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Chapter 169

The man’s face looked better this way.

Dinner was spent in such a warm and serene atmosphere until the last rays of light in the sky were swallowed up by the twilight and the fiery sunset dimmed.

After two more days in the town, it was soon time for the upcoming return trip.

On the last day, Jenny had nothing planned for the trip.

Biden Lu went out in the afternoon, saying that he had to go out to deal with something, and she didn’t care at the time, but the man hadn’t returned until it was almost six o’clock.

She couldn’t help but worry.

After all, it was a strange city, a strange country, and most importantly, she had called him several times, but no one answered.

Jenny was on edge, just as the phone rang.

She was so busy picking it up that she didn’t realize it was Mo Nan who was calling her.

On the other side, Mo Nan’s voice sounded very anxious, “Ma’am, it’s bad, sir, is he hurt?”


“The specifics are so serious, I couldn’t tell you over the phone, but anyway, get over here!We’re right here on the east side of the beach.”

After saying that, the other person hung up the phone.

Jenny didn’t even have time to ask the address more clearly.

She looked at the disconnected phone and blanched.

Is Biden Lu injured?

What’s going on?

Didn’t he say he was out on business?How did you get hurt?

If it was just a small, ordinary injury, Mo Nan wouldn’t have been so alarmed, so it must have been a serious injury.

Jenny couldn’t care less about it, couldn’t even bother to grab her bag, and rushed outside with her phone.

On the phone, Mo Nan only said the beach to the east, but didn’t say exactly where, so she had to run that way, looking for it as she went.

Fortunately, where they lived, they were already not far from the beach.

It didn’t take long for Jenny to arrive.

Just where was the man when there wasn’t even a single figure on the endless beach?

She didn’t frown.

Picking up the phone, he called Mo Nan.

However, before the phone was dialed, there was a sudden “boom” from behind.

She was so shocked that she turned around, but an old raft that had been placed there blew up at some point.

The next thing I saw was a small, through-silver robot about as tall as her calves, clanking towards her.

Jenny was startled, his head a little muddled.

She didn’t realize for a moment that the robot had come up to her, its arm mechanically going up.

Only a piece of letter paper was cupped in its hand.

Jenny was shocked by the series of changes before him and subconsciously took the letter paper.

I heard the robot say in a mechanical but oddly nice voice, “Turn left and go straight, he’s waiting for you there, yo.”

Jenny was startled once again.


A suspicion was looming in her mind, but she wasn’t sure.

Busily unwrapping the paper in his hand, he saw the pale, strong handwriting on it, if it wasn’t the man’s, who else’s could it be?

“Turn left and go straight.”

The words were short, but she had always recognized his handwriting.

At this point, how could Jenny still not think of what this man was up to?

She burst into tears, and at the same time, the burning worry in her heart let go.

Step to the left.

The beach is a semi-circular arc around the god Cosma.

The mountain, perhaps, had done its clearing, there was no one else on the beach, and she walked slowly alone, sweet and anxious.

It wasn’t long before she reached the bottom of a hill corner.

This place is at the end of the beach, and there is no road further into the sea.

She looked left and right, but didn’t see the man’s presence.

Picking up the phone, I was about to call him, and it rang.

She was busy picking up.

“Look backwards.”

The man’s low magnetic voice came from the phone, Jenny was startled and turned back in a hurry.

I saw a large ship coming up on the sea at some point, a cruise ship to be exact.

It was too far away for her to see clearly, and a thin layer of fog had begun to rise on the beach in the evening, further obscuring the cruise ship.

After about five or six minutes, the cruise ship finally came to heel.

She realized that it was indeed an extremely luxurious and beautiful ship, with a man standing at the bow, wearing a white suit and a long body, looking as dazzling and charming as a medieval European prince in the evening glow.

Her heart began to pound wildly.

What the hell is this man doing?

She had a sneaking suspicion of something, but didn’t dare to confirm it, but her heart couldn’t stop beating so hard.

The pedals were lowered and the man stepped down with graceful posture.

“What are you doing?”

When he got close enough, she finally managed to ask a question.

Biden Lu’s lips contained a smile, today he was wearing formal attire, and compared to his usual calm and seriousness, there was even more of a lazy aristocratic air on his body.

She couldn’t help but blush a little at the sight of it.

He took her hand in his and smiled softly, “Don’t ask yet, come aboard with me.”

Jenny only had to be led by him and boarded the boat together.

The ship was beautifully decorated, with white draperies everywhere, and bright red roses staggered in a romantic way.

Once they were on board, the boat was moving again.

Biden Lu led her to a room where a world class stylist was already waiting.

Seeing them come in, he curtsied with a respectful smile, “Mr. and Mrs. Land.”

Biden Lu handed Jenny Jing over to them, “Help her take care of it.”


Jenny looked at him, feeling a little apprehensive, “Biden Lu.”

“Be good, don’t ask anything yet.”

The man gently touched her head, the palm coming from a reassuring strength and warmth, Jenny pursed her lips, and in the end, chose to trust him and didn’t ask any more questions.

The dressing room was large, and a pink dress with hand-set broken diamonds on a shelf next to it looked gorgeous and sophisticated.

Jenny sat on a chair and let the stylist fiddle with it.

When the sight of the exquisite gown flickered through the heart.

Although she didn’t understand what the man was doing, her subconscious told her that it might be a surprise.

Just isn’t this surprise a little too big for a battle?

After all, the two of them just wanted to experience the feeling of a normal couple falling in love on this trip, and had no plans for anything else.

And, in fact, despite the fact that the man is usually quite smooth in his love language, he is actually very traditional inside.

There are even fewer romantic cells and whatnot.

She didn’t quite believe that he would suddenly think of throwing her some kind of surprise.

If this thought was known by Biden Lu, who was changing clothes in another room at the moment, he would only want to cry out injustice.

Chapter 170

You know, he orchestrated all of this today, but he did it himself.

This included designing the dress, setting up the cruise, picking out the ring, and tonight’s surprise, all of which he did himself, never pretending to be someone else.

While perhaps a little wooden on occasion in terms of emotions, such a person is really twice as effective when it comes to using their heart.

Soon, Jenny was done with her makeup.

The stylist lifted her up and helped her into her dress.

Jenny let them manipulate, finally did not endure, curiously asked: “What are you guys doing today?Why are you all dressed up?I don’t remember today being any special day, do you?”

The stylist just smiles mysteriously at her, but doesn’t tell her the truth.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Lu, but we can’t talk about this, or Lu will blame us.”

The other makeup artist also laughed, “Actually, you don’t have to guess, you’ll find out later.”

Jenny saw the situation and thought about it.

And they wouldn’t talk about it, so they had no choice but to end up desperately trying to get some information.

After changing, she looked at the girl in the mirror if peach blossoms and was startled.

The stylist next to him smiled, “This dress looks so good on you, Lu’s eye is as good as ever.”

Jenny Jing was slightly stunned and asked, “Did he pick it himself?”

“Yeah.It’s the work of Frank, the world’s top designer, and it was sketched by Lu himself, had Frank improve it, and then made it himself.”

Jenny Jing’s heart was slightly shaken.

She remembered that Biden Lu was either on a business trip or working overtime at the office some time ago, and had been very busy.

Where is the time to design any dresses and decorate all this when you’ve taken her out on tour since you got back?

But they wouldn’t say more, so she couldn’t ask any more questions.

After changing, the makeup artist took another necklace and put it on her before this helped her walk out.

Outside, the man was already waiting there.

Seeing her come out, not a bright eye.

I have to say that Jenny really is a walking coat hanger.

The original tall figure, slender and well-proportioned, snow-white skin, under the backdrop of the pink dress is even more delicate, face peach blossom, one can not help but feel moved.

With a smile on his lips, Biden Lu stepped forward to hold her hand and said to the two makeup artists, “Good work!”

They smiled and waved their hands, “No hard work, it’s all we’re supposed to do, if there’s nothing else we’ll excuse ourselves.”

Biden Lu nodded, and they only left.

Seeing them leave, Jenny finally couldn’t resist and looked up at him, finding that he had changed his clothes as well.

The white suit that I had just worn had now been replaced with a more formal black dress, still in a tuxedo style.

A man’s body would have been tall and upright, so a wear, but also seems temperament reserved cold noble, gentleman full.

She was amazed for a moment, then she couldn’t help but ask, “What the hell are you doing?What’s all the secrecy about?And why are we all dressed up?Is there an important occasion to attend today?”

Biden Lu reached out and smoothed a bit of the shredded hair by her ear, smiling lightly, “Yes, there’s a particularly important occasion to attend tonight.”

Jenny opened her eyes wide in curiosity, “What’s the occasion?”

Biden Lu raised his eyebrows, “You’ll know in a moment.”

He said, taking her hand and walking outside.

Jenny was held by his hand, and could only walk in step with him.

Following, the man refused to reveal too much, but instead made her more and more ticklish.

Curious all the way to the top, he asked, “Where are we going now?”

Biden Lu lowered his eyes to look at her and pointed to the watch on his hand, “It’s already eight o’clock at night, aren’t you hungry?”

Jenny just remembered that she hadn’t eaten dinner yet!

It’s his fault!It was so complicated, before she was supposed to be at home waiting for him to come home for dinner.

Later, when I heard that he was injured, I rushed over here, and cared even less about anything else.

I didn’t expect to be pressed into the dressing room as soon as I arrived and tossed around for two hours, where I remembered to eat.

It was only now that he reminded me that I was already hungry.

Thinking about it, she gave him a furious glance, “And you have the nerve to say it?What did Mo Nan say earlier that you were injured?”

At the mention of this, Biden Lu was a little embarrassed.

He touched his nose and explained apprehensively, “I wasn’t hurt, he lied to you.”

Jenny Jing gave a cool snort, “How dare you lie about such things, I see that you two are colluding!”

Biden Lu was also a bit depressed, he just asked Mo Nan to send a message for her to come over, how could he have thought that he would actually use such a clumsy method?

But what’s done is done and can’t be undone, so I had to smile softly and compensate, “I’m sorry, I was wrong to let her lie to you with such a lie, but I’m glad to see you’re worried about me.”

Jenny was a bit speechless and glared at him, but didn’t really bother with him.

Together they went to the restaurant, which was open-air and set up on the second deck of the cruise ship.

Covered all around with white salmon, a long table on one side of the centre with a beautiful tablecloth and a few vases of flowers on it, it was simple and romantic.

After they were seated, the waiter, who had already prepared the meal, brought up the rich meal just as well.

The meal was naturally arranged early in the morning and was exquisite and unique.

The prawns that Jenny liked to eat, Biden Lu had specially arranged to put them right in front of her.

He peeled a shrimp and handed it into her bowl, whispering, “It’s cold at night, and a few of these cold foods are enough, not more.”

Jenny nodded, but the meal was quite calm, during which the man looked at his phone twice, as if someone was reporting something over.

By the third time she looked at her phone, she was full.

Thingyan wiped his hands and stood up, reaching out to take her hand.

“Okay, let’s go.”

By this time, it was ten o’clock at midnight.

It was very windy on the boat and the temperature was starting to drop.

Jenny asked, “Aren’t we going back to the villa?”

“Not back yet.”

The man said, making a phone call.

“Drive over here!”

Jenny looked at him, not sure what he was doing, but she was standing on the deck with the man in a thick cashmere coat, not feeling cold.

It wasn’t long before we heard the buzzing of a propeller in the sky.

Jenny was startled, and looked up to find the dark spot in the night sky.

Surprised, he looked at the man.

“Where are we going here?”

Biden Lu hooked his lips slightly, looked down at her and said, “Do you trust me?”

Jenny nodded.

“Then close your eyes.”

She froze slightly, looking into the man’s gentle, deep eyes, and finally, trustingly, closed them.

Chapter 171

In fact, Jenny was terrified of closing her eyes when she was conscious.

After all, after a trauma like her previous life, she subconsciously didn’t trust everything around her enough.

It’s fine when your eyes are open, but when you’re conscious with your eyes closed and completely unable to see what’s going on around you, the fear that’s buried deep in your memory is instantly triggered.

So her willingness to close her eyes and give herself fully to him, in front of him, actually took a lot of determination.

The man noticed her fingertips trembling slightly and reached out to bring her into his arms, asking, “Cold?”

Jenny shook his head.

She pursed her lips, swallowed, and finally, with a slight tremor in her voice, asked, “Will you let go of my hand?”


The man’s voice was firm, and Jenny felt slightly relieved.

As long as he was there, she wouldn’t be so afraid.

Soon there was a strong breeze pounding in front of her, the sound of propellers coming closer, and she knew it was the plane landing.

Suddenly light and out of focus, she whispered.

Reacting again, the man had been beaten across the room and held up.

She didn’t open her eyes, but her fingers gripped the man’s sleeve in a death grip, her little face a little white.

Biden Lu asked in a low voice, “Is this still scary?”

She was stunned, and realized that the fear she had unconsciously shown was already in his eyes.

Her tiny body, shrinking in the man’s arms, nose all over his crisp and steady breath, is heart stabilizing.

Little by little, she seemed less afraid.

Jenny gave a smile and shook his head.

The man then k*ssed her lightly on the lips and said softly, “Trust me.”


The man took her in his arms and strode forward.

She could feel him carrying her into the plane, very quiet in her ears, nothing but the whirring of the propellers.

Getting on the plane, the man sat down, but didn’t put her down.

Instead, she sat right on her lap holding her.

Jenny was embarrassed and wanted to open her eyes, yet her feathered eyelashes only trembled a little before she heard the man’s serious voice.

“Don’t move.”

She immediately dared not move or open her eyes again, but her curiosity only grew.

Where’s he taking her?

No one told her the answer and the plane took off soon after.

She could feel the momentary weightlessness as she took off, but didn’t feel scared because she was being held in the man’s arms.

The surroundings were still quiet, but this time, in addition to the sound of the propellers, the occasional footstep passing around could be heard.

Soon, the plane settled down and began to fly at an even speed.

Jenny didn’t know exactly where he was taking himself, and could only wait quietly with his eyes closed.

Honestly, there was actually a little bit of anticipation and a little leap of faith.

After all, she didn’t know what surprise would greet her next.

After about ten minutes, the plane finally landed.

It’s not a long time, but because you close your eyes, it always seems like a long time has passed.

With a light body, the man picked her up and got off the plane.

Jenny could feel a cold night breeze blowing on his face, but soon, such a cold breeze disappeared and was replaced by a warmth that smelled of incense.

What is this place again?

She was filled with anticipation and curiosity.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t open her eyes yet without a man’s word.

It was itching to be in the moment, but decided to go along with him, otherwise it wouldn’t be a good idea for someone to get angry.

Biden Lu placed her on the ground to stand and then seemed to walk away to do something, not releasing her hand on the way, but could feel his footsteps take two steps farther away.

Immediately afterwards, I heard his deep, magnetic voice.


Jenny immediately opened his eyes.

There was darkness in front of her and nothing peculiar was happening, as there were no lights on around her and she didn’t even know where she was at the moment.

Fortunately, there was a pane of glass in front of you, and looking up you could see a few sparse stars in the sky, which made for some light.

But this little glimmer of light doesn’t illuminate much, let alone allow one to see what’s around them.

Jenny was slightly disappointed.

“Where is this…”

Before the words were finished, there was a sudden “pop”.

All the lights around them turned on at once, not a particularly harsh kind of light, but a fine, star-like blue light that lit up around them.

The light kept spreading away from the feet into the distance, almost impossible to see the end.

The feeling is as if you are in the vast vault of the sky, with the river of stars at your feet and endless darkness all around you, but there is such a path paved with light that leads you and draws you forward.

Jenny had been completely shocked there, dumbfounded at what was in front of him.

Just then, there was a warm touch on my hand.

As soon as Jenny looked up, he crashed into the man’s pupils that were deeper and brighter than starlight.

She shook slightly, and Biden Lu’s grip on her hand tightened, smiling at her with a hook of his lips, and then, he took her hand and walked forward together.

It’s a road paved by the Milky Way.

Dots of starlight, spreading and stretching beneath their feet, and nothing else could be seen but these.

It could only feel as if it was a road suspended in mid-air, because through the river of stars beneath the feet, one could vaguely seem to see reckless mountains, not quite clear silhouettes reflected in the footsteps, all the more so that one could not help but be in a surging mood.

Jenny felt like she was literally about to be stunned!

She stared at it, new to it all.

The man next to her, however, seemed much more calm, holding her hand very tightly and leading her all the way to the end of the road.

“Biden Lu, where is this?It’s beautiful!”

The man faintly quirked his lips, “Guess?”

Jenny opened her beautiful eyes and thought for a long time, but she couldn’t think of anywhere as beautiful as the town they were in.

Biden Lu chuckled lightly and scratched her pretty little nose, rather than telling her directly, he sold her a secret.

“You’ll see in a minute.”


It looks like he’s going to follow through with the surprise today.

Jenny Jing didn’t ask any more questions, and the two of them walked for about five or six minutes before the galaxy beneath their feet disappeared completely.

There was silent darkness around them once again.

Jenny was a little nervous and subconsciously grabbed the man’s sleeve.

Biden Lu took her into his arms and whispered, “Don’t be afraid.”

With a slight pause, he suddenly said, “Close your eyes and I’ll count to three before you open them?”

Jenny looked up at him curiously, and although there wasn’t any light around her, she could still feel the man’s warm, determined eyes.

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