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Chapter 803

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Karl had already recovered his calm.

“You don’t look like you really want to see Grace.” Karl said calmly.

Alyssa chuckled lightly and sat down opposite him, “You let her come out to see me.”

Karl’s expression remained unchanged: “Why?”

Alyssa took a deep breath, and stopped wiping around with Karl: “Let’s talk about it, why did you deliberately lead me over?”

If Karl simply wanted to see Grace, he could go to her directly. It was not necessary to use this method to lead Grace away and then lead her back.

Therefore, Karl’s purpose was to draw her over.

Karl’s eyes flickered slightly, and his back straightened a little bit longer than before.

Alyssa watched his subtle reactions silently.

She rarely calmed down and observed Karl like a bystander.

Her heart was so calm as if there were no waves.

The box was extremely quiet, and Karl still watched her and said nothing.

Suddenly, Alyssa’s cell phone rang.

It was a call from Peter.

Alyssa pressed the on button.

“Alyssa, I have found Grace. She is with Smith.”

“I see, I have something wrong, you and Tina will help me take care of Grace first.”

Grace and Smith were together, which confirmed Alyssa’s guess.

It was indeed Karl who brought her over on purpose.

When she first came in, she really thought that Karl would use Grace to retaliate against her.

But she quickly calmed down again.

No matter what Karl had done, she believed that his nature would not become so bad.

Karl had never done anything to women, let alone threatened a woman with a child, not to mention that the child was his biological daughter.

He is a ruthless person, but in his bones he still has the pride of a wealthy son.

Smith would take Grace and be found by Peter, which shows that Karl had no intention of taking Grace away.

When she was here, he let Smith bring Grace on purpose for Peter to find her.

Alyssa hung up the phone and looked at Karl who was quite thin before her. She felt that she was getting more and more confused about Karl.

“What on earth do you want to do?” Alyssa looked at Karl, but his eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of protection, making her unable to see what he was thinking.

After a long while, Karl finally said, “Have you met Miana?”

Alyssa frowned. What does it matter if I meet Miana?

“A woman’s revenge is stronger than a man, and when she is cruel, she is even more cruel than a man. You should know this better than me.” Karl said unclearly.

Alyssa’s brow furrowed tighter: “What then?”

How does she feel that Karl is reminding her to be careful of Miana?

“The prerequisite for taking good care of Grace is to take good care of yourself first. I don’t want my daughter to be treated badly.” Karl’s tone sounded righteous and awe-inspiring.

Alyssa laughed at herself. After so long and experiencing so many things, how could she still have the illusion that Karl was thinking about her?

Such a ridiculous illusion.

“You didn’t talk so much nonsense before.”

Alyssa felt that what Karl said today was very redundant.

Without waiting for Karl to speak, Alyssa said again: “I thought you loved Miana so much, but now it seems like that. A man’s change of heart is much more ruthless than a woman, and I only understood this later. a little.”

Chapter 804

After leaving the box, Alyssa called Tina.

Tina and Peter took Grace back to the previous box.

Alyssa pushed the door in, and Grace saw her at a glance.

Grace called her: “Mom!”

Alyssa did not respond to Grace gently as before.

She looked at Grace with a serious face, and only faintly responded, “Yes.”

Then she turned her head and said to Peter and Tina, “I will trouble you guys today.”

Children are very sensitive.

Grace could feel that Alyssa was angry. She looked at Alyssa baffled, standing aside with her small head drooping, and did not dare to pull Alyssa’s hand.

Peter smiled and said, “Why are you polite to us?”

“Yeah, I will be angry if you do this again.” Tina glanced at Grace, pulled Alyssa’s arm, and whispered, “Don’t scare the child.”

Alyssa shook her head slightly, indicating that she knew how to measure.

Alyssa looked at the time and said, “It’s getting late, let’s go back.”

After such a thing, everyone no longer has the thought of eating and having fun.

On the way back, Tina and Grace sat at the back and kept talking to Grace in a low voice.

Alyssa drove the car calmly without saying a word.

When they arrived at the community where the two lived, when Tina got of the car, she still wanted to talk to Alyssa.

Alyssa saw Tina’s intentions and said before she spoke, “Don’t worry.”

Tina heard this, and said no more.

Alyssa led Grace back home.

Grace felt that Alyssa was angry, and remained silent along the way.

After entering the room, Grace didn’t need Alyssa to remind her. She directly took out the slippers from the shoe cabinet and put them on for herself. She also took out the slippers that Alyssa used and put them neatly in front of her.

“Mom, change your shoes.”

Alyssa did not refuse, bending over and starting to change shoes, but there was no expression on her face, let alone a smile.

Seeing that Alyssa had changed her shoes, Grace ran to the coffee table again, took Alyssa’s usual cup for drinking, and took a glass of water to the water dispenser.

She walked to Alyssa with water and asked, “Mom, would you like to drink water?”

Alyssa walked to the sofa and sat down, and pointed her finger at the coffee table: “Thank you, let it go.”

After Grace put the water on the coffee table, she felt that it was too far, and moved to Alyssa.

Then, she rubbed her hands and stared at Alyssa in a daze.

Alyssa pointed to the sofa, and only said one word: “Sit.”

Although Alyssa didn’t have an angry expression on her face, the aura exuding from her was enough to make Grace timid.

Grace sat on the sofa obediently, pursing her mouth in a straight line, her back straight, and her little hands behind her, making her look very obedient.

Alyssa was angry and distressed, and asked her, “Do you know where you are wrong?”

Grace pursed her lips, blinked at Alyssa, then lowered her head again without speaking.

Alyssa sighed slightly and asked her, “You want to see Dad?”

“Yeah.” Grace nodded.

“It’s true that you want to see Dad, but you should just leave with Dad without telling me!” Alyssa wanted to make her tone sound a little harder, but looking at Grace’s pitiful appearance, she couldn’t help it. Softened her tone.

Grace’s mouth slumped, with a hint of crying: “I just wanted to ask him if he doesn’t want me anymore, why doesn’t he come to see me.”

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