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Chapter 127

Albert Ou has been a bit busy these days, and he felt that Jasmine Tong was not in a good mood, so when he finished his work and was ready to accompany her, he couldn’t find her anywhere.

The two new maids, the older one is Aunt Fanny and the younger one is Pearly.

Neither Lin Lan Lan nor Pear Blossom knew where Jasmine Tong had gone, and Aunt Fang had gone out to buy food again.

It so happened that when Jasmine Tong went out, she only saw Aunt Fang and told her that she had to go back to the Tong family, but no one else knew.

“How do you do things when you lose a living person right under your noses?”

Albert Ou’s voice echoed throughout the villa.

Lin Lan Lan and Pear Blossom kept their heads down, not daring to breathe.

Albert Ou has called Jasmine Tong more than a dozen times, at first he didn’t answer, then he just turned off his phone.

Can he not be anxious?

Yarwen Tong got up late in the morning and didn’t see Jasmine Tong, and was getting anxious at the moment.

“Sir, we really didn’t see Mrs. We were still there at breakfast this morning.”Pearly eyes filled with tears.

Instead, Lin Lan Lan didn’t say a word, she wished Jasmine Tong had died outside.

“If anything happens to your wife, none of you will escape.”

After Albert Ou finished speaking, he called Russel Cheng and told him to gather his people and get ready to go find someone.

As I was saying, Aunt Fang came back from buying food and saw Pear Blossom crying, not knowing what had happened.

“Sir, what’s going on here is that Pear has done something wrong.”

Being older, Aunt Fang was quite calm and composed.

“The wife is missing.”Pearly said as she sobbed.

“Isn’t the wife home?”

Albert Ou looked to Aunt Fang, “What do you mean go home to which house”

“Back to Tong’s, and when I left, my wife told me that she had something to go back to.”Aunt Fanny replied.

Albert Ou’s mind immediately recalled Jasmine Tong’s battered and bruised appearance in the hotel that day

Yarwen Tong became even more anxious.

“Brother-in-law, come over to our house, that stepmother of mine is very powerful, my sister gets beaten eight times out of ten times when she comes home, and her foot is still hurting.”

Albert Ou took a long step to go out, and Yarwen Tong followed behind.

“You can’t go.”

“Just let me go, I’m too grown up to let my sister get bullied again.”

Albert Ou tapped Yarwen Tong on the head.

“I’m here, who dares to bully her, wait honestly at home, if anything happens to you, won’t it kill your sister?”

Yarwen Tong gritted his teeth and hung his head.

“Okay, so if you hear from my sister, call me quickly.”

“Well.”Albert Ou answered the door and immediately left the house.

Russel Cheng had already brought someone with him and was waiting for instructions from Albert Ou, so a large group of people immediately rushed to the Tong family.

Albert Ou’s fingers were white in their grip and his face was livid.

The last time Jasmine was beaten vividly, this time, Jasmine’s foot is still injured, she can’t even run away, or she came to the door herself!

I wonder what kind of beating she’ll get.

“Drive faster for me,” Albert Ou growled at the driver in front of him.

The driver slammed on the gas pedal.

Soon, the car drove to the Tong family’s neighborhood.

This is an older villa area, pushed up a decade or two, and is considered the downtown area, but with the development of the city, this side of the prosperity has not caught up with the new development areas, and has become the edge of the downtown area.

Albert Ou didn’t even have time to change, and was still wearing his housecoat.

A group of people rushed into the Tong’s house in a big way.

The two of them, Simin Du and Marven Tong, were arguing when suddenly a group of people burst through the door, startling both of them.

Seeing the fierce group of people, Duthie was terrified.

Marven Tong boldly asked, “Who are you people how can you trespass on people’s houses”

Albert Ou looked around and didn’t see Jasmine Tong.

The eyes were fixed on Marven Tong.

“Where’s Jasmine Tong?”

“Jasmine Tong,”

Marven Tong and Duskman looked at each other, neither of them knowing what was going on.

“That dead girl is long gone.”

Albert Ou’s eyes burned, “Who are you calling a dead girl?”

“I I I mean Jasmine Tong is gone.”

Duthie was too frightened to breathe, looking at the exuberant man in front of her, the sapphire in his left ear glowing with a demonic light.


When Albert Ou gave the order, a large number of men and horses immediately spread out to search the villa.

There were also two people who had direct control over Marven Tong and Dusyman.

Where have Marven Tong and Simin Du seen such a battle, they were about to be scared silly.

Russel Cheng returned with a man.


In the meantime, could it be that Jasmine Tong has really left?

He turned around and walked out.

Russel Cheng and his men also came out.

“O, we’re just leaving.”

“Give it to me,”


Russel Cheng went back with his men, and the villa immediately banged and rumbled.

“What are you doing? You can’t break this.”

“Oh my God, don’t smash it, don’t smash it.”

Duthie kept wailing.

Albert Ou went straight back to the car.

Here, Jasmine Tong has returned home, she has already suffered a loss once, plus she has an injury on her foot, and when she sees the theory, she immediately leaves.

Once inside the door, Yarwen Tong came running over.

“Sis, are you okay?”

“What could I have to do with it,” Jasmine Tong felt oddly surprised.

“Where’s brother-in-law?”

Jasmine Tong raised her eyes to the study.

“Working in the study,”

“Oh my brother-in-law did not receive you? this can be bad brother-in-law came out today and saw you missing, are about to put him in a hurry, then Auntie Fang came back and said you went home, brother-in-law was worried that you were beaten, immediately took people to”


Jasmine Tong hadn’t expected so much to have happened in just two hours.

“Hurry up and call your brother-in-law and tell him to come back, he’s dying of anxiety.”


Jasmine Tong immediately pulled her phone out of her bag, only to find that her phone had automatically turned off when her battery ran out.

Yarwen Tong immediately handed his phone to Jasmine Tong and dialed Albert Ou’s number.

The call came through quickly.

“That’s me, I’m coming back you you you, come back, don’t, don’t make a scene.”

The phone hung up.

Jasmine Tong handed the phone to Yarwen Tong.

“What did brother-in-law say?”

Jasmine Tong shook her head, “didn’t say anything, grunted and just hung up.”

“Brother-in-law must be pissed that you didn’t even tell him you were going out.”

“Is that necessary” Jasmine Tong scratched her head, wasn’t she just going out for a trip

“How no brother-in-law how much you miss you ah you foot injury, he can not miss it, and so he came back, you coax him, he had a big temper today.”

Jasmine Tong looked at Yarwen Tong in surprise.

Whose brother is this boy?

Why does it feel like my brother-in-law is turning into a brother-in-law?

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

Chapter 128

Jasmine Tong went upstairs and sat on the bed in her bedroom, thinking hard about what to do when Albert Ou came back later.

This guy is moody and really hard to deal with.

No, she couldn’t just sit around and die, she had to find a place where she could escape at any time.

Thinking this way, Jasmine Tong went downstairs, and as soon as she got downstairs, the door opened.

Albert Ou walked in with a hostile air.

As soon as he saw Jasmine Tong, he walked over and directly carried her up.

“Hey hey hey, let’s talk about it, what are you doing?”

She’s not a sack. Why do you always have to carry her?

Yarwen Tong laughed at the situation and ignored it.

Albert Ou kept bringing Jasmine Tong back to the room, put her directly on the bed, and then, started undressing her.

What kind of pace is that?

Why does he want to go to bed as soon as he gets back?

“Don’t you do that” Jasmine Tong immediately shielded herself tightly.

Albert Ou stripped Jasmine Tong to the bone, carefully, up and down, left and right, completely turning her over several times as if she were a piece of meat.

Finally, a pair of eyes fixed on her face.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” is not as gentle as it sounds.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the body of the person you’re looking for.

“No.”Jasmine Tong immediately quietly pulled the blanket over the bed to cover her naked body.

Albert Ou’s face darkened.

From a look of anxiety just now, it turned into a look of anger.

“Jasmine Tong you f*cking cripple running blind what”

Cripple, cripple, call her a cripple again.

“I’m just going home” Jasmine Tong’s voice couldn’t be any lower.

“Why go home and get beaten up?”


She’s sick. Go home and get beaten up.

“I’m just bored, it’s just right.”

Not waiting for Jasmine Tong to finish her sentence, Albert Ou interrupted her again.

“If you’re bored, go to the door and get beaten up.”

The actual time of the day, you’ll be able to find the best way to get the most out of your time.

Albert Ou glared at Jasmine Tong and began to look around for her.

“What are you looking for “Jasmine Tong suddenly had an ominous feeling, this man’s eyes like looking for a guy thing, that will not open a beating it

“Get a guy, break your other leg and see how you’re still running around.”

“Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t” Jasmine Tong, in a rush, couldn’t care about her naked body and immediately hugged Albert Ou.

“I’m not running away yet I’m just going back for something, I won’t next time.”

Albert Ou’s heart was suddenly startled by the sudden embrace, the key being that it still carried the delicate touch and warmth of skin.

“Don’t you dare next time.”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare, I don’t dare.”Jasmine Tong hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Know if it’s wrong.”

“Wrong, wrong, wrong.”

Albert Ou’s lips couldn’t help but gently rise, turning around to get a glimpse of Jasmine Tong’s white and smooth body.

Because he had just pushed her down on the bed and stripped her, and now her hair was spread out and draped messily over her smooth shoulders.

She’s extremely s*xy that way.

His Adam’s apple rolled up and down for a moment.

Jasmine Tong spotted the small flame of his gaze and immediately went to pull the blanket, but Albert Ou just tossed it aside.

Lips attached to Jasmine Tong’s soft lips.


“Wrongdoing should be punished.”

Albert Ou directly pressed Jasmine Tong underneath him.

In the space of ten minutes, from the beginning of worry plus tenderness, then anger and now rage

The man’s face hadn’t become too quick.


Albert Ou paused.


“Feet hurt.”

Albert Ou immediately got up and went to check on Jasmine Tong’s foot, moving it carefully, the gauze had come loose.

“Deserved it” Albert Ou snapped at Jasmine Tong and got up to get dressed and walked out.

After a while, new gauze and salve were brought in and she was rebandaged.

Wrapped up and didn’t continue what he had just done.

Jasmine Tong breathed a deep sigh of relief, having finally escaped.

This matter is considered to be over, but on the way back from Tong’s house, Jasmine Tong always felt that someone was following her.

It seemed like a shadow of some sort, and when she turned around it immediately disappeared.

Maybe I’m overreacting.

She suddenly remembered that day when the accident happened on the mountain, when she came back, she was worried about Bebe and gave her a call, but Bebe was fidgeting on the phone and didn’t say anything.

That day, wasn’t it an accident, someone trying to hurt him?

I don’t know what’s going on, but Jasmine Tong was probably having a real nervous breakdown that day in the mountains.

The phone that was charging suddenly rang, disrupting Jasmine Tong’s thoughts.

It’s Dulcimer calling.

Jasmine Tong frowned, but answered.

“Jasmine Tong you kill a thousand knives of the little bitch hoof you’re a white wolf even if it is, watching the family get better, the heart is not comfortable is not also called to the home to smash a good you Jasmine Tong.”

Duthie was panting on the phone, clearly exasperated.

“I said Mrs. Du, don’t put everything on me, okay? It’s not like your health wine drank someone into an accident and they came looking for revenge, I’ve said.”

“Bullsh!t you still dare to say it’s not the person you’re looking for the other side of the mouth to find you I tell you, Jasmine Tong, you dead girl wait for me don’t let me see you.”

Duthie hung up the phone after she roared on the phone.

Jasmine Tong suddenly realized that Albert Ou went to his house, could it be that he smashed up Tong’s house?

She banged her phone on her head. How could she do that?

As soon as Albert Ou entered, he saw Jasmine Tong knocking himself on the head with her cell phone.

“Jasmine Tong, do you have masochistic tendencies?”

“Ah no, no ah” Jasmine Tong immediately put her phone away, “that, what were you doing at my house”

“Smash up your house.”

So it was him.

Jasmine Tong is really in tears.

“Why do you have an opinion have an opinion reserve it for me the last time I wanted to do this at the engagement ceremony you didn’t come home today and I can’t remember this”

In other words, Jasmine Tong herself is still to blame for all this.

Jasmine Tong smiled two silly smiles towards Albert Ou.

Now was not the time to be theorizing with him either.

It’s better to smash it up, at least they’re too busy with the family puddle to worry about raising the liquor, so smashing up the house is better than going to jail, right?

But it’ll last for a while, not a lifetime.

Jasmine Tong sighed, what should be said, she has also said, whether they listen to them or not is up to them.

Albert Ou raised a hand to tap on Jasmine Tong’s head.

“What’s on your mind again?”

“Oh, nothing,”

“I’ll take you out on a date tomorrow.”


“Not bored at home?”


Jasmine Tong was in a trance.

Go out on a date.

But Jasmine Tong could never have imagined what would happen to her.

Chapter 129

surname Tong

The entire Tong family didn’t seem to have changed much from the outside, while the inside was already in ruins.

The floor was all covered in debris, the furniture, appliances and everything else was all smashed to pieces, and there wasn’t even a place to put your feet throughout the house.

The couch was cleared out and was barely seated.

Dushman is sitting on the couch wailing and cursing Jasmine Tong as she cries.

Marven Tong was also sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette.

The maids are clearing debris from the floor.

As soon as Rameen Tong entered the house, she was scared silly by the sight of the house, a few days ago she was fine when she came, how come a few days of work has become like this?

“Dad, Mom, what the hell is going on?”

When Marven Tong saw Rameen Tong come in and stood up, the sofa that was missing a corner tilted, and Dusmin, who was sitting on the other side, was suddenly thrown to the floor.

“I’m not going to be able to do anything about it,” she said.

“What the hell is going on? Mom, don’t cry.”

Rameen Tong immediately pulled Dusyman up from the ground.

Pulling tissues out of her bag, she wiped her tears.

Marven Tong didn’t say a word, just smoked a cigarette.

Dusyman steadied himself.

“It’s not all Jasmine Tong that evil barrier you look at this is what she did, she came over early in the morning and counted me and your dad, saying that we are cheating, the winery can’t be like this, this is what false advertising, but also cursed us to make no money, back to go to jail”

“That’s not home either.”

“Then, as soon as Jasmine Tong left, a group of people came to the house, all fierce and vicious, and without saying a word, they smashed up the house like this. Mom couldn’t live.”

Duthie wailed again.

“Did you call the police?”

“It was reported, the police came and took a statement, then said they would investigate as soon as possible and left.”Marven Tong finally spoke.

“Oh, and what are the characteristics of those who come to the house?”

“The man at the front had a blue stud in his left ear that was particularly large.”

Blue earrings.

Rameen Tong sighed silently.

“I’ve seen that man, and he was indeed with his sister.”

“Ah Meng Meng, you’ve really seen it” Marven Tong asked immediately.

Rameen Tong nodded, “I’ve met him once or twice I guess, that guy is always with his sister, supposedly”

“Meng Meng, you have something to say ah that man is not a Taoist” Simin Du immediately grabbed Rameen Tong’s hand.

“It’s a duck,” sighed Rameen Tong.

“What” Dusyman and Marven Tong stared incredulously.

Jasmine Tong even got involved with a duck.

“I don’t know how my sister was with that guy, anyway, I heard my sister say with my own ears that he was nothing more than a duck, that guy has good skin, I guess there are a lot of rich women who keep it, and he’s quite rich too, but those who are in this line of work must have some relationship with people in the street.”

“This dead girl, I knew she didn’t learn well she is now climbing the duck, mixed up in the road she Marven Tong, look at your good daughter.”

Dusyman roared at Marven Tong.

Marven Tong also slapped his hand angrily, “This dead girl.”

“Okay, Mom, don’t even talk about it, the most important thing right now is to clean up the house, I still have some money there, you can take it to buy some furniture and appliances.”

Dushman sobbed and took Rameen Tong’s hand.

“Marven Tong you open your eyes and look, this is your own daughter that Jasmine Tong is here to collect the debt, she does not make the family to break the family, she does not count her I tell you, you quickly get the shares in the hands of their two siblings back then that dead girl give me a good lesson”

Marven Tong just smoked and didn’t speak.

Albert Ou promised Jasmine Tong that it was time for her to go on a date.

Actually just going out for a meal, Jasmine Tong preferred to stay at home rather than go out alone with Albert Ou, it was too dangerous.

When Albert Ou saw Jasmine Tong coming out of the bedroom, his eyes immediately glared at her!

“Jasmine Tong, you dressed like this on our first date.”

Because of the injury on her foot and the inconvenience of wearing pants, Jasmine Tong has been wearing a random skirt these past few days, a very ordinary cotton skirt, and today is no exception.

Jasmine Tong looked at herself.

“I’m a cripple and I wear the same thing.”

“f*ck off.”

Albert Ou immediately rushed into the checkroom, picked and chose, and took out a blue collegiate set dress.

Jasmine Tong was also right, she had an injury in that foot, and it was all she could do to wear a skirt, so she could take it off and wear it.

“Why don’t you go change it? You want me to change it for you, don’t you?”

“I’ll change, I’ll change, I’ll change.”

You’re the boss. Whatever you say.

Jasmine Tong had to change her clothes and follow Albert Ou to get ready to go out, Yarwen Tong was in the living room.

“Xiaolei, do you want to go out for dinner?”

As she said that, Jasmine Tong gave Yarwen Tong a wink.

Albert Ou didn’t say a word.

Yarwen Tong completely ignored Jasmine Tong’s eye color.

“I’m not going to be a light bulb, brother-in-law, have a good time oh.”


Jasmine Tong looked at her brother tearlessly, she really should call him brother-in-law

What Jasmine Tong didn’t expect was that Albert Ou had brought her to Intense Hawaii.

Hawaiian is the hottest restaurant in Slivestopol during the summer, with Hawaiian-style shows every night, ladies in little grass skirts and strong men singing and dancing in the hallways.

During the summer months, Strong Hawaii’s restaurants locate subs a week in advance, and naturally the prices are outrageous, but the food inside is said to be delicious.

Jasmine Tong originally thought that she had never been to Hawaii anyway, so it would be good to see the strong men and ladies in grass skirts.

However, as soon as I stepped out of the car, I felt a cold wind blowing.

The Strong Hawaii sign is still flashing, but where are the people?

I can’t even see anyone through the wide glass windows.

Where’s the big guy and the lady in the grass skirt?

Albert Ou held Jasmine Tong’s hand and slowly walked into the restaurant, but there was no one there except for a few waiters.

Jasmine Tong was surprised and looked at Albert Ou.

Albert Ou winked at her, “I’ve got it covered, we’re on our first date, so of course we can’t be disturbed.”

The package is down.

Doesn’t he know it’s all about the people here?

Is there a hole in your head?

“Don’t worry about where you want to sit, sit anywhere, no one will be sneaking around here.”

Jasmine Tong pointed to the window seat, “Over there.”

Albert Ou immediately walked over with Jasmine Tong.

The meal was ordered in advance by Albert Ou, and the waiter served it as soon as they arrived.

Jasmine Tong is really speechless, it’s too overbearing to even give a chance to order.

Albert Ou’s phone rang, and he frowned as he looked at the number.

“I’ll get the call.”

I said and left my seat.

Jasmine Tong was bored and drinking juice when she suddenly felt a shadow pass by outside the window.

She was shocked, and when she turned around again, a man was already sitting across from her.

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