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Chapter 220

Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou in shock, this man is actually undoing his belt again!

could it be that…?

The last time we had a fight, Albert Ou had brutally and unreasonably wanted her, and she still had palpitations to this day

The gut-wrenching pain was worse than her first time.

That night was a nightmare.

Tong’s first instinct is to run, and to run if you can’t run.

She got up quickly and ran towards the door, and Albert Ou’s long arm reached out and pulled her right back, pushing her down on the bed.

“Run what want to run away with that man? I told you no way.”

Albert Ou had his belt in his hand, he didn’t take off his pants.

When Jasmine Tong was about to get up, she saw Albert Ou raise his belt up high, and she realized that Albert Ou wasn’t going to sleep with her or beat him.

Jasmine Tong quickly turned around and held his head

“Ah,” she cried out in pain.

Hearing the cry of pain, Albert Ou’s second strike was clearly a little more collected.


Another scream.

“I tell you Jasmine Tong you are my man in life and my ghost in death, if you want to run away with another man in this life, you can dream.”

Albert Ou was red in the face, he said and hit Jasmine Tong hard on the buttocks.


Once again the look was high, the chest was floating up and down.

Suddenly, my hands grabbed the belt and yanked it, but it broke.

Albert Ou angrily threw the belt to the ground.

Jasmine Tong had been lying on the bed with her head in her hands, unaware of what was happening, only to feel the hot pain coming from her hips.

The pain was so great that tears fell straight from her eyes.

For a moment she thought back to when she was a child, when she was beaten up by Dusyman.

Why is it that she’s always been beaten since she was a child?

Albert Ou looked at Jasmine Tong curled up in a ball on the bed, a little unbearable.

He was worried he couldn’t control himself, so he turned around and walked out of the bedroom.

Neither Aunt Fang nor Pearly Flower knew what was happening, but they only heard Jasmine Tong’s screams and Albert Ou’s roar.

Pearblossom was very afraid of Albert Ou, and she immediately hid in her room when she saw how angry Albert Ou had become.

After all, Auntie Fang is old, and Albert Ou is a junior after all, no matter what he can’t beat himself, right?

On top of that, she was on a mission today.

Thinking of Jasmine Tong, she was so careful when she gave this letter to herself.

Maybe this letter could completely change the current situation for both men.

Aunt Fanny stepped out boldly.

Albert Ou’s face was still very ugly.

He swept a glance at Aunt Fanny.

“Stay away from me if you know what’s good for you.”

Aunt Fanny immediately stopped in her tracks.

Should I give him the letter or not?

“Can’t you hear what I’m saying? Get away from me” Albert Ou growled again

Although he didn’t know what he was doing at the moment, he really hated it when someone showed up in front of him

Aunt Fanny took a deep breath.

“First, sir, the missus handed me a letter when she went out, and told me to give it to you if you came back this evening.”

Aunt Fang still decided to tell Albert Ou, after all, Jasmine Tong rarely asked her for anything.


The furious Albert Ou didn’t have the patience to listen to Aunt Fang.

Aunt Fanny took the letter straight out.

“The wife asked me to give this to you.”

It was a blue envelope with what appeared to be a floral print on it, very artsy.

Albert Ou took two steps forward and almost snatched the letter from Aunt Fang’s hands.

When Aunt Fang saw that Albert Ou had gotten the letter, she immediately turned around and left.

Albert Ou couldn’t wait to open the letter and was dumbfounded when he saw the handwriting inside.

“Albert Ou, I’m in love with you.”

The beautiful font and the faint scent of the paper leapt into his eyes just like that.

Jasmine Tong thought about writing this letter for a long time, she wrote and destroyed it, she wrote and destroyed it, but in the end she decided to keep it simple.

She was really in love with him, that’s how succinct it was, no extra words.

Albert Ou took the letter and felt his body freeze in place.

She says she’s in love with him.

He couldn’t believe it, rubbing his eyes and looking at the letter again, the words hadn’t changed.

He looked up at the bedroom door again.

This woman says she’s in love with him.

Albert Ou walked quickly to Aunt Fang’s room and knocked sharply on the door.

Aunt Fang opened the door and saw a startled Albert Ou.


“These really were given to you by Jasmine Tong.”

Aunt Fanny nodded.

“My wife gave it to me before she went to the awards ceremony and said she would give it to the gentleman when he returned this evening.”

“She said nothing else.”

Aunt Fanny shook her head, she didn’t know the contents of the letter.

“What’s the wife been up to the last few days at home.”

“Watch TV and sleep, do some baking occasionally, and spend most of the time in the den reading a book.”

Without a word, Albert Ou quickly walked upstairs and opened the door to the study.

The paper room is full of paper.

These papers were identical to the letterhead he held in his hand.

Jasmine Tong had been preparing this confession letter for the past few days, and she didn’t want Pear Blossom to see it, so she instructed Pear Blossom not to clean the study for the past few days.

Originally Jasmine Tong was planning to pack away the paper from the basket when she finished writing the letter, but she forgot about it herself.

Albert Ou immediately walked over to the paper basket, and he crouched down to take the paper out.

At this time, the fear of dirt and cleanliness, all forgotten.

“Albert Ou, I’ve been thinking about this letter for a long time, but I’ve decided to tell you what I think, I’m sure you know a little about what I’ve been through since I was a kid, but you know, it’s only one in a thousand, no one has ever been as nice to me as you”

“Albert Ou, as much as I hate to admit it, it really seems like I fell for you when you confessed to me, I was completely blinded because I thought there was no way you could be in love with me”

“Albert Ou, I’ve been running away from my feelings, but this time I decided to be brave and tell you what’s in my heart for once.”

Jasmine Tong had really thought of a million ways to write a letter, but none of them satisfied her.

So in the end she chose the easiest one.

There’s a lot of paper in the basket.

Albert Ou simply sat down on the floor, flattened the balled-up papers one at a time, and read the contents.

He could feel that Jasmine Tong had put a lot of thought into writing this letter

In his mind, he even saw, Jasmine Tong, scratching her head and not knowing how to write

She’s really in love with him.

He could also tell from these letters that he had been in love with him for more than a day or two.

Albert Ou’s eyes hurt from looking at them, and he carefully put the papers away and walked towards the bedroom.

Chapter 221

Jasmine Tong only felt a hot pain in her ass, she didn’t know how badly she was hurt, and there was no way to get someone to medicate her at this time, so she could only endure it.

During the time that Albert Ou was reading the letter, she braced herself, briefly washed up, changed into her pajamas and got ready for bed.

She thought the man, Albert Ou, was gone.

Once again the door was opened.

Jasmine Tong was so frightened that she saw Albert Ou at once as she lay on the bed.

She was also very angry at the moment, she didn’t think the man would actually dare to do it

“Haven’t you had enough of that yet?”

Albert Ou was first stunned, then immediately shifted to crouch beside the bed.

“That hurt you didn’t it.”

That’s a different tone of voice.

And that tyrannical look on his face had all but disappeared.

In the first instant, Jasmine Tong couldn’t even say a word, is it an illusion now or was it just an illusion?

Albert Ou saw that Jasmine Tong kept her sleeping posture lying down and immediately stood up.

“Let me see how you’re hurting.”

Said Albert Ou and prepared to lift the blanket.

Jasmine Tong immediately pressed against the blanket, her body and the blanket, and rubbed it hard, and it hurt again

“Sssh,” Tong’s mouth grinned.

“Let me see” Albert Ou was going to pull the blanket again.

“If you move again, I’ll die with you.”

Of course Jasmine Tong refused, after all, the part she was hurting was her ass.

Albert Ou immediately closed his hand.

“What’s there to be embarrassed about, we’re married, I haven’t seen anything on you”

“Get out.”

Jasmine Tong looked at him furiously.

This isn’t the time he just hit her.

“Give a slap and reward a sweet date, isn’t it Albert Ou, don’t you think your actions are despicable how dare you hit a woman.”

This was the most unacceptable to Jasmine Tong.

Although Mo Yiang had told her before that Albert Ou liked to use violence to solve problems, in the first place, Mo Yiang was so afraid of Albert Ou because he had succumbed to his violence.

Jasmine Tong worried countless times that Albert Ou would hit someone, but she never thought he would actually hit himself.

“Wasn’t that just me being pissed off?”

Hearing this, Jasmine Tong became even angrier.

“Is it okay to hit someone just because you’re angry? Well, I’m level seven now, so can I hit you too.”


Albert Ou nodded his head incredibly seriously.

This left Jasmine Tong speechless.

She really wanted to beat him up, but now she couldn’t move at all in bed.

“You owe me,” Jasmine Tong growled.

“Well, I owe it to you, and I’ll have them prepare an identical belt to return to you intact.”

Jasmine Tong looked up and down at Albert Ou, how did this man change his face so quickly?

Just in time to take this opportunity to theorize, she didn’t even get a chance to argue when he just did it.

“I told you, the two of us haven’t been in touch, it’s none of my business if he proposes, why don’t you go find him.”

“Yes yes yes, you’re right.”

Albert Ou nodded his head like a chickadee.

This made Jasmine Tong lose her temper all of a sudden, and she didn’t even know what to say.

The man really is a freak. He changes his face so fast.

After Jasmine Tong stopped talking, Albert Ou came back to the bed.

“You’re done aren’t you I can talk, aren’t you.”

Jasmine Tong glanced at him, lying on her pillow, like she didn’t want to pay attention.

Albert Ou blossomed into a smile.

“When did you fall in love with me? How much do you love me? Is it special?”


Hearing Albert Ou’s words, Jasmine Tong was shocked for a moment

“I don’t love you” Jasmine Tong immediately turned her head to the other side.

Albert Ou stretched his long legs and went straight onto the bed, past Jasmine Tong and to the other side.

“You can’t deny it, I have proof,” said Albert Ou, pulling out the letter Jasmine Tong had written from his pocket.

When she first saw that letter, Jasmine Tong really had the heart to die.

She’d forgotten all about the letter.

Can’t Auntie Fang see they’re fighting? Why did she give him the letter?

Jasmine Tong was ready to reach out and grab it, but Albert Ou was quick-eyed and hurried to put it away.

“I was just lying, trying to trick you” Jasmine Tong turned her head the other way again, a pained expression on her face.

She’s been beaten up by this man, but she still wants to confess to him.

Albert Ou jumped to the other side again.

If he hadn’t gone through the paper basket in the study and found the papers that Jasmine Tong had discarded, perhaps he would have believed Jasmine Tong’s words.

“You don’t have to deny it, I didn’t just read this, I read it all.”

“What else did you read” Jasmine Tong looked at Albert Ou in horror.

“Hey.”Albert Ou smiled mischievously.

Jasmine Tong suddenly remembered the papers she had thrown into the paper basket

God, this is the stupidest thing she’s ever done.

The only reason she didn’t ask Pearblossom to clean up was because she didn’t want Pearblossom to see

I never thought this man would see it.

“Jasmine, when exactly did you fall in love with me how much, was it extra special.”

Albert Ou repeated his question once more.

Isn’t that supposed to be a woman’s line? Why is this man so stubborn?

“No more love” Jasmine Tong lay down on the pillow and buried her face in it.

“Okay, okay, you don’t have to talk about it, I know you love me a lot come on let me see your wound”

Albert Ou went to lift the blanket once more.

Jasmineton stared fiercely at Albert Ou.

“If you lift my blanket again, I’ll start hating you.”

Looking at Jasmine Tong’s staring eyes, O Zeno didn’t dare to make a fuss and had to take his hand back.

“I was worried about you, I’ll help you with your medication.”

“Why didn’t you think of that when you hit me?”


“Get out, I’m going to bed now.”

“Okay, okay, I’m going out, so don’t get mad, we’ll talk tomorrow if you have something to say.”

Albert Ou was like a good little lamb, obeying Jasmine Tong in everything.

He took one last look at Jasmine Tong and was going to k!ss her, but, as a result, Jasmine Tong stared back.

Only to walk out of the room angry.

Standing in front of the room, he took out the envelope again and saw the phrase “I’m in love with you,” and the corners of his mouth turned up again.

She’s in love with him. He’s in love with her. It’s wonderful.

He’s never been happier than he is today.

Jasmine Tong was lying on the bed, her body still aching.

This man already knows she’s in love with him, how do we end this next?

Where does tomorrow go from here?

She really didn’t know.

With pain and worry, she slowly entered the dream.

When she woke up the next day, Jasmine Tong found herself tied up in bed with five flowers.

Two arms and two legs were tied to each of the four corners of the bed.

The man’s voice came from overhead.

Chapter 222

“Don’t move.”

Jasmine Tong tugged at the cloth that bound her a few times, but didn’t pull it apart

“What are you doing? Get off me!”

“Don’t move, I told you, don’t move.”

Albert Ou lifted up Jasmine Tong’s nightgown and gently removed her panties.

A shame has come over me.

Although he has been intimate with him many times, but just like this naked being undressed, Jasmine Tong still felt very uncomfortable, very shy.

He’s such a bad man. Do you think he’ll sleep with her now?

“Albert Ou, do you have any humanity left?”

“Where are you going with this I just want to drug you just I don’t, will you be a good boy and take off your clothes and let me drug you.”

Jasmine Tong was awkward.

I can’t believe she thought…

The cheeks couldn’t help but blush even more.

Albert Ou shot a glance at Jasmine Tong and saw her blush.

“I know you love me and you want to make love to me, but we’ll have to wait until you’re ready, too.”

Tonto buried her head in the pillow.

Albert Ou gently took the cotton wool and dipped it into the solution to give Jasmine Tong a gentle wipe.


“That hurts. Then I’ll be gentle.”

Jasmine Tong clearly felt that the movements of Albert Ou’s hands were much lighter.

The potion swept silky smoothly across her skin, a little spicy and painful, but pleasant nonetheless.

Three very visible marks on Tong’s ass.

Albert Ou was really repentant to the core.

Once he had drugged Jasmine Tong, he quickly untied the cloth that bound Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong braced herself and got up.

She looked to Albert Ou.

Albert Ou grinned at her, revealing a row of straight and white teeth.

But Jasmine Tong didn’t give Albert Ou a good look, she carefully stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

“Do you want me to help you?”

Jasmine Tong ignored it, this man should not be so exaggerated

She hurt her butt, it wasn’t like she hurt her hand, it was just a wash.

When Jasmine Tong finished washing up and came out of the bathroom, she saw the man still standing in the doorway of the bathroom, greeting her with a smile on his face.

“Go have breakfast, I’ll have them cook you a skinny porridge with eggs.”

As he said that, Albert Ou raised his hand into the air, ready to stroke Jasmine Tong’s hair, Jasmine Tong directly opened his hand and walked out of the bedroom without looking at him.

Albert Ou wasn’t annoyed, and his ass followed behind her.

The two of them went to the restaurant together.

When Aunt Fanny saw the two men coming down together, she thought they should be reconciled, and hurriedly greeted them for breakfast.

As soon as Jasmine Tong sat down on the chair, her buttocks just dipped into the chair and she stood up like a spring.

Severe pain came from the hip.

Albert Ou’s brow furrowed.

“Why don’t you go and get a cushion for your wife, something thicker and softer?”

“Yes yes yes” Aunt Fang rushed to get it.

Soon Aunt Fang brought a thick cushion over and placed it on Jasmine Tong’s chair.

“Slow down.”Albert Ou reminded.

Jasmine Tong glared at Albert Ou, and it was all thanks to him!

She sat down gently in the chair, still a little sore but much better than a moment ago.

Albert Ou eagerly handed the porridge to Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong didn’t even look at him and ate on her own.

After breakfast, Jasmine Tong remembered the letters she had written in the study, so she carefully went upstairs again to prepare to put them away.

Even though Albert Ou had seen it, she still wanted to destroy it.

I walked into the study and found the paper basket all empty.

Albert Ou followed suit.

“What are you looking for?”

“Where’s the trash in the basket?”

“Throw it away.”

“Really” Jasmine Tong’s attitude towards him couldn’t get any better.

“What’s the point of lying to you? You said it was garbage. You don’t throw garbage away, what’s the point of putting it there?”

Meanwhile there were guests in the house.


Over at the Crystal Garden, Aunt Fang had only met John Quan.

“Master Quan, come to see sir?”

“Where are the others?”

“I’ll yell for you, he’s upstairs.”

“No, you’re busy, I’ll go find him myself.”

John had always had a good relationship with Albert Ou, and when he was in the Crystal Garden, he treated it like his home, very casually.

Aunt Fanny didn’t stop it either.

John went straight up the stairs.

“Asawa,” he called out, and there was no response.

The bedroom door was open.

He just poked his head in and opened the bedroom door on the way in

“I’ll go,”

What did he see?

A broken belt on the floor beside the bed, and the room was somewhat cluttered except for four strips of cloth tied around the four corners.

This is clearly one.

“That’s a lot of fun.”

As if he was admiring something, John Quan stood in the doorway, refusing to leave for a long time.

In the study.

Jasmine Tong prepared to leave the study when she saw that there was nothing in the paper basket, but she was blocked by Albert Ou.

“Get out of the way.”

“Jasmine, why have you been ignoring me?”

“Then was I just talking to the dog? “Jasmine Tong raised her eyes to Albert Ou, her eyes still cold.

“Gee can we talk properly?”

“I can talk to you enough to get out of the way” Jasmine Tong held her arms and turned her head to the side.

Albert Ou sighed silently.

“Is it that you call back and it goes away.”

Jasmine Tong snorted.

“You wait.”Albert Ou went to the desk in the study and opened a drawer and took out a belt.

Jasmine Tong looked at the belt in Albert Ou’s hand.

This man didn’t really allow her to hit him, did he?

“Here, I’ll hit you three times for what I said I owed you yesterday.”

Albert Ou handed the belt to Jasmine Tong.

Last night he told Russel Cheng to buy a belt and bring it over, and this morning Russel Cheng immediately sent it over.

Jasmine Tong also really picked up the belt.

The time for revenge has finally come.

“You’ve hit me three times, but we don’t have the same strength, but you broke your belt and I had to break mine to do it.”

“Get it through your head, I broke that belt myself, I didn’t beat you to break it you don’t even think about it, really beat you to break the belt, can you still stand here and talk to me now?”

Jasmine Tong thought it was right, the belt that Albert Ou used, it must be a big international brand, how could it be easily broken?

But this man actually managed to break a belt that good straight away, that’s too much strength!

“And ah have to explain why I just broke my belt because I was afraid I was going to have to hit you again.I still feel sorry for you.”

As he said that, Albert Ou winked at Jasmine Tong and smiled badly.

Jasmine Tong smirked and lifted the belt up.

“Wait a minute, I haven’t finished my sentence yet.”

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