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Chapter 79

The microblogging she just registered, because of the Huma red world box office high, which has 100,000 followers, Mo Yiang a microblogging actually let her rise so fast.

You have to admire Mo Yi-Ang’s popularity.

In the morning, Jasmine Tong received a call from Xu Xingru.

Although Xu Xingru didn’t follow, Jasmine Tong’s every move was in Xu Xingru’s eyes.

“What is your relationship with Mo Yiang?”

Xu Xingru got straight to the point.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

“Uh that, me and”

“Mandy, I’m your agent and need to know everything about you.”

The agent and the artist must trust each other.

The last star Xu Xingru brought with her was the one who had something to hide from her, so much so that when the scandal broke, there was no going back for Xu Xingru.

Since then, Xu Xingru hated what the artists under her hands hid from her.

“Mo Yiang and I went to college together, and when we went to school, we had a good, iron relationship.”

Jasmine Tong could only answer truthfully.

“The last time you promoted Huma Red World, Mo Yiang shouldn’t have come here for you, right?”

Xu Xingru had seen something strange that day, she had never heard of Qin Liyuan and Mo Yiang having any intimate relationship.


“Good thing you didn’t step up and do a good job.”

Xu Xingru was very satisfied with this choice of Jasmine Tong.

The new young star can’t wait to climb a few big names, so that’s the equivalent of taking a shortcut.

“Don’t worry, Sister Starru, I’ll keep my distance from him, and I also told him that our relationship can only be private.”

“Well, remember there are never shortcuts in this world, I’m sure you have the score, nothing more, hang on.”

After hanging up the phone, Jasmine Tong will get up to go to a new day of filming.

Today there are more scenes with Qin Liyuan, who is the female lead and basically has to be filmed from when she was 15 or 16 years old.

Jasmine Tong could have rested in the hotel, but she still came to see Qin Jianlian filming.

I have to admit that Qin turned out to be worthy of the title of queen of the movies.

At twenty-six years old, she is also handy in the role of a fifteen or sixteen year old unworldly girl.

Every scene of Chin’s sudden death is basically one over.

Back in the hotel, Mo Yiang quietly came to Jasmine Tong’s room.

He finished early today, otherwise he would have been tired as a dog and couldn’t have come over.

Entering Jasmine Tong’s room, Mo Yiang was like entering his own room, touching his stomach as he went to the refrigerator.

“Do you have any food here, I’m so hungry, I miss your beef noodles.”

Mo Yiang opened the refrigerator.

The eyes lit up.


Several boxes.

Mo Yiang immediately held out all the cookies.

“Manny, you’re so inadequate, you’re hiding good food and you don’t know to share it with me, did you make this yourself?”

Mo Yiang stuffed two cookies directly into his mouth.

“Well it’s still the same recipe, it still tastes the same.”

He had always been impressed with Jasmine Tong’s handiwork.

Jasmine Tong whooshed over and snatched all the cookies from Mo Yiang’s hands!

“Shame on you Black Earth who told you to just touch my stuff”

“Why are you so mean?”

If Mo Yiang hadn’t come over today, she would have forgotten about her cookies.

She had made the cookies to bring over ahead of time, in case she wanted to distribute them to directors, writers, crew and such.

“Eat for me.”

“No give,”

Mo Yiang reached out and snatched a box over, stuffing it in his mouth as he ran.

“You’re a foodie. Forget it. You can have the box.”

Tong looked at the four boxes of cookies that she defended in her arms.

“Who are you going to give it to, making so many”

“A box for the director, and my makeup artist, and I didn’t know you were coming, or that suddenly you’d come, so no one else will.”

Mo Yiang was still a little surprised to hear Qin Liyuan’s name.

“Are you close to Qin Liyuan?”

“It’s not bad, suddenly she’s my idol she’s nice, good temperament, good drama”

Talking about her idols, Jasmine Tong’s heart was beautiful, she rarely had any favorite stars, and Qin Jianran was one.

Mo Yiang naturally knew about the relationship between Qin Jianliang and his own young uncle.

“I’m telling you, you watch out for her.”

“Beware of what” Jasmine Tong felt bewildered.

“Nothing, it’s better to keep your distance from her.”

Come on, that’s your rival.

Jasmine Tong, the idiot.

Jasmine Tong glanced at Mo Yiang, “Just because of her relationship with your little uncle ah unexpectedly sister and your little uncle, that’s basically a flower stuck in a cow dung, okay”

Mo Yiang was stunned.

You’re the flower.

“Okay, get the cookies and get out of here” Jasmine Tong lifted her foot and kicked Mo Yiang.

“Well, I’m going back to bed, looking forward to tomorrow’s k!ssing scene oh”

Mo Yiang took advantage of Jasmine Tong’s inattention and snatched another box of cookies from her, disappearing without a trace with lightning speed.

Jasmine Tong expressed bewilderment.

Never mind, that’s enough anyway.

While it was still early, Jasmine Tong gave the director cookies and her own makeup artist, and finally knocked on Chin’s unexpected door.

The one who opened the door was not Qin Lianyan, but Xia Lian.

Because of the fact that there was a lot of drama today, Qin Tianran was probably tired, so Jasmine Tong couldn’t be bothered, so she gave the cookies to Xia Lian and went back.

In the bedroom, Chin is reading a script with a mask on.

“Who’s out there?”

“Oh, it’s Jasmine Tong, she said she made her own cookies and gave them to Sister Thenan to try.”

Qin suddenly looked up at the box of cookies in Xia Lian’s hand and pursed his lips and smiled.

“This kid doesn’t even know I’m on a diet, so you put it in the fridge.”


Charlene turned around and put the cookies in the fridge, so she didn’t bother.

She followed Qin Jianlian, who was also a good eater, how could she like such a cheap cookie?

The first two days of scenes warmed the actors up and finished, so everyone got acquainted and the filming went much more smoothly.

There was a good scene today, the first k!ss scene between Mo Yiang and Jasmine Tong.

Chaosheng and Xia Feixue grew up together, and at the age of fifteen or sixteen, when their love for each other began, they gave each other their first k!ss for the first time.

Knowing that a k!ssing scene will be filmed today, Mo Yiang was so excited that he couldn’t sleep.

Naturally, Jasmine Tong would be nervous, after all, it was her first k!ssing scene.

“Mandy, Oneon, there’s a k!ssing scene later, so you two will rehearse it first.”The director said.

Mo Yiang came to his senses, “Director, will I borrow the seat later, or will I shoot for real?”

As he said that, Mo Yiang looked at Jasmine Tong unkindly.

Chapter 80

“We this scene ah, the main baked out is the young two small, must be particularly beautiful, so that will form a sharp contrast with the back, later to have a close-up, so, at first borrowed position, shooting close-ups or really shoot.”


Mo Yiang’s face was all smiles!

Jasmine Tong fiercely plucked out a glance at him.

She had guessed from the start that the line of their relationship was one of immense beauty and simplicity at the beginning, to be contrasted with the falling apart of the two of them.

Close-ups will definitely be taken when the time comes.

It’s finally going to be shot.

The blower blew countless peach blossom petals flying in the sky, and all of a sudden the women on the scene were bursting with girlie hearts.

Such a romantic scene, k!ssing the handsome Mo Yi-Ang is too easy for Jasmine Tong.

Jasmine Tong really hated to give up this opportunity.

“Okay, all departments take their places, acn.”

“Brother Sheng look, what beautiful peach blossoms” Xia Fei Xue a pale yellow jacket and a white cloak swirled around the peach blossoms in the sky.

“Cheryl, slow down, and be careful of falling.”Chao Sheng walked steadily and followed behind her.

“So beautiful,” Xia Feixue stood at Chaosheng’s side, holding out her hand to hold a peach blossom petal, her face dimpling with laughter.


“Hmmm,” a youthful smile rippled across Summer Feather’s face.

“Not as good as my Cheryl.”

Xia Feixue raised her head and met Chao Sheng’s gentle gaze.

Slowly approaching lips

“OK over.”

The director was very pleased with the two men’s performance, “Come on, don’t move, just shoot close-ups.”

Chao Sheng grabbed Xia Feixue’s arm, and Xia Feixue’s hand was placed on the side of Chao Sheng’s waist, and the two of them looked at each other.

“Brother Sheng, will you always love me? “Xia Fei Xue shone with a pair of bright eyes.

“Will, I will love my snow as this peach blossom, and as long as spring is here, the peach blossom will bloom.”

Xia Feixue smiled shallowly.

The close-ups are next.

Chaosung leaned in close to Xia Feixue’s lips, and the close-up required the actor to maintain a pose for a long time.

However, Mo Yiang was about to touch Xia Feixue’s lips when he got distracted.

“Kaichion, you’re not looking right.”

Mo Yiang even ng.

Although this kid was always cynical, he was very professional when he was filming, and basically one over and never ng yet.

When Xia Feixue raised her eyes, Mo Yiang’s face was red all the way to the roots of her ears.

Naturally, this detail was also taken in by the director.

“Yi-Ang, you old driver, you’ve filmed a lot of k!ssing scenes, why are you blushing so much today”

Mo Yiang laughed awkwardly.

“Director, I’m not familiar with the actor.”


Jasmine Tong glared at Mo Yiang.

“Black Earth, take good pictures don’t get distracted” Jasmine Tong reminded in a small voice.

“Oneon, don’t be so stiff-mouthed.”

“Where did Aang’s eyes go?”

“Oneon, no, no, it doesn’t feel right.”

Mo Yiang not only ate ng, he ate several in a row!

In the end, the director had to give up, after all, he couldn’t hold up the shooting schedule, so the scene was pushed back, and the previous ones worked anyway, just a close-up.

Mo Yiang has a feeling of f*cking a dog.

He couldn’t sleep last night because of this, and when it really came down to it today, he was too excited to get off his chest!

It’s really hard to cry.

The point is ng this kind of thing is humiliating for him.

“Black Earth you f*cking dropped the ball at a critical moment” Jasmine Tong a questioning tone of voice.

“You know what the f*ck I didn’t sleep well yesterday, I’m not in good shape.”

Mo Yiang was extremely frustrated.

“Then how come you’re in such a good state when you’re playing against sudden death hey”

Jasmine Tong suddenly smiled badly, “It’s not like you’re coveting this girl’s beauty, hahaha”

Mo Yiang stared fiercely at Jasmine Tong.

Yes, Jasmine Tong, I like you, can’t you feel it?

Because of his passionate feelings for her, he can’t tell what’s reality and what’s acting when he’s filming, and that’s why he gets distracted!

“I’m sure I’ll amaze you someday.”

Mo Yiang has nothing good to say.

“Well, I’ll wait,”

Only Mo Yiang didn’t know that he’d never get another chance, because the only chance he’d ever get had been missed by himself.

Somehow, I don’t know if it’s because the first male and the second female are both people who are familiar with her, but Jasmine Tong found the shoot very enjoyable.

The show was funded by Star King and the main characters were all Star King people and everyone got along very well.

On the other hand, Rameen shot the perfect favorite has been in the propaganda momentum, not yet started shooting, what makeup photos, official announcement began all the way to dominate the microblogging hot search list.

Like Qingguo Qingcheng, the Ultimate Concubine is based on a popular IP, with Qingguo Qingcheng taking the family route and the Ultimate Concubine taking the funny route.

For a while, the audience seemed to be very much looking forward to the Ultimate Favourite Princess, and the limelight completely overshadowed the dumping of the city with two big names, after all, it seems easier to go the funny route these days.

That’s why Yixin International has spent a lot of money on the top favorite, and even more on its own artist Rameen Tong.

The commercial for Cherry Blossom Love, which was shot by Rameen Tong, also went public, and for a while, Rameen Tong’s popularity flew through the roof.

The contest between Luo Chen and Xu Xingru still looked like Luo Chen was the better fighter.

dark empire (i.e. empire of darkness)

Jasmine Tong has been on the set for over a week, and Albert Ou is back in grumpy fried mode.

Somehow distracted, these days and nights have not slept well, full of Jasmine Tong, why does he miss that woman so much?

“Russel Cheng, how many days has Jasmine Tong been on the set?”

Russel Cheng was terrified.

“O, O, the wife has been in the cast for ten days.”

“It’s only been ten days.”

What to do with the rest of the day?

Albert Ou chattered his teeth raw.

“Mr. Ou, if you really miss your wife, why don’t you go visit the crew, anyway, this drama is the number one investment of Star King International, it’s understandable for you, as the owner of Star King International, to visit the crew.”

“Visiting the class,”

Albert Ou figured it out.

“You’ll go tonight and make the arrangements.”

Russel Cheng: “

Don’t be in such a hurry.

“Is it inappropriate to visit at night?”

“What’s inappropriate is that I’m going to see Jasmine Tong and no one else.”


Russel Cheng, like a roundworm in Albert Ou’s stomach, directly found out Jasmine Tong’s hotel room number and brought Albert Ou to Yancheng at night.

There are still a few costume dramas being filmed at night in Goose Town, but Jasmine Tong has already called it a day.

Russel Cheng also came here after making some inquiries.

The hotel is now completely quiet.

“You wait for me in the car.”Albert Ou gave the order, got out of the car with his long legs, and headed straight for the 8th floor of the hotel.

Chapter 81

That’s the suite on the eighth floor of the hotel, the best room in the hotel.

All the important players live on this floor.

It was now late at night, most of the people had already rested, the hotel was quiet, everyone had been busy all day, so naturally they needed to rest at night.

Albert Ou took the elevator directly to the eighth floor, and the doors slowly opened.

It was the first time that Ou Zeno came to the hotel, and he didn’t understand the structure of the hotel, but he asked Russel Cheng to find out that Jasmine Tong was staying in room 816.

It’s right in front of the elevator, and Albert Ou really doesn’t know which side 816 is on except for 810, so he has to walk forward to see.

He turned left and saw 809, but finally realized that 816 should be on the right, so he headed back.

Just as I reached the elevator, the doors opened once more.

Qin Yangyan and her assistant Xia Lian walked out with a weary face.

She had a lot of personal scenes today, and most of them were night scenes, which is why she’s filming now.

The moment Qin turned his eyes up to see Albert Ou, he was truly stunned.

Albert Ou hadn’t expected to run into Qin Liyuan here.

It was also really stunned.


When Qin suddenly turns around with a tired face just now, the moment he sees Albert Ou, he is full of blood!

surprised and delighted

“What are you doing here? “Qin Liyuan immediately walked out of the elevator and stood in front of Albert Ou.

“Oh me,”

Without waiting for Albert Ou’s explanation, Qin turned around and took a glance in the direction Albert Ou had come from, and expected Albert Ou to come looking for him, probably without finding him, and was now preparing to leave.

“You were going to my room you should have told me ahead of time, I had a night show today and this is just back.”

Xia Lian also knew that it was hard for these two to see each other for a second time, so she hurriedly said.

“Mr. Ou, go inside quickly, suddenly sister has been so busy lately, it’s rare for you to meet.”

Saying that, Charlene walked straight forward and prepared to open the door.

Qin turned around and smiled gently towards Albert Ou as well.

“Let’s go.”

Albert Ou frowned, 80% of the time that brat John Quan hadn’t told Qin Tianran that he had gotten married, this brat

But now he couldn’t put it off, so he had no choice but to follow Qin Liyuan back to his room with him.

Room 808.

Albert Ou sat on the sofa, and Qin turned suddenly and hurriedly instructed Xia Lian to prepare some food and drink.

Hsia-lien opened the fridge, it’s bad

There was nothing in the fridge now, except for the box of cookies and bottles of mineral water that Jasmine Tong had sent.

These days, because Qin Liyuan had been on a diet, there wasn’t much to eat in their fridge.

If you want to lose weight, it’s very scary, not to mention that you won’t eat snacks, you won’t even touch drinks.

But, Albert Ou is here, so he can’t even give a spit, right?

Xia Lian immediately took two bottles of mineral water, along with Jasmine Tong’s cookies.

It’s better than nothing, right?

Charlene awkwardly placed the mineral water and cookies on the coffee table.

When Qin turned to look at it, a hint of embarrassment flashed across his face as well.

However, a gentle smile soon returned to her face.

“We’re on a tough crew and there’s nothing to entertain.”

When Qin turned to look at the box of cookies, he then said, “This is a nice cookie, it was sent over by Jasmine Tong from our crew, who said she made it herself.”

“Jasmine Tong,” Albert Ou came to life.

Eyeing the box of cookies, one dried cranberry set on top of the cookie was adorable.

He picked up a piece at random.

“Yes, it’s that female number three in the Huma Red World, quite an agile little girl, also an artist of our Star Emperor, she’s a good actress, if possible, the company can focus on cultivating her.”

When Qin turned around, he didn’t forget to give Jasmine Tong a hand.

She was also thinking to herself that her words should carry some weight now.

“Well, you can consider it.”

Albert Ou smiled as he put the cookie in his mouth and took a bite.

crispy and sweet


I didn’t think that girl was a good cook, and she’s good at making snacks.

“Asawa, you’re coming over today.”

Albert Ou immediately stood up, “It’s getting late, you should rest early.”

“Oh since we’re here,”

Qin Liyuan originally wanted to retain Albert Ou, but thinking that it was late at night, it would be too unreserved for her, a woman, to retain a man like this.

“Fine, you’re tired from working every day too, so go home early and get some rest.”

Albert Ou dropped his eyes to the box of cookies and picked them up at random.

“These cookies taste good, can I have them?”

When Qin turned around, she was also shocked, she had known Albert Ou for quite some time and had never seen Albert Ou interested in any snacks before.

“Yeah, you can take it if you like.”

“Thank you, then.”

Afterwards, Albert Ou grabbed the cookies and immediately walked out.

When Qin turned around and watched Albert Ou leave, he smiled shallowly.

Xia Lian saw that Albert Ou had left, and her tense nerves finally relaxed.

“Then suddenly Sister, Mr. Ou is simply too sweet to come visit you late at night, it seems that Mr. Ou is really very affectionate towards you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

When Qin turned around and smiled, he didn’t say anything else.

Albert Ou strode out, wanting to find Jasmine Tong, but the door next to Jasmine Tong’s room turned out to be open.

Mo Yiang poked his head out.

He was a little hungry in the middle of the night and ordered takeout, but it hadn’t been delivered yet.

Since this is Goose City, and most of the people living in Goose City are actors and crew members who sometimes work late and often need to order take-out, the stores here are basically open 24 hours a day.

As soon as Mo Yiang poked his head out, he saw Albert Ou coming from there.

There’s a room over there.

Could it be that he’s here to see Qin suddenly?

Late at night, all alone.

Mo Yiang was just about to go back, when he was spotted by Albert Ou.

“Little, little Uncle,”

Albert Ou snorted and went straight to Mo Yiang’s room without saying a word.

Little Uncle, what are you looking for me for in the middle of the night?” Mo Yiang immediately stammered.


What are you doing here?

Mo Yiang’s heart had a thousand haymakers running through it.

“It’s the middle of the night uncle, I just ordered takeaway, or you’re one piece”

Albert Ou ignored Mo Yiang at all and swept a circle to look at him.

Mo Yiang stood upright, and when he looked down he saw the cookie in Mo Yiang’s hand.

The cookies were made by Jasmine Tong, he recognized them.

“Got cookies?”

“Uh that one didn’t, no.”

Mo Yiang immediately denied that Jasmine Tong had made him cookies that he couldn’t bear to eat.

I can’t let this man take me away.

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