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Chapter 214

The speaker is Sun Yu Ying, who everyone knows is the strongest contender for the Silver Elephant Award, and after all, she is only one trophy away from it.

This time, the media is also predicting that Sun Yu Ying will win the trophy.

In front of Sun Yu Ying, not to mention Jasmine Tong, even Qin Liyuan was a junior.

The first time she met so many curios and went head to head with them, Jasmine Tong naturally didn’t know how to respond.

Qin turned around and immediately walked up to it.

“Sister Yu Ying, although we juniors are not as easily nominated as our predecessors, but since we have been nominated, we naturally want to win awards, and as the saying goes, an actor who doesn’t want to win an award isn’t a good actor.”

Qin turned out to be generous and graceful in his response.

These words neither offended Sun Yu Ying nor complimented him.

Sun Yu Ying was also out of temper.

“You have to be able to do that even if you want to win awards.”Sun Yu Ying left after one glance at Jasmine Tong.

Sun Yu Ying is also a bit of a wimp this time around, she’s dug in to win the slam and has been polishing her work all last year, all other stops.

This time, she was finally nominated, but when you look at the nominees with her again, all of them are juniors except Ran Bing who is still comparable to her.

Even Rameen Tong and Jasmine Tong are new this year.

How could she not be angry?

Jasmine Tong cast an appreciative glance at Qin Tianran.

“Thank you, Miss Turnipseed.”

“You’re welcome, Manny, I was also negligent just now and didn’t notice that Sun Yu Ying was over here.”

When Qin turned around and smiled slightly, he was also apologetic.

Jasmine Tong shook her head, “I’ve seen a lot.”

“Manny, you guys talk first, I’m going to go to the bathroom.”After saying that, Qin turned around and left first.

As soon as Qin turned this way, a voice came over.

“Hello, darlings, here I come.”

I saw John walking over in a well-cut gold suit.

This outfit is going to blow people’s minds.

He’s golden, and he’s blinking all the time. He’s the most handsome boss, but he’s the s|uttiest boss.

Since taking over Star King International and also announcing that Star King International is officially part of the Dark Empire, John Quan has attracted a lot of returning stars.

Moreover, John Quan also poached many people from other companies over, and even more vigorously cultivated newcomers, investing in films and TV dramas are also all getting good returns.

This time, Star King International’s artists received quite a few nominations, and it’s understandable that John, as the president, came to sit in on his own artists.

Because the artistes’ rest areas were all separated, and Sun Yu Ying had just been merely passing by, there wasn’t much of a crowd right now.

Right after John Quan’s words, Jasmine Tong saw a familiar figure from behind him

Eugenio Albert Ou

I can’t believe he’s here.

The moment she saw Albert Ou, Jasmine Tong also stared, shocked.

She was going to send him a message later, telling him to come home tonight, but who knew she’d see him directly here?

What is this man doing here?

Last time at the award ceremony, it was John who announced that Star King International had been acquired by the dark empire.

This man isn’t going to come out in public and announce that he’s his wife, is he?

Albert Ou is wearing a formal suit, which is not even remotely more understated than John’s s|utty gold.

After all, he’s never shown his face publicly.

Jasmine Tong sees Albert Ou and pulls him into a corner at once.

She doesn’t want him to go public.

Albert Ou slowly shook off Jasmine Tong’s hand.

“Just talk and talk, what’s all the pulling about?”

Jasmine Tong looked around in panic, but fortunately, no one was there.

“What are you doing here?”

The corners of Albert Ou’s mouth turned up evilly, and he smoothly pulled out a cigarette from his pocket.

“What do you think I’m doing here?”

Looking at the way Albert Ou held the cigarette in his mouth, Jasmine Tong was very unhappy.

I didn’t see him smoke much before. Why is he so addicted to it now?

Albert Ou aimed a glance at Jasmine Tong.

“You don’t think I’m here for you today,”

Jasmine Tong opened her mouth, stunned and unable to say anything.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Albert Ou suddenly laughed, and that laugh was full of sarcasm.

“Jasmine Tong, you’re really making a fool of yourself, did I appear just for you”

“What the hell are you doing here? I thought you never showed up in public.”

Albert Ou snickered.

“I can show my face if I want to, I can’t show my face if I want to, how come you’re now in charge of me as Mrs. O.”

“I didn’t,” Tong turned her face away.

Who is she to tell him what to do?

“Don’t worry, I didn’t come here for you.”

Not far away came Qin’s unexpected voice.

Albert Ou puffed on two puffs of smoke.

“Here comes the man, I’m leaving.”

Albert Ou twisted his cigarette out on top of the trash can and walked straight out.

Jasmine Tong seemed to hear the sound of a broken heart at that moment.

Why was it that she couldn’t understand this man more and more when she was trying to let him know what was on her mind?

Is she really thinking wrong?

The moment Qin turned around and saw Albert Ou, he was also extremely shocked.


She immediately covered her mouth and lowered her voice subconsciously.

“What are you doing here?”

“Why can’t I be here?” retorted Albert Ou, not too close to Chin suddenly, but not that distant either.

Qin suddenly turns around and is surprised and delighted at Albert Ou’s appearance.

He must have come here today to show his support.

Qin Liyuan immediately took Albert Ou to sit in the rest area.

Jasmine Tong took a deep breath, and that’s how she came out.

Mo Yiang immediately came over.

“Mandy, what’s going on?”

Jasmine Tong shook her head in dismay.

“Oh sh!t I thought you had confessed, my little uncle came over to announce his identity scared me to death.”

See Jasmine Tong’s expression was somewhat downcast.

Mo Yiang shifted his tone at once.

“What’s the matter you haven’t confessed yet?”

Jasmine Tong nodded, “I had written him a letter today and then told him to be sure to come home tonight, but who knew he’d show up here before I even sent this message.”

Mo Yiang and Jasmine Tong were discussing what kind of routine Albert Ou was doing this when they heard Qin Yangyan’s voice.

“Mandy, come over here and I’ll introduce you.”

Mo Yiang and Jasmine Tong looked at each other for a moment

What the hell?

She is Albert Ou’s wife, do you need Qin Yangyan to introduce her?

When Albert Ou saw how enthusiastic Qin turned out to be, he couldn’t shrug it off and pretended to be idle as he looked through his phone.

Qin turned around and walked up to Jasmine Tong.

“Come on, Mandy, I’ll introduce you.”

Saying that, Qin turned around and pulled Jasmine Tong to Albert Ou’s side.

Chapter 215

Mo Yiang looked at the scene in front of him, there is probably nothing more awkward in this world than this scene, right?

The third child introduced the husband of the rightful wife to the rightful wife.

Mo Yiang couldn’t help much and could only watch the fun from the sidelines.

Jasmine Tong was also feeling very embarrassed, at this time she was pretending that she didn’t know Albert Ou or

“Asawa, let me introduce you, this is Jasmine Tong, the artist from our company that I’ve often told you about, she made the cookies and chocolate brownies that I brought you last time.”

I’m not sure what the reason is, but I’m open and generous.

Albert Ou cocked his legs and aimed a cross-eyed glance at Jasmine Tong.

“Mandy, this is Albert Ou of the Dark Empire, and the owner of our Star Emperor International.”

Jasmine Tong laughed awkwardly.

Although Albert Ou also pretended not to know himself, and to avoid embarrassment from Chin’s sudden turn of events, then it was fine to pretend not to know.

She held out her hand, respectfully.

“Hello Ou.”

Hearing this “Mr. Ou”, Ou Zeno snorted coldly.

“It’s just as well.”

This sarcastic voice made Qin Qianlian and Jasmine Tong feel a little bit unable to hang on to their faces.

“The food tastes awful and the people look so ugly, no wonder the Star Emperor was on the verge of bankruptcy before, with artists like that under his hands.”

These words even more made Qin turned out to be unable to get off the stage.

Jasmine Tong’s face is also a white piece of red, this man is so demeaning to her.

Jasmine Tong was the successor chosen by Qin Jianliang himself, but she didn’t expect to get such an evaluation from Albert Ou.

“Zee, have you looked closely? Manny is not ugly and Manny is a great actor.”

Qin turned around hastily to round things up.

“Good acting huh, I really didn’t see that coming.”

Albert Ou continued to look down at his phone.

Jasmine Tong is even more hateful, this man

“Um Mandy, I’m really sorry, Mr. Ou might not be in a good mood today, otherwise you and Yiang go over there and do it, I’ll talk to him.”

When Qin turns around, she is hoping that Jasmine Tong will be favored by Albert Ou, and she is interested in promoting Jasmine Tong.

But who knew it would be like this?

Jasmine Tong pursed her lips and smiled a very far-fetched smile.

“Mr. Ou, I’ll leave you alone then.”

After saying that, Jasmine Tong turned to the other side and found a seat off to the side.

Mo Yiang’s ass followed.

“I go what the hell I just thought you guys could still fight, I didn’t think you could coexist peacefully”

Jasmine Tong glared at Mo Yiang.

“You’ll feel better if we fight.”

“The third child, the main family, and a husband, can these three be together and not fight, you three are simply odd.”

Mo Yiang really really opened his eyes as well.

“I said Manny, just tell Qin Liyuan straight out, what can you do if you marry my little uncle”

Jasmine Tong sighed silently.

“Can’t you see that suddenly Sister is trying to hold me up and that she seems to be deeply in love with your young uncle, and I’m telling him at this time, so think of the consequences for yourself.”

“But ah, if you don’t tell her, she gets deeper and deeper into it, you won’t be afraid of her hating you in the future.”

Mo Yiang’s words were a reminder to Jasmine Tong.

“Maybe your youngest uncle will divorce me at some point, and then we’ll pretend this never happened.”

Mo Yiang sighed silently and said nothing.

When she turned around, she seemed to see that Albert Ou was in a bad mood, and didn’t dare to speak to him about Jasmine Tong’s matter anymore, and going to talk about Jasmine Tong’s matter at this time would undoubtedly add fuel to the fire, and she was really worried that it would ruin Jasmine Tong.

So she changed the subject and talked about something else.

After a short while, the organizing staff invited everyone to step into the venue and the award ceremony was about to begin.

Everyone had their own place, and almost every artist had an exclusive staff member to lead them to their spot.

The organisers are also very good at arranging the location, basically bringing together artists who have received the same nomination.

It’s not necessarily right next to each other, but it’s certainly not too far away.

And most of a company’s artists will also be placed in more or less the same position.

Therefore, Jasmine Tong was very close to Qin Yanyan, separated by three or four people.

What made Jasmine Tong’s heart chill once again was that O Zeno had even come inside the venue, right next to Qin Jianliang.

Also John was there, and the three of them sat together.

Luckily, no media interviews are scheduled at this time.

If there were media at this moment, they would have rushed up to interview Qin Liyuan as well as Albert Ou.

One person saw Qin Liyuan sitting with Albert Ou and began to talk, everyone’s focus on this incomparably seductive-looking man.

“Look who is that man sitting with Qin Jianlian, wow, he is so handsome.”

“It’s the Star King’s upcoming little artist, right? He’ll charm everyone to death when he debuts like this.”

“If it’s something that hasn’t debuted yet, then how could it be possible to sit with Qin Liyuan I see that next to Mr. Right, he’s probably a high ranking member of the Star Emperor.”

There were also some who speculated that this person couldn’t be the Dark Empire’s Albert Ou, right?

But it was quickly met with a host of objections.

“How could it be Albert Ou? It’s said that Albert Ou guy was incredibly ugly, so he never made a public appearance.”

“How could Albert Ou be so young to be able to manage such a large company, how would it be thirty or forty years old, it is said to be 25, but never seen, eighty percent is a gimmick.”

In fact, there was never a break in the speculation about Albert Ou.

He’s the most mysterious man ever.

No media outlet has ever photographed him, and he has never publicly shined.

Even his information was scant, and all anyone knew about him was that he was rich and a gaming genius.

Listening to the discussion, Jasmine Tong was in deep thought, her eyes quietly darting from there.

Qin Liyuan, John Quan, and Albert Ou, the three of them had been chatting.

That image is very harmonious.

Maybe she’s the extra one.

The organizers had arranged for Lin Sheng and Lin Sheng to be together this time, so it was good that there was another Mo Yiang around, so she wouldn’t be too lonely.

“Manny, what do you think about the award today?”

Mo Yiang also looked over there, knowing that Jasmine Tong was uncomfortable seeing this image and hurriedly changed the subject.

“We’re both out of luck.”

Jasmine Tong said almost with great certainty.


“You’ve been in the ring longer than I have, and don’t you understand that the higher the box office, the less hope you have of winning an award, and that’s pretty much the law of the major awards.”

Mo Yiang’s gaze was deep.

Chapter 216

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with Tong’s analysis.

In the history of all the awards, there isn’t a single production that has been a huge box office hit and won many awards.

It seems to be a law that the higher a film’s box office, the less likely it is to win an award.

The judging team always seems to have to disagree with the audience to highlight their professionalism and artistry.

Why is Sun Yu Ying the most vocal of the award winners?

The movie she did didn’t do very well at the box office, mainly due to the subject matter as well.

In this movie, Sun Yu Ying’s acting, naturally, is unmistakable.

If you go in reverse order by box office, the order would be this: sun yuying, Ran Bing, Qin Liyuan, Rameen Tong, Jasmine Tong.

So, Jasmine Tong’s chances of winning the award are the lowest because Blossom Sound has the highest box office.

Mo Yiang was also nominated for this film, so his chances of winning an award are low.

“It’s not like there’s a one in a million.”

“You’ve won so many awards, you still care about this one.”

Jasmine Tong was downright relaxed.

Mo Yiang glanced at her, of course he didn’t care, all he cared about was if she won an award ah this idiot!

The awards ceremony started soon after.

What moved out at the beginning, naturally, were smaller awards that got heavier and heavier the later you got.

One by one, the stars kept smiling, especially when the camera swept by.

It’s a live broadcast, so of course you have to keep your manners.

Strangely enough, the camera didn’t pan over Albert Ou.

At most, it’s a shot of John and Qin Liyuan chatting together, and Albert Ou’s side seems to cut away on purpose.

Just when everyone is getting tired, the climax of the awards ceremony is coming.

“Okay, the next award we’re going to give out is, the Best Actor Award.”

“Let’s start by looking at the nominees, which are”

The big screen showed each of the nominated, Best Actor Award finalists this time.

Mo Yiang is placed last, and the picture is a classic shot of him as Lin Sheng.

I have to admit that Mo Yiang’s acting skills are also considered to be perfect.

The camera cuts to Mo Yiang in front of him, along with a few other finalists.

Mo Yiang smiled mischievously towards the camera, Jasmine Tong said that the law, Mo Yiang naturally also knows, so he himself did not hold out much hope.

“We now present the award for Best Actor at this Silver Elephant Awards, and the winner of the Best Actor Award is”

Everyone in the room seemed to have their hearts in their mouths, holding their breath one by one.

“Mo Yiang,”

When the host called out the name, it seemed like everything was settled.

The other nominees naturally had some ugly faces, but still kept smiling for the camera.

Then the camera focused on Mo Yiang.

Mo Yiang himself was stunned, but he really won the award!

He immediately hugged Jasmine Tong, if he didn’t hug her at this time, he really wouldn’t have a chance later on

Jasmine Tong also hugged Mo Yiang with great ease.

Those who came around to say goodbye, Mo Yiang also accepted them one by one, hugging or shaking hands.

Then he straightened his clothes and walked up to the stage in style.

The award was given to Mo Yiang by an old artist in the circle who had worked with Mo Yiang before, but at that time Mo Yiang was still very young.

“Well, we have Mo Yiang to give his acceptance speech.”

Mo Yiang was invited to the hosting stage, and the two hosts hastily stepped aside.

“It was very surprising to get this award because I, who had just returned home a while ago, hadn’t done my planning in the country, so I was happy to be shortlisted this time, but I didn’t expect there to be any surprises.”

“I’d like to thank the harsh director for nurturing me, Star King International, my agent, the entire Blossom team, and I’d like to thank one other person.”

“She’s Jasmine Tong.”

The camera immediately cut to Jasmine Tong.

“Manny and I were in the same class, thanks for all the homework you’ve helped me with over the years.”


“Thanks for all the red meat you’ve made me over the years.”

The whole room laughed once more.

“And thank you for taking care of me and destroying me on the set in order for me to win today’s award, thank you, thank you all.”

Mo Yiang lifted his trophy and walked off the stage.

He won the award, so naturally, he’s also going to grab tomorrow’s headlines, and in his thank you message, he’s also bringing in Jasmine Tong, so tomorrow’s headlines will have Jasmine Tong in them, no matter what.

Media reporters who are good at keying in on words are also sure to dig into Mo Yiang’s acceptance speech.

Tong’s acting is great.

Jasmine Tong is a good cook.

Jasmine Tong worked very hard during school.

Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang are very close.

With that, Jasmine Tong’s persona is in place.

Mo Yiang took the trophy and sat back down.

“Take it far away and don’t show it off to me.”Jasmine Tong glanced at him.

“Don’t worry, I’ve taken it all, you’re sure you can take it.That law has been broken.”

“So you’re a believer in miracles, a high grossing movie that still comes out as a movie star and a movie star.”

Jasmine Tong’s voice was still very calm.

Mo Yiang’s face was livid.

Yeah, it’s the first miracle that he won the Best Actor award in this high grossing movie, is it hard to think of a second miracle in this movie?

This is because he won the Best Actor award, so Tong is even less likely to win the Best Actress award.

The moment Mo Yiang won the award, many people actually breathed a sigh of relief.

This includes Rameen Tong.

Despite what Rochen told her about the laws of box office and awards, her chances of winning an award were slim, and Nirvana’s box office wasn’t low after all.

However, her chances of winning the award were greater than Jasmine Tong’s, and now that Mo Yiang has won the award, Jasmine Tong’s chances of winning the award are even lower.

She’s just starting out and it’s okay to run with her first year.

It doesn’t matter who the winner is as long as it’s not Jasmine Tong.

“Well, now we have a way right now this Silver Elephant Award for Best Actress, the nominees are”

Classic footage of everyone who was nominated started playing again on the big screen.

At this moment, Jasmine Tong was relaxed.

Naturally, Qin Yanyan was nervous, but with Albert Ou by her side, she had to act a little more calm and relaxed.

The camera lingers on Sun Yu Ying for the longest time as she looks like a general with an easy, calm smile on her face.

Ran Bing, on the other hand, looked more serious.

Rameen Tong and Ellen Ron were whispering something.

“It seems that everyone is nervous, the competition for the Best Actress award is very high, but our judging team, we had a heated discussion to select it.”

“The winner of the Best Actress award at the Silver Image Awards is”

Oh, my God, this is so intense.

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