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Chapter 259

That’s true, though, because there’s no precedent and no one knows what will happen.

After all, he was a sealed combination of a human and a vampire, sealed because he wanted to punish those people for breaking the rules.

He himself is a crystallized punishment, of which his descendants have no way of knowing.

“Asawa, you need to think about this matter carefully, once you two have landed your child, any problems will be obvious to Manny, and then you won’t even be able to hide an identity.”

“If you can’t hide it, you can’t hide it, she’ll find out sooner or later.”

John Quan was even more surprised as he looked at Albert Ou.

“You’re ready to tell her about your life.”

“Not yet, but it’s sooner rather than later.”

Albert Ou wasn’t ready for that.

“It’s just too risky for you.”

“I’ll take the risk, heaven forbid, for Jasmine.”

Just at that moment, Albert Ou’s phone rang.

Albert Ou looked at his phone screen, it was a message from Jasmine Tong.

Her side had already finished discussing with Mo Yiang.

“Okay, I’m done with your bullsh!t, I’m going to pick up Jasmine.”

“Asawa, do you do things without thinking about the consequences of being impulsive.”

“I’m cool.”

Albert Ou’s eyes suddenly rested on John Quan.

“You go back and warn Qin Liyuan about what to do and what not to do, and think it over for yourself.”

John Quan’s heart thudded, that was why he had come to see Albert Ou today, he had guessed that Albert Ou would definitely suspect Qin Yanyan.

“You really misunderstood suddenly about this matter, I asked, it’s not her, she’s had a particularly busy work schedule lately, so how could she have time to count on Manny”

John Quan was just worried that there would be a disagreement between Albert Ou and Qin Liyuan, so he specifically called on Albert Ou to explain.

Albert Ou couldn’t help but let out a “grunt” through his nostrils.

“It better not be her, this isn’t over, I’ll look into it myself.If the investigation turns out to be her, I’m sorry.”

“Then suddenly she’s not like that, at least we’ve been friends for years, she would never do such a thing, wait until you get solid evidence before you question her, otherwise it will hurt the peace.”

“I have a point.”

After saying this, Albert Ou left.

John Quan looked at the table of good food that he had prepared and didn’t touch a single bite, and was also distressed.

He was also now finally aware of the fact that Albert Ou had completely changed.

He was already starting to regret whether he should have let Albert Ou fall into a whirlpool of emotions, if he hadn’t proposed to arrange a woman for Albert Ou, Albert Ou and Jasmine Tong wouldn’t have met and none of this would have happened.

John Quan sighed in frustration.

Slivestopol TV

Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang came to the TV station together, to discuss the New Year’s Eve party program with the director.

The chief director was very busy because he had to prepare for the New Year’s Eve party, so Jasmine Tong and Mo Yiang came over and were taken straight to the lounge.

On the way, he ran into an old acquaintance, Qin Yianran.

When they passed by, Jasmine Tong was going to say hello, but then Qin turned his gaze on her and it didn’t fall on her.

From that moment, Jasmine Tong knew that she and Qin Jianlian could not be friends anymore.

Inevitably, she was a little sad, but she was actually still grateful to Qin Yanyan, who had helped her so much in the beginning.

“She’s been very, very busy lately.”Mo Yiang suddenly opened his mouth.

“You said suddenly, sister,”

“Right, otherwise who else now in the entire Star King International, which resources she wants can be taken over, she is now transformed into a desperate woman, what movies and TV dramas are accepted, all kinds of announcements, reality shows.”


In the end it should be because of myself, I guess, emotionally wounded and at work to make up for it.

“A while back, she went on that reality show of ours as a guest and was particularly good at sparring, rolling right into a mud pit, and it scared me silly.But it worked so well that it went straight to number one in the hot search.”

Jasmine Tong was still a little heartbroken over Qin Tianran.

“Her popularity is back, but the fact that it took so much exposure to earn her popularity back shows that her popularity is also gone.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t say anything and took out her phone and started playing games.

Mo Yiang immediately came together.

“The last time I saw you play it was only at 123. You’ve only been playing for a few days. It’s only 200.”

Jasmine Tong ignored him and continued to play her own game.

After watching Jasmine Tong play the game for a while, Mo Yiang finally found the end.

“This game is not the same as mine ah why do you still have a walkthrough it comes with a walkthrough, where to download”

At this point, Jasmine Tong revealed a proud look.

“But no, my little uncle designed the game, how can anyone else create a walkthrough and still download it directly to the game itself, it’s impossible”

“This is my exclusive strategy, Jasmine Tong’s own personal.”

As she said that, Jasmine Tong raised her eyebrows towards Mo Yiang.


Who else is going to give her an exclusive walkthrough and who else is going to install the walkthrough on her game?

The creator of this game, of course.

These two don’t get along, but they both live to stuff him with a handful of dog food and are convinced

“I’ll tell you what, a show of affection is quick to split.”

“You call that envy and jealousy.”

“I’m just envious and jealous of how after that, my little brother-in-law is really worthy of two couples, always in front of me this single dog show love appropriate? every day so that you stuffed dog food I also eat not eat.”

Mo Yiang felt stuffed up.

“Wasn’t it just this one time and the last time I asked for an emoji, it only added up to two.”

“My little uncle and, okay, my little uncle called me into the office just to download emojis from my phone and pissed me off.”

“So he got all his emoticons from you. I mean, lately he’s been giving out emoticons. I’m so happy.”

Mo Yiang felt even more stuffed.

The emoji he worked so hard to save up ended up being a wedding dress for someone else.

He stood up straight away, ready to walk out.

“Where are you going?”

“Eating too much dog food and going out to take the edge off.”Mo Yiang didn’t return.

Jasmine Tong continued to play her game.

In another room, there was the director of another show, who was discussing the content of the show to be recorded later with Qin Liyuan.

After the discussion, the director left, and Chin turned around and started making up.

When he saw Jasmine Tong just now, Qin turned around and felt very uncomfortable.

She’s already lost her man. She’s going to lose her career?

“Then suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

When Qin suddenly looked up, he saw a familiar figure in the mirror of the dressing room.

Chapter 260

Yao Xiangyun, the director of Slivestopol TV, is also Mo Yiang’s mother.

Yao Xiangyun was graceful and walked in with a decent TV station uniform.

Qin turned around immediately.

“Director Yao Tai.”

After all, he was the station manager, and Qin turned around and had to give a few points of face.

“Oh, you’re welcome, you’re welcome, we don’t need to be so polite between us.”

Yao Xiangyun walked over and sat on the chair next to Qin Tianlian.

Qin turned around and pursed his lips and smiled slightly.

“Station Manager, what can I do for you? I’m about to put on my makeup for a recording.”

Qin Liyuan had met Yao Xiangyun a few times before, and each time he was very familiar with her.

Naturally, Qin Yanyan also knew that it was because Yao Xiangyun had seen herself with Albert Ou and thought that they were lovers.

Yao Xiangyun also seemed to have heard Qin Yangyang’s somewhat cold attitude towards her.

“It’s actually nothing, it’s not going to be New Year’s soon, isn’t it? New Year’s you’re going to take a vacation and rest after all, why don’t you follow our Little Wild over for a visit and get acquainted with your family.”

A few of Albert Ou’s friends call Albert Ou Asawa, but the elder members of the family call Albert Ou Ono just like Muranui.

“It’s not appropriate,”

“Nothing inappropriate, you and Ono have been together for quite a while, it’s about time for this almost wedding”

There was a flash of embarrassment on Chin’s face, but she had expected it.

She was still smiling gracefully.

“Yao stage manager, I think you’re mistaken, Ou and I, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Ah” Yao Xiangyun was directly stunned by this.

“Please don’t say anything else in the future, lest we both be embarrassed, and besides, I can tell you that Ou, has had his heart set on it.”

Throughout the whole time, Qin turned around and maintained a faint smile, neither humble nor overbearing.

This caused Yao Xiangyun to be at a loss for words.

These two guys broke up.

Obviously, only some time ago, Albert Ou spent 3 billion to acquire Star Huang International for Qin Yanyan, and now that Qin Yanyan can get so many good resources, it must have been ordered by Albert Ou as well.

So soon? They broke up.

Yao Xiangyun was not stupid, she looked at Qin Liyuan’s expression and the way he spoke, she more or less felt that there was something going on.

“Then suddenly, what is this all about ah you two have been quite good haven’t two people quarreled very usual, there is no need to break up because of a little spat right”

“There are some things you can’t ask me about, so you might as well ask the one in the next room.”

“The next room” Yao Xiangyun frowned.

“Director Yao, I have to record a show later, I can’t afford to lose time, so I won’t talk with you.”

After saying that Qin turned around and let the makeup artist continue to apply his makeup.

Yao Xiangyun is asking for trouble, but the fact that Albert Ou and Qin Liyuan broke up makes her very curious.

From what Qin Yan Yan said, it seems that this matter is because of Albert Ou. Could it be that there is a third party interfering?

Yao Xiangyun had nothing to do now, so he was ready to go to the next room.

The next room was the lounge, where Jasmine Tong was sitting playing games.

Just standing at the door and seeing Jasmine Tong, Yao Xiangyun seemed to understand at once.

Isn’t this Jasmine Tong, who’s always been close to her son?

Naturally, Yao Xiangyun is very concerned about her son and knows that he has recently become close to Jasmine Tong, the two of whom have previously made a movie and interacted frequently on Weibo.

She immediately sauntered in.

“The dog food is digested.”

Jasmine Tong heard footsteps and immediately raised her head, but it turned out that it wasn’t Mo Yiang.

Seeing Yao Xiangyun, Jasmine Tong immediately stood up, who doesn’t know the TV station director?

“Greetings, Yao Taiji.”

Yao Xiangyun snorted and looked Jasmine Tong up and down.

“A girl like you, I’ve seen more than my share of girls who think that they’ve become phoenixes by flying up the branch, but in reality, a sparrow is a sparrow and can never fly a phoenix.”

That said Jasmine Tong was blinded.

She didn’t understand what Yao Xiangyun meant.

Yao Xiangyun sat on the chair, Jasmine Tong remained standing.

“Do you know the fundamental difference between a sparrow and a phoenix? This phoenix is a phoenix even if it lands in a turkey nest, but if this sparrow wants to fly up a branch and become a phoenix, it has to disguise itself, just like you just did.”

“Director Yao, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Jasmine Tong seemed to have understood that Yao Xiangyun was being sarcastic.

“Don’t try to pretend to understand, a girl like you knows best what she wants, it’s not just to get into the entertainment industry and meet more rich people and then marry into a big family and become a rich wife.”


“Let me tell you, the doors of the Ou family are not that easy to enter, and if you want to marry Albert Ou, you have to ask us Mo family members if we agree.”

Jasmine Tong heard clearly that Yao Xiangyun probably knew about her relationship with Albert Ou

When Qin Tianliang passed by with his makeup on, he saw Jasmine Tong standing, while Yao Xiangyun was standing with her legs crossed and a cold face.

She took one look and left in a hurry.

Jasmine Tong didn’t want to contradict Yao Xiangyun, firstly, Yao Xiangyun was the director of a TV station and she couldn’t afford to offend him, secondly, Yao Xiangyun was Mo Yiang’s mother, and thirdly, Yao Xiangyun was Ou Zeno’s cousin’s sister-in-law.

From any point of view, she’s not a good person to clash with.

Jasmine Tong was just about to say something, to explain, when the phone rang.

The call was from Mo Yiang.

“Come to the fifth floor right away, 502, the director is out.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

Hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong smiled towards Yao Xiangyun.

“Yao stage manager, I’m really sorry, I have something else to do so I’ll leave first.”

“Miss Jasmine, I come to tell you one thing, you have to remember for me, in this world, what is yours is yours, and what is not yours, you can’t ask for it no matter how much you want it, especially the kind of things that you can snatch with dirty tricks, it won’t last long.”

Jasmine Tong couldn’t care less about the theory with Yao Xiangyun, so she left in a hurry.

Arriving on the fifth floor, the two men discussed, together with the director, the evening’s program.

The director was very pleased with the two men’s creativity and told them to hurry up and rehearse without saying much.

Saying goodbye to the director, the two men walked together to the entrance of the TV station.

“Alright, Mandy, you can go home then, we’ve agreed on the rehearsal.”

“Well, won’t you go back?”

“My mom’s here today, so I’ll just see my mom.”

Jasmine Tong was tempted to say that she had just seen Yao Xiangyun and was accused by Yao Xiangyun of being a third child.

But she didn’t say it.

“Well, go on then, I’m going home.”

Jasmine Tong got in her car and left.

Mo Yiang went straight to the station manager’s office.

Chapter 261

“Mom” Mo Yiang swaggered in, coming here when he was little was no different from coming to his own home.

Yao Xiangyun only had such a son, so naturally he was very attached to him.

“Son, aren’t you done talking to the director already? Why are you here now?”

Yao Xiangyun hasn’t seen her son for a long time, and her usual contact is by phone or WeChat.

“Oh, I just came over after I dropped Manny off.”

Upon hearing Jasmine Tong’s name, Yao Xiangyun’s face immediately sank.

In fact, in the beginning, when Yao Xiangyun knew that Mo Yiang and Jasmine Tong were classmates and very close, she was very much in favor of the two of them being together.

Mo Yiang entered the entertainment industry, Yao Xiangyun’s biggest worry is that Mo Yiang is too late to get married, he is 24 this year, it’s time to fall in love.

But today, when she found out that Jasmine Tong and Albert Ou were together, she was very shocked

This girl is too powerful, even, after hitting on her own son, she hooked up with Albert Ou, and played a trick on their uncle and nephew.

“Yi Aang you’ll have less contact with that Jasmine Tong in the future and ah, you’re on your own for the evening show, I’ve decided to cut Jasmine Tong’s show”

“What what?”

This news came so fast that Mo Yiang was a little overwhelmed.

“You’re too young to see the girls of today.”

“Mom, where are you going with this ah me and Manny’s show was handpicked by you yourself to get us on the show together in the first place, and now you’re just saying cut”

“I’m the station manager, just cut it off for any reason, and then you’ll be on your own.”

“don’t lie ah, in the end is why ah always have a reason do you not before her impression of it quite good how now 360 degree turn it mom, you are not menopausal to”

Mo Yiang had no idea what was going on.

“Well, let me ask you, did you know that she interfered with your youngest uncle and the sudden turn of events?”

Yao Xiangyun slapped the table, this son of his was too simple.

“What do you mean who interfered?”

Mo Yiang really suspected that his ears were mishearing.

“Jasmine Tong interfered with your brother-in-law and Qin Liyuan,” Yao Xiangyun repeated.

“Mom what are you joking about even if it’s meddling, that’s when Qin turned around and meddled with my little uncle and Little Man Little Man she”

There are some names that Mo Yiang can’t name.

“She’s my little aunt” Mo Yiang put his heart on the line and still called out that name, Jasmine Tong wasn’t there now anyway.

“What” this time it was Yao Xiangyun’s turn to be shocked.

“Manny and my uncle have been married for over a year now, and people are a legitimate couple, protected by the law.”

Yao Xiangyun was even more shocked

Albert Ou’s wedding was such a big deal, but she didn’t even know about it!

“You’re not going to lie to me,”

“Why would I lie to you? If you don’t believe me, ask my little uncle yourself.”

“Why didn’t he tell his family about your uncle’s wedding?”

“Uh this,”

Mo Yiang scratched his head.

“Hey, you don’t know my little uncle, he’s a weird guy. He can say what he wants to say, but if he doesn’t want to say it, then he can forget it. Who cares about him?”

“Yes, but the wedding is such a big deal, and the wedding isn’t even done?”

Yao Xiangyun has opened his eyes, this cousin of theirs is really able to

“There was no wedding, a direct license, two people are now stealthily married, don’t say anything ah, I wanted to say and Qin Tianran was pressed together, but you misunderstood.”

The more Yao Xiangyun thought about it, the more wrong it was.

“But, aren’t you and Jasmine Tong a bit interesting I see you, always helping her, how come you’ve become your little aunt now I was hoping you’d be with her at first.”

“I wish,” muttered Moichiro.


“Nothing, I know that’s my little aunt, of course I have to help her, rushing me, little uncle I have to help her too.”

“Yes, but that’s bad.”

Yao Xiangyun sat on his chair with his buttocks.


“I just oops.”

Yao Xiangyun sighed in frustration.

“I thought she was a third party interfering, I just saw Qin Lianyan, and I was thinking of inviting her to come back with your little uncle on New Year’s Eve, but it turned out that she broke up with your little uncle, and I even reprimanded Jasmine Tong, geez, what can I do about this”

“You even said to Manny’s face that she’s third party interfering, my mother you’re really not afraid to offend my little uncle ah.”

Awesome, my mom.

“Who told you not to tell me earlier, how would I know, our whole family thinks that your youngest uncle is in love with Qin Jiangyan, some time ago your grandfather was still talking about when your youngest uncle will get married to Qin Jiangyan.”

“My brother-in-law told me not to say anything, so don’t blame me.”

Yao Xiangyun is now ruined to the point of being blue in the gut.

Rainbow City

Late winter nights always seem silent, they are quiet and peaceful.

Jasmine Tong sat on her bed playing a game and suddenly stopped, today Yao Xiangyun’s words echoed in her ears.

“The gates of the European house are not so easy to enter.”

Yes, with Albert Ou’s status, how could the Ou family’s gate be so easy to enter?

Although she had already gotten married to Albert Ou, it was because of this that she was an even worse daughter-in-law.

They say it’s not good to be a daughter-in-law in a mansion.

Albert Ou stepped out of the bathroom and got right under the covers, bringing a cool air.

“Oops, you’re cold” Jasmine Tong hastily dodged.

“What are you thinking about just now when I saw you staring.”

Albert Ou immediately wrapped a blanket around himself, and when his pajamas were warm, he could hug Jasmine Tong.

“How come I’ve never heard you mention your parents before?”

“What’s going on? My little baby wants to meet the in-laws.”

Jasmine Tong was shy.

“Don’t be ridiculous, do they know about the two of us getting married then?”


“They’re okay with that?”

“Why do you have an opinion?”

“Your family is big, and I’m just a small family out of a small house.”

Jasmine Tong didn’t want to say too much, because it would only make her inferior.

“They’re very open-minded, my parents are abroad now and more influenced by foreign ideas, so they don’t care about me, don’t worry.”

It was also always assumed, including family members, that Albert Ou’s parents had settled abroad, and Albert Ou said the same to the outside world.

“So, why did you marry mine when you’d never even met me in the first place?”

This was something that Jasmine Tong had always been very curious about.

Albert Ou was stunned when he heard the question.

It was Murray’s idea to marry Jasmine Tong.

Because Murray predicted that Jasmine Tong would be the breakthrough for Albert Ou to remove the seal.

So when Albert Ou spent a million dollars to marry Jasmine Tong, he didn’t take it seriously at all.

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