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Chapter 253

“When did you find out?”

“The time shows it was a day ago, and the people over at the traffic system have been monitoring the various intersections coming out of the Lover’s Sea, and there’s been no sign of the wife.”

Albert Ou understood Russel Cheng’s meaning.

“Mr. Ou, you should be prepared.”

What does it mean when a woman goes to the Sea of Lovers and doesn’t come out for a day and a night?

Albert Ou hung up the phone directly.

Jump into the sea and kill yourself.

Albert Ou’s head was all filled with bad thoughts.

He quickly investigated the steering wheel and drove towards the sea of lovers.

Although everyone said that Jasmine Tong was an independent and strong girl, Albert Ou knew that all of Jasmine Tong’s independence and strength were all an act, and she was actually a very fragile girl.

If she gets in over her head.

The more Albert Ou thought about it, the more scared he became and pushed the gas pedal to the floor.

The car barreled down the road, drawing a lot of discontent.

Albert Ou couldn’t care less, he just wanted to reach the Sea of Lovers right away.

The Sea of Lovers is a famous scenic spot in Slivestopol, and it’s always crowded with tourists when summer comes, but now that it’s winter, there aren’t many tourists.

Albert Ou arrived at the Lover’s Sea and immediately got out of the car.

It’s high tide today and all the beaches in the Lover’s Sea are closed to visitors, only the part above the perimeter dike is open.

All along the perimeter dike is the famous Lover’s Bridge, a very pretty white bridge that curves around and continues into the Lover’s Sea.

The best place to view the Lover’s Sea is at the end of the bridge.

High tide can be observed in advance and today’s high tide was not high enough to keep this side of the Lovers Bridge open.

There were just people going back and forth all the time, reminding everyone to be safe.

Albert Ou searched the crowd for Jasmine Tong’s figure.

Originally there are not many tourists in the winter, and with today’s high tide, the beach at the Lover’s Sea is closed, so there are only a few scattered visitors.

A little more crowded is the Lovers’ Bridge, where some people have set up their cameras to capture the spectacular moment of high tide.

Albert Ou suddenly saw a white figure.


At that moment, he didn’t look around to see if there was anyone around, ready to walk towards the white figure, only to hear a thud

Suddenly someone grabbed Albert Ou’s arm.

“What’s the matter with you, man? Have you got eyes? You knocked my camera off?”

On the floor was a camera that had been broken.

In that split second, Albert Ou went back to look for the white figure that was gone, and he looked around, still not there.

“Talking to you how you this person how the ah I this camera very expensive, today specifically to see the high tide now high tide can not see, the camera also broken.”

Albert Ou touched his pocket, he didn’t have his wallet with him.

“I’ll compensate you, you give me your contact information and I’ll have my secretary double your compensation.”

Albert Ou tried to leave, and the man caught him once again

The man looked Albert Ou up and down and couldn’t help but smirk.

“Secretary on you, and secretary’s, I tell you, you must pay, or you don’t leave today you when I’m stupid ah, I let you go back where I’ll find you.”

Three days and three nights, no food, no sleep Albert Ou, a face tired, and even some bearded, how do you look like a big boss ah!

Albert Ou looked at his phone, no, he couldn’t hand it over, what if Jasmine Tong called him for something.

He pulled his car keys out of his pocket and threw them right at the man.

The person who ended up with the car keys, looked at the car keys in his hand and his eyes widened.


“You can have the car. I’ll pay for it later.”

Albert Ou said and then rushed to find the white figure.

He remembered that when Jasmine Tong came out of her house, she was wearing a white down jacket

Just at this moment, I suddenly heard someone shout.

“Someone’s jumped overboard.”

Everyone looked over towards the source of the sound.

For just that moment, Albert Ou was in just the right position to see the end of the Lover’s Bridge.

He saw a white figure, jumping off the bridge.


Albert Ou ran like a madman towards the end of Lovers’ Bridge.

This side of Lover’s Bridge was chaos at this time.

The tide has now started to rise, the water is turbulent, the waves are huge, and with the Lover’s Bridge so high, everyone is overwhelmed.

Someone immediately reported the person in charge of the scenery.

Albert Ou ran to the end of the Lovers’ Bridge, and the waves of unity rose and fell in a streak of white.

Without a word, he plunged into the sea.

“Another one jumped.”

Someone in the crowd screamed.

Scenic staff, immediately arrived on the scene.

It’s high tide time. No one would dare jump in. One wave could kill you.

There was nothing they could do and they immediately called the police.


When Albert Ou jumped into the sea, he couldn’t find the white figure.

He plunged in with a plunge, searched for a moment in the turbulent water, and showed his head again.

“Jasmine,” Albert Ou shouted like crazy.

The higher the seas rise, the harder it is to find people.

A wave came in and Albert Ou was hit far, far away and he tried to swim back.

Everyone was standing on the bridge watching the fun.

The police haven’t arrived yet.

“What can I do about this? The man who just jumped into the sea seems to be rescuing people, and seems to know the woman you just jumped into the sea with.”

“I guess I know him too, the guy seems to have been calling the girl’s name something like Jasmine.”

There was a lot of talk in the crowd.

“Jasmine” was another heartbreaking yell.

Albert Ou plunged another slam into the ocean.

Although his strength and speed were much stronger than that of an ordinary man, in the end nature was more powerful.

The waves rolled one after the other and grew in strength.

Albert Ou’s stamina was clearly a bit low, and he himself hadn’t eaten in three days and nights.


But he didn’t want to give up, even though he wasn’t sure if that person was Jasmine Tong but what if she was?

He couldn’t allow that to happen in case it did.

Albert Ou plunged another plunge into the ocean, and he was constantly being taken away by the action of the water.

Finally he saw the white figure and quickly swam over to it.

He took the white figure in his arms.

But the water-soaked down jacket was very heavy, and he was already running out of energy, and it was too hard to hold the woman in the down jacket.

He’d die to get her out today.

Chapter 254

A woman wearing a mask and a white down jacket slowly made her way through the crowd.

She kept hearing people shouting her name, and I noticed a lot of people watching the place, so I came over.

“What happened” Tong asked the man next to her.

“Just now someone jumped into the sea, just someone went down to save it, you say it’s high tide now, the sea is so fast, how can we save it? the person who jumped in is simply a fool.”

An older woman around me said.

“But I think these two know each other, that guy keeps calling that girl Jasmine, how would you know that girl’s name is Jasmine if you don’t know her”

Another lady next to me said.

Jasmine Tong immediately looked down at the sea.

I saw that Albert Ou was dragging the girl with the white figure Nudi with a slide.

The sea continued to wash over him, the waves hit and he fell back into the water

Looking at the white figure he’s dragging.

It’s the same color as the clothes you’re wearing.

He probably thought he was the one who jumped into the sea, so he jumped in to save her.

Watching Albert Ou strain to drag that figure…

Jasmine Tong’s eyes were moist.

She suddenly felt that she was becoming less and less able to see clearly, Albert Ou as a person.

He’d give his life for himself.

Why won’t you give yourself a child?

Albert Ou, what are you thinking?

In the ocean, Albert Ou tried to hold on to the white figure, still struggling to do battle with the water

“Save my husband.”

Jasmine Tong suddenly shouted.

“Save my husband, that man is my husband, please save him.”

Until this moment, Jasmine Tong realized that her love for Albert Ou had gone deep into the marrow.

She hated him for making her drink the contraceptive soup without her knowledge, for causing her to have a miscarriage, and for hiding the fact that she had a miscarriage

But she doesn’t want him to die in this life or death situation.

Tong pleaded with the people around her, but none of them would go down, and she herself couldn’t swim.

“The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the newest version of the oldest version.

“Yeah, that girl who just jumped in is a mistress, right, your husband would even risk his life for a mistress, why do you care about him so much”

The uncle next to me was also a little under the weather.

Everyone was talking about it, but no one wanted to go down.

“No, it’s not,”

It’s a waste of time trying to explain this whole thing away.

Jasmine Tong didn’t know how to explain it.

It was while she was in a state of confusion that the police finally arrived.

The people in charge of the scenic area also got more specialized rescue equipment and rescued Albert Ou, along with the girl in the white down jacket.

Jasmine Tong made her way through the crowd to the spot where the rescue came up.

The ambulance arrived early and transported the two men together in the ambulance, and Jasmine Tong immediately followed Albert Ou’s one.

With the help of the paramedics, Albert Ou vomited several times, coughed violently, and then lay down, breathing heavily the entire time.

He was exhausted.

Honestly, if the rescuers had been a minute late, he might have run out of energy and sunk to the bottom of the ocean with the girl.

Because the paramedics had been doing resuscitation work, Jasmine Tong was unable to come forward.

A nurse was about to give him an IV and the needle was about to touch the back of his hand.

Albert Ou pushed the medics away.

“Where’s Jasmine?”

“Hey, don’t move.”

“I’m here.”Jasmine Tong echoed.

Albert Ou immediately sat up like a spring and saw Jasmine Tong as soon as he raised his eyes.

The two of them looked at each other, all stunned.

“What’s the matter with you man? Lay down.”

Albert Ou didn’t lie down, and the nurse didn’t insist on giving him an IV when she saw that everything seemed normal.

“Do you feel sick anywhere?” the doctor asked.

“No. Can I get off now?”

“It’s better to go to the hospital and get checked out.”Jasmine Tong said.

“Good.”Albert Ou agreed without saying a word.

The ambulance kept taking them to the hospital.

The doctor and surgical nurse prepare to wheel Albert Ou to the examination room.

Albert Ou, however, pulled Jasmine Tong’s hand.

“You’re coming in with me.”

The doctor next to him immediately laughed.

“Why are you still scared? You have to be accompanied by your wife to get in.”

“No one else is allowed inside, I’ll wait for you outside.”

“No.”Like a child, Albert Ou was determined to have Jasmine Tong go in with him.

It was at this moment that Russel Cheng arrived.

Jasmine Tong looked at Russel Cheng.

“Isn’t this where Secretary Cheng is? He’ll be watching me, I’m not leaving.”

Jasmine Tong knew that Albert Ou was worried about something.

Only then did Albert Ou feel comfortable entering the examination room.

“Ma’am, sit outside for a moment.”

Russel Cheng pointed to the bench.

The two men sat together in a chair.

“Ma’am, O has not closed his eyes for three days and nights and hasn’t even eaten a bite.”

Jasmine Tong opened her mouth, stunned and unable to say a word.

This man.

“Mr. Ou he really loves Mrs. In the past three days, he has lost his temper countless times his whole heart and soul is exhausted, as if he is crazy.”

Russel Cheng continued.

“I know.”

“Is the wife for the miscarriage?”

Jasmine Tong didn’t say anything, which was a tacit admission.

“Mr. Ou was also sad when he knew that his wife had a miscarriage, the child is the two of you, you are sad, he also felt bad, besides, the person who beat his wife that time, there is really no clue to check, there isn’t even a surveillance in that vicinity, and the other party is a veteran, he had already prepared in advance.”


“Madam, I’m not going to lie to you, last time I told you that Ou had been in contact with Qin Liyuan, and that Ou had a few confidants, Madam should understand that it was all because Ou told me to tell you that, in fact there was no such thing at all.”


“I didn’t want to hide anything from you, but I didn’t dare disobey Ou’s orders, and during that time, Ou was in a bad temper and made me give him lots and lots of work, and I think he deliberately ignored the wife.”

“Why did you deliberately ignore me?”

Some time ago, Albert Ou seemed to have suddenly stopped contacting her, and until now Jasmine Tong hadn’t understood what Albert Ou was pumping during that time.

“I’ve been following Mr. Ou for so many years, but I’ve been doing all the hidden things, including finding an old Chinese medicine practitioner to prescribe contraceptive soup for Mrs. I think Mr. Ou has some hard feelings, he can’t have children now, but she’s always wanted to have children, she’s probably afraid of delaying Mrs. Ou, so she’s deliberately snubbing her.”

Chapter 255

Jasmine Tong looked at Russel Cheng in surprise.

So there was so much going on that she didn’t even know about.

Although she couldn’t figure out why Albert Ou didn’t want a child, it was clear from that alone that Albert Ou really loved her.

“Ma’am, Mr. Ou he really loves you.”

“Which one is the patient’s family member Li Qinqin in? “A nurse came out.

In response she was met with an air of silence.

The nurse walked directly towards Jasmine Tong.

“Didn’t you guys come here together and you don’t know the girl?”

“I don’t know.”

“That girl is awake and making a lot of noise about seeing the man who just saved her, one of you go and see.”

In the middle of the conversation, Albert Ou walked out of the examination room.

His inspection of everything was kept simple, which is why it was over so quickly.

“Go home.”

The nurse rushed to stop Albert Ou.

“Look at the girl you saved, making a racket to see you.”

“Missing.”Albert Ou was very unhappy.

Can he see her just because he wants to? He’s risking his life for that girl.

Jasmine Tong held him back.

“You fought so hard to get her out of there, and if she seeks death again, wouldn’t it be a waste of your efforts to go and see her.”

Without saying a word, Albert Ou followed the nurse into another examination room.

In the examination room, the girl was pale, her lips frozen and bloodless.

“Say what you have to say quickly.”

He wouldn’t have come if Jasmine Tong hadn’t asked him to come over

“You saved me,” the girl smiled brightly at him.



“You’re welcome, can I go now?”

“Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Albert Ou thought about it.

“Don’t wear white down jackets anymore.”

After saying that, Albert Ou turned around and left.

Russel Cheng drove and returned Albert Ou and Jasmine Tong to Rainbow City.

Albert Ou’s clothes were still wet.

The two men didn’t say a word in the car.

Back home, it was getting late.

Seeing the two people back, Aunt Fang and Pear Blossom were not to mention how happy they were.

But they both didn’t say anything as they watched the two men look bad.

“Aunt Fang, please make some chicken porridge.”

“Okay, I’ll go boil it right away” Aunt Fang immediately turned around and went to the kitchen.

Jasmine Tong walked straight up the stairs, and Albert Ou followed behind.

Jasmine Tong completely ignored Albert Ou and walked straight into the bathroom and began to run the bath water for Albert Ou.

Albert Ou was standing right behind her, watching her silently without saying a word.

Luckily, she’s back.

Jasmine Tong put the bath water on her side and turned to the checkroom to find a thicker nightgown for Albert Ou.

Albert Ou just kept following her.

He couldn’t even blink his eyes, worried that if he did, Jasmine Tong would disappear like that.

“You shower.”


Tonto got ready and walked out of the bathroom.

Albert Ou was still good enough to get out of his wet clothes and into the tub.

Jasmine Tong sat on the bed in her bedroom.


There was a sudden shout from the bathroom from Albert Ou.

“What is it?”


After a while.

“Jasmine,” Albert Ou shouted again.

“What is it?”


Every now and then, Albert Ou would call out to Jasmine Tong, and this went back and forth seven or eight times, and every time it was fine.

Jasmine Tong didn’t know what was wrong with Albert Ou.


After a few more minutes, Albert Ou called out, but this time he didn’t hear an answer from Jasmine Tong.

“Jasmine,” he raised his voice and continued to shout again.

Still no answer.

Albert Ou quickly got out of the bathtub and opened the bathroom door, only to find that there was no Jasmine Tong in the bedroom.


Just at that moment, the door opened with a bang.

Jasmine Tong held a bowl of ginger soup in her hand.

Once inside, Jasmine Tong was also shocked to see Albert Ou standing naked in the middle of the bedroom.

They all froze in that moment.

Albert Ou reacted and quickly ran back into the bathroom.

Luckily, it was a false alarm.

But he had also been unsteady in the shower, so he hurriedly finished washing, put on the clothes Jasmine Tong had prepared, and walked out of the bathroom.

Seeing Albert Ou come out, Jasmine Tong immediately greeted him.

“Drink the ginger soup.”

There was no warmth in her voice.

Although she had seen with her own eyes, Albert Ou had struggled to make it in the ocean, and had learned many things from Russel Cheng that she did not know.

For the fact that he had secretly given himself birth control soup pills and concealed the miscarriage, Jasmine Tong was still messianic.

She hadn’t been able to accept that for a moment.

Albert Ou picked up the bowl of ginger soup and drank it all in one gulp.

Jasmine Tong went downstairs again, and Albert Ou followed her.

Aunt Fanny cooked up the chicken porridge.

“Have some chicken porridge.”

“You drink too.”

She hadn’t been home for three days and three nights, and she hadn’t eaten properly out there, either, eighty percent of the time.

Jasmine Tong nodded her head at this thought.

The two men were sitting in the restaurant drinking chicken porridge.

No one spoke.

After the drink, they went back to the bedroom together, still not speaking.

Jasmine Tong is not going to say.

Albert Ou is not sure what to say.

He really doesn’t know what to say. Apologize and explain.

It seems to be pointless to say anything.

Jasmine Tong also took a shower, and then, went to bed.

“Go to sleep.”

“Well, good night.”

The two men said goodnight to each other like they normally did, but it was always like something was between them.

Jasmine Tong’s silence about the previous incident also made Albert Ou a little preoccupied.

But he was so tired, he hadn’t eaten or slept for three days and nights, and with all that tossing and turning in the sea, he was already exhausted.

He lay down on the bed, and in a few moments, he fell asleep.

But Jasmine Tong couldn’t sleep.

Her hand unconsciously caressed her belly.

Yes, this is the place that once had a little life jumping around in it.

Thinking of this, Jasmine Tong’s tears fell once again.

Before she even knew he existed was, she was gone.

It used to always feel like having a baby was about a mission, about fulfilling Lei’s wishes.

But now she knew that she had been pregnant, that she had once had a life in her belly, and her heart trembled.

She couldn’t figure out why Albert Ou would even give up his life for her, but wouldn’t even give her a child.

Why is that, exactly?

Jasmine Tong clung to the blanket, worried that she might cry out.

She finally couldn’t resist so she got up and got out of bed.

In his sleep, Albert Ou faintly heard the sound of crying.

He was tired and sleepy, but in the end, he was worried about Jasmine Tong and didn’t sleep that deeply.

As soon as he felt the side of the bed was empty, he got up and sat up.


Albert Ou immediately got up and got out of bed, he couldn’t straighten up anymore.

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