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Chapter 67

Jasmine Tong scratched her head, “I’ve only talked about it once, five years, first love.”

“No way.”

Albert Ou turned his head to the side.

What about the man with the comb?

“Forget it if you don’t believe me.”

“Really only once.”

“Really after my mother died, I was driven by my stepmother to work in the family’s winery, then worked to save money for Yarwen’s treatment, how can I have time to fall in love ah once is not enough.”

Jasmine Tong gave Albert Ou a blank look.

But what about the man that you’re marrying?

Albert Ou couldn’t figure it out.

“Alright, Gossip Diva, it’s getting late, I’m going home to read the script.”Jasmine Tong jumped from her seat at the bar.

Albert Ou sighed quietly, “I’ll give you a ride.”

As he was saying that, his phone suddenly rang.


Jasmine Tong immediately waved her hand at the situation, “Alright, you’re busy, don’t worry about me, I’ll just take a taxi back.”


Without waiting for Albert Ou to say anything, Jasmine Tong had already walked out of the bar.

Albert Ou answered the phone.

“Hey, you don’t have a woman underneath you to answer the phone so slowly,” complained John.

“If I did, I probably wouldn’t have answered your call tonight.”

It’s that durable.


“What do you want from me?”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, I miss you. Come quickly, Miro Sunshine VIP room.”


Albert Ou put his phone away and drove straight to Milo Sunshine.

Miro Sun

Led by the waiter, Albert Ou went straight to the VIP private room, and as soon as he entered, he saw the person sitting on the sofa facing the private room.

Chin turned suddenly.

In the meantime, Albert Ou’s brow was furrowed.

No wonder John Quan chose to come here, Milo Sunshine is a chain of restaurants under the Quan family’s property, combining Western food and leisure and entertainment.

When Qin Yangyan is a star, going to any store is probably a risk of being photographed, and it’s only the owner’s place that is exempt from this worry, right?

Seeing Albert Ou come in, Qin suddenly got up.

A long, white dress called for a slender figure, and her hair hung casually behind her head, dignified and elegant.

The goddess is full of it.

“Asawa, you’re here.”

Albert Ou responded and turned to John, who immediately averted his eyes.

If you do something wrong, you’re guilty.

“Have you eaten yet? Would you like to order something to eat?”

When Qin turned around, his voice was as gentle and pleasant to the ear as the spring breeze in March.

“Eaten.”Albert Ou sat directly next to John.

The sofa in the room consisted of two arcs, with a marble table between them.

Albert Ou and John sat on an arched couch, with Qin suddenly sitting on the opposite arched couch.

Under the table, Albert Ou stomped on John Quan.

John Quanton collapsed and didn’t even dare to utter a word.

Albert Ou ran over the edge hard, which moved his foot away.

On the marble table were three tall glasses and a bottle of wine.

No one spoke for a while, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.

Qin turned suddenly and immediately picked up the bottle and poured red wine into three tall glasses.

She picked up a glass herself and raised it.

“Asawa, I’ve been filming recently, this is just killing time, and I’m here to thank you for your previous acquisition of Star King International.”

Albert Ou doesn’t move, and John gives Albert Ou a frantic wink, even touching him on the soles of his feet.

“Don’t thank me, it’s just the Dark Empire’s strategy to enter the entertainment landscape.”

Albert Ou’s tone was as cold as it needed to be.

As soon as this was said, Qin turned extremely pale.

This is clearly telling her that this is not about you, but about our company doing business.

John Quan also detected a hint of embarrassment and immediately coughed.

“Then suddenly, if you weren’t at Star King, he would have just bought another company, right?”

John Quan just wanted to give Qin Liyuan a step down, but he didn’t expect Albert Ou to open his mouth once again.

“It has nothing to do with who’s in the Star King, the right acquisition is the one that will be made and the wrong one won’t be made.”

Qin turned even uglier.

John squeezed his eyebrows some more, and Albert Ou snorted.

“John, are your eyes uncomfortable? I think it’s time for you to see a doctor.”

“Uh oh, no, it’s just a little itchy.”

John Quan immediately rolled his eyes, “Alright, alright, it’s been a long time since the three of us got together, let’s have a drink together this time, come”

That’s what Albert Ou said before raising his glass and taking a light sip of his wine.

Qin turned out to be worthy of being a diva and had seen more than enough of the scene.

“Anyway, anyway, I profited from the whole thing, thanks to you.”

“No thanks.”Albert Ou said bluntly.

In order to break this awkwardness, John opened up the conversation.

“Then suddenly, are you busy lately? What are you going to shoot?”

“Okay, I just got a movie, a costume drama.”

“So, Zee and I are going to visit the class sometime.”

“Well, let me know when you guys are coming and I’ll have my assistant pick you up.”

A long silence ensued.

Qin Liyuan probably also found this atmosphere too weird, and his phone rang at this time.

It’s her agent.

When she answered the phone, she just said, “You two take your time, I’ve got a bit of work to do over here.”

“Oh, well, you’re busy.”

John also knew that the atmosphere wasn’t too good, so he didn’t stay strong, and wanted to give Albert Ou a wink to send him off, but Albert Ou was as still as a dead man.

He had to send Qin suddenly out.

“Then suddenly, you know how weird Zee’s temper is, so don’t get on his nerves.”

Qin suddenly smiled a clouded smile, “It’s not like it’s the first day I’ve known him, don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“That’s good, I’ve heard from his company that he’s been in a bad mood lately, and it’s probably been a lot with the company as well.”

Qin turned around and nodded, “I’m leaving first, bye.”

Sending Qin suddenly away, John Quan returned to the private room.

Albert Ou remained firm.

John sat next to him, “Albert Ou you kid how is it that you let people suddenly hot face your cold ass”

Albert Ou snorted, “I didn’t ask her to post it.”

“You you’re too unkind,”

“I’m married.”

Albert Ou shook his red wine glass and took a sip of wine.

John Quan stared, “What”

He’d been married for a whole year and had never heard him say the words “I’m married”.

“You don’t really think of Jasmine Tong as your wife, do you?”

“She was already.”Albert Ou was still cold.


John Quan felt that the world was changing too fast and he was a bit out of pace

“I saw your secretary the other day, he said you’ve been cranky lately, you’re not in love with that woman,”

I’m in love with that woman.

Only then did Albert Ou raise his eyes to look at John Quan.

Chapter 68

That weird look made John jump carefully and dirty.

The CEO finally saw him.

“I don’t know.”

Albert Ou took his eyes back and continued to sip his wine.

“I don’t know I think you’re just in love with that woman.”

John couldn’t sit still any longer and stood up, pacing back and forth across the room.

“Albert Ou you’re being dangerous you know that you’re giving up the whole forest for one tree you’ll regret it one day”


“And ah you yourself are not human in case one day Jasmine Tong knows your identity what to do you can hang around the flowers, but never spend effort on a flower ah this is very dangerous.”


Right now, John is like an old mother whose son is about to be abducted by her daughter-in-law.

Seeing that Albert Ou didn’t say anything, John Ton sat next to him, “Really in love with her.”

“I don’t know.”

Albert Ou has never been in love and doesn’t know what it means to be in love and what it means not to be in love.

“I can test it out with one question.”

John narrowed his eyes and stared at Albert Ou with a burning gaze, “When you woke up in the morning, your body reacted, was it her that was in your head”


If it wasn’t for his many years of friendship with John, Albert Ou would have wanted to spew old blood in his face!

He can’t even ask a question this explicit.

There was still a little bit of embarrassment for Albert Ou when it came to this question.

Although each other is a man.

Albert Ou pinched his brow and snorted in acquiescence.


John growled, “You’re so f*cking in love with her.”

Albert Ou expressed frustration.

That’s falling in love with her.

Immediately afterwards, Albert Ou told John Quan about the recent events and the conversation he had with Jasmine Tong today.

Although John Quan is a suave gentleman, he’s also an expert on love.

“According to you, this Jasmine Tong is really a downtrodden Cinderella, and the reason she went out to find a man to have a baby that day was because of her brother.”

“That’s saying something.”

“If that’s the case, then you should simply announce her identity so that you can have an open and honest conversation about love.”

John said as he touched his chin that didn’t have a beard.

“It’s pretty stifling that you haven’t been in a relationship in all these years, so it’s good to take this opportunity to have a good relationship, how about stop role-playing and be open about it.”

And Russel Cheng is the same thing, both want him to go public.

“Wouldn’t it be awkward to go public now?”

“Find a chance ah must find a special opportunity to meet her publicly and surprise her.”


Albert Ou thought carefully, “I’ll think about it.”

After saying that, Albert Ou looked towards John Quan, “Later, you tell Qin Liyuan that I’m already married.”

“Ah I’ll say ah” John looked embarrassed.

“Then I’ll say it myself.”

“Don’t, it’s better for me to tell you, how embarrassing it is for someone to be a girl when you reject them to their face like that.”

John Quan sighed sadly, but she and Qin Liyuan had grown up together.

“But, at first, anyway, when suddenly suddenly saved your life, you”

“I’ll make it up to her, in another way.”


Star King International

Xu Xingru gave Jasmine Tong a week to read the script, and a week soon came and the two came to the company to discuss.

Xu Xingru was still dressed in black, and the person was still aloof.

Jasmine Tong was a little nervous every time she saw her.

“Have you chosen?”

Xu Xingru didn’t utter a word of pleasantries and went straight to the point.

“I’ve chosen.”

Jasmine Tong picked out a copy of the script and handed it to Xu Xingru.

The dumping of the country and the summer snow.

It’s just a female number two.

Xu Xingru was shocked when she saw the script, and it was the same as the one she had chosen.

She looked up at Jasmine Tong, her gaze noticeably gentler.

“Why did you choose this one when the script I have for you has a female number one and a female number two with a part worthy of a female number one, and this one.”

This one has the least amount of drama of almost any script.

“Yes, I’ve seen it, there’s the first woman and the second woman who has a lot of parts, but, I don’t think those roles are very good, except this one I like, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve read the novel.”

Today, IP is prevalent and many TV shows and movies are based on novels.

This dump is no exception.

The novel tells the story of male Seventh Prince Chaosheng and female First Prince Huangfu Wan’er who ascend to the highest position and look down on the world together.

Xia Feixue is the daughter of a martial arts general, who has been mischievous and rampant since childhood, relying on her ability to do some kung fu, she and the Seventh Prince Chaosheng grew up together as childhood sweethearts.

Seventh Prince Chaosheng and Xia Feixue spent a very happy time together, but when the Seventh Prince grew up and faced the battle for imperial power, he also had to put aside his children’s personal feelings.

Xia Fei Xue is a woman of great affection and righteousness, and has repeatedly gone to the battlefield to kill her enemies, making great contributions to the ascension of the Seventh Prince.

The Xia Clan’s achievements are so high that the Seventh Prince has to eliminate them in order to secure his throne.

With the emergence of Huangfu Wan’er, the Seventh Prince’s feelings for Xia Feixue also grew distant, and Xia Feixue was so grief-stricken that she tried to murder the Seventh Prince, but failed and was martyred.

Xia Feixue’s troubled fate is bound to be a great test for the actor.

“The role is quite a challenge for the actor and there will be hanging Weah and some martial arts action as well, you’re sure.”

Jasmine Tong nodded firmly, “Sure, I’ll definitely play the role, I liked the character when I was reading the novel.”

Right after that, Jasmine Tong actually saw.

Xu Xingru laughed.

It’s the first time she’s smiled at her.

“It’s good to learn to suffer as an actor and also to resist the temptation that some actors who are slightly emerging start taking roles aimlessly and are not women and end up ruining their future.”


“You’re just starting out now, and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to play a female role in the future, so if you play a female role all of a sudden, I’m afraid the audience will say that this person must have a backstage presence, so instead, you might as well play some supporting roles first to lay a good foundation.”

Jasmine Tong nodded, “Yeah, I’ll try.”

“In a couple of days I’ll take you to an audition, in addition, the Huma Rouge world side has begun to enter the publicity period, you only need to go to one place to promote, show too much face but noisy, the next focus is to make a good film, endorsement side I will try to get more, first let you earn some money.”

“Thank you, Starru.”

Xu Xingru arranged for Jasmine Tong to promote the Huma Hong World.

It’s unbelievable that Tong Siu Man would meet here.

Chapter 69

Because Huma Red World was going to be released early, the publicity was very rushed at one point, and the resulting publicity was never set in stone.

Jasmine Tong could only wait for Xu Xingru’s notice.

And these days it just so happens that the entrance exams are coming up.

Yarwen Tong’s school is a boarding school, because it is close to the college entrance exams, in order to avoid accidents, the school these days, unless there are special circumstances, students are prohibited from coming in and out.

Jasmine Tong waited until the day of the sixth, thinking that it shouldn’t be arranged, and then she received a call from Xu Xingru.

“Manny, pack up and get to the office, now we’re going right away.”


“What’s the matter with you?”


“Whatever you’ve arranged must go today, the publicity over here has long been set for you, it would be inappropriate for you not to go, it’s the first time, a cool appointment will affect your credibility, hurry over.”

Without waiting for Jasmine Tong to argue, Xu Xingru hung up the phone.

I planned to go to the school to see Yarwen Tong, this time

Go, it’s an eight-hour bus ride, and the event is estimated to be scheduled for two days after tomorrow, when she returns and the SATs are all over.

Jasmine Tong immediately made a call to Yarwen Tong, who sounded relaxed on the other end of the phone.

“Sis, what’s wrong?”

“Xiaolei, I’m going to go there today, my sister’s movie is going to be released, this time it’s a promotional event, I’m afraid if I come back”

“Geez, sis, go ahead and do your thing, don’t mind me, I’m fine la.”

“Little Lei,”

At any important moment in Yarwen Tong’s life, Jasmine Tong was never absent.

His mother died after he was born, and his father only loved the dragons, and he only had himself as a sister.

So, whether it was a parent-teacher conference, a field day, a graduation ceremony, or an award ceremony, Jasmine Tong would always be there for him.

The entrance exam was such an important moment for him again.

“Sis, I’m fine with it, the teachers won’t allow us to read for the past two days, so let’s relax, I think I’m fine with it.”

Jasmine Tong couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed, her brother had grown up.

“Well, Sis will try to get back early.”

“You don’t have to worry, we’ll go to the movies together when your movie comes out.”


After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong immediately packed her things and went to the office, and on her way to the office, she posted her first tweet.

“Don’t be nervous, high school kids, come on.”

The accompanying picture is a wacky picture that reads: “All the tests are good, all the blinders are right.

Getting into the car with Xu Xingru, Xu Xingru explained something to her.

“I’ve got the dress for you, it’s not very out of the ordinary, just remember one thing about the campaign tomorrow and the two days after, be a proper supporting actor.”


Xu Xingru told Jasmine Tong about the rules on the promotional campaign one by one.

“Just remember one thing, you’re a supporting actor, stand at the front of the line always, the hosts don’t speak until you do, or else be quiet and treat your seniors very politely.”

“Remember that.”

The car sped along on the highway, arriving just before dawn, Jasmine Tong and Xu Xingru entered the hotel together to recuperate for some time.

The evening is when the campaign really begins.

Promotional activities are not the same as filming, the first time out to do publicity, Jasmine Tong was really a little nervous.

It wasn’t until she actually entered that Jasmine Tong knew why Xu Xingru had arranged this stop for her.

This bustling metropolis is one of the most powerful stops.

Almost all the creators are here at this stop.

Qin Yanyan was naturally the brightest star in a red evening gown, and she herself teased that she hoped the box office of Yanhong World would be red all the way to the top.

Rameen Tong was not weak either, and a golden dress competed with Qin Liyuan’s, bringing out her plump figure to the fullest.

We all knew this was a very important stop and did our best to make ourselves more visible.

Only Jasmine Tong, dressed in a pale pink knee-length dress, looked very plain and simple in front of all the golden glitter.

She’s also been regular, non-competitive, and has had almost no presence except after the initial introductions.

So, naturally, it was Qin Liyuan and Rameen Tong who stole all the limelight.

The host took the microphone back, “Today, we also have a special guest, he didn’t play any role in Huma Red World, he’s here today for his best friend, and you all can guess who he is.”

The audience was confused.

Who knows?

Too many stars.

During promotional activities, it is not uncommon to invite actors who have never acted to come over and stand on stage, either for their former directors or for their good friends, and we are all courteous to each other, you help me, I help you.

Just who it is, no one knows.

Jasmine Tong wasn’t curious, because whoever it was had nothing to do with her.

“Well, we won’t sell him short, now we have him on.”

A stirring of music was playing.

The stage lights flicker.

All eyes were on the doorway where the entrance had been made.

A tall figure flashed over.

A casual white shirt, unbuttoned three buttons at the top and open two buttons at the bottom, exposing a firm honey-colored muscle in the chest, and a pair of ripped, loose-fitting jeans.

Everywhere shows his debauchery.

And then look at that face, with two razor-sharp eyebrows, a pair of dark and bright eyes, shining with a charming luster, a high nose, and s*xy thin lips.

With an evil smile, he greeted, “Hello, everyone I’m Mo Yiang.”


The place was a sensation.

Mo Yiang.

It’s Mo Yiang.

“Ah” already some fan girl started pulling her voice out and screaming playfully, the sound seemed to raise the roof of the scene

The moment Jasmine Tong saw Mo Yiang, the faint smile she had been maintaining fell.


What the hell is he doing here?

Who is Mo Yiang?

If you ask which fresh meat is the most popular in the entertainment industry today, it’s Mo Yiang.

Mo Yiang means popularity, Mo Yiang means traffic, Mo Yiang means countless “most.”

Mo Yiang, who is only 24 years old this year, has been on the scene for twenty years.

That’s right, he was born a child star and starred in a TV show that became a household name at the age of four.

Many actors who started out as child stars like him grew up to be more and more disabled, but he was the only one who grew up to be really handsome.

And, at the age of seventeen, he came home with a movie trophy.

His fans range from young girls in their teens to old ladies in their 70s and 80s.

Once Mo Yiang appeared, naturally all the focus was on him.

The host immediately handed him the microphone, “Ione, I hear you’re standing in for a good friend today, may I ask who you’re standing in for”

Jasmine Tong’s heart thumped, it’s bad.

He’s not going to come straight to me, is he?

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