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Chapter 151

Lin Shufan was ruthlessly shaken!

It’s her!

It’s her, it’s her, it’s her!

This look, this strength, this majestic and dominating presence.

It’s like he’s looking for an actress!

Only the man who was dead a second ago suddenly came to life like a chicken.

He cheerfully held the computer in his hands and first walked around the room, then just about danced with joy as his eyes stared at the screen.

The video wasn’t long and it aired quickly.

He was busy calling Lu Yanzhi and asking him who the guy in the computer was.

Lu Yanzhi was still a bit confused when he got the call and asked, “Which one of my computers?”

Lin Shufan impatiently explained to him, “The one who plays the female general.”

Lu Yanzhi’s head was even more confused at the news, he didn’t remember any of the people playing female generals in his computer!

The only one who played a female general was Nina Hua.

But don’t you know Nina Lin Shufan?Not so much as to call and ask him!

Lu Yanzhi was dazed for a while, then suddenly his brain flashed and he remembered something and hurriedly asked, “Is that a video of an audition you watched?”

Lin Shufan said evenly, “Yes, that’s the one!Who’s the woman playing the general?I need to find her.”

After Lu Yanzhi heard his words, his face showed a one-sentence expression.

It took a long time before I could barely swallow and said with difficulty, “Old Lin ah, to be honest, if it’s her you fancy, I advise you to give up, it’s impossible.”

Lin Shufan was stunned and frowned, puzzled, “Why is it impossible?I’ve never seen her in the entertainment industry, I think she’s new?Don’t worry, if you hand her over to me, I’ll make sure to make her a hit, she’s really too good for acting, she’s just a natural born actress.”

Listening to the excited voice on the phone, Lu Yanzhi hehe snickered.

“Just watched a video, haven’t seen a real person yet!You’re so quick to boast about it, and you’re not afraid of a future facepalm?”

In fact, when he said it, he was inevitably a little sour.

I remembered the image of how I once tried to get Jenny to act, but was ruthlessly rejected, and look at the year now.

It really is gold is gold and shines everywhere you go.

Here, his eyes rolled and he suddenly had an evil thought and smiled hehehe.

“Old Lin, you’re interested in her aren’t you?Well?Then let me tell you, her name is Jenny, she’s currently the PR director of Anning International, not an actress, and if you can convince her to come out and act in this movie, I’ll get down on my knees and call you daddy!

But if you can’t do it, then you’ll do as I say, and I’ll let whoever I say play the part, okay?Dare you bet?”

How could Lin Shufan endure the other party’s obviously provocative tone?

With a sneer, “So what’s the dare?Just bet on it!”

When Lu Yanzhi saw that he had successfully taken the bait, he laughed and proudly said, “Okay, that’s a deal then, you can’t go back on your word!”

Lin Shufan snorted heavily, not bothering to answer him, and hung up the phone.

The next day, just after Jenny arrived at the office, she heard her assistant come over and say that someone was looking for her.

She’s a little surprised that it’s only 8:30 in the morning, and most of this circle is day and night, so usually no one would be looking for her at this time of day.

I don’t know who’s coming today.

This early?

With a sense of curiosity, she headed for the parlor.

Once inside, the only thing I saw sitting there was a bearded, middle-aged man wearing a gray gingham suit, with a thin build and even a slight rick in his back.

This caused Jenny to think at first glance that the other party should be an older man, until he walked up to the front and took a look, but found that the other party was in his early 30s at most.

She was a little surprised that she didn’t remember knowing this person, so she subconsciously contained some caution and asked, “Hello, I’m Jenny, I heard you had something for me right?”

Lin Shufan had a good draft in his heart before he arrived, but at this time, seeing the real person at first glance, Rao couldn’t help but be startled even though he was mentally prepared.


It’s so similar!

It was exactly the same image as the one he had in his head.

It was polite in its detachment, polite with a hint of hidden dominance.

Especially those eyes, as if they had been carefully carved and infused with soul by a fine craftsman, not the acting, one could feel a myriad of emotions stirring in her eyes just by going there.

Lin Shufan stood up in a hurry and rubbed his hands in a bureaucratic manner, but his pair of sharp eyes kept staring at Jenny as if he couldn’t move his eyes.

That gaze was too hot, and Jenny was subconsciously a little disgusted by what he was looking at.

She turned and whispered to her assistant that she could get out before sitting down in her chair and asking, “If you need anything else, please speak up, I have a meeting later and I still have 20 minutes to go.”

I said, and even looked at the watch.

It wasn’t that Jenny had to appear so unkind, it was just that this person’s gaze was too hot, and there was a hint of madness in it that made her particularly uncomfortable.

Lin Shufan nodded, with a purposely squeezed, not-quite-welcoming smile on his face, and extended his hand towards Jenny.

“Hi, my name is Lin Shufan, I’m a director.”

Jenny was slightly stunned.

Lin Shufan?

That name sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before?

She snapped out of it, oh!Yes, on the script!

Last night, I just read myself that Lin Shufan is the director plus head writer of Cannonball Raiders.

At the time she wondered what kind of person this must be to write such a bizarre and brilliant script!

Jenny showed a surprised expression and reached out to shake his hand.

At her surprised gaze, Lin Shufan rubbed his hands and said, “It’s like this, please don’t mind if I take the liberty of coming to your home, it’s because I accidentally saw a video of your performance on my friend’s computer, and I think you’re especially suitable to play the female lead in my new movie, so I wanted to come and ask for your opinion.

I wonder if you are interested in going in that direction as an actress in the entertainment industry?”

He looked serious, not joking at all, and his tone was especially sincere.

Jenny was a bit confused by his question, and it took a moment for him to respond and burst into tears.

“May I ask if the friend you’re referring to is the land director?”

Lin Shufan nodded incessantly.

At the end, he didn’t forget to excuse Lu Yanzhi, “I also accidentally saw it from his computer, not that he intended to leak it.”

Jenny Jing didn’t care and waved his hand, smiling, “Since you’re a friend of Director Lu’s, I’ll be straightforward, I’ve read your script, it’s wonderful and I like it.In fact, if you don’t come to me today, I’d like to come to you some other day.”

Chapter 152

Lin Shufan was startled, somewhat not quite understanding the meaning of her words.

Jenny Jing smiled apologetically, “To be honest, I also got this script from Director Lu, I originally didn’t pay much attention to it, but after carefully reading it last night, I found that it’s a really rare script, and I personally like the female lead in it very much.”

Lin Shufan brightened up.

“So what you’re saying is…”

“I would love to be in this play, and I hope that Director Lin will take care of it more in the future.”

Lin Shufan was stunned.

Totally didn’t expect it to go so well!

He was still a bit unresponsive, and when he did, he was happy to immediately hold Jenny’s hand.

“Well, thank you, thank you for being willing to act in my play.”

Jenny was shocked by his excitement, and Lin Shufan also reacted to his reaction a little too much, even letting go of her hand and scratching his head in embarrassment.

“It’s just that I’ve hit too many walls before, I didn’t think today would go so well, Miss King, don’t worry, I won’t let you act in this play for nothing.”

Jenny knew what he meant and smiled.

“I don’t care about that, and I don’t need Miss Jingjing’s anymore, just call me by my first name.”

Lin Shufan wasn’t polite and agreed directly, and drew up the contract with Jenny again, which was why he left happily.

After sending Lin Shufan away, it wasn’t long before Jenny received a call from Lu Yanzhi.

On the phone, Lu Yanzhi’s tone was incomparably deceptive, asking her if Lin Shufan had come to see her.

Jenny answered truthfully, and Lu Yanzhi laughed at that.

“Here it is, you won’t agree to it, he doesn’t believe it, and he’s betting against me, haha, I’ll see how he ends up!”

Jenny raised an eyebrow, “Oh?What did you guys bet?”

“Hey, it’s nothing, it’s just that if I win, I’ll be the one to make the decision on hiring for this new movie of his, and if he wins, then I’ll get down on my knees and call him Daddy twice.”

Jenny curled his lips, “Then you can go back and call him dad now.”

Lu Yanzhi: ????

“I promised him.”

The four simple words were like a thunderbolt that struck the top of Lu Yanzhi’s head.

There was a dead silence on the phone, and it was a long time before I heard his slightly trembling, tilted voice.

“Can I…ask…why?”


Why did you promise Lin and not him?

How can he be ashamed of himself?

Lu Yanzhi’s mood was crushing.

Jenny couldn’t help but smile, “It’s probably because I’ve suddenly got the itch to act again recently!”

She certainly wouldn’t tell Lu Yanzhi that her real reason was because Clara had fallen for the script.

The truth of the matter, she already knew.

Since they cannot be sanctioned by the weapons of law, she will take back, bit by bit, what they have in their hands, in her own way!

All that Clara wants to do, there will be no way to do it!

Everything she wants, she can’t have!

All that she holds dear, she will lose!

Until finally, there’s nothing left, and then a painful death!


Lu Yanzhi finally hung up the phone in a heart full of collapse.

As for why Jenny had agreed to Lin Shufan, he didn’t dare to ask or say anything else.

The assistant came through the door and asked him respectfully.

“Director Lu, tonight’s scene has been arranged, and you can return to the set at four in the afternoon.”

Lu Yanzhi thought and waved his hand at him.

“Go, prepare the car and we’ll go back now.”

The assistant was stunned and a little puzzled.

After filming for months on end, didn’t the land director say that even iron men need to rest, so he gave himself a special day off today and asked the assistant director to keep an eye on things there and return in the evening?

What’s the rush now?

Lu Yanzhi didn’t bother to explain to him and quickly packed his things and headed out.

However, only when they reached the entrance of the company, they ran into Lin Shufan who had just gotten off the car.

“Yo, luv, in a hurry to get to the set?”

Lin Shufan was smiling, and his unkempt face seemed to be quite handsome and young because of his good mood.

Lu Yanzhi glared at him fiercely and exhaled, “Surnamed Lin, don’t get cocky!I’ll admit I’ve lost. Fine. Call me Daddy.I’ll just call it.”

I said, when I really put something hard, I was ready to perform.

Lin Shufan’s eyebrow bones jumped at the sight, and he was busy moving forward to stop him.

“Okay, you’re not afraid of losing face I’m afraid of losing my life, so don’t bother calling Dad, Lu, help me with something!”

Lu Yanzhi looked at him suspiciously.

“What are you boys up to again?”

Lin Shufan touched his nose and smiled.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that now the female lead is set, but because it’s different from what was talked about before, the other party is a newcomer with no flow and no reputation, so on the investor’s side, you might have to help me out and talk to them…”

Lu Yanzhi stared.

That look was like he wanted to eat Lin Shufan.

“Surname Lin, you’ve had enough!Will you be the director or will I be the director?You chose the people, and I have to speak for you about this too?”

Lin Shufan’s face stiffened.

Coughing softly, “Well, I can’t pull off a face, can I?”

“You can’t pull it off, so I can pull my face off?My face doesn’t want money, does it?”

Lin Shufan: “……..”

“Why don’t you get down on your knees and call out to Daddy?”

Lu Yanzhi was so angry that he almost didn’t jump up to hit him.

Finally, a vicious, “Wait!” was dropped.

Then, only to exhale and walk away.

Lin Shufan looked at Lu Yanzhi’s departing back and slowly smiled.

It’s nice to have a friend in the know!

This opportunity, which Old Lu had fought so hard to get for him, he mustn’t let it down again!

Thinking thus, his look grew serious, and after a moment, he took a deep breath, looked up into the clear sky, and smiled, before stepping out.

Clara had been waiting for Lu Yanzhi’s news for the past two days.

She really didn’t want to call that Lin Shufan again and run into a wall, an unknown who had helped direct several music videos and short commercials before, and didn’t even have a single work to show for it, but still dared to pick and choose.

Although she is now surrounded by scandal, but at least her fame and curiosity are there, in the past, it was too late for everyone to grab, how could anyone refuse?

After all, it’s all because of that b*tch Jenny!

If it wasn’t for her, how would she have ended up in this position in her turn?

The more Clara thought about it, the angrier she got, and her nails couldn’t help but forcefully embedded into her palm, and when she reacted, her white palm was pinched with deep red marks, almost about to bleed.

Only then did she take a deep breath and slowly let go of her hand to call Tong Shu.

“Sister Tong, how’s the communication going over there with Lu Yanzhi?Did he promise or not?”

Chapter 153

Tong Shu happened to have just finished calling Lu Yanzhi at this time, and only shortly after hanging up, Clara called in.

And she hesitated how she was going to break the news to her!Hearing her ask now, I sighed.

“The lady of the Cannonball Raiders has already been chosen, not you.”


Clara was horrified.

I don’t blame her for being surprised, after all, she was at least a traffic flower, even if there was a scandal, the fan base was there, the ratings appeal must be good.

Now that she’s so condescending that she’s even willing to act in obscure dramas, it’s fine if they want to take Joe and use him as an opportunity to lower her pay.

But you’re not even going to use her?

Who the hell is that?How dare you steal her fancy role?

Clara was so angry that Tong Shu continued, “It’s nothing really, it’s just a play, it’s fine if we didn’t fight for it, we can still look at another script.”

“Easy for you to say!”Clara was furious, “It’s not like you don’t know what’s going on right now!I’m not going to be cast in any production that has a little bit of talent, such as a mother-in-law drama or a third-rate drama.How else am I going to position my route from now on?”

Clara has been walking the pure and elegant goddess persona before, and most of the dramas that she has appeared in are also high quality big female drama.

If they really surrendered themselves to a third-rate mother-in-law and daughter-in-law country drama, imagine how hard it would be to get back to being the first lady!

Tong Shu also knew that she had a point, in fact, no one would want to miss out on such a good script if they didn’t have no choice.

“So what do you suggest we do now?”

Clara took a deep breath, and for a moment, said in a deep voice, “Who has the mistress decided on?”

“I don’t know, Lu Yanzhi won’t say, it’s like Lin Shufan chose the person himself.”

“Whoever it is, go find out for me, I want to know who dares to steal this role from me.”

Tong Shu was silent.

In the end, I agreed, “Okay, I’ll let you know when I find out.”

After hanging up the phone, Clara angrily smashed everything in the house.

Damn it!

A dog’s eye for a lowly thing!

Everyone against her!

It wasn’t until she had smashed everything up that she felt some of her anger being vented.

On the other hand, Tong Shu quickly inquired about the new mistress chosen by Lin Shu Fan, and when she heard that result, her entire body was not in shock, only incredulous.


How could it be her?

Isn’t she doing PR?What the hell are you doing here?

Getting this answer, Rao Tong Shu, who had lost this role before and appeared to be quite calm, couldn’t be calm either.

She called Clara right away.

Clara couldn’t believe it when she learned that it was actually Jenny Jing who had snagged the role.

What’s the point of her coming here when she’s never even acted before?

Is Lin Shufan blind?

Rather use a newcomer who’s never acted before?

Deep anger and frustration made Clara almost go crazy.

Smashing many more things in the house, she didn’t stop until Yu Xiu Lian heard voices coming in from outside.

“Maya, what are you doing?Why did you break everything in a good way?”

Clara raged, “That b*tch Jenny Jing!It’s fine to trip me up three times, I could ignore her for the resources of Chasing the Wind before, but now she’s actually stealing roles from me?You know what?A new script I’ve been reading for so long, and that director picks her over me?That’s not funny to you!”

Yu Xiu Lian frowned tightly, “How did this happen?Didn’t Tong Shu previously say this drama was a nine-tenths of a shot?”

“Steady my ass!Now that the role has been cast, she comes to me and says no!I think this Tong Shu is also a piece of trash, and is of no use at all at critical times.”

“.”Yu Xiulian persuaded bitterly, “That girl Jenny has never acted before, what can she be capable of?Eighty percent of the reason she got the role wasn’t by other means!

Heh.If you want to steal a job from me, don’t you see if you’re that kind of material, even if she steals the role now, she’ll still be scolded if she doesn’t act well when the time comes?It’s only when she becomes a target then that she’ll have to suffer!”

Being told by Yu Xiu Lian like this, Clara only then reacted.

Seems like it too.

It’s reasonable to assume that no one would be that stupid to let an actress like her, who has won a movie and has a lot of fan traffic in her hands, go with a newcomer.

Jenny must have played some trick!

Yes, that’s right!

Thinking of this, Clara’s eyes blossomed with a malicious glow.

Heh.Jenny, you want to be famous, don’t you?

All right, I’ll let you out for the rest of your life!

As she was thinking, Yu Xiulian suddenly said, “By the way, isn’t there a second woman in this drama?I’ve read the script before, and that role is pretty good, so since I can’t play the first girl, it’s okay to snatch the second girl over!”

Clara was displeased at the news.

“Crazy!Let me go and make a match for Jenny, and she’s worthy too?”

Yu Xiu Lian shook her head, “You can’t think like that, you want to!Because of what happened before, everyone thought that you were a selfish and vicious person who would persecute your sister to get what she wanted.

But if you’re in the drama as the second female, and Jenny is the female lead, then you can totally tell the outside world then that it’s Jenny who wants to enter the entertainment industry, and you, her sister, are willing to surrender yourself to match her in order to hold her up as a sister.

By then, people will only think that you’re affectionate and know that you can correct your mistakes, and that your acting must be better than Jenny’s, and when the two of them are in the same drama, and it’s clear that you’re the better actor, but you can only play the second female, and she’s a mess, but she takes the female lead, guess what those people will say?”

Clara’s eyes lit up.

“They will definitely think that Jenny’s character is coming from the wrong place!”

“Yeah, that’s right, and then we’ll be pushing back a little bit, heh!She’s just waiting for her legacy to live on!”

Clara’s entire body became excited after hearing Yu Xiu Lian’s words.

It was as if she had seen Jenny like a street rat, everyone shouting at her.

“Mom, you’re still smart enough to think of something like that!Then I’ll have Tong Shu call Lu Yanzhi right now and fight for the second female role?”

“Well, don’t worry, I’ve read it carefully, although it’s a second female, but the part is actually not much worse than the female lead, so you can just act as a double female play.”

“Well, I see.”

After deciding, Clara immediately called Tong Shu.

Tong Shu was very surprised to learn that she was going for the role of second female.

After all, Clara knew exactly what kind of nature she was, it really didn’t seem like someone who was willing to stoop to her own level for a comeback.

What’s more, he’s a match for Jenny?

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