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Chapter 181

However, right now, in the unknown darkness, there was a slight flicker of silver light.

The camera clicked a few times, and soon, someone called out.

“The item has been taken, I’ll pass it on to you now, remember your promise.”


The get-together didn’t go very late because we had to shoot tomorrow.

But it was over before nine o’clock.

The gathering ended and everyone went to their rooms to rest.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Jenny returned to his room, he received a call from Xiao He.

She’s been out of the office lately, so everything about Starflight is left to He to handle.

After all, Starflight now had few artists, Evelin would naturally call her if something came up, and as for the other few, they were all still in the initial stages, and Xiao He had been practicing with her for so many years, it was enough to cope.

Jenny was quite surprised to receive the call, thinking that something had happened to the company, but didn’t expect to hear Xiao He’s anxious voice as soon as the call came through.

“Sister Jenny, look at the top of the ruff, you’re on the hot search.”

Jenny was stunned.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, I just saw what happened on the set, so check it out.”

Jenny answered, hitting the ruff and looking at it.

The only thing that came up in the hot search was #Clara Jenny Reconciliation.

She clicked on it, only to see a video on it.

It’s the video of Maya Jing being interviewed by reporters during today’s opening ceremony.

And at that point, she stood off to the side and didn’t speak out against it, plus they were both standing in front of the red signature wall, and the angle of the video looked like they were standing very close to each other.

If you’re not there in person, it’s indeed extremely easy to misunderstand that the two have broken the ice and even reconciled just by watching this video.

Jenny Jing coldly hooked his lips.

So this is your idea, Clara?

Using her to clear your name?

He didn’t hear her for half a day, and wondered if she saw it.

In the phone anxiously said, “Sister Jenny, what the hell is going on?You gave me an account before you entered the group, saying that you would be the first to be notified if there was any news of Clara, but now the first news is the two of you together, so… have you really reconciled?”

Jenny said coldly, “No.”

“So this video…”

“It was just a play she directed herself in front of the press.”

Jenny said as he withdrew his ruff and then took off his jacket.

“Let this hotspot stay put and ignore it.”

“Huh?”Xiao He was a little surprised, “But she’s clearly using you, trying to step on you to clear her name, is this… is she really letting her step on you?”

“Of course not.”

Jenny laughed, “I have my own strategies, how clean she is now, how fierce will she be when the dirty water is splashed back later, don’t worry!You just don’t have to worry about that.”

Xiao He was only slightly relieved when he heard her look like this.

“Well, it’s getting late then, so you get some rest early.”


After hanging up the phone, Jenny took a break from the phone call with Biden Lu for a while.

On the other hand, Clara was in a good mood as she looked at the hot search on her ruff.

She said to Tong Shu, who was sitting on the couch next to her, “I told you Jenny was a b*tch.

Not a match for me, you see, and not a good boy to be used by me.”

Naturally, Tong Shu also saw that hotspot and nodded his head incessantly.

“Well, you’ve made a good move, and now that the new show has just started shooting, when this hotshot goes out, people will just assume you’ve gotten back together.

And Jenny, taking into account Lin Shufan’s face and harmony with the crew, naturally couldn’t possibly deny it publicly, otherwise the crew’s reputation would definitely be affected, so even if she was angry in her heart, she could only hold it in.”

Clara sneered, “This is just the first step!Sister Tong, you watch, one day I’ll show her who the real underdog is!”

Tong Shu didn’t answer, her eyes flickered for a moment and suddenly asked, “Right, how come I haven’t seen Mu Shao come looking for you lately?What’s going on between you?”

At the mention of this, Clara’s face turned pale.

She slapped the table with hatred, “Forget about it, he’s been obsessed with some kind of fencing lately, he’s been doing nothing but working every day and hanging out in the fencing room, he can’t even meet me a few times, let alone come to see me.”

Tong Shu frowned at the words.

“How did that happen?Didn’t he used to be afraid to take an interest in these things?”

Clara rolled her eyes.

“Who knows?”

Tong Shu chanted, a little hesitantly, “Could he be out there…”

Clara touched her gaze and immediately understood what she meant.

Her face changed slightly, followed by a shake of her head.

“I don’t think so, I’m not around him, but he has people on his side that I’ve bribed, I haven’t heard of any contact with anyone, and even though we haven’t been as close as we used to be lately, I’m still sure of his feelings for me.”

Hearing her so certain, Tong Shu was only relieved.

“That’s good, at this juncture, the relationship between the two of you absolutely must not go wrong, otherwise it would really be all over the place, as long as you are still the future young lady of the Mu family, no matter what the situation is on this side, you are always considered to have a back up.”

Clara nodded, then her eyes rolled back and she sneered.

“Back up?Maybe…soon there’ll be more than just the Mugs.”

Tong Shu was stunned, not quite understanding what she meant.

But it was clear that Jing didn’t want to explain to her, and when she saw that it was getting late, she started to rush.

“Okay, it’s late, I’m going to rest, and you should go back to bed.”

When Tong Shu saw this, it was inconvenient to say anything else before leaving.

The next day, work officially began.

Since the morning was a scene between Jenny Jing and Xu Jia Mu, Jenny Jing arrived on the set very early.

It took over two hours to do the makeup, get my hair done, and change my clothes.

At 9:30, the shooting officially begins.

Although Jenny himself is the actual first time on the battlefield, but at least with these years of artists, the set has been to countless times, never eaten pork and seen pigs run.

So she wasn’t too nervous, but instead it was Xu Jia Mu, who was acting in a costume drama for the first time, and her lines were rather stiff and ng several times in the middle.

Lin Shufan didn’t have a good temper, and after ng a few times, he couldn’t help but curse.

Xu Jiamu was scolded and looked like a vegetable, Jenny smiled and whispered to cheer him up, “Go for it!Let’s smooth out the lines in our heads first, and then we’ll start again after we’ve gone over them.”

Hsu Ka-mu looked at her gratefully, and the next few shots were significantly better.

When Clara came to the set, just in time to see the two are playing a rivalry scene, that is the man and woman first met soon, a pair of happy like, Jenny Jing to slap Xu Jiagi, and then Xu Jiagi backhand grab her hand two rolled on the ground.

Chapter 182

The plot isn’t difficult, but Jenny can’t always get down to a real fight at first.

And Lin Shufan demanding, borrowing position is definitely not possible, but hit too hard, if the face leaves marks, and affect the back of the shot.

So, they were asked to step aside first and let the assistant director show them how to play would look heavy and actually be light.

Clara watched the scene and walked over to Lin Shufan, smiling slightly, “Director Lin, is the filming still going well?”

Lin Shufan sat on a small stool and looked up at her at the news.

The face could not distinguish the happiness and anger, and gave a faint “hmm”.

He hadn’t paid much attention to the previous scandal, but after all, things were so big, it was all in the same circle, and he had somewhat heard about it.

Therefore, he didn’t really have a good impression of Clara, but since he was a person who was always right about things, he didn’t want to embarrass her.

This time around, she was agreed to play the second female role, and it was a realistic feeling that she was right for the role.

Well, the eyes were malevolent enough, it radiated from the inside out, the average person might not be able to see it, but he had a malicious eye and could see it.

Clara didn’t know what was in his mind, and only assumed that he was willing to let himself be cast, surely because of her fame and the traffic that came with her.

No less an endorsement of her acting skills.

Therefore, even though Lin Shufan’s attitude was cold, she asked Aoi to drag a small stool for her and sit down next to it.

“I’m actually quite ashamed to say that my sister and I are sisters, but we haven’t had much contact over the years, so I didn’t even know she wanted to go into show business.”

She said as she sighed in frustration.

“But I’ve always believed that no matter which path you want to take, one must walk upright and conquer everything with strength, I really didn’t think that my sister would be in such a hurry, I’ve already promised to help her and she’s using such tactics to hype herself up.”

Lin Shufan frowned, feeling how the more he listened to her, the more he couldn’t understand her.

But he didn’t bother to figure it out, on the set, his mind was full of drama and he didn’t care about anything else.

Therefore, even under Clara’s expectant gaze, he stood up and shouted to the assistant director and Jenny Jing and Xu Jiamu who were speaking about the scene, “Is it done yet?Well do it all over again!”

The assistant director replied evenly, “Okay.”

“Come on, then!Back in place.”

Jenny and Xu Jiamu busy back to the original position, with a cry of “action!

Xu Jiamu’s face was hit off to the side, then he looked at her incredulously.

“You dare to hit the king?Do you know who the King is?”

Jenny intervened in anger, “I don’t care who you are!Even if you’re the oldest son of the Heavenly King, you can’t just take it lightly… Ah!”

Xu Jiamu did not wait for her to finish, she pulled her hand back clipped to the back, Jenny naturally also unwilling to fall into the hands of the enemy, foot force a step, Xu Jiamu suffered pain, the hand loosened, she turned around, unexpectedly the two was standing on a slope, such a fight, and finally the two holding double rolled down.

Lin Shufan kept his eyes glued to the screen as a scene played out before he said, “Okay, that’s it!Over!”

Over there, Jenny and Xu Jiamu crawled up from the ground, relieved.

Clara sat beside him and saw that he was actually ignoring him at all, biting her lip and feeling a hot humiliation on her face.

She thought to herself that Lin Shufan was just a new director, and her curiosity was not really to the extent of reaching the first tier, but in the circle, she was a super second tier flow flower.

Even though her reputation is not as good as it used to be, the commercial value is still there, and what director wouldn’t be polite and give a few thin faces when he sees her?

How could you treat her so coldly?

Clara was furious, but couldn’t act out, it was on the set after all.

Only to grit his teeth hard, half a dozen times, before he stood up again on his own and exhaled.

Only after Clara left did Lin Shufan’s gaze fall on her back.

With a furrowed brow, she then glanced at the small stool next to the one she had been sitting on and said with some disgust, “Move the stool out of the way.”

Someone from the scene was busy coming over to take away the stool, and only then did Lin Shufan sit down again.

Throughout the morning, Jenny was filming.

It was 12 noon, well past dinner time, time to rest, and long past exhaustion.

She received a bottle of water from the logistics staff and was drinking it when she saw Lin Shufan walking towards her.

She shouted evenly, “Director Lin.”

Lin Shufan nodded and said, “There’s no scene for you for the first two hours of the afternoon, so take a break and shoot your rivalry scene with Clara at four, prepare in advance.”

Jenny nodded, “Okay, I got it.”

Only then did Lin Shufan leave.

At noon, after the meal, Jenny returned to his room to rest.

Only just lying down, I received a call from He.

Her brow bone jumped, and her subconscious felt sure that something bad was happening again.

Sure enough, as soon as the call came through, I heard, “Sister Jenny, it’s bad, you’re on the ruffle hotspot again.”

Jenny Jing laughed, “It’s not good enough to be on the hot search, it means you Jenny sister is going to be a hit!”

“It’s not a good thing to be on a hot search, it’s a bad thing, Jenny, take a look!”

Jenny was joking, but was actually still quite nervous, and was busy opening the ruff and looking at it.

Only this time, the hot phrase is #KingningDirector.

She clicked in and saw only a few pictures.

In the dimly lit corridor, Lin Shufan was holding onto the wall, head slightly lowered, she had one hand on the other’s shoulder, looking from such an angle, as if she was throwing herself at him, even wanting to k*ss Lin Shufan.

Jenny was startled, then, not to be angry, laughed back.

That’s really….

Xiao He’s voice once again came out of the phone, “Sister Jenny, did someone intentionally take this kind of photo secretly to hack you!You and Director Lin, there can’t be anything, can there!”

Jenny rolled her eyes speechlessly.

“Of course not!”

Are you kidding me?

Her and Lin Shufan?

Jenny rubbed his forehead and said, “I know who did this, don’t worry!I’ll handle it.”

He was still a little worried.

“Sister Jenny, you’re only on your first day in the group now and you’re circulating these kinds of pictures, and for those who don’t know, they think you hooked up with the director to get this female role!The other side is clearly trying to stink you up before you’re even popular, and its heart is killing you!”

Jenny paused slightly, then snickered.

“That’s only if she’s got the skills to do it, and if she lifts a stone and smashes her own feet, there’s no one else to blame.”

Saying that, she said in a quiet voice, “Okay, you don’t have to worry about it, the hot search let it just hang out for now, don’t do anything, I have my own way to deal with it.”

Chapter 183

Xiao He listened to the way she sounded as if she was certain, which reassured her and hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Jenny went straight to the set to find Lin Shufan.

There were still scenes to shoot in the afternoon, and as a director, Lin Shufan naturally couldn’t go back to the hotel to rest.

After a quick break from box lunches, you have to get to work.

When Jenny found him, he was there watching the footage from this morning’s shoot and was a little surprised to see her coming.

“Huh?Didn’t I tell you to go back to the hotel for a while?Your shots are physical this afternoon, so don’t fail to keep up then.”

Jenny smiled, “No problem, Director Lin, I have something I want to talk to you about.”

Lin Shufan looked at her, noticed her gaze, and nodded.

“Okay, then let’s go over there and talk.”

Afterwards, she was led to the makeshift restroom of the crew.

After entering the lounge, Lin Shufan asked, “Go ahead!What do you want from me?”

Jenny didn’t mince words, just pulled out his phone, logged on to his ruff, and flipped out that hotspot in front of him.

Lin Shufan was startled and took a closer look at the phone, and when he saw the caption and the photo on it, he turned blue in the face.


He put his phone down on the table and said angrily, “Who took this picture?Who writes this nonsense?Are you blind or have you been eaten by dogs?How can you get a scandal when you’re drunk?What intentions?”

Jenny Jing laughed and advised, “Director Lin, you don’t have to be angry, the person who took this kind of photo naturally wants to stink up my reputation, but unfortunately, she’s only afraid that she’s going to lose out.”

Lin Shufan was startled and looked at her in puzzlement.

“Who wants to stink up your reputation?I don’t get it, you’re a newcomer to the industry, who can you get in the way of?What good would it do to go to all this trouble against you?”

Jenny raised an eyebrow, “Maybe… just pure jealousy?”

Lin Shufan was stunned there.

Jenny Jing put the phone away and calmly said, “The reason I’m telling you this is so that you can be mentally prepared, lest the entertainers suddenly ask questions and you don’t know anything, I know you don’t normally go on ruffles.”

Lin Shufan took a moment to respond, frowning.

“You mean…that you’re not going to let me interfere?”

Jenny nodded.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this and make sure nothing happens to you.”

Lin Shufan, however, shook his head in disapproval.

“No, it doesn’t look like much, but if it’s not handled properly, it will affect you greatly, don’t worry, I’ll issue a public statement and secretly find out who did this, so don’t get yourself involved again.”

Jenny looked at him and blinked.

“Why did you issue a statement?”

Lin Shufan was stunned, “Why didn’t you send it?”

Jenny laughed, “Such a good opportunity to add heat to the crew, someone even bought us a good hot search, why should we throw it away ourselves?Just let the heat keep how nice it is, and you don’t have to issue any statement, just as well, to help us get publicity for the new movie.”

Lin Shufan was now completely puzzled.

“Aren’t you afraid that people will believe what it says and think you’re a guy who uses nepotism to get to the top for the role?”

Jenny looked at him and smiled slowly.

“I heard that at the end of this month, the first promo splash will be shown isn’t it?”

Lin Shufan was stunned and nodded, “Yes, but what does that have to do with this matter.”

Jenny said, “The best way to prove it is not to make a statement, but to use strength and hit those people hard in the face.”

She said, a sudden fierce glow coming from the depths of her eyes, and said word for word, “Before this, I want some people to climb as high as they can and fall as hard as they can!”


As Jenny left the set, Aoi passed by just as she was fetching water.

She went into the dressing room, where Jing had just finished eating and was sitting there resting.

Seeing her come in, she lifted her eyelids and said in a cold voice, “How’s it going?What do you see?”

Aoi bowed her head slightly, her voice tiny and small with a hint of cowering timidity.

“I saw Jenny coming out of Director Lin’s lounge.”

Clara snickered.

“It looks like she saw those pictures and thought that finding Lin Shufan would settle the matter?Heh.Simply naive!”

Aoi looked up at her and then quickly lowered her eyes, her lips pursed without uttering a word.

Clara thought for a moment and ordered, “You go and contact a few more big Vs for me, tell them to stir this up again, the heat should not fade, and try to stay on the list for a few more days, even yesterday’s with it!”

Aoi held her fingertips, a little hesitant.

Clara saw her standing still and came to anger, a cup of water with paper cups directly thrown at her feet.

“Deaf?I told you to go to work. Didn’t you hear me?Not going to ask me to teach you how to contact people again, are you?”

Only then did Aoi even agree, “Yes, I know.”

Finish and leave in a hurry.

That afternoon.

Almost all of you know that there is a TV series called “Cannon Fodder Raiders” in which there is an actress named Jenny and a director named Lin Shufan, and the two have an illicit and ambiguous relationship.

It’s not exactly new news these days that the entertainment industry has been eating all the melons, between actresses and directors.

Most of all, both names were so unfamiliar that there was very little information about them, except for the part of Jenny Jing that knew that it was Clara’s sister.

Even the relationship between Jenny Jing and Clara, although out of the previous scandal, but also only part of the mixed circle of friends to spread a strong.

Most passersby don’t pay much attention to these, and even if they eat the melon, they eat it and forget it.

Plus, the prospect of Maya having had several bad press, passersby don’t really have a good view of her, much less care about news about her.

But in the past two days, I don’t know what’s going on, the name Jenny, frequently on the hot search.

First, yesterday, Clara and Jenny Jing generously reconciled, sisterly family.

It was also revealed today that Jenny slept with a director to get a female role for a new drama.

The passersby were confused, who the hell was this Jenny?Why so much drama?

Those who were curious began to search for news about Jenny.

Jenny didn’t open a ruff as an actress, but a previous number, which was also her work number when she was a publicist, had the same title or the chairman of Starlight Entertainment and the director of the PR department of Anning International.

Not many people know this number, but since she was reprinted when the crew released the makeup posters, it was natural for people to drop by and find it.

Only to find out that it’s really just a job number.

Nothing else but job information.

Not to mention Jenny’s personal life.

Friends have been left feeling dull, hidden, and more curious about the man.

After all, just from the makeup poster alone, Jenny’s face value is very beatable.

In the past, Clara, who was blown up as a fairy by her fans, stood next to her like a maid, with a small family spirit that couldn’t be on stage in every way.

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