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Chapter 163

Biden Lu then carried the luggage behind him, and Jenny Jing ran forward with a small bag leaping forward.

Entering the door, I was immediately attracted to the vegetable garden planted in the yard.

She had seen pictures on it and knew that there were vegetables that they grew themselves and they could pick them and cook their own food like regular farmers if they were so inclined.

There was also a market nearby where you could buy meat and spices, which made it even more exciting.

Living with Biden Lu is used to the life of a noble family, and occasionally experiencing the life of an ordinary lover is something else.

Biden Lu followed behind, looking at her happy face, and was also infected by his excitement, taking a few quick steps to carry the luggage into the courtyard.

“Biden Lu, it’s so beautiful here, you should go inside, you’ll like it.”

Jenny went in for a stroll and ran out to hug his arm and beg him for a good time.

Biden Lu took a glance around, although it was a bit crude, it did have a feeling of seclusion and nodded his head.

They went in with their luggage and put it down, and here was a quaint little cottage with a duplex first floor.

Jenny strolled around the house and ran outside, seeing that there were actually many flowers planted in the back yard, and was even more delighted.

“The owner here must be a very interesting person to live with.”

She ran down and looked at the various gardens and said.

Biden Lu stepped down the stairs with two cups of water and handed one to her.

“There are gardens in the house too, more flowers than here, prettier than here, and I don’t see you saying I have an interest in life.”

“Can that compare?”Jenny gave him a blank look.

“It’s not like you planted those flowers, Auntie Liu had them taken care of, when you’re in a good mood, just go walk around and visit them, usually you don’t even bother to look at them, it’s not the same at all, okay?”

Biden Lu knew that she was telling the truth and didn’t argue with it.

“Are you hungry?Do you want to go out for a walk and get something to eat on the way.”

Jenny nodded, “Good.”

They went back to their rooms and both changed their clothes.

The clothes were prepared by Jenny, who was intent on changing him, and even more so wanted him, the high and mighty CEO, to experience the feeling of ordinary people falling in love, so she prepared the couple’s outfit.

Biden Lu finished changing clothes and came out, it was a set of white casual clothes, wearing on him, reducing that stern temperament a little bit, lining out a lot of sunshine.

Jenny was dressed the same as him, just a few sizes smaller, with a pillow on her head, and the two of them stood together, matching each other to perfection.

When Biden Lu saw the clothes she had changed into, his eyes swung a warm colour, took her hand and walked out together.

With the idea that they would eat wherever they went, they walked out of the manor a short distance and saw a fine little restaurant.

At this time of the year, there are not many tourists in town, and the restaurant is a bit quiet, but it has a unique flavor thanks to its exquisite decoration and elegant environment.

Jenny Jing and Biden Lu walked in and found a seat.

The restaurant is owned by a middle-aged couple, both looking young, in their thirties, with a six-year-old son.

It was fortunate that they were also from Warsaw, and settled in this place simply because they liked the scenery of this town.

Opened a restaurant to do some hometown flavors to attract tourists.

The owner’s name was Su Hong, and she was very enthusiastic about having them call her Sister Hong.


It was happy to meet an old friend in its hometown, and Jenny was happy to be called from goodwill.

Su Hong greets them with their orders and Jenny asks her what her specialties are.

She introduced some of them, and after Jenny sought Biden Lu’s opinion, she ordered two or three.

Su Hong reported the order to her husband, who was busy in the kitchen, and then she came out to chat with them while pouring water for them.

Perhaps because it wasn’t the time for dinner, they were the only customers at the restaurant.

Su Hong warmly greeted: “We are doing hometown dishes here, and I don’t know if you are used to eating them, but all the guests who came here said they were delicious.Later on, if you guys think the taste is not good enough, just bring it up and I’ll make it up again for you.”

Jenny laughed, “Then you’re going to lose a lot today, it’s okay if it’s not delicious, if it’s delicious in order to eat more, there’s nothing wrong with having to pick two out for you.”

Su Hong waved her hand, “Girl, I’m not saying this to anyone, you guys aren’t that kind of scoundrels at a glance.”

I said, pausing and squeezing my eyes shut with ambiguity, “You’re all still students, I suppose?At first glance, it looks like a young couple who skipped school to come out and fall in love.”

Jenny Jing’s old face flushed and turned his eyes to glance at Biden Lu.

Biden Lu was good-looking, saber-browed, and inherently ageless.

Today I’m wearing a particularly youthful white casual dress again.

Plus, being out with her, it seemed like there was a deliberate effort to take some of the momentum out of her body, so it really did look like a big boy.

“Red, you guessed wrong, we’re not students.”

“Oh, yeah?Oh, I see the gentleman is very young, you are very board, and I thought you were all students.”

Jenny secretly slandered, she is at least 24, Biden Lu is five years older than her, are running three people, still students…….

Biden Lu, however, was very satisfied with Su Hong’s words, especially the line that said he and Jenny Jing were very good match.

When also a lot more pleasant, ordered two bottles of drinks, he does not drink those, they are pushed to the Jenny fabric, let her stay a bottle to quench her thirst later when out and about.

Jenny Jing saw that Su Rouge was nice, so she smiled and asked, “Sister Rouge, do you know what fun places are around here?”

“Lots of fun!To the east you can walk to the sea of smoke, especially close, the scenery there is the best, the sea is smoking, it looks like you are in Penglai fairyland, to the north is Cosma God Mountain, there is a temple on the mountain, the temple is dedicated to the Mazu Matriarch, I heard that it can be a good place to make a wish.”

“Nine out of ten tourists come to town, a lot of young couples go over for dates, if you want to go you can wait until tomorrow, it’s a bit late today.It’s at least a half-day’s climb from here to the top of Mount Cosma’s mountain.”

“Hey, by the way, I heard there’s a meteor shower over here tomorrow isn’t it?”Jenny asked with quite a bit of interest.

Before she came over, she did a lot of strategy on it and checked the weather forecast, etc., and it was on it that she read that there was a meteor shower.

“A meteor shower?”Su Hong frowned, then shook her head, “Not that I’ve heard, if you guys want to see it, you can go over there, there’s plenty to play on the mountain anyway, whether or not you can go play all of them.”

Jenny nodded approvingly.

At that moment, the food came up, so Su Hong stopped disturbing their meal and took her son to the back to do his homework.

The restaurant is small, but the food is really quite good.

It’s not as sophisticated and expensive as the big restaurants, but it has a home-cooked feel and is particularly cozy.

Chapter 164

After eating, they bid farewell to the boss and his wife and headed out together.

It was already about four o’clock in the afternoon, and the owner’s wife suggested that they go straight ahead, saying that there was a night market that would be set up at five o’clock, and that it was quite lively over there, so they decided to go for a stroll.

Biden Lu had never visited a night market in his life and was a little curious.

And seeing Jenny’s face in high spirits piqued his interest even more, as they walked and strolled.

Someone riding a tandem bike passed by on the side of the road, and Jenny saw it and yelled that he wanted to ride it too.

Biden Lu had to go to a shop on the side of the road to rent one, and after pushing it out, he was embarrassed to discover that he didn’t seem to know how to ride a bicycle.

Jenny puffed out a laugh and held his belly.

Who would have thought that CEO Lu, who can do everything, wouldn’t know how to ride a bicycle?

The face of Biden Lu is a bit dark, he was raised with respect, naturally has the world’s top luxury car to pick him up, where do you need to know this crap?

Jenny saw his black face and could only forcefully hold back his laugh.

Instructing him to sit in the back, she can ride in the front and he just needs to pedal his wheels to the rhythm.

Biden Lu very reluctantly stepped into the car, and Jenny Jing called out to go, so he stepped up.

Two people riding a tandem bicycle, traveling on the road, the wind blowing, the girl’s hair flying, brushing the face, bringing a fragrance, different people intoxicated.

Biden Lu was infected by this pure atmosphere and felt relaxed and at ease in his heart.

Jenny hadn’t ridden a bike since graduating from junior high school, and now that he was riding again, his skills hadn’t deteriorated, and he was happy about that.

As I rode, I hummed a tune I had learned while reading.

The tune she hummed was high and low, intermittent, and because she was carrying one person, it was harder to pedal the bicycle, so the level of singing was simply inferior compared to what she usually did.

But spare a thought, because her voice itself sounded good, so she sounded okay.

After listening for a while, Biden Lu asked, “What kind of tune is this?”

“Ah, Adrienne by the Water, haven’t you heard of it?”

Biden Lu: “…….”

You can hum “Adelina by the Water” like that and have the nerve to ask if he’s heard it?

Seeing that Biden Lu was silent, Jenny Jing kindly explained, “This piece was originally called Poem to Adeline and was played by the famous musician Richard, who used to win the Golden Piano Award…”

Biden Lu slightly darkened her face and interrupted her, “I know.”

Jenny gave an oh-so-sweet shrug, then shrugged his shoulders, “I forgot, you seem to be playing the piano okay.”

They rode their bicycles and soon arrived at the night market that the owner’s wife, Ling, was talking about.

Now the night market has just opened, many people have not yet put out the goods, Jenny pulled the land Biden first to go to the front of a high rating on the snack shop to eat ice cream, while eating, while waiting for the night market to open.

The shop plays relaxing, laid-back music and the owner, a Turkish man, makes fancy ice cream at the door to attract tourists.

Jenny finished one, got bored sitting around and didn’t want to hang out right now, so he walked to the door and watched him do it.

The Turk saw her coming together and asked her if she wanted to try it.

When Jenny hesitated, her boss encouraged her to try it, so she took over the shovel and cone and began to roll the flowers as he taught her.

She would use the cream to dot flowers on the cake and learned this quite differently, and with the owner being patient, it didn’t take long to learn.

Jenny bought the one she made herself, then ran back with ice cream in her hands and handed it to Biden Lu with joy, “Here, it’s for you.”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows and looked at the crookedly made ice cream in front of him, though his hand reached out to receive it, he still couldn’t help but dislike it, “So ugly, are you sure you made it?”

Jenny nodded, “Yes!You don’t like it?Don’t like giving it back to me.”

I said I was going to reach for the ice cream.

Where the man would let her take it, biting off half of it in one bite, he snorted, “What’s the point of giving it to someone and still wanting to take it back?”

Jenny couldn’t help but snicker when she saw how he continued to eat even though he obviously disliked it.

And not bothering with him anymore, he continued on ahead.

Outside now the lights were on and the night market was fully open.

When really as Ling sister said very lively, not only tourists, locals out to stroll a lot.

In the meantime, Jenny pulled Biden Lu to look east and west, and the man followed her like a little sidekick, with a slight frown the whole time.

Jenny saw that he was a little disgusted with the messy surroundings, so he simply stopped paying attention to him and ran ahead to stroll without him.

Biden Lu was worried about her safety and could only endure the feeling of being disliked and quickly followed her.

“How much for this, boss?”

Following up, he saw Jenny crouching in front of a stall, picking up a silver ring from the floor and putting it on his finger.

“This, ah, two hundred.”

“Two hundred?So expensive?”

“It’s not expensive anymore, this is not silver plated, it’s solid silver, and the red thread wrapped around it was made up by our own hands, and we all took it to the Mazu Matriarch to make a wish that it would bless you with a long life.”

Jenny Jing smiled, “I borrowed your auspicious words, in that case, give me another one, two for two hundred is fine, I’ll take it if I sell it.”

“Two hundred bucks won’t do it. I’m losing money!”

“Add up to twenty, if it works, but if it doesn’t, I don’t want it.”

“Oh my, why is the little girl so good at bargaining, one hundred and twenty a piece, I don’t make any money…”

“All right, all right!Uncle was nice and kind, so he sold it to me.”Afterwards, he took the money out of his pocket and handed it to him.

The vendor took the money as he saw it, “Alright, alright, for the sake of the pretty little girl, I’ll sell it to you.”

When she finished, she pulled a man’s from the back of her bag and handed it to her.

Jenny smiled like a treasure and said thank you to him, taking the ring and preparing to leave.

The vendor saw that she was quick to pay, so he stopped her and asked with a smile, “What’s an earring, girl?Look at these earrings, they were also just taken down by a wish from Mother Mazu.”

Jenny thought those earring styles were too old-fashioned and shook her head, “No thanks, I’ll just take these two rings.”

After Jenny said that, he returned to Biden Lu and put that silver men’s ring on his middle finger.

Biden Lu frowned in disgust, wanting to reach out and take it off, but Jenny Jing stopped him.

“Don’t pick it, it’s a wish from Mother Mazu that will bless you with a long life.”

Biden Lu very much despised that merchant’s sales tactics, and at the same time despised Jenny Jing’s intelligence even more, “You believe such words?”

“Believe it, why not?”

Jenny Jing walked over to another stall and studied the few hand-made masks placed on top of it, saying carelessly, “But whenever it’s a good word, then if you can believe it, then at least you can buy a blessing even if it’s not true, right?”

Chapter 165

Saying that, he took a monkey mask and put it on his face, turning his head and making a face at him.

Jenny Jing’s words warmed Biden Lu’s heart slightly, and nodded in a half-sentence, “You’re right, it’s good to buy a blessing.”

Jenny took off his mask and smiled brightly at him, squeezing his face, “That’s right!”

Biden Lu’s expression stiffened.

For the first time in his life, he had a weird feeling about being pinched in the face.

Jenny, however, put down that monkey mask and picked up a piggyback one to put on his face again.

Turning to Biden Lu, “Fairy, do I look good to you, old pig?”

Biden Lu was so amused by her that he tensed up, “Ugly!”

“Fairy, go back to Gao Lao Zhuang with Old Pig!”Jenny came up to catch him.

Biden Lu knocked her on the head and taught her a lesson, “Who is called Fairy?”

“You, look yourself in the mirror and see if you’re as beautiful as you look.”

“That’s describing a woman!”

“There aren’t many women in the world as good looking as you.”

Biden Lu: “…….”

He actually didn’t know whether to feel sad or happy, praising a man for looking better than a woman, was that a compliment?

Jenny took off his mask and handed it to the vendor, “How much is this?I’ll take it.”

“What are you buying this for?”


Jenny smiled at him, gave him money, took the bag from the vendor, took out the mask and put it back on, having fun.

Biden Lu followed her, feeling that such a woman was actually never more vivid and vivid than the one in Visterdem.

Before, what kind of good things he had prepared for her, women love jewellery, cosmetics, clothes, bags, all big international designers private custom, but she has never been so happy so smile.

However just now bought two cheaply made silver rings from a small stall, but it was like a treasure.

He felt that this woman seemed even more lovely than he had imagined, and that he couldn’t help but want to worship her as a treasure.

Not for a golden strand of clothing, but for a lover.

The two of them wandered around the night market for a long time, and eventually, Jenny got a little tired, so they hit the road.

The weather in the town had a big temperature difference between day and night, and Jenny felt a little chilly when he went back.

Biden Lu took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders, and when they passed the restaurant where they had eaten during the day, they were both a little hungry, ready to go in for a late night snack before going home.

But unexpectedly, as soon as I reached the door, I saw the owner and the owner’s wife inside clearing away the tables and chairs, looking like they were about to close.

“Huh?Are you guys done shopping?”

Su Hong put down the broom in her hand and walked towards them.

Jenny was embarrassed and nodded, “Well, are you guys closed?”

“Yeah, it’s almost eleven and we’re getting ready to leave work.You guys want something to eat?”

Jenny nodded again.

“Oh, that can’t be helped now, the food is sold out, you’ll have to go back up in the morning, I have some bread and yogurt here that I just bought this afternoon, you can take it.”

After saying that, Su Hong turned to go to the refrigerator to get bread and yogurt, Jenny even waved his hand.

“No, no, no, you’re open for business, how can I take what you have for free?”

When Biden Lu saw this, he drew three notes from his money clip and prepared to hand them to her.

Su Hong got a little angry when she looked at it.

“What are you doing?Just a few pieces of bread and a carton of yogurt, we met in a foreign land, it’s all destiny, can’t I even afford to buy this much food?”

Jenny blushed and felt even more embarrassed, but it was hard to refuse someone’s good intentions.

“We didn’t mean it like that.”

“Whatever that means, take it!I’ll tell you what, when you head back this way, there are no shops or restaurants there, and if you don’t take it, you won’t be able to buy anything to eat tonight.”

Jenny na na out, “So ah.”

“Yes!It’s too late at night, you’d better not go out either, there’s a lot of transient people in tourist places, it’s cold after midnight, everyone’s gone home, there’s nothing interesting out there, it’s dangerous to go out.”

Jenny nodded, “Yes, thank you then.”

“Don’t be polite don’t be polite.”

Biden Lu had to take the money back.

The owner’s wife was very friendly and sent them out the door, Jenny hugged the yogurt and bread, feeling really kind and warm like a big sister, and was touched.

On the way back, she then couldn’t help but exclaim, “There are still many good people in the world, I never thought I would meet such a kind couple here.”

Biden Lu looked at her with soft eyes, “A few pieces of bread and a box of yogurt bought you off?”

Jenny glared at him like a white-eyed wolf, “What are you talking about?Is this about a few loaves of bread and a carton of yogurt?It’s a strong sense of fellowship from the other country, do you understand?”

“Well, I understand, it’s the land of the living, and I gave you a few loaves of bread and a carton of milk, so why don’t you appreciate the gratitude I’ve given you for how much bread and how many cartons of milk?”

Jenny choked.

Halfway through, grunting, “Who made you so capitalistic!”

Biden Lu didn’t hear, picked up his tail and hmmmed.

Jenny Jing didn’t dare to offend this stingy man and could only smile and flatter, “Thank you, I’m especially grateful to you.”

Biden Lu knitted his brows.

The little woman was obviously looking pleasing and flattering, but why did he feel a little off the more he heard this?

Naturally, Jenny wouldn’t be stupid enough to explain to him, so before he could react, he carried the bread and hurried ahead.

A good night’s sleep.

The next day, Jenny Jing and Biden Lu inquired about the nearby market and went there to buy food.

After all, the purpose of coming to a small country town is to experience the life of ordinary people.

That’s why it’s essential to buy and cook your own food at the request of Jenny.

Although she wasn’t very good at it, since she had seen the man’s handiwork before, she was comfortable entrusting this important task to Biden Lu.

Biden Lu didn’t object, and after changing his clothes, he went out the door with her, and they went to a small market nearby.

Jenny is no good at cooking and is an amateur at grocery shopping.

The first thing you need to know about a man is that he’s too cold to pick and choose, and he’s too cold to bargain, so he’ll take whatever he sees, no matter how expensive it is.

Lightning fast, decisive and crisp, the aunts at the market looked on.

The two handsome men and women came together to stroll through the market, which was originally very noticeable.

Although the town is often visited by tourists who come to buy food and enjoy the idyllic life, they have never come to look so good.

It took most of the half hour of shopping for the two to buy the ingredients for the lunch to be made.

On the way back, Jenny ridiculed, “Did you see the way those aunts and sisters looked at you just now?Like a wolf that would love to eat you.”

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