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Chapter 208

“Last night?”

Rovell raised his eyebrows and thought, “It’s not much, but it’s just some unimportant words.”

The smile on Clara’s face was even more forced.

To go looking for her, just to say something unimportant?

Who believes that?

But the current Rovell was very different from before, even his personality and temperament had changed, sometimes it really made her unpredictable.

So since he said so, she didn’t dare to ask any further questions, so she could only say softly, “Since it’s nothing important then it’s good, in fact, sister has been in a bad mood this time because of the scandal with Director Lin, after all, Brother Azawa and her grew up together, so if she can be comforted, it might even make her feel better.”

Rovell looked at her and smirked.

“You’re not jealous when I go to comfort her?”

Clara shook her head incessantly.

“Of course not, my sister is my family and Brother Azawa is my future husband, I’m only happy if you get along well, so why should I be jealous?”

Only then did Rovell nod his head in satisfaction.

“Maya really knows what she’s doing.”

Clara smiled reluctantly.

They didn’t get bored with each other for much longer before Rovell Mu left.

Back on the set, Clara’s face no longer had the sweet smile that she had when she was warming up with Rovell Mu just now, walking up to Jenny Jing with a cold face and suddenly raising her hand when everyone was still unaware.


A crisp slap slapped her across the face.

Everyone was stunned.

Stop what you’re doing and look at her incredulously and with bewilderment.

Next second.


Two fierce slaps landed on Clara’s face.

Clara incredulously covered her face and stared hard at Jenny Jing, shouting angrily, “You dare to hit me?”

Jenny Jing’s gaze was cold.

Behind her, Mo Nan was originally pouring her juice, so he didn’t have time to rush over, seeing that his own master was actually beaten, he immediately became furious and ran over and directly kicked Clara in the chest.

If Jenny Jing’s two slaps just now were just a return of his own kind, although they hurt, they were at least not lethal.

That Mo Nan’s kick was truly merciless, directly kicking Clara out of the room.

“Jenny, are you okay?”

Mo Nan was nervous and distressed looking back at Jenny.

Jenny was also startled for a second, not expecting her to do it, and shook her head in reaction, “I’m fine.”

“How can you be okay when your face is swollen?It’s my fault, pouring juice without paying attention to this side.”

Mo Nan was still chastising himself one by one, while the crowd of onlookers had already reacted to the situation.

Aoi was missing, so the assistant that Kyo had with her on both sides was another, slightly older, named Anjo.

It was then that she screamed and rushed over towards King Maya, struggling to help her up.

“Sister Maya, are you okay?How are you?”

Clara covered her chest, her face was already red and swollen, her lips were painfully white, and she helped her sit up with difficulty, slowing down that breath for several times before she eased it over, her voice faint, “My chest… it hurts.”

Anjoton was terrified.

“What to do?I’ll, I’ll call you right away and take you to the hospital.”

Afterwards, I pulled out my phone and started making calls.

After making the call, turn around again.

Angrily glaring at Jenny and Mo Nan.

“You’ve gone too far!How dare you hit him!Can you afford to pay for it if anything happens to our Sister Maya?”

Jenny’s lips drew fiercely.

In fact, according to her thoughts, Clara slapped her once, she returned two slaps and that was enough, that kick wasn’t necessary.

But since Mo Nan had done it, she naturally wouldn’t blame her, so she said in a cold voice, “Anyone with eyes can see who made the first move!What?The one who struck first took precedence, but I was merely defending myself and became unreasonable?”

Naturally, everyone around could see that it was Clara who had made the first move, so everyone murmured without speaking for a moment.

Anjo saw the situation, knowing that he was at a disadvantage, but he was not happy about it.

You can’t kick people with your feet, then!Two bullies against one!How can you guys be like this now that Saya-san can’t even get up from her beating?”

Clara coughed twice in coordination, looking at them weakly.

“Sister, even if you hate me, you can’t do it so hard!Besides, you were the one who was originally at fault, so how could you go so far?”

Everyone was a little confused at once.

Did Kyung-Nim lose out first?

What’s going on?

Jenny also raised her eyebrows, wondering what kind of madness she was in.

Clara had a sad, broken expression.

“I know you’ve always hated me, and I’ve avoided you from getting into trouble all these days of being in the group, but how could you go so far?How dare you sow discord in front of Brother Chak?You know how much he means to me!You…”

“What?Jenny went to stir up trouble in front of Mu Shao?”

“Oh God, how did this happen?She doesn’t look like she’s that vicious.”

“Who knows what’s in her mind when you know what’s in her heart?”

“Probably jealous to see that my sister has such a great boyfriend and she’s all alone.”

“Eh, I’ve got a tidbit of news, you know?Jenny Jing didn’t live in the Jing family, it’s said that she was kicked out, do you think even her family hates her, could it really be because she’s a problematic person?”

“No way!Usually get along with her feel she’s quite nice ah, didn’t feel where there is a problem ah.”

“Gee, do you know her well?It’s just a nod, of course she won’t do anything to you.”

“That’s right, after all, even if she’s a bad person, she’s not a mad dog, it’s not like she can bite anyone she sees, Clara is her sister, it’s said that she was born to her stepmother, of course she’s jealous and unhappy.”

“So, King’s is real…”

There was a flurry of discussion around them, and Mo Nan was so angry at the sound of it.

I was about to open my mouth, but Jenny stopped me.

She gave Clara a faint glance and stepped forward.

“You keep saying that I’m provoking the relationship between you and Rovell, so let me ask you, how am I provoking it?”

Clara’s throat stagnated, momentarily speechless.

Jenny crouched down in front of her.

“I was just kindly reminding him to pay more attention to the people around him, so that he wouldn’t be exploited by others to cause trouble for Mu, but you think I’m provoking your relationship, Clara, you’ve been with Rovell for a few years at least, and you’re so unsure of yourself?”

Clara blushed in anger, “You!”

“And.”She suddenly leaned over, her cold eyes grasping hers, and lowered her voice, “How did you end up with him, have you forgotten?

Or has sitting in the position of a real girlfriend for so long given you amnesia and selective forgetfulness of what you once did, causing you to stand in front of so many people today with such a strong stamina to say such things to me?”

Chapter 209

Clara fiercely stared at her pupils.

Shocked and horrified, she looked at her.

“What do you, what do you want?You obviously promised…”

“I did promise Uncle Mubby not to tell anyone about the three of us, but that was based on the premise that you wouldn’t mess with me, but if you insist on messing with me.”

Jenny Jing sneered, his eyes tinged with a cruel coldness.

“I won’t be polite, and we’ll see if you’re still sitting in this stolen position or not.”


Jenny got up, didn’t bother to pay attention to her anymore, and left straight away.

Anjo hadn’t heard what they had just said, and was furious when she saw her just walk away.

“Sister Clara, let’s call the police or call Mu!How dare she hurt you like that, we must not let her go!”

Clara was so angry that she clenched her fingers, only wanting to break her nails.

Hearing her words, he turned to glare at her with a gnarled face.

“The police?”

Ancho didn’t quite understand why she had that look on her face and nodded her head blankly.


Unexpectedly, Clara suddenly became angry and pushed her away with a slap, “Get out!”

Anjo: “????”

She didn’t know what she’d said wrong, but she could clearly sense Clara’s anger and thought she was still angry with Jenny Jing, who was busy going over to assist her up.

“Saya-san, don’t be like that.”

Clara took a deep breath, powerfully suppressing the anger in her heart.

“Help me back to the hotel, just tell Lin Shufan that I’m not feeling well and I can’t shoot today.”

Ancho froze.


Clara stared at her, “Ah what ah?Still not going?”

“But… on Jenny’s side, are we just going to let it go?”

Clara stared at the direction Jenny Jing had left, secretly clenching her fists.

“Don’t worry, I won’t just let it go, what she did to me today, sooner or later, I’ll definitely make her return it a hundred times a thousand times!”

An Qiao finally obeyed and went to ask for leave for Clara and Lin Shufan.

There was no way that Lin Shufan didn’t know that such a big commotion was happening on the set, but in front of An Qiao, he didn’t say anything.

Waving his hand in a pretentious manner, “Just her trouble, okay, it’s just one day Ang, I have to resume work tomorrow.”

Although An Qiao was dissatisfied, he didn’t dare to say anything and went back to resume his orders.

On the other hand, Jenny was sitting in front of the mirror, good enough to let Mo Nan give her the medicine for her face.

The makeup was already on, so it’s only natural to take it off at this time of drugging.

But the good news is that Jenny has good skin, so she wasn’t wearing much makeup, so she just needed to wipe off the powder on her face with a makeup remover, and then she’d fill it up later after the medication.

As Mo Nan carefully rubbed the medicine on her, she said in distress, “Clara is a crazy person!Even a good man can go mad, and look how swollen his face is.”

Jenny Jing looked at her face with resentment, not laughing, “Okay, she’s only miserable not better than me, especially that kick of yours, eh, you shouldn’t have used your full strength, right?”

Mo Nan snorted.

“If I had used my full strength, she wouldn’t be walking to the hospital on her own right now, she’d be lying down and letting a stretcher carry her over.”

In the end, Mo Nan still knows that you can’t do too much on the set, lest you end up on the receiving end.

Jenny nodded, feeling a little more at ease.

Then I thought of something, and then I couldn’t stop laughing.

“It seems that Clara’s relationship with Rovell Mu has really gone wrong.”

Mo Nan was stunned and a bit confused, “How so?”

“She’s always been very deep in the city, and isn’t exactly a flustered person, this can be seen from the fact that she was able to endure humiliation with Yu Xiu Lian until she was eighteen years old before she officially came to our house, that being the case, the fact that she’s so agitated when I just said a couple of random specious things today, doesn’t that mean that there are problems between her and Rovell itself?”

Mo Nan reacted with a sudden realization, “Oh”.

“So, you just deliberately provoked her?”


Mo Nan was a little puzzled again.

“But what good is that going to do us?”

Jenny laughed.

The benefit?Naturally there is.

After all, a dog will only jump the fence if pushed, won’t he?

Here, she dropped her eyes slightly and gave a would-be smile, then touched her phone and called out.

That morning, a video suddenly popped up on.

It’s the Gunpowder Raiders drama again, and it’s Clara and Jenny Jing.

This drama and these two people have been on too many hot searches lately, leading to friendlies going numb.

However, when they clicked on the video and saw what happened above, they still couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.

fu*k!That’s too harsh!

Is this still the same gentle and kind Clara who was in front of the camera?

In just the video, Clara rushed to Jenny Jing like a madman and slapped her hard in the face.

The shot was only ten seconds long, very short, and after the slap, it quickly brought over Jenny’s somewhat confused face and the dazed look of the audience next to him.

The video immediately caused an uproar on when it was released.

Even more so than the previous Jenny photo-gate incident.

“I’ll be damned, Kyung Sia is crazy, isn’t she?That slap to the face, I looked like it hurt, how could she do it?”

“This isn’t going to be a movie, is it?Is it a plot device or something?”

“I don’t think it’s filming, they’re all in their normal clothes, it’s not like they’re wearing costumes.”

“So what’s this all about?It’s not going to be a good hit, there must be something inside.”

“Even if you have any inside information, you can’t do it!This is too much!”

“That’s right, she usually acts so gentle and kind, but she didn’t expect to be so vicious behind her back.”

“It’s said that you don’t hit people in the face, but actresses rely on their faces for a living, and they’re still in the middle of filming, so is she trying to make people not even film with this slap?”

“It hurt me to look at it, and the one who was hit must have hurt even more, it was indeed too harsh.”

“Isn’t the most important thing that they’re sisters?Some time ago, Clara was still interviewed and said that she and Jenny Jing had gotten back together.”

“Right oh, so what was said in that interview was a lie too.”

“It’s supposed to be fake, how else could they make up only up front and then turn the tables and even hit someone later?”

“I saw Jenny Jing’s expression was quite confused, I guess I didn’t expect her to do it, so it’s very likely that Clara’s side is making trouble and bullying the other side.”

“Alas!It’s a shame that I still worship her as a goddess, but it turns out that all the gentleness is a lie, so ruthless and shrewd behind her back, look at the action and speed of that shot, it’s definitely not the first time, maybe she’s a person like that in her life.”

“The image is broken.”

“Breakdown +1.”

“Breakdown +1.”

“Breakdown +10086…”

At this time, Rovell Mu, who was sitting in the office of the president of the Mu Group, heard the beep from his mobile phone, picked it up and took a look, changing his face.

Chapter 210

He scuffed up from his chair, his eyes staring at his phone, his face livid.

The secretary just happened to come in from outside and respectfully reported to him, “Mr. Mu, the board meeting starts in ten minutes.”

Rovell sank and didn’t speak.

There was a few seconds’ pause before he said, “I know, get out of here.”

The secretary nodded and left.

Rovell Mu took a deep breath, forced down the annoyance in his heart, and dialed a phone number.

The phone was answered within a few rings, and from the other side came Clara’s surprised voice, “Brother Asawa.”

“What are you doing?”

“Me?”Clara sat in the hospital and looked at An Qiao next to her, feeling guilty, “I didn’t do anything ah, I’m on the set…”

“On the set?Heh.It seems you don’t know what happened on it yet?”

Clara was stunned and a little confused.

” on?What happened on it?”

“What!Get on board yourself and see what you’ve done!”

After roaring, Rovell Mu hung up the phone with a bang.

Clara was so confused by his yelling that she was stunned for several seconds before she reacted and hurriedly opened the ruff with her phone.

There was already a lot of discussion on it, and that video of her beating Jenny had been put up at the top of the hot search list, while the comment section was full of questions and curses, all of them sounding off on her.

Clara’s face turned pale, and she even clicked on the video to watch it, followed by her anger.

That b*tch!

It must be her!

It must be her deliberately plotting herself, she just said why so strange, usually Jenny to Rovell Mu, basically in an indifferent state, today why suddenly become so passionate!

She must have said those things on purpose to anger herself and then secretly sent someone to take this video.

That vicious vixen!

Clara panicked only now, remembering Rovell Mu’s angry tone just now, and became even more apprehensive.

She even tapped the number to call back.

As soon as the call came through, he hurriedly explained, “Brother Azawa, it’s not what you think, it’s Jenny, she’s the one who set me up, the truth really isn’t what it says.”

Rovell’s voice was dark, “You mean that slap, she also put her face to you herself to make you hit her!”

Clara: “…….”

“Brother Azawa, you have to believe me, I really didn’t hit her on purpose, she was the one who provoked me, I was in a moment of anger…”

Clara couldn’t help but shed tears as she choked out, “How could sister go so far?It’s fine to count me out and make a big deal out of it, she knows how important this comeback is to me!”

The doctor came over just at this time and called out to her, “King Maya, come over here and take the medicine.”

Rovell heard the words keenly through the phone and asked suspiciously, “Where are you?”

“I…” hesitated Clara, swallowing and not saying anything.

An Qiao, who was beside him, couldn’t help it, grabbed the phone and said angrily, “Mu Shao, you only know how to blame Sister Clara, and you didn’t look at how she was beaten up by that vicious woman for you!

To tell you the truth, we’re in the hospital!Sister Clara was slapped twice by her, not to mention kicked, and the doctor said that there was a fracture in Clara’s coiled bone, and if she hadn’t been sent to the doctor in time, it might have left a residual effect!”

“What do you need to talk about, Anjo?”

Clara promptly grabbed the phone, looking anxious, “Brother Azai, I’m fine, you don’t have to worry, sister… sister she has always been quite strong, she shouldn’t have done it on purpose.”

across (the street)

Quiet for a moment.

Clara and Anjo both held their breath, waiting for his response.

It took a moment before he seemed to take a deep breath and his tone slowed down.

“Are you hurt?”

Clara shook her head, “A little wound, it’s really not serious.”

“What hospital are you in?I’ll be right over.”

Clara bit her lip, a little embarrassed, “Brother Azawa, will this disturb your work.”

“No, you send me the address.”


Hanging up the phone, Clara sent the address locator over.

An Qiao scanned her face and said, “The fact that Mu Shao rushed over as soon as he heard you were injured shows that he still cares about you.”

Clara nodded, “Of course.”

Until this moment, she had been a little more settled.

No matter what shenanigans Jenny used against her Brother Azawa, Brother Azawa loved her.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to leave work and come over as soon as she heard she was injured.

Brother Asawa cares about her, there’s no doubt about that!

Thinking this way, Clara became less panicked than before and walked over to the doctor and began to have her medicated.

Thirty minutes later, Rovell arrived.

Following him, there was also Tong Shu.

The video on it, Child Shu had already seen it.

She’s already delivered the order to go down and have the following people remove the hotspot and delete the video first, no matter what the cost.

Although the heart is actually also clear, it has been half a day, the heat on the fermentation has long since fermented to the point of uncontrollable, even if this time to remove the hot search to delete the video, it will not be too much use.

But at least it’s still better than doing nothing at all.

Tong Shu comforted himself in his heart, seeing her, he even quickly stepped forward, first looking her up and down before caring, “How are you?All right?”

Clara pursed her lips and shook her head.

She looked towards Rovell who was standing behind Tong Shu, her soft eyes chocolate-covered with tears.

“Brother Asawa, I’m sorry I got you in trouble again.”

Rovell’s face didn’t look too good.

Today was not what he had expected.

He never thought that Clara would be so impulsive and actually hit someone on the set.

It’s fine to hit someone, but it’s biased to be filmed, and you don’t get the benefit of the doubt in the end.

This is stupid!

He was angry in his heart, but at this time, looking at Clara’s soft and weak appearance, it was hard to vent his anger, so he could only forcefully suppress his anger and asked with a heavy face, “What’s the specific situation?Talk to me clearly.”

So, Clara and An Qiao both told him what was going on on the set, one after the other.

Of course, probably all of it is factual, but some of the finer points are naturally biased in the narrative.

After that, Clara wiped her tears with a tissue and looked sad.

“I admit I was impulsive this time, but my sister she’s gone too far!I was merely trying to question her and she told her bodyguards to beat her up, what is the difference between that kind of behavior and a barbarian?”

Rovell was inexplicably annoyed as he watched her cry.

He waved his hand, “Alright, I’ll take care of this matter, you don’t have to go to the crew for the next two days, I’ll help you greet Lin Shufan and go back when this has died down.”

Clara bit her lip, half-heartedly, and weakly agreed.

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