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Chapter 735

Hania could also tell that Karl cared about Alyssa, and the reluctance and love in his eyes could not be hidden.

He asked Hania: “Can the infusion cure soon?”

Hania nodded: “Yeah.”

After she finished speaking, she looked up at Smith: “Smith, come and help me.”

Smith quickly walked over to help Hania get things.

In the middle, Hania thought Smith was clumsy, so he glared at him, not really angry, Hania’s temper was a bit anxious.

Hania thought that Karl hadn’t seen it, but in fact, Karl had seen everything in his eyes, and he could see clearly.

Suddenly he felt a little envious.

Karl lowered his eyes and gently twitched the corner of his mouth. The arc was small and unobtrusive, and there was no obvious smile on his face.

Can’t tell whether it is to laugh or something else.

There are always people who don’t want him to live in peace, he can live in peace, but they can’t let Alyssa live in peace with him.

Whether it’s Alyssa or Grace, everyone has been hurt because of him.

He tried and thought of a one-size-fits-all solution to solve those troubles, but those old things were too involved, and there was no one-size-fits-all solution.

He can only use all means to allow Alyssa to draw a clear line with him. He did the things that made her sad to show Alyssa, but also to those who didn’t want him to live a peaceful life.

They don’t want him to live a peaceful life, so he will fulfill them.

Sooner or later, he will remove all obstacles…

When Karl raised his eyes again, the complicated emotions under his eyes had long since disappeared, leaving only a cold and faint indifference.

Hania had already hung up the water for Alyssa, and the cold liquid flowed in from the back of her hand. The whole hand was a little cold, and this feeling was also very uncomfortable.

Even in her sleep, Alyssa kept waving her hands, trying to shake off the cold feeling in her hands.

Upon seeing this, Hania immediately stepped forward and grabbed Alyssa’s hand: “If she moves like this, she may hurt herself.”

Alyssa was squeezed by hand and did not stop, still trying to wave her hand to shake off the feeling in his hand.

Upon seeing this, Karl walked over in two steps and said to Hania, “I’ll come.”

Hania was stunned, Smith said at this time: “Let Boss come.”

Only then did Hania let go of his hand and made room for Karl to comfort Alyssa.

Karl sat down by the bed, slightly leaned over and gently placed one big hand on the back of Alyssa’s hand, while the other hand was supporting her under the palm of Alyssa’s palm.

As soon as her two hands were joined together, Alyssa’s hand was held in the palms of both hands. There was no strength and touched extremely lightly, but Alyssa was miraculously quiet.

“When will she wake up?” Seeing Alyssa calm down, Karl stretched out a hand to help her remove the strand of hair that covered her face when she moved, then turned to look at Hania..

“She’ll wake up in an hour.” Hania saw the series of movements made by Karl just now, and thought of the sound of the wind she heard recently, and his mood was extremely complicated.

Karl didn’t speak any more, but the eyebrows that had been twisted slightly loosened slightly, as if he was relieved.

Although Hania found it a little complicated and difficult to understand, he was very interesting and did not ask.

Most of the time, couples who have lived together for a long time can always find similarities.

The similarity between Hania and Smith is probably that they know how to measure. What they should say and what should not be asked, they all have a good idea in their hearts.

After Hania finished speaking, she glanced at the medicine box she had brought, and said, “But she needs to take medicine after you wake up.”

Smith didn’t say a word, and pulled Hania’s arm all the time, motioning her to go out with him.

Hania followed Smith out, and the two of them exited the bedroom door, and Smith’s backhand gently closed Alyssa’s bedroom door for Karl.

Hania took a few steps forward, and then whispered to Smith: “Although your boss looks a bit cold, he’s not as weird as you said.”

When Smith first followed Karl, he was just a poor student who had just graduated. He had nothing to do, except to work hard and be steady, and seemed to have no other advantages.

But on those nights, when he went back from work every day, he will tell Hania that Karl’s personality is really weird.

When they got married, Karl went to have a wedding drink in person, but Hania was afraid to speak.

“Hush!” Smith heard his wife’s words, and quickly made a silent gesture: “Be careful don’t let Boss hear you.”

“How could he hear it from so far?” Hania felt that Smith was too nervous.

Smith glanced at the bedroom door and explained to Hania: “Boss was looking at the phone in the office before, and suddenly he got up and ran outside when he looked at it? You said he could see that the young lady was sick when he looked at the phone?”

“Should…can’t it?” Hania also felt a little wicked: “He…couldn’t be able to sense that Miss Alyssa is sick?”

Smith shrugged, indicating that he didn’t know either.

After two seconds, he sighed again: “Don’t think about how good his temper is. He is only so peaceful when he is with the young lady.”

Hania didn’t speak.

In the bedroom, Karl remained sitting on the bedside and covering his hands with Alyssa, without moving.

After Alyssa’s infusion, the more she slept, the more stable she became.

Karl tried to let go of his hand, but Alyssa did not move.

He pulled the quilt for Alyssa and looked at her deeply, as if to carve her in his head.

After a long time, he got up and walked outside.

Smith and Hania were sitting together talking, probably because they were afraid of disturbing the people inside. They spoke very quietly.

The sound of Karl closing the door caught their attention and interrupted their conversation.

Smith stood up and nodded slightly: “Sir.”

“Mr. Adams.” Hania did not call him Sir with Smith.

Karl looked at Hania and nodded, “Sister-in-law, you have worked hard.”

His expression has not changed, he is still indifferent and has no expression, but his tone is very polite.

This sentence, four simple words, shocked Smith and Hania together.

Sister in law?

Hania looked at Karl in a daze, not sure if he was calling her.

But, besides the patient Alyssa who is lying in bed, she is the only one in this room, right?

Besides, Alyssa is his wife, and it is impossible for him to call Alyssa his sister-in-law.

Smith didn’t dare to admit that the person in front of him who talked so politely to his wife was Karl.

Karl seemed to have not noticed how much his name shocked the two couples. He said to Smith with his usual expressions: “You go back and take Grace over, and Alyssa wakes up later, and sees her. Grace missed her very much. You and sister-in-law passed by to see if she is at home, only to discover that she was sick.”

Chapter 736

There was another sister-in-law, which awakened Smith.

For Karl’s instructions, he always puts it first, and immediately said, “I will go now.”

After Smith left, only Karl and Hania were left in the room.

Hania and Smith are the same age, and Smith is two years older than Karl. In terms of age, it makes sense for Karl to call her sister-in-law.

The blame is that he is Karl.

But Karl’s idea was much simpler.

He asked Dave to protect Alyssa because he had a deal with Dave. He told Smith to do things because Smith is his subordinate. For the past ten years, he has been with him in the wind and rain. Sending Smith has become his habit.

Although Hania is Smith’s wife, they are not relatives to Karl.

Karl is not kind, but he is not an arrogant and unreasonable person.

The room was embarrassingly quiet, Hania thought for a while, and found a topic from Alyssa, and said: “Miss Alyssa seems a little frustrated. She seems to be in a bad mood recently.”

Sure enough, when talking about Alyssa’s condition, Karl’s expression became serious again: “Will this aggravate the condition?”

Hania originally just wanted to find a topic to talk about, and didn’t want to be so embarrassed, but Karl was so serious, she was also a little nervous, her back straightened, and her tone was a little serious: “There will be a certain impact, if she can stay comfortable she’ll feel even better.”

Hearing what Hania said, Karl’s expression was not so good, and it was even more ugly.

Karl’s expression was still very scary. Hania didn’t dare to say anything when she saw him like this, so she could only sit and wait for Smith to pick up Grace.

Fortunately, she received a call from a colleague in the department and asked her about professional matters.

Hania breathed a sigh of relief and said to Karl with a trace of apology: “Mr. Adams, I will answer the call first.”

Karl only glanced at her, Hania understood, and consciously got up to answer the phone.

After she answered the phone and found that there was no one in the living room, she glanced in the direction of Alyssa’s bedroom. She should have gone in to see Alyssa again.

The place where Alyssa lived was not far from Karl’s villa, and Smith should be here soon.

Karl stood by the bed and looked at the infusion bottle. The infusion bottle was half empty. Alyssa should wake up soon.

He reluctantly reached out and touched her face, then touched her hand again. Because of the infusion, her hand was cold.

Karl held her hand to warm her for a while before putting it in the quilt.

Afterward, he left without looking back.

Hania was still waiting outside, and Karl said to her: “After sending Grace here, tell him I’m leaving first.”

“Okay.” Hania nodded, and saw Karl raising his foot and walking out, surprised: “Mr. Adams, are you leaving now? Don’t wait for Miss Alyssa to wake up?”

Karl stopped slightly, turned his head to look back, and said, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“This…” Hania had to say something, Karl had opened the door and went out.

Few people knew about his plan. At first, Smith and Peter didn’t talk about it. Clayton is not a nosy person who is particularly afraid of trouble, so he will not talk nonsense.

As for Hania, she is Smith’s wife, and Smith will take care of it.

Not long after Karl walked on his front foot, Smith brought Grace in.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw Hania alone in the living room.

As soon as Grace entered the house, she ran towards Hania, yelling, “Mom, Mom…”

After running to Hania, Grace realized that this was not Alyssa.

“You are Grace?” Hania knew Grace, and she bent over and looked at Grace, smiling at her.

“I am, who are you?” Grace said to Hania, but her eyes were looking around, looking for Alyssa’s figure.

Hania saw that she was looking for Alyssa, and felt that her small appearance was too annoying, so she gently said: “I am your uncle Smith’s wife, you can call me auntie Hania.”

Grace took a short step back and looked back at Smith.

She was very vigilant. She didn’t immediately believe Hania’s words without seeing Smith. She wanted to confirm from Smith whether what Hania said was true.

When Smith nodded to her, Grace called out, “Aunt Hania.”

After Grace called her, she turned and walked to the side of Smith, pulling his sleeve to look at him. Compared with Hania, she still trusts Smith more.

Smith touched her head, and pushed open Alyssa’s bedroom door.

“You-mother is sick, you should keep your voice down.” Smith gently held her shoulders and pushed her forward.

Grace knows what it means to be sick. She has also been sick. She will feel very uncomfortable when she is sick and needs medicine.

She ran to the bed, stepped her feet up and looked at Alyssa.

Seeing Alyssa sleeping with her eyes closed, she whispered: “Mom!”

Alyssa did not respond, so she turned her head and rushed to Smith and said, “Mom is asleep.”

“Well, you accompany her first.” Smith nodded at her.

Grace stood by the bed and held Alyssa’s hand. The child’s hands were very warm. She touched Alyssa’s hand and exclaimed, “Ah, mother’s hands are so cold.”

Seeing Grace standing by the bed obediently, he quietly retreated, closed the door, and did not close it tightly.

“Where is Boss? Went away?” After Smith went out, he pulled Hania aside and asked.

“Gone, he doesn’t seem to want Grace to see him here.” Although Karl said nothing, Hania could guess this.

Smith nodded twice: “I see.”

Don’t think Grace is still young, but she is very smart and knows everything. If she sees Karl is here, she will definitely talk to Alyssa, and Alyssa will be suspicious at that time, maybe they will lose everything.

Hania was a little curious: “What the hell is going on, doesn’t it mean that Mr. Adams is going to marry another lady named Palmer? But it seems that Mr. Adams still cares about Miss Alyssa!”

Smith frowned slightly, shook his head and said, “Don’t mention this matter to anyone. Sir has his own plan, and many things are very complicated.”

“I know.” Hania knew the depths of the wealthy and didn’t ask too much, and she said with some worry: “You have to be careful in everything.”

Smith’s always rigid face showed a slight smile, and the whole person looked warm: “I know.”

“Mom! You’re awake!” Grace’s voice came from inside, and Smith and Hania quickly walked in.

Alyssa, who was lying on the bed, really woke up, but her eyes were still a little blank.

“Mom!” Grace crawled onto the bed with a smile, and deliberately avoided Alyssa’s infusion hand.

Alyssa felt like she had slept for a century. When she woke up, she was in a trance state. It was not until she heard Grace’s voice that her sanity gradually returned.

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