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Chapter 178

Since she had just returned, Xu Xingru didn’t have too much work for Jasmine Tong, she was now just preparing to enter the crew in a few days.

At the moment, Jasmine Tong is at home eating fruit and watching TV, enjoying this comfortable little day.

Russel Cheng came over with Lu Wei Ran.

As soon as Jasmine Tong looked up, she saw a girl with a heroic face, with a figure of one and a half meters, and a competent ponytail, looking at this figure, she was definitely a trainer as well.

“Secretary Cheng, what’s going on here?”

“Madam, this is the personal assistant and bodyguard that Mr. Ou has found for you, and she will be responsible for looking after you and protecting you from now on.”

Lu Weiran immediately nodded down towards Jasmine Tong.

“Ma’am, my name is Lu Wei Ran.”

“Oh, sit down, sit down, you don’t have to be so polite.”

“Ma’am, I’ve brought the man, so I’ll be going home.”

“Okay, you’re busy, Secretary Cheng.”

Russel Cheng left.

Jasmine Tong hurriedly greeted Lu Wei Ran, “Sit down, sit down, there’s no need to be so formal.”

Lu Wei Ran sat on the sofa and smiled slightly towards Jasmine Tong.

Originally, I thought that this woman must be a big shelf person to become Albert Ou’s wife, but I never thought that she looked like she had a pure and natural harmless smile, she didn’t seem to have any shelf and was very easy-going.

How did a woman like that manage to get to Albert Ou?

“Your name is Lu Weiran, which Wei ah Rose’s Wei” Jasmine Tong took an orange and handed it to Lu Weiran.

Usually, girls with “Wei” in their names are basically these words.

“Mighty Mighty.”

Jasmine Tong was startled that there would be a girl with this word in her name, it seemed that this girl was not simple.

Lu Wei Ran shrugged his nose, training in the special forces, the sense of smell was also a mandatory course.

“Ma’am, are you taking Chinese medicine?”

“Ah that one, I have a foot injury, that is, I use Chinese medicine to bubble my feet, maybe after soaking for a long time, I also have the smell of Chinese medicine on my body, your nose really works ha.”

Lu Wei Ran pursed his lips and smiled.

“Madam, I know an old herbalist who is very good at healing, why don’t you ask him to prescribe some medicine.”

“That’s not necessary, the old herbalist who gave me the medicine is pretty good too.”

“Oh, I see, then consider me nosy, but I’m afraid this old herbalist I know specializes in gynecology, and I’m not good at this skeletal injury and pain.”

Hearing Lu Weiran say that, Jasmine Tong immediately brightened up.

“You said this old herbalist specializes in gynecology.”

Lu Wei Ran nodded his head.

“Uh that,”

Jasmine Tong immediately moved her buttocks and sat closer to Lu Weiran.

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve been trying to get in shape, my husband and I are ready to have a baby now, but I’m not very well, and I was hospitalized a while ago, and I used a lot of medication, and the doctor slept me with uterine cold, so I need to take care of it.”

Lu Wei Ran subconsciously clenched his fist, but quickly loosened it again.

So this woman’s shrewdness is here, so she can have a child as soon as possible, and even if she is stable as Mrs. Au, she can still get a lot of money by virtue of the child, even if there is an accident in the future.

Good planning.

“Of course this is no problem, that old Chinese medicine practitioner is over seventy years old, many who can’t conceive children go to him to adjust their health.”

“Then how about you introduce me to picking up the day rather than crashing it today, just as I have time.”

There was no pushback from Lu Wei Ran.

The two of them got in the car and went straight to see the old herbalist that Lu Weiran was talking about.

Along the way, Jasmine Tong was chatting with Lu Weiran, looking at the scenery outside from time to time.

Lu Weiran was also puzzled by the fact that his wife would naturally be accompanied by a large group of people when she went out, but apart from the driver, there was no one else around Jasmine Tong.

You’re just gonna let your guard down?

It’s a rare and wonderful opportunity.

If you end her here, then presumably no one will know about it, and then she’ll find a way to justify herself.

A smile appeared on the corner of Lu Wei Ran’s lips.

This woman is a dead woman.

“Are we almost there? “Jasmine Tong took her gaze back from the window.

“Not yet, this old herbalist lives far away, he’s old, he doesn’t like crowds, and he’s found himself a place to stay in the mountains.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is, this kind of high man, usually has a quiet personality.”

Jasmine Tong also said she understood.

As soon as Lu Weiran turned his head, he saw a car following in the rearview mirror, almost 200 meters away from their car!

The car’s license plate number starts with an “O.

All the license plates in Slivestopol start with a Z. Only the cars of the Dark Empire start with an O.

Is it possible that…?

Lu Wei Ran suddenly realized that this car could be responsible for protecting Jasmine Tong, she remembered Russel Cheng said that she could wait until Jasmine Tong entered the crew and then follow Jasmine Tong, in the meantime, there would be someone from Albert Ou in charge of protecting Jasmine Tong.

It turns out that these people aren’t protecting Jasmine Tong overtly, but covertly.

I’m afraid it’s because it’s not comfortable or convenient to follow Jasmine Tong at close range, so I’ve brought in my own bodyguard and assistant, who is responsible for protecting Jasmine Tong at close quarters.

Oh, my God.

It seems Albert Ou is interested in Jasmine Tong.

It was so well laid out.

She had really underestimated Albert Ou, and if that was the case, it would have been hard for her to do it.

“Wiran wiran” Jasmine Tong shouted twice in a row.

Only then did Lu Wei Ran come back to his senses.

“What is it, ma’am?”

“It’s fine, I see you’re in a trance, don’t feel ill.”

“No, the mountain air is nice and so quiet, it’s fascinating to watch.”

“Yeah, I like it too, the city’s so noisy, it’s nice to have some quiet once in a while.”

Lu Wei Ran smiled towards Jasmine Tong.

“Ma’am, I don’t know if I should ask, are you and your husband so young that you’re in such a hurry to have a baby?”

Jasmine Tong looked a little embarrassed.

“My situation is complicated, and I can’t quite explain it to you, but I wanted it in the beginning, but I never got pregnant and was always hurt, and now that he wants it, I’m going to take care of it and get ready to have a healthy baby.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Lu Wei Ran belly slandered, this Albert Ou is so young, he doesn’t even worry about his heir, how could he want children at such a young age.

Jasmine Tong is obviously lying.

Rainbow City

The night was dark, and Albert Ou was a little late coming back because he had a lot going on.

It was already past nine o’clock at night, Albert Ou went straight upstairs and pushed open the bedroom door, but he didn’t see Jasmine Tong.

Where are the people?

Not in the living room, not in the bedroom.

Where did Jasmine Tong go?

He said he was here this afternoon with Lu Wei Ran. Could it be?

Albert Ou had a bad feeling about this.


Albert Ou was out the door, ready to rush out to find Jasmine Tong.

Chapter 179

Just as he was rushing downward with an anxious face.

Jasmine Tong came up with a bowl of medicine.

“What are you doing in such a hurry?”

“Oh all right.”Albert Ou’s heart fell to the ground.

Right after that, Albert Ou smelled an unpleasant scent of the medicine in Jasmine Tong’s hand, even a bit nauseating.

“What’s that in your hand?”

“Chinese medicine.”

Jasmine Tong said as she went into the bedroom, and Albert Ou followed her into the bedroom.

“What kind of herbal medicine isn’t used to soak the feet?”

“This is the bodyguard you found for me, Lu Wei Ran, she took me to an old Chinese doctor who prescribed medicine, that old Chinese doctor specializes in conditioning women’s bodies, he said I don’t have any major problems, but it’s really time to do some conditioning.”

Jasmine Tong blew on the bowl of medicine and puffed on the nauseating smell.

She had a dry spell and almost threw up.

“This smells worse than Chinese medicine for foot baths.”

Jasmine Tong caressed her chest, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold back one of them and throw up all her dinner.

Albert Ou frowned.

“I’ll take care of my body so I can have a healthy baby later, hehe.”Jasmine Tong smirked.

When Albert Ou heard this, his heart thudded.

Jasmine Tong was still thinking about it.

What he feared had happened.

In order to trick Jasmine Tong into having a checkup and to prevent pregnancy, Albert Ou had to talk about having a baby, but after that, he was most worried that Jasmine Tong would think that she wanted to have a baby too, and would make it a priority.

“There’s no rush about having a baby.”

“What’s not anxious ah anxious, don’t have a baby now, wait for me to get well enough to regenerate, don’t you want a baby too?”


Albert Ou was momentarily speechless, and if he said he didn’t want it, then all of what he had said before wouldn’t count.

Albert Ou looked at the bowl of black medicine, coupled with the unpleasant smell.

“Don’t drink it, it smells so bad, throw it away” said Albert Ou, who was about to take the medicine away, and Jasmine Tong immediately held it back.

“Good medicine is bitter, do you know that the worse it smells, the more bitter it is, that means it’s good? Besides, it’s me who drinks it, not you.”

Jasmine Tong saw that most of the medicine was already cold, sniffed it, and felt like throwing up again.

She held her nose, took the medicine, and gulped a clean drink.

I just finished my drink, and then I threw up again and rushed to the bathroom.

Albert Ou sighed silently and went downstairs, and when he returned, Jasmine Tong came out of the bathroom as well.

“Here.”Albert Ou spread his palm with a piece of sugar in his hand.

Jasmine Tong picked it up and immediately stuffed it into her mouth.

“This drug kills too much” as the sugar cube slowly melted in my mouth, which squashed the sickening taste.

Jasmine Tong had finally slowed down.

“By the way, I’m going to be on the set soon, do you have a place in that hospital where you can decoct all the medicine and make it into a sealed pouch”

“There, what are you doing?”

“I can’t decoct the medicine when I’m on the set, so I decocted it ahead of time and brought it to the set, even though that doesn’t work very well.”

“You’re really going to drink this all the time” Albert Ou was very surprised.

“What do you say this traditional Chinese medicine is slowly conditioning the body, take a serving of medicine has what use ah will have to eat for a long time, I’ll take a look for a while, it’s not early, sleep.”

That night, they still did what they had to do, and Albert Ou only had to take Jasmine Tong once, and Jasmine Tong went to sleep.

Albert Ou, however, tossed and turned and never slept.

He gently stroked Jasmine Tong’s face, thinking.

She still wants a child, and the desire is stronger and more powerful now than it was before.

She wouldn’t even hesitate to drink such bitter medicine, and even brought it to the set, showing how much she wanted to get well and have a child sooner.

Maybe John was right.

Long pain is better than short pain.

Since he couldn’t give Jasmine Tong a child, it was better to let go early.

This night, he stayed up all night.

I got up very early in the morning, sat in the living room, and called Aunt Fanny over.

“Go and get me a copy of the medicine the wife brought back yesterday.”


Aunt Fang immediately placed a medicine bag in Albert Ou’s hand.

“Don’t tell the missus.”

Albert Ou took the medicine and left, driving alone to the Z.Y. hospital and giving it to a herbalist.

In fact, Albert Ou was wary of Lu Weiran, no matter how clean the man’s profile was, he didn’t trust anyone without contact.

“Mr. Ou, there is no problem with this medicine, it is indeed used for conditioning a woman’s body, this prescription of several medicines is equipped with just the right amount of medicine, very mild, and is beneficial to the wife.”

“Okay, I got it.”

That said, he was relieved.


The movie is about to enter its final stage, and it is about to finalize the movie of Yan Ke, so Rameen has not taken any other movie.

She is now in an upward phase of her career, so naturally she can’t stop filming and has to come out one piece at a time to keep the heat on.

But there’s no news about Yanke.

She got a little anxious and immediately called Rochen over.

In front of Rameen Tong, Rochen made a call to Yan Ke.

It wasn’t Yanke himself who answered the phone, but Yanke’s assistant.

As soon as the assistant answered the phone, Rochen was even more unhappy, this Yan Ke inevitably too big card, not even answer the phone

“I’m asking you, Yan Ke’s part of the film female number one in the end has been chosen or not our Rameen is now a top-tier actress, looking for her to film a lot of people don’t always so delayed.”

Rameen Tong also craned her neck to reveal a look of contempt when she heard this.

That’s right, this film, Artsin International invested $80 million, they should be following her like a lapdog.

“Oh, you’re Rameen Tong’s agent,”

The other side was not slow to speak.

“Since Rameen Tong is so busy, it’s weird that we’re not bothering, right?”

“What do you mean?” snapped Rochen.

“I’m not going to lie to you, Director Yan has already booked a female director for this film.”

“Set who I’ll tell you, but think carefully, look at the entertainment industry, which starlet’s popularity can now compare to our Rameen, not to mention the new international art but invested eighty million.”

If you don’t choose Rameen Tong, then I’m afraid the 80 million investment will have to be withdrawn.

“It’s indeed set, it’s Director Yan’s imperial female number one, Miss Jasmine Tong, as for the investment of Artsin International, your company will also look at it, it doesn’t matter on our side.”

Afterwards, the other person hung up the phone.

“Who is the number one woman” Rameen Tong stood up, the expression on her face had gone from arrogant to now angry.

“Tong Tong Littleman.”Rochen was also very shocked.

“Jasmine Tong,”

Chapter 180

Hearing Jasmine Tong’s name, Rameen Tong’s face was ashen.

“She’s not even dead yet.”

Rameen Tong angrily clenched her teeth together.

“Rameen, what are you talking about ah Jasmine Tong well, how could she die”

It’s not like Rochen knew about the things Rameen Tong did.

Rameen Tong turned her head to the side.

“Nothing, just upset with her.”

Rameen Tong’s body shook violently from anger, and she clenched her fists, her veins bulging.

I can’t believe she’s not dead.

I can’t believe she’s still alive.

What’s worse is that she’s unharmed, otherwise why would she still be filming?

Jasmine Tong, why are you always against me? Why do you have to rob me for everything?

You stole her man, and now you’re stealing her woman.

“Rameen, you don’t feel too sad, this Yan Ke is a dead brain, put 80 million of the investment don’t I went to talk to the company later, to withdraw this 80 million back Also, the role of things, it’s not just him a famous director, I’ll give you contact.”

“Yes, Minister, please.”

Roshen left after comforting Rameen Tong with two sentences.

As soon as he left, Rameen Tong made a phone call.

“I want an explanation of how Jasmine Tong not only didn’t die, but was unharmed how you do things take money and don’t do anything, that’s the rules of the Shisha camp.”

The other side was also confused.

“I’ll tell you what, be careful what I sue you for, but you’re taking my money.”

“Haha, Miss Tong, then you can go ahead and sue.”The other side just hung up.

Rameen Tong continued to call, and the other party stopped answering.

This kind of thing, there is no way to reason, is itself illegal, Rameen Tong naturally is also mute, there is a bitterness and hard to say.

The company is still very easy to get along with, after all, he is a gold medal agent, and now with Rameen Tong, in the new international art and culture naturally speak, even the various departments of the senior management can not help but give him a few points of face.

Yixin International immediately withdrew its $80 million investment after hearing Rochen’s words.

It’s just that ESI will end up regretting it to the bone.

After all, Yan Ke is eccentric and has offended many investors, so it would be difficult for him to attract investment.

However, after this side announced its withdrawal, Yanke’s side didn’t even move at all.

Yan Ke is the director who dislikes being kidnapped by capital the most, and the sound of blossoming flowers was made by his own money, so the 2.6 billion box office also made him a lot of money, and pitching a new movie, his own money is basically just about enough.

In addition, the sound of the blossoming of the box office is so high, Yan Ke is not the same as it was in the past, want to give him investment in many people, it also depends on his face, to accept this investment or not.

It was only after we asked around that we found out that when Eason International withdrew its investment, Yan Ke announced that Jasmine Tong was the first female actress, and Star International immediately invested $80 million.

He’s got the wrong plan this time.

“I don’t believe he can still sell every single movie. The higher he stands, the worse he falls, let the Star King’s money drift away.”

Rochen said with righteous indignation.

In fact, it’s in line with the law in the film industry that generally, a director who makes a movie that’s a big hit will almost never make another movie in a short period of time.

Because this movie is a big hit, the audience’s expectations for the next movie will be high, which will lead to the next movie even if it is made at the same level as this movie, the audience will find it tasteless, and if it doesn’t meet the audience’s expectations, then their own sign is considered smashed.

The average director will naturally settle down for a while and have a better script before moving on.

But Yim Ke is the opposite, announcing the start of his next film so soon, and everyone thinks he must be crazy for wanting to make money.

Rochen would just sit back and watch their jokes.

July flowers

The Albert Ou in the private room was pale, with a pair of glazed blue eyes that were dark and unfathomable.

He sat on the couch, shaking the tall glass in his hand.

John Quan felt the oppressive atmosphere in this private room as soon as he entered it.

Taking another look at that lord, he quickly put away his playful grin, coughed, and sat on Albert Ou’s side.

“What’s up? Had a fight with Mandy?”

“No.”Albert Ou’s lips were thin, and the word came out of his mouth.

John scratched his head. Do we have to squeeze one question at a time like toothpaste?

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you like this, I’m scared.”

This baby’s little heart.

“Mann still wants to have a baby, she’s more desperate to have a baby now than ever.”

Albert Ou’s voice was dark and husky, like it came from hell.

John Quan shook his head.

“What did I say, it was inevitable, again you suspected that she hadn’t been pregnant, had her checked out, and used the fear of problems with the baby she gave birth to as a reason for birth control, she must have thought you wanted to have a baby now too, her desire to have a baby was certainly stronger”

It’s a given.

Albert Ou didn’t make a sound.

“If you’re going to do what I say, just hurry up and break it off before you’re fully in and Mandy’s feelings for you aren’t that deep, long term pain.”


Hearing this “hmm”, John Quan was suddenly dumbfounded

Actually, he was just saying that casually, he knew that Albert Ou was a stubborn person who wouldn’t break it off easily, and besides, he had a hard time falling in love with someone.

“You, you, you really have decided.”

“It’s decided.”Albert Ou said slowly.

“Divorce Mandy.”

“Yes, but, not now.”

“That’s certainly not going to be a divorce all at once, and Manny won’t be able to accept it, it’s going to have to be slow.”

Albert Ou didn’t say anything, his feelings were very complicated, knowing how hard it was for him to make this decision

If they’re just an open couple, that’s fine.

But he fell in love with her.

Jasmine Tong was such a nice girl again, and had suffered since childhood, he really didn’t want Jasmine Tong to endure such torment.

Moreover, if one day Jasmine Tong knew his identity, the consequences would be even worse.

Or not.

The countdown has begun for Jasmine Tong’s entry into the cast and in two days’ time, she will be following the crew to shoot a new movie.

When she was about to prepare dinner in the afternoon, she still sent a message to Albert Ou.

“What would you like to eat tonight?”

All this time, she’s been running the kitchen at home.

It was a long time before Albert Ou’s message came back.

“Something’s come up tonight, so I’m not going back to eat.”

Jasmine Tong was somewhat disappointed when she saw the words on the screen.

“Not coming back for dinner again.”

It’s been three days, and Albert Ou hasn’t come back for dinner, and he comes back late at night.

Are you that busy?

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