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Chapter 112

They had come over away from the crew, plus she had just been looking for someone and had no idea where she had gone, and now she was completely lost!

Jasmine Tong stood there, looking helplessly into the distance.

What should we do?

She took out her cell phone to make a call and found that there was no signal at all, and this was a mountain, so naturally there would be no signal.

Tonto shouted several times into the distance.

But the only thing that responded to her was the rustle of leaves being floated by the wind.

Jasmine Tong picked up the grass and walked forward, already a roadkill, but she didn’t know she was heading deeper into the mountains.

She shouted as she walked away, but still no one responded.

Suddenly not knowing what she had stepped on, Jasmine Tong fell over and rolled right down.

On this side of the crew, we’re all tired.

After a long day of busy shooting, and now so late, they are all listless.

There was going to be a head count, but the person in charge of the head count asked directly, “See if you’re short of people around you.”

At this point, who’s going to take a good look at the lack of people?

What’s more, with so many people in the cast, it really doesn’t feel like anyone is missing.

Everyone shook their heads.

The person in charge didn’t even count the number of people, so they just let everyone get on the bus.

The director called Mo Yi-Ang away at that time because there were some things to discuss, and Mo Yi-Ang had a filming plan for tomorrow, which Jasmine Tong didn’t have, so only Mo Yi-Ang was called.

Tomorrow’s shooting plan was still important to Mo Yiang, and he and the director had been discussing it after getting into the car.

For ease of discussion, Mo Yiang was not in the same car with the actor, but in a small car with the director.

When the discussion was halfway through, Mo Yiang suddenly felt something was wrong.

I was so engrossed in the discussion that I forgot about Tong Siu Man.

The car is now on the avenue and has been signaled.

Mo Yiang made a call to Jasmine Tong.

cannot get through (on phone)

“Hello, the subscriber you have dialed cannot be reached at this time.”

“Maybe there was a delay on the phone and it didn’t respond.”

These days of filming, the director had already seen that the relationship between these two was not ordinary.

“And yes, Mandy’s phone is too old.”

Mo Yiang didn’t care at first, but after a while, he was still unsure and dialed another number.

Still not answering.

Now Mo Yiang can’t be careless.

It’s far enough from the mountains now that even with the cell phone delay, you should have a signal.


Mo Yiang dared not think.

He immediately called the crew in charge of the actors on the other bus.

It took a long time for the phone to connect.

“Is Jasmine Tong in the car?”

“In it.”

The road takes two hours, everyone is tired, and they are sleeping at the moment.

“I want definitive answers,” Moichion growled.

The other side was directly awakened.

He didn’t dare to be lazy, and he was very responsible in case someone really didn’t get on the bus.

“Where’s Jasmine Tong? Is Jasmine Tong here?”

No one answered, but it woke everyone up.

The lights on the bus were dim, not enough to see clearly.

“Everyone stay up and see if Jasmine Tong is here.”

Everyone was almost awake and looked at each other, all baffled.

Right now, the babe was starting to panic a bit, and cold sweat kept breaking out on her forehead.

“By the way, Babe, didn’t you go to the bathroom with Mandy, she wasn’t with you”

The man next to Babe asked suddenly.

Babe was terrified.

“Yeah, I went with Mandy, but when I came out, I couldn’t see Mandy, so I thought she was already back, and I didn’t care.”

Oh, no.

Mo Yiang had heard it over the phone.

“Stop the car right now and go back to find Jasmine Tong, she must be lost, she’s a roadkill.”

Mo Yiang is all too familiar with Jasmine Tong, the reason he doesn’t let her run around in the mountains is because she’s a roadkill, she can’t even distinguish between east, west, north and south.

Now no one is in the mood to sleep.

The bus went right back to the entrance of the Vault Mountain.

But just then, a few wolf cries gave everyone goosebumps.

It’s an unexplored mountain. No wonder there are wild animals.

The girls were hiding on the bus, not even daring to get off.

Mo Yiang originally wanted to organize people to go into the mountains to find them, but everyone was not highly motivated.

Who wouldn’t be afraid of that wolf cry after wolf cry?

“Oneon, are you sure we’re going into the mountains in the middle of the night to find someone?” a staff member objected.

“Embarrassed, of course I’ll find”

“Why don’t we wait until tomorrow morning? We have nothing. How are we going to find them in there?

“Yeah, we’re not enough to feed the wolves alone.”

You all expressed your reluctance to go into the mountains.

They’re crew members, not an expedition.

There were some torches left, but they were props, they had run out, and they went into the mountains barehanded

I’m just kidding.

If you see wolves, they’ll be fine in packs. What if there are lions or tigers?

The mountain can be really hard to say.

The director looked grave and patted Mo Yiang’s shoulder.

“Yi Aang, it’s better not to go in, it’s indeed too dangerous here, we were instructed that there are wild animals in this mountain, and we are only allowed to shoot at the foot of the mountain, so let’s call the police first.”

“If you don’t go, I’ll go by myself,” said Mo Yiang, and prepared to go into the mountain.

Several staff members immediately stopped him.

“Even if you find Jasmine Tong, then you two will have to feed the wolf tonight ah don’t be stupid.”

One by one, they are not active in entering the mountain, but they are very active in blocking Mo Yiang

The director immediately ordered the police to be called first, and in addition, a bus was sent to take the women away first.

Although the police were called, but people ignore that this is a mountainous area, the nearest police stations are miles away, and all of them are village police stations with very little manpower and resources.

The police station said they would report to higher authorities as soon as possible, but it’s the middle of the night, so expect delays and suggest they go back into the hills at dawn or they could be in danger.

Go back to the mountain at dawn.

Has Tong Siu Man fed the wolves?

No, not a minute later.

Listening to the wolf screams, Mo Yiang suddenly remembered someone.

His youngest uncle Albert Ou.

Maybe he’s the only one who can help us now.

Mo Yiang gritted his teeth and still dialed Albert Ou’s phone.

“Uncle Junior that,”

“Say what you have to say” Albert Ou looked very impatient, he was asleep.

“Mandy’s missing.”


“We were filming in the Vault Mountains, and when we came back we found Manny missing, so we must have left her in the mountains.”


Mo Yiang was about to say something else, but Albert Ou had already hung up the phone.

Chapter 113

What else can Mo Yiang say?

However, Albert Ou was in the city, and even if he had come over in fire, it would have been two hours later.

Every second Jasmine Tong spent in the mountains increased the danger.

The crew stood at the foot of the mountain, listening to the incoming bursts of wolf screams in fear, and no one dared to enter.

Some of you are yawning. You can’t just wait here.

“Director, how about we head back, refresh ourselves tonight, and then head back into the mountains in the morning to find someone,”

“Yeah, director, it’s just going to take all night, we’re all physically exhausted, and we won’t have the energy to find someone in the morning.”

Mo Yiang glared fiercely at the speaker.

It’s a matter of life and death, and these people want to sleep.

“You all don’t need to worry about it, I’ll go in by myself” said Mo Yiang, once again preparing to enter the mountain.

The director immediately pulled him back.

“Oneon, calm down a little.”

“How do you expect me to calm down,” growled Moichion.


The woman he loved.

“The crew has already lost one Manny, is it hard to take another one of you? I’m responsible for the entire crew, and if you keep this up, I’ll order someone to take you away.”

The usually kind-hearted director is now getting angry.

“Can’t we just sit here and do nothing? We have to do something.”

“Let’s wait for the police station to come, it’s the only way.”

An hour or so later, instead of waiting for the police station, they waited for a Ferrari Rafael.

This car, which Mo Yiang knew, belonged to Albert Ou.

This is something Mo Yiang never expected, he thought it would take two hours at the earliest, but he didn’t expect to arrive in an hour!

What Mo Yiang didn’t expect was that Albert Ou came alone.

He’s alone.

Albert Ou couldn’t wait until everyone was assembled, so he had to call Russel Cheng first and ask him to bring his men over, and he arrived in a berserk car by himself.

Everyone stared at the hypercar feeling very strange.

Mo Yiang, however, walked right over.

“Uncle Junior you’re here.”

Albert Ou’s blue eyes were deadly in the dark night.

“When was the last time you saw Jasmine.”

His dark, cold voice was as if it had come from hell.

“We’ve been filming today going into the southwest direction from this place, about a mile up the road, and Manny should have lost it where he went to the bathroom.”

“Okay, I get it, tell your people to go back to their homes, I don’t need to be in the way.”

Albert Ou opened the door and finally got out of the car.

“Uncle, the least the crew could do is help you out, you’re alone.”

Is he going to go into the mountains alone and look for someone?

“Bunch of losers, good thing they’re not helping,” Albert Ou grumbled.


“There aren’t that many buts,” Albert Ou raged.

Mo Yiang immediately didn’t dare to say more.

“Uncle, I’ll go in with you, I’m worried about Manny.”

Albert Ou stared hard at Mo Yiang, a look that seemed to say, how dare you covet your own aunt!

“Uncle, I’m not I go in there might be able to help you.”

“You’d be doing me a favor if you didn’t go in, tell the crew to f*ck off, they’ll only stay here so the wolves can smell the humans and thus start searching around for them, that’s when Jasmine Tong is dangerous”

Mo Yiang looked at Albert Ou in horror, was the mountain really that scary?

Albert Ou saw that Mo Yiang was really worried, so he sent out a kindness.

“This is where I keep my loose beasts, they only know me as their master, you go in and I’ll have to protect you.”

Hearing this, Mo Yiang was even more surprised!

No wonder his brother-in-law wants to buy this mountain and won’t lend it out. It’s where he keeps his beasts.

“I’m not going to bullsh!t with you give me a good wait besides, you tell the crew that I’m the owner of this mountain and I’ll be responsible for anything that happens here.”

After saying that, Albert Ou only walked towards the entrance of the mountain.

Mo Yi-Ang saw Albert Ou disappear into the night, and he also quickly returned to the crew side to find the director.

“Director, let’s get our people evacuated first.”

“Who was that guy just now?”

“It’s Albert Ou of the Dark Empire Group, he owns this mountain, and he said that he is responsible for what happens to people on this mountain.”

“He’s alone.”

“There should be others coming after us, let’s get everyone evacuated first, the wolf calls here are actually because we’re too strong for our scent, and that’s very bad for Mandy too.”

The director listened to Mo Yiang’s words before nodding helplessly and ordering the crew to leave.

Mo Yiang looked helplessly at the black mountain, though he was still relieved to leave.

At the end of the day, he’s not as good as his little uncle.

When the crew left, the wolf calls gradually stopped.

In fact, the reason why Albert Ou didn’t let Mo Yiang follow was because he himself wasn’t sure.

Although this mountain is where he keeps his beasts, there are plenty of other beasts on the mountain that he doesn’t tame.

That’s right, if this mountain is just his beasts, then all his lions and tigers will starve to death!

A true vampire would naturally have no fear of fierce beasts, and they would be perfectly capable of competing with the largest of beasts.

However, Albert Ou wasn’t really a vampire, he was merely a combination, his strength and speed, while far above that of a human, was far below that of a vampire

He hadn’t fought the beast, and it was really hard to tell who won or lost.

Once inside the mountain, Albert Ou quickly pulled out his pocket whistle and blew three times in a row.

This whistle was specially made and spread very widely.

His keen eyes could see everything clearly in the dark.

A short while later, a white figure appeared in his field of vision.

The fierce beasts he raised had only seen Jasmine Tong once, and without his protection, he couldn’t say if they would attack when they saw her.

They were highly domesticated, but they were beasts after all.

Albert Ou pulled out a cloth from his pocket that he had brought from home, which had been pulled from Jasmine Tong’s clothes.

“Go find her for me.”

The White Wolf King came up and sniffed, scampered nimbly, and disappeared into the night.

Jasmine Tong accidentally fell and threw herself completely off her feet.

When she came to her senses and was ready to get up, a sharp pain came from her ankle.

I can’t. I can’t move.

The phone also fell when it rolled off.

What to do?

It was at this time that Jasmine Tong noticed that green eyes were appearing in pairs within her field of vision


Chapter 114

Jasmine Tong was too terrified to move a muscle.

Plus her feet hurt so badly she couldn’t move them.

Trying to keep herself calm, she scanned her eyes.

Green eyes, one pair at a time, were distributed all around her.

They say the wolves are very united. She’s surrounded.

Judging by those eyes, there’s about two dozen wolves.

Oh, sh!t.

Jasmine Tong’s heart was shocked, she was afraid that she was going to be a snack for these wolves today.

This wolf pack was clearly not in a hurry to attack her, but was waiting for an opportunity.

Actually, Albert Ou was right, the crew had stayed at the foot of the mountain so that the wolves could smell the humans and they started looking, otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a mass exodus of wolves in packs!

What should we do?

Jasmine Tong felt her heartbeat was about to jump out of her chest.

Many thoughts were running through her mind at this time.

Yarwen Tong still needs care, her dreams have only just begun, and she has yet to fulfill her mother’s last wish before her death.

She must not die.

Thinking this way, Jasmine Tong suddenly felt like she had strength, her hand carefully touching the ground.

She can’t just sit here and do nothing. She has to do something.

Right now, she needed to have a weapon in her hand.

Suddenly, she touched a stick, about that much thinner than her arm.

She gently gripped the stick and took it up, ready to fight the wolves to the death.

Wolves are very patient, and they must wait until they are completely sure that the other is not in danger before they will share and eat.

However, a coyote apparently lost patience and pounced on her with a whoosh, which took Jasmine Tong by surprise.


Little Wolf was about to touch Jasmine Tong’s neck when suddenly a white shadow flashed like lightning, directly tackling Little Wolf to the ground.

The bitten and pained coyote wailed pitifully.

The wolves all came to a standstill.

Jasmine Tong didn’t know it was the White Wolf King, and she didn’t even press in that direction, only seeing a cloud of white shadows.

The White Wolf King raised his noble head and howled several times towards the sky.

It’s a voice that shakes the world.

A wolf in the pack soon began to respond with a cry that gave Jasmine Tong goosebumps.

Just as she grabbed the stick to stand up, the green eyes around her disappeared.

Even the coyote that was about to pounce on her fled quickly.

She then saw the mass of white stuff approaching her.

“You just saved my life, now you’re not going to eat me.”

“Little ancestor, so you’re going to eat alone.”

The White Wolf King was approaching in steps.

Jasmine Tong was holding a stick in front of herself.

The White Wolf King sprang towards her, and all that could be heard was a thrusting sound.

That White Wolf King was incredibly fast, Jasmine Tong didn’t even realize that the White Wolf King had disappeared.

She was also completely unaware that a corner of her dress had been held in the White Wolf King’s mouth.

The wolves were gone, but Jasmine Tong didn’t dare let up a breath.

She had to get out of this dangerous place right now, or else she’d have to give the wolves something else to snack on today.

Jasmine Tong rubbed her foot, hardened her pain, and began to walk forward.

She was already a roadkill, and now it was the middle of the night and she couldn’t see the road at all.

It would just have to go all the way down, and there was nothing wrong with going down as long as she reached the bottom of the hill, at least she would be safe.

The White Wolf King came to resume his order, and Albert Ou pulled the piece of clothing from its mouth.

This dress should be Jasmine Tong’s, and White Wolf is especially sensitive to scents, so there’s no mistaking it.

“Take me there.”

The White Wolf King received the order to immediately lead the way, and Albert Ou’s speed was like the wind as he swiftly traveled through the mountains.

His speed was not as fast as that of the White Wolf King, but it was similar.

Under the leadership of the White Wolf King, he quickly arrived at the place where Jasmine Tong was, suddenly feeling like he had stepped on something.

In the darkness, he saw clearly that it was Jasmine Tong’s phone.

Albert Ou picked it up and put it in his pocket.

However, when White Wolf King brought Albert Ou to the place where Jasmine Tong had just stayed, he couldn’t find Jasmine Tong.

“What’s a dead woman doing running around with a roadkill?”

Albert Ou couldn’t help but curse.

White Wolf had a hard time finding her. She ran away.

It’s all for nothing.

“Keep going for it.”

Receiving the order, White Wolf started searching around again.

Albert Ou looked around, and there really wasn’t much to work with.

Jasmine Tong has a stick as a crutch, a jump, and speed, plus it’s a run for her life!

Run and you can’t care about your foot injury.

“Tong Manny, you can do it you’re fine.”

Jasmine Tong cheered herself up as she ran.

“Your stepmother, Rameen Tong, Rameen Qi, all want you to die, after all these years, you’ve survived, what else can’t you survive?”

Jasmine Tong has been talking to herself.

Many faces flashed through her mind, if she died, these people would surely set off firecrackers to celebrate, she wouldn’t let them get away with it


Jasmine Tong suddenly felt as if there were discordant sounds around her.

She didn’t pay much attention at first and continued to talk herself forward.

But the voice seemed to follow her all the time, so she stopped.


Jasmine Tong only felt cold all over.

Tong’s family had previously lived in the countryside, they had raised pigs, she was driven to feed them by her stepmother when she was very young, this seems to be the pig’s cry

Oh, no, I don’t think we’ve seen a wild boar.

Even a domestic pig can knock down several adults when it goes berserk, but this wild boar is more deadly.

Just escaped from the wolves, and now we’re feeding the boars.

Just the other day, she saw the news about an uncle who came across a wild boar and was almost torn apart and eaten by the boar

“Jasmine Tong, Jasmine Tong, why is your life so sad?”

Oh, sh!t. Oh, sh!t.

The boar could probably knock her off her feet. She’s useless with a stick.

The first thing Jasmine Tong thought of was going up a tree.

Pigs don’t go up trees. It’s the only way she can defend herself.

But now she’s got a broken foot and she can’t walk up a tree.

At least give it a try.

Jasmine Tong quickly jumped under a tree and prepared to climb up.

If her foot hadn’t been injured, climbing the tree wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but now she’d only managed to climb a tiny bit with a lot of effort.

Not at this distance, the pig can reach it.

“Please, give me a little more time to crawl, Brother Piggy, please, or I’ll sing you a song.”

The boar saw Jasmine Tong start to climb a tree, knew her intentions and was not prepared to wait any longer.

“Humbug” rushed over.

“Ah,” Jasmine Tong screamed, her body clinging to the tree.

At that time, there was only one thought in Jasmine Tong’s mind.

Dead sure.

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