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Chapter 187

When she saw that familiar face, Jasmine Tong also had no tears to cry.

“Hello, dear Manny. Surprised? Surprised?”

Mo Yiang’s face still wore his characteristic smile, a bad-ass smile

“How come it’s you again? Can you avoid me a little bit? How come I can see you in every crew?”

Tong’s accusations made the staff there laugh.

“Hey, you Jasmine Tong, red is throwing the little master behind your head isn’t it.”

The two of them had another battle of words.

Since this movie is about a journey, it’s inevitable that you’ll meet all sorts of people on the journey, because, Yanke has asked many people to come in for cameo roles.

Mo Yi-Ang plays the second son of a wealthy man, which is called, in everyone’s words, the landlord’s stupid son.

In a few words, Bian Long and Shen Man swindled a million dollars from this landlord’s foolish son.

However, Mo Yiang’s role was only three scenes and was filmed in half a day.

Closing up for the afternoon, Mo Yiang patted Jasmine Tong’s shoulder.

Instead, it was Jasmine Tong who opened her mouth first.

“Silly son of a landlord, have you plans for the evening and two glasses to go?”

“Well, I happen to have a bit of personal business with you, but would you mind not calling me the landlord’s foolish son.”

Mo Yiang bounced on Jasmine Tong’s head

“I won’t call you a foolish son of a landlord anymore, a foolish son of a landlord.”

“Hey good you Tong Koman you’d better call me Black Earth.”

“That’s what you said yourself, and don’t be upset if I call you Black Earth again from now on.”

It just so happened that there was no drama for Jasmine Tong in the evening, so the two of them bought a few dishes and bottles of beer directly from the hotel where Jasmine Tong was staying.

Before the food was eaten and the words were spoken, Jasmine Tong picked up a bottle of beer and gulped it into her stomach.

“I know you’re a huge amount, but can you not be so cruel ah I’m so ashamed, I can not drink a woman.”

Mo Yiang is not a very good drinker, so he will easily control it.

Tonto wiped the corner of his mouth and poked the empty bottle on the table.

“When have you ever had any pride in drinking with me?”


Jasmine Tong was telling the truth, and Mo Yiang would not refute it.

“Say, didn’t you find me for a personal matter” Jasmine Tong picked up her chopsticks and started eating.

“Let me tell you, guess who I saw that night” Mo Yiang mysteriously leaned closer to Jasmine Tong.

“How the hell do I know who you saw, can you talk without talking like you’re squeezing toothpaste, if you want to talk, you can talk, if you don’t want to pull it off.”

“Hey you talk today how so rash ah eat gunpowder it you.”

Jasmine Tong had been adjusting her state for the past few days, and it was hard to find a breakthrough in her emotions, but when she ran into Mo Yiang today, she could finally relax and didn’t suppress her emotions.

“All right, all right, I owe you, Auntie, all right I’ll tell you, the day it rained heavily, I saw my little uncle in front of Chin’s house when it was raining heavily.”

Jasmine Tong’s face fell and she continued to eat her food again, not moving.

Mo Yiang could also see that she didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

“When Qin turned around and k!ssed my little uncle, though, it was Qin who took the initiative ah, my little uncle definitely didn’t respond.”

Mo Yiang didn’t know why he had to speak up for his youngest uncle, but the truth just leaked out.

“And then what,”

“And then you ask and then I tell you, be careful not to get so close to Qin Liyuan, she’s trying to pry you out of your corner”

Jasmine Tong laughed coldly.

Mo Yiang didn’t know what was wrong with Jasmine Tong.

“I say, Mandy, you wouldn’t know about this,”

“Would you believe me if I told you that that night, your little uncle was the one who picked up the unexpected sister in front of me?”

“f*ck isn’t it raining heavily down your brain water in front of you, why don’t you rush up ah” Mo Yiang directly slammed his chopsticks on the table, and even jerked his sleeve.

“What am I going up there for?”

“Nonsense that is your husband you are the big house don’t care what relationship they two were before, you and my little uncle is the husband and wife recognized by the law you should just rush up and tell Qin Yanyan, you are the big house she f*cking is a third child.”

Mo Yiang spoke vehemently, as if he had been made a third child.

Jasmine Tong just laughed bitterly and opened another bottle of beer, taking a few sips.

“And then your uncle and I had a fight, a terrible fight, and you know what he came back and said?”

Jasmine Tong’s tears fell down, seeing Jasmine Tong’s tears, Mo Yiang was a bit overwhelmed.

“He said that he and suddenly sister have been friends for many years, I can’t let him even see his friends, even his secretary told me that for a man like him, it’s normal to have three or five confidantes, as his wife, I should understand I understand what the hell ah me”

Mo Yiang drew a few tissues and shoved them into Jasmine Tong’s hands.

Jasmine Tong picked up another bottle of beer and went straight down.

“So what did you say to him?”

“He asked me if I ever loved him, and I was angry that day, so I said I never loved him, and the reason I was with him was because of Lei, and he was particularly angry, and then he left, and we haven’t talked to each other since.”

Mo Yiang slapped his thigh.

“My brother-in-law must be furious.”

Jasmine Tong wiped her tears and looked at Mo Yiang.

“Little Man, my little uncle has been a particularly possessive man since he was a child, even if he hasn’t loved you, you are his nominal wife, you must love him, moreover, he has confessed to you, and you still say you don’t love him, he must be furious.”

Jasmine Tong sighed silently.

“I don’t love him.”

Mo Yiang shook his head.

“It’s not that you don’t love him, you’re afraid to love him.”

Mo Yiang’s words were like a poke at Jasmine Tong’s soft spot.

“Manny, do you admit that you are actually afraid to love my little uncle, let alone admit that you love him, and that you are even avoiding the relationship.”


“Those five years with Ellen Ron wore out all the confidence in your bones, so when you met my youngest uncle, you didn’t feel worthy of him, so you didn’t dare to love him.”

Yes, Mo Yiang is right, Jasmine Tong is still a girl with an inferiority complex at heart.

In those five years with Ellen Ron, Jasmine Tong’s confidence was all worn out.

In the officer’s house, she was said to be an uneducated girl, impolite, small, unattractive, rustic

Even Ellen Ron said, “You can’t be famous in the entertainment industry, you can’t be famous, you can’t stand on your feet, you can’t even eat.

She had nothing, nothing to do, nothing to say.

“Mandy, be a little more confident, will you?”

Chapter 188

Seeing Jasmine Tong’s humble appearance, Mo Yiang was really anxious in his heart.

“Confidence who am I to talk about confidence.”

Jasmine Tong smiled bitterly, from the moment her mother died, she had nothing, and every step she took was with trepidation.

So, where does she talk about confidence?

When she was a little girl cheerleading, she didn’t really like cheerleading, but because if she tried, she could get applause and trophies and praise from her teachers.

She liked nothing more than the approval of others.

“How unqualified director Yan Ke why repeatedly use you as a female number three why you were nominated for best supporting actress why Blossom has 2.6 billion at the box office.”

Mo Yiang snapped his fingers and counted Jasmine Tong’s great accomplishments.

But some people are humble enough to be in the dirt, and it’s not just a few words that can pull her up.

“I’m telling you, Manny, don’t listen to that bastard Ellen Ron, there are never any standards in the entertainment industry, no one can say who will be popular and who won’t, you have acting skills, you’re not afraid of not being popular, understand what I mean?”

Jasmine Tong raised her eyes to Mo Yiang, who was rarely this serious.

Mo Yiang said so much, Jasmine Tong also seemed to be touched, but she still didn’t say anything, and Mo Yiang had run out of words and sighed.

“If I were you, ah, when I saw Qin Liyuan and my youngest uncle together, I damn straight over and directly reward her with a slap for daring to seduce my husband, whoever you are.”

“But, that’s suddenly suddenly sister.”

Jasmine Tong dropped her head.

Who was bad, but Qin Yianran.

When Qin turned out to be the queen of the circle, she happened to have a position in the circle by her own efforts little by little, she was beautiful, generous, educated, and had the temperament.

And, she helped her so much.

“Yes and so what she is going to steal your husband you are the big house ah, Jasmine Tong you figure out the big house fighting Xiao San Er only, you will always be the one to be embraced.”

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and smiled, she still had no bottom.

She held her hands to her cheeks and pouted.

“Black Earth, you know after my fight with him, I had that question in my head that he asked me, did I ever love him I guess I felt that way about him.”

“By what do you call having a little feeling to the point where you’re still talking about it, if that’s all you felt for him, you wouldn’t be beating yourself up like that and asking me for a drink.”

Mo Yiang picked up his chopsticks and took a few bites of food, feeling suffocated.

Jasmine Tong blinked a few times as she watched Mo Yiang.

Did she really love him?

“But, Manny, I’ll give you a good shot, that guy my little uncle is so weird, he’s shifty, he likes you today, he might forget you tomorrow, you have to be prepared.”

Jasmine Tong shook her head, “Okay, okay, stop it, I’m bored, drink, drink”

Saying that, Jasmine Tong picked up the bottle of wine and touched Mo Yiang’s bottle, taking a few sips of wine.

“Manny, just don’t think about anything, make a good movie, and then go home and have a nice chat with my little uncle, or at worst, confess your feelings to him.”

“A girl confesses,”

“Then what’s wrong with people to live with a bit of pizzazz, love to love completely, hate to hate absolutely, be confident, you’re not bad at all.”

That night, Mo Yiang and Jasmine Tong drank for a long time, and Mo Yiang got drunk in no time.

Jasmine Tong couldn’t do anything with him, so she had to let him deal with it here all night.

But this entire night, Jasmine Tong could not sleep, Mo Yiang’s words kept echoing in her ears.

Jasmine Tong, it’s not that you don’t love, you’re afraid to love.

Yes, she did dare not love, she had nothing to lose and a brother who would leave her at some point, what right did she have to love?

The next day, Jasmine Tong left a note for Mo Yiang and went to the set to shoot a scene.

Mo Yiang slept until midday and saw the note Jasmine Tong left for him.

“I’m off to shoot, I got you some yogurt, get up later and drink it, your stomach will feel better, remember to lock the door for me.”

Mo Yiang patted himself on the head and drank the yogurt when he saw it on the table.

Before leaving, he sent a WeChat to Jasmine Tong.

And it was in the afternoon that Jasmine Tong had the accident.

Jasmine Tong and Xing Chaoyang will be filming on the street today, and there will be people filming on the street, which will naturally cause quite a few onlookers, and the film crew has also cleared the scene to avoid any accidents.

But halfway through the shoot, a slight woman, shaking a cross-cheeked face, rushed in.

At the time, no one was paying attention, after all, everyone was focused on the actors.

The woman rushed straight in, grabbed Jasmine Tong by the hair, and smacked Jasmine Tong’s face with several slaps left and right.

Jasmine Tong was feeling starry-eyed.

As Jasmine Tong’s assistant and bodyguard, Lu Wei Ran naturally needed to protect Jasmine Tong, but she hid when she saw such a situation.

Let’s see what happens first.

“Stinky shameless you dead bitch bitch actually dare to seduce my husband see I don’t pick you up today.”

The woman with a face full of cross flesh had a strong frame, and compared to her, Jasmine Tong was as thin and frail as a chicklet.

No one had any idea what was going on at the time.

“Let me tell you, this woman is the one who seduced my husband, do you know who my husband is, Emerging’s husband, Chai Hongxing.”

Yan Ke’s reaction was quite fast, he immediately greeted the security over, but, after all, it was a woman who was facing, so it was not good for everyone to do anything.

“Don’t you move you’re aiding and abetting if you stop me, I’m going to tear this bad woman apart in front of you.”

The woman forked her waist, still holding Jasmine Tong’s hair in her hand.

Jasmine Tong couldn’t move at all in pain, knowing that hair is a woman’s greatest weakness.

At this time, it was still Xing Zhaoyang who came forward.

“This lady has something to say. Don’t do anything. If you do, we’ll call the police.”

“If you want to call the police, go ahead. I’ll take care of her anyway. She’s a mistress.”

When Xing Chaoyang saw this, he immediately went forward and directly squeezed the woman’s wrist, his strength was so great that the woman ate the pain and immediately released her hand.

It was only then that Jasmine Tong was freed.

The fat woman squeezed her sore wrist.

“You don’t want this stinky little San’er could this be your lover’s again, I’m afraid you’re going to be sleeping with this body.”

The woman pointed at Jasmine Tong’s nose and yelled at her.

“You don’t talk nonsense what Xinxing I don’t even know your husband” Jasmine Tong’s mouth dripped blood.

“Fine, let’s theorize today and ask everyone to weigh in.”

The woman looked like she was righteous.

Chapter 189

I don’t know where a bunch of people suddenly jumped out of nowhere, and one by one they all started taking cell phones to record videos and take pictures.

Also, just then, the media arrived.

Because this is a public shoot today, Yan Ke also respects the meaning of the publicity team, and asked them to contact some mainstream media to conduct an interview on the set, as well as to build momentum for the film.

The media arrived just in time to see the scene.

“I’m asking you, Jasmine Tong, where were you between August 11th and the end of August” the woman forked her waist in a questioning tone.

Jasmine Tong recalled carefully, that time should have been when she finished filming the dumping of the city

At the Vault Mountains, she was injured and spent a long time recuperating at home.

It shouldn’t be wrong.

“Can’t answer that, let me tell you, you and my husband Chai Hongxing went on vacation to the Maldives.”

Jasmine Tong just thinks it’s ridiculous.

“I ask you again, where were you from the end of September to the end of October.”

Naturally, she knew this well, because just a short time ago, the sound of blossoming flowers was released in early October for a short holiday, and she had been in the hospital and then at home recuperating after that beating.

“Let me answer you, Jasmine Tong you were pregnant with my husband’s child and wanted to use this child to force my husband to divorce me, what I didn’t expect was that my husband would go bankrupt, you went straight to the hospital to abort the child and recuperated at home for a month.”

Oh, God.

What the hell is this?

The media at the scene were snapping photos, and the amount of information was a blast!

Jasmine Tong not only seduced Xinxing’s CEO, but also conceived a child to force her to go bankrupt, so she just aborted the child.

“Don’t you dare talk nonsense.”

“I’m not bullsh!t, you know best Jasmine Tong, you shameless woman broken shoes stinking bitch I’ll skin you today.”

The fat woman was ready to run up again, and security stopped her just in time.

Yan Ke saw the situation and immediately asked the staff to leave with Jasmine Tong.

The media wouldn’t want to miss the good news.

“Jasmine Tong, is it true what that lady just said about you and Xinxing’s husband or not having an illicit relationship?”

“Did you really abort a child for him?”

“Mandy, can you explain?”

Xu Xingru had instructed Jasmine Tong a thousand times to keep quiet if there was any unexpected situation.

So Jasmine Tong didn’t say a word, at this time, Lu Weiran appeared beside Jasmine Tong and took Jasmine Tong to the car and left.

The media hurriedly drove up to catch up, and the driver circled several blocks before finally dropping Jasmine Tong back into the hotel.

Lu Weiran finds ice for Jasmine Tong’s face.

“Mandy, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know this was going to happen, I was going to the bathroom and when I came back”

“It doesn’t bother you, you don’t have to blame yourself, I didn’t think of it.”

After a while, Yanke called.

“Mandy, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, director, I’m so sorry, because I”

“Don’t be sorry, you take a break, we’re not filming today, the media is a bit of a mess over here, it was hard to clear the scene.”

Yanke instructed a few words and hung up.

However, Jasmine Tong felt very strange, what is this all about?

She doesn’t know any of the new companies or Chai Hong Xing!

The woman’s hand was so strong that Jasmine Tong only felt her face hurt at the moment, and it quickly swelled up very high.

After something like this happened, Jasmine Tong wanted to report it to Xu Xingru, but she couldn’t get through to Xu Xingru on the phone.

This is anxious for Jasmine Tong.

Just as she’s about to leave for the office, she finds the building is full of reporters.

Oh, sh!t.

Her hotel was also leaked.

This time, she would not be able to contact Xu Xingru.

It wasn’t until the evening that Jasmine Tong got through to Xu Xingru and briefly stated what had happened, but it was already very late at that time, and Xu Xingru had no choice.

The next day, the news was overwhelming.

“Jasmine Tong’s third son took over the throne and had an abortion when he failed to do so.”

“2.6 billion new flower, slapped on the set by a big house.”

“Jasmine Tong is a scheming woman, her boss went bankrupt and had an abortion immediately.”

All news headlines are of this type.

When the media folks went back, they naturally didn’t write the news easily, but inquired about the date the fat woman had said.

Someone has found out that the fat woman said that between August 11 and the end of the month, Tong has indeed not made any public appearances, and someone else has found a vague airline ticket with Tong’s name on it, with the destination being the Maldives.

It has also been checked that Tong did not make any public appearances between the end of September and the end of October, except for promoting the movie on Weibo.

As for what the fat woman said about abortion, a month is indeed the amount of time a woman needs to recuperate from an abortion

The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea for me to get some money for my own business,” he said.

What’s even more unbelievable is that there were many programs that invited Jasmine Tong and all of them were rejected.

From the point of time, the fat woman’s words match perfectly, so everyone’s news is all kinds of sitting on the charge that Jasmine Tong seduced a married woman.

Also, there was a media investigation into Emerging, a real estate company that had some investments in the two films Tong made, a company that declared bankruptcy not long ago due to poor management.

And the timing is perfect.

On the Internet, all sorts of criticism of Jasmine Tong began.

He scolded Jasmine Tong very badly

Since there were always reporters near the hotel, Xu Xingru couldn’t come over and could only communicate with Jasmine Tong on the phone.

“Mandy, you have to tell me right now what the hell you were doing at the two points in time the other guy said you were doing, or I can’t help you.”

“Sister Starru, the first time, I was at home recovering from a foot injury on the mountain, so, the second time, I was actually beaten up.”

“Beaten up,”

“I was taken away by a cab and knocked unconscious by them, and have been hospitalized ever since. The reason why Mr. Quan’s side didn’t arrange for work, and didn’t announce it to the public was because it was too strange to get strong evidence, so I had to do it first.”

“So that’s how it is, it seems that the other party came prepared, they obviously calculated everything, they didn’t dare to say anything even though they knew you were in trouble, and they also rushed to make trouble on the day that the film crew had an appointment with the media”

Jasmine Tong also guessed that it was too coincidental, someone must have deliberately set her up.

“So what do we do now?”

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