went down to those who were a little impressed.

After replying to the text message, she stood up and walked to the window, looking at the lights of city outside, there was always some emptiness in her heart.

In the car at the gate of the community, Karl’s arm rested on the lowered car window, and the cigarette between his fingers accumulated a large amount of soot. He leaned on the back of his chair, a little surprised.

When the phone started to vibrate, he just took it over and checked the time.

It turned out that it was finally twelve o’clock.

The phone vibrated constantly because of the constant influx of information. Karl didn’t even look at it, so he threw the phone aside.

He retracted his hand, brought the ashtray to the front, and flicked the ash accumulated on the cigarette.

Then, he took the last bite, threw away the cigarette butt, and drove away.

On the first day of the new year, it snowed in Rostenvel.

When Alyssa got up in the morning, she felt extremely cold.

She pulled out the extra-thick-down jacket that she had prepared for Grace early in the morning and put it on for her. Grace was originally a little fat, but it was just like a dumpling in such a thick dress.

Grace didn’t want to dress so thick, she stretched out her arms, curled her lips and said, “I can’t move anymore, I’m like a penguin now.”

“No, Penguin is not as cute as you,” Alyssa said by helping Grace put on a hat and pinched her face.

“Mom, I know you said that because you wanted me to wear this dress.” Grace flipped through her sleeves, looking through everything.

Alyssa couldn’t help laughing: “No, I’m telling the truth.”

“Adults like to lie the most.” Grace lowered her head and muttered with an unhappy face: “Yesterday Dad said that he would be at our house today, but I didn’t see him at all when I got up in the morning.”

Alyssa was silent when she helped Grace pull the zipper.

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside.

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and there was an inexplicable intuition in her heart, it might be Karl who knocked on the door.

If Karl had told Grace yesterday, he would be at her house today, he would definitely do it.

Grace knew that Karl had left, so she never thought that he would come again. She was not keen to open the door at the moment, fiddling with the zipper of her clothes.

Alyssa got up and opened the door. When she opened the door and saw Karl outside, she was not as surprised as she was yesterday.

She didn’t say anything, just glanced at Karl, then turned and walked inside.

“Grace, Dad is here.”

Grace looked back, and she saw Karl.

She stared wide in surprise, ran over and smiled at Karl: “Why are you here again?”

“Didn’t you let me come?” Karl raised his eyebrows and gave Grace a gift box in his hand: “Happy New Year.”

“Gift?” Grace’s eyes lit up, “Thank you, Dad.”

After she finished speaking, she was holding the gift box and was going to take it apart. Thinking of something, she turned her head and looked at Karl: “Where’s mother’s?”

“Mom’s is a mysterious gift, I have to give it to her quietly.” When Karl said this, his expression naturally looked the same as the real one.

Alyssa smiled secretly, after Karl broke up with her, even the children would coax her.

Grace thought it was true, and ran to her own room with her gift box in her arms: “I’m back to the room, please give the mother the mysterious gift.”

He also knew that Alyssa and Karl were left with time, and Grace also took great pains.

As soon as Grace left, the smile on Alyssa’s face disappeared. She looked at Karl with her arms around her, her tone of voice was not good: “What are you doing again?”

“Grace wanted me to come. I happened to be free, so I came naturally.” Karl sat down on the sofa, with a natural expression as if he was in his own home.

Alyssa felt that Karl was deliberate.

He had said that he was free, and it was okay to take Grace to him for the New Year.

But he ran to her house for two days in a row, making her feel that Karl did it on purpose.

But what is the point of doing this?

Alyssa couldn’t understand what Karl was thinking, but she couldn’t stop him from coming to her house, let alone drive him away, she could only let Karl do whatever he wanted.

For three days in a row, Karl came to her house to report on time.

And every time the excuse was because of Grace.

Finally, starting on the third day of the new year, Karl stopped coming.

After eating at noon, while Alyssa was playing with her mobile phone, she saw the news about Karl’s participation in an activity.

It turned out to be a business event, so there is no time to come to her.

Alyssa was worried that Karl would come again, and took Grace out to play in the afternoon.

On the third day of the new year, there is still a strong flavor of the new year.

Alyssa took Grace around all afternoon and ate out at night.

She took Grace and went to Best Day for dinner to save other troubles.

When she went to Best Day, inevitably met Peter.

Peter might want to get married and have children. He almost lost his eyes when he saw Grace smile.

He smiled and said, “Grace is here to eat…”

Chapter 690

Grace tilted her head and looked at Peter for a moment before calling out, “Uncle Grant.”

“Eh!” Peter was so heartbroken by her: “Just order what you want to eat. Uncle has something to do. I will come to play with you later.”

As he said, he raised his palms to give Grace a high five.

Grace stretched out her small hand for the sake of face and patted Peter’s hand. The small one was not half the size of Peter’s palm.

Alyssa stood by, watching Grace and Peter interact.

Grace has become more and more cheerful recently, and talked more, which is a good thing.

After Peter teased Grace, he stood up straight and looked at Alyssa: “Alyssa, I will let you get a better box.”

“No, I’ll just sit in the lobby, you can help me arrange a card table by the window.” Best Day’s location is very good, and the restaurant’s location by the window has a nice view.

Besides, she took Grace out for dinner, and it didn’t make sense to sit in the box all the time.

“Also.” Peter nodded.

In the past few days of the New Year, many people have come to the restaurant to treat guests to dinner, not to mention places like Best Day that are usually full of people.

Peter approached the restaurant manager, sat with mother and daughter for a while, and when there was a space available, he took them there.

“Thank you.” Alyssa thanked Peter for taking care of her.

“Don’t be polite to me either.” Peter sighed slightly, glanced at Grace, and whispered to Alyssa, “Although you are not with Karl anymore, we are still friends. Just say something.”

In the past, Peter was polite to Alyssa, indeed because of Karl’s relationship.

But they have known each other for several years, and Peter now really regards Alyssa as a friend.

Even if Alyssa was not Karl’s wife or a good friend of Tina, he still took care of Alyssa.

For Peter, this is the moral of life.

Alyssa nodded: “Okay.”

Peter smiled, and turned his head to show a big smile at Grace: “Grace, give Uncle a k!ss.”

Grace blinked and said solemnly: “Mom said, you can’t k!ss a man casually, and you are handsome.”

“Hahaha…” Peter was amused by Grace and couldn’t stop smiling: “Well, if you don’t k!ss, I’m leaving.”

Alyssa watched Peter go away, and then looked back at Grace: “Do you think Uncle Grant is handsome?”

She knew that Grace looked at her face sometimes, when she saw Tina, she was still calling pretty auntie.

Grace pursed her lips, frowned and thought about it seriously, then nodded affirmatively, “Handsome.”

But she immediately added: “But no, father is more handsome.”

“Does Grace think Dad is handsome?” Alyssa had never asked, in Grace’s mind, what kind of person Karl was.

“Dad is handsome, father is the most handsome.” Grace smiled, not forgetting to add: “Mom is also the most beautiful.”

Don’t know who she learned it from, her mouth is so sweet.

Alyssa laughed, picked up the menu and started ordering.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, Grace was lying by the window looking at the scenery outside, and pointing to the outside and asking where Alyssa was.

Alyssa answered patiently one by one.

But the appearance of a person broke such a warm moment.


When Alyssa heard this sound, she couldn’t help frowning.

She turned her head and saw Rachel walking towards her in a blue coat.

Alyssa’s complexion sank suddenly, she just glanced at Rachel, and stretched out her hand to pull Grace to sit down.

When Grace heard Rachel calling “Alyssa”, she turned her head and looked at Rachel curiously.

Rachel’s gaze fell on Grace, and the little girl with red lips and white teeth was exquisite and beautiful. At first glance, it gave people the feeling that she was not an ordinary child.

She suddenly remembered that before the New Year, when she saw Alyssa in the supermarket, she also took the child with her.

Rachel felt that the child was familiar at the time, and when she looked at it head-on, she knew why she was familiar with the little girl.

Because this little girl looks a lot like Karl!

Although Karl was a man, his facial features were almost perfect, and he was rarely handsome. Grace is a girl, but her brows and eyes are very similar to Karl, because of the eyes.

After Rachel realized that this girl might be Karl’s daughter, his eyes widened in surprise: “She is…”

“If Miss Adams is okay, please leave immediately and don’t disturb us eating.” Alyssa was worried that Grace was frightened, and she tried to make her voice as smooth as possible.

Rachel was interrupted by Alyssa, and she was not angry, but started chasing after him: “Alyssa, she really is… the daughter of that person?”

Grace was very keen. She felt that the atmosphere between Alyssa and Rachel was not right. She pulled Alyssa’s clothes and looked at Rachel defensively.

Alyssa felt Grace’s small movements, her face was cold, and she immediately called the waiter who was passing by: “Hello, would you please take this lady away? don’t know her. She is here to disturb my meal.”

When Peter left before, he had especially confessed to them and asked them to take good care of Alyssa and Grace, and the waiters naturally did not dare to slack off.

He immediately turned sideways and made a gesture of invitation: “Madam, please leave here now and don’t disturb the guests.”

Rachel’s complexion changed slightly, but she quickly reacted, pretending to be angry and said to Alyssa: “Alyssa, stop making a temper, this will only make people laugh.”

After she finished speaking, she turned her head and said to the waiter with an arrogant face: “I’m sorry, she is actually my daughter, and she has a tantrum with me. This is our own family affair, so don’t worry about it.”

The waiter looked at Rachel, and then at Alyssa, feeling a little undecided for a while.

Grace was ignorant, but she heard the words “She is actually my daughter”.

The cartoon says that her mother’s mother is a grandmother.

Grace looked at Rachel curiously, and tentatively called out, “Grandma?”

This “grandma” attracted the attention of Alyssa and Rachel.

Alyssa felt that she was still careless. Grace would be four years old in a few months. She started to remember things when she was three years old. She already knew a lot.

Grace also knows simple family relationships.

However, Alyssa didn’t want Grace to know about Hunt’s bad family relationship.

When Rachel heard this “grandmother”, her face was happy, and she became more confident when speaking to the waiter: “You heard no, she called me grandma.”

Alyssa didn’t want to make the scene too ugly, and didn’t want to make the waiter embarrassed, so she said to the waiter: “Thank you, please go ahead.”

The waiter nodded and left.

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