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Chapter 220

“Clara thought that it would be enough to seal my mouth, but she must not have imagined that her own mistakes were like fishing with patches all over them, even if they were mended here and there, they would break.

Then she’ll know what it’s like to be a chicken and egg!I’m sure it would be much more distressing to lose your wife and your army than to lose your reputation outright!”

Mo Nan looked at her and saw her say this in a if light and calm tone, only to feel as if the air around her was a little colder and couldn’t help but shiver.

“Jenny, you’re horrible.”

Jenny Jing raised his eyebrows at her, “Mo Nan, it hurts me when you say that, kindness to your enemy is cruelty to yourself, isn’t it?”

Mo Nan gulped and nodded, “Yes, I understand.That’s what the instructor used to say when we were training on base.”

Jenny smiled, “It’s good that you understand, it’s getting late, go back to bed early.”

Mo Nan nodded his head, which got up and left.

The next day.

The public opinion on it has festered to its peak.

The popularity of the Jenny ruff had originally risen to three million fans, but because of the video of Clara’s interview, some of the original ones who were not firm in their stance immediately took off their powder.

Even if the lady is beautiful and has good face value, this character is no good!

It’s not enough to interfere with your sister’s relationship with her boyfriend, but you’re still trying to pin it on her, how vicious does it have to be?

But there is also a large group of die-hard fans who are holding their ground.

Unless Jenny himself came out and admitted it, never trust any rumor.

Besides, those words are still coming out of King, so that’s even less credible.

As for the passersby, there were those who believed in Jenny Jing and those who believed in Clara.

The two waves made a meal of the chokehold and were on it every day.

And then, the King family.

The atmosphere in the living room was heavy with the Mushi father and son and the Jing family sitting there.

Patrick Hong spoke up, “I’ve made the terms clear to you, as for whether you’ll agree or not, it’s all up to you, I’m sure you won’t fail to understand how important Clara’s reputation is to her, you can weigh this matter yourselves.”

Kelly Wang was so angry that she just broke a tealight.

“This treacherous b*tch!”

King chimed in.

“Yeah, wasn’t it Mr. Mu’s promise to give that dead girl three companies to shut her up in the first place?Why is she holding this against us now?

If we compromised this time, does that mean that next time she’ll be greedy and insatiable enough to continue her extortion?”

Patrick Hong looked at him like he was an idiot, his eyes showing his displeasure.

The mind says it doesn’t know who started it.

If it wasn’t for Jing Ba Dao, Jenny Jing wouldn’t have made it this far.

But these words, in front of the Jing family, were naturally not good for him to say.

In the end, can only quietly said: “Other than that, she mentioned this one condition now, my suggestion is that you’d better negotiate a result as soon as possible, after all, it’s only 10% of the shares, Jenny is also surnamed Jing, is also a member of the Jing family, according to reason this share is actually she deserves.

Besides, even if she gets this share, it won’t decide anything at all, in other words it doesn’t actually have any effect on your Jing family, but Clara being a public figure, if she is really labeled as a mistress, then the consequences would be unthinkable.”

King was still a little reluctant.

“What she said is what she said?Someone has to believe her!Her hand again.

There’s nothing to prove, even the marriage certificate has been returned, as long as Mu Shao bites the bullet, can’t she still do something about us?”

Miron was silent, not speaking.

Only after half a moment did Rovell speak up, “After all, we’ve been together for six years, if she’s really sincere, it’s easy to find evidence, text messages, phone calls, and the gifts she used to give, as well as… Old Mrs. Yu’s family, all of them can testify for her.”

Nestor: “…and…”

Yu Xiulian frowned.

“Although Old Lady Yu was hoodwinked by us last time, but later on, if you think about it carefully, I’m sure you’ll be able to recall that if Jenny came to her door to ask for help, she would definitely help.”

Clara panicked at the news.

“What about it?Mum, she can’t tell the truth!I don’t want my future to be ruined by her!”

Yu Xiu Lian patted her hand comfortingly and sighed helplessly.

Just at that moment, Kelly Wang looked at Patrick Hong.

She had no words to say, but at this age and having lived in a high position for so long, she naturally had an air of nonchalance about her.

Instead of meeting her gaze directly, Patrick Hong slightly staggered, an unnatural look flickering in the depths of his eyes.

Kelly Wang suddenly laughed.

“Chairman Mu is so concerned for our little Ya, of course we won’t be ungrateful, in that case, we’ll just agree to this condition.”


Kevin Jing hurriedly spoke out and tried to stop her, but was stopped by a stern look from Kelly Wang.

She continued, “How about this, tomorrow is a good day, let her come over the day after tomorrow, we’ll transfer the accounts in person, and along the way, we’ll also pull the marriage certificate of Clara and Mu Shao, this way, it’s also considered to put this matter to rest once and for all, what does Chairman Mu think?”

Miron’s spine stiffened.

Next to him, Rovell Mu looked slightly cold.

It took half a moment before Patrick Hong smiled dryly.

“Old lady, marriage is a big deal, isn’t it not a good idea to be so hasty?”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, they’re all young people, people flash marriage all the time, they’ve been together for a few years, it’s not like they’re in a hurry, get married before it’s too late, it’s also a good way to settle an old woman’s heart, what do you guys think?”

There was an immediate dead silence in the living room.

Clara’s face was a little pale, the fact that she had fallen out with Rovell Mu might not be known to the rest of the Jing family, but Kelly Wang was somewhat aware of it.

Maybe that’s why she was so anxious for the two to get married so she could settle things down once and for all.

Clara looked nervously at Rovell Mu, who looked cold and not at all pleased.

She was about to say that if she didn’t want to, she didn’t have to force the words.

But then suddenly I heard Patrick Hong say, “Well, in that case, let’s get married the day after tomorrow.”

Clara stayed put.

Rovell also stayed put.

Both of them looked incredulously at Patrick Hong.

Patrick Hong stood up and stretched out his hand to the old lady, “Since things have already been agreed upon, we’ll see you the day after tomorrow, the wedding was rushed and aggravated Clara, don’t worry, when it’s over, our Mu family will definitely make up for her with a scenic and grand wedding.”

Kelly Wang and Kevin Jing and a few others also stood up happily and shook his hand.

“Chairman Mu is too polite, from now on, we are all family, and I have to trouble you guys to take care of Clara more for me.”

“That’s the way it should be.”

Chapter 221

In short, a group of people, no matter what they were thinking, looked like they were having a good time and making up their minds.

Clara withdrew her gaze and lowered her eyes, only to feel her heart beating like a drum, a huge joy like being triggered from the depths of her heart, making her so happy that she was about to faint.

Rovell, on the other hand, had also recovered from his brief shock, but within a few moments, he understood his father’s intentions.

He tensed up, and as much as he was upset, he couldn’t say anything more at this point.

Patrick Hong and Kelly Wang finalized the matter completely, which was why they left with Rovell Mu.

Once out of the Jing family, Rovell couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, why did you agree to them?Didn’t you always want me to marry Clara?What’s going on now?”

With a cold face, Patrick Hong looked at him and said in a deep voice, “You think I want to?But the current situation is not up to you or me to decide!

I’m not afraid to tell you the truth, now Mu is facing a major crisis, there is a very mysterious and well-funded overseas group has been trying to buy us, fortunately with the support of your uncles and uncles, hard for me to carry on.

But recently, there actually began to buy our Mu’s retail shares, you also know the board of directors of that group of people, in addition to your several trustworthy uncles, the rest of which is not the eyes on the eye of the money?

As long as they are willing to pay a lot of money, sooner or later they will break that group of people on the board, and then, even I can’t do anything about them, I can only watch as Mu is in their pocket.

I only have one son like you, Mu is now my voice, the future is your decision, that group of old guys are still on the lookout, as long as I put more effort into it, I should still be able to stabilize them.

But what would they think if, at this point, you passed on some scandal that started and ended with a bang?

If you can abandon your ex-fiancée who has been with you for six years and devoted herself to Fenghua for two years, then can those old men who support you still trust you wholeheartedly?

People are hard to gather but easy to lose, Hik Chak, we can’t afford to make a mistake!So even if we have to let you marry that woman, we’ll accept it.”

Rovell never expected that the seemingly calm and peaceful Mu would have come to this point now.

The huge shock was still a bit of a shock.


“No buts!If you really don’t want to see her, you can just marry her and put her in your house as a decoration.

And, I don’t get it, didn’t you really like that woman in the first place?Why all this pushing and shoving now?A little bit of responsibility that belongs to a man is really infuriating!”

Patrick Hong said, and went straight to the car.

The car door slammed shut, shutting out what Rovell wanted to say.

He opened his mouth and looked at the fast departing black sedan, but in the end he couldn’t really say a word of rejection.

Finally, all you could do was sigh stoically and head to your car.


Biden Lu sat in the president’s office, the air pressure a little low.

On the other side, standing with a cautious face, Vicky, looking at the increasingly gloomy face of his own president, only felt that his heart was about to hang into his throat.

He advised gently, “President, it’s all in Madam’s plan!You don’t have to be too concerned, didn’t your wife call back last time to give you a report?”

Biden Lu sneered.

“Within the plan?The plan includes how to get these brainiacs to call her names?”

Vicky: “…”

That’s a real giveaway, answer yes or no to the question!

“President, Madam wants to use her own way to make that pair of dogs, Rovell and Clara, get what they deserve, you should support her, but don’t give her any trouble.”

Biden Lu didn’t say anything.

Right as a default.

Vicky was at least wiping away the cold sweat, relieved a little.

But in the next second, I suddenly heard a man say, “Do you think she’s targeting that Mu guy so much that she still has him in her heart?Expecting to break up those two and return to Rovell’s embrace?”

Vicky stared.

Seeing his own master getting colder and colder, even with a bit of cruelty in his eyes, he very begrudgingly shook his head repeatedly.

“Of course not, President, how can you think that?You see who you are!How can she like Rovell and not like you when you are the president of the Lu Clan, handsome and rich, and the key is to treat your wife well?”

Biden Lu thought about it and nodded, “You’re right.”

Vicky was busy wiping the cold sweat again.

“Who do you think is more handsome, me or Rovell?”

Vicky was shocked.

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over.

The president must have taken the wrong medicine!

The CEO, who had never bothered to compare these with anyone before, and who even inherently thought he was the most handsome man in the world, was now not confident enough to ask a young assistant who was more handsome between him and another man!

555555….the president is so pathetic!

Vicky even said, “Of course you are more handsome, Rovell Mu that is at most called white and clean looking, and is far from you.”


“Of course!This man’s looks are one thing, but the most important thing is his temperament, what kind of temperament does Rovell have?Look at you. You’re a natural king. What woman wouldn’t like that?Doesn’t that make even the missus bow down to your blazer?”

Biden Lu turned his head and shone a light on his handsome face from the black glass across the room.

“Well, I think you have a point.”

Vicky was secretly relieved in his heart.

Another one that teetered on the edge of life and death, eventually saving a small life by his own resourcefulness.

Right after that, I heard Biden Lu say, “But Jenny doesn’t allow me to go to the crew to look for her, I think, no matter how good the relationship is, we can’t be separated for a long time, don’t you think so?”

Vicky smiled dryly.

“What do you want to do, President?”

Biden Lu thought to himself, “How about this!You go and help me see if there are any good gifts, well, not too expensive, be creative, Jenny doesn’t like jewellery those, she likes something new, look at it and tell me, I’ll do it myself.”

Once Vicky heard that it wasn’t him who was going to fly to the drama set to find Jenny Jing, it was a relief, and he even agreed to then go down.

On the other side, the crew.

With the eye on the kill, filming has been more intense in recent days, and the crew can almost be said to have been up all night.

Jenny, as the main actor, naturally wouldn’t be easy, and after three big nights in a row, seeing that she was about to lose support, Lin Shufan only let her go back to rest for half a day.

In the afternoon, as soon as she returned to the set, she saw a black Audi parked there, and Rovell got out of the car with a big bouquet of red roses, walking towards Clara with a smile.

Chapter 222

“Wow, Mu is visiting Maya’s class again!”

“The roses are so beautiful, gee, I’m so jealous!”

“Maya is so lucky, eh, I heard you guys got married?Is that true?”

Rovell walked up to Clara and handed her the flowers, before he took her to face everyone and smiled, “It’s true, thank you all for your blessings.”

There was an uproar of congratulations from the crowd.

“Mo, since you’re married, when are you going to have the wedding?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re waiting for some wedding candy!”

Rovell smiled, “The wedding is already under preparation, as for the wedding candy, I’ll bring it today and distribute it to everyone right away.”

I said, when a real assistant carried down several large boxes from the car, and then from the inside of the heart-type made of chocolate candy, box by box to distribute to everyone.

The gift box of the wedding candy was very well made and had a picture of the two people’s wedding photos on it, so it looked very happy and sweet.

Naturally, everyone was again praising and congratulating.

When the gift boxes there were distributed, the assistant took two boxes of wedding candies and came to Jenny.

Handing the candies to them with a smiling face, he said, “This is for you, so that you can also dip into the joy of my young master and young lady.”

Mo Nan was so angry that he clenched his fists and tried to hit someone.

Jenny Jing reached out to stop her, smiling slightly and taking the wedding candy.

“Thank you.”

The assistant didn’t expect her to actually take it, the expression on her face stiffened for a moment, but didn’t say anything more and went on to distribute it to others.

The next is an unknown actress saw the situation, the sour road: “Some people yo, is like to make a fabrication of the black and white, is obviously their own delusion, but also have to backtrack and say that people robbed you, tsk, people’s skin is not too thick yo!Otherwise it’s really loud when you hit your face!”

The girl was so shady that everyone around her naturally understood what she was talking about and didn’t speak for a while.

Jenny looked at her and smiled softly.

“No wonder some people are so old and still only get to play unknown small roles in various productions, it seems the directors just have a good eye for casting.

For that kind of fox and tiger, who will only incite the flames beside him to welcome the high and step on the low, you just can’t delegate, otherwise it’s like a rat turd spoiling a pot of porridge, sooner or later it will spoil the big event, Mo Nan, don’t you think so?”

Mo Nan smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

That girl was furious, “Jenny, who are you calling a rat turd?”

“I’m not naming names, whoever responds is just gobbledygook!”


She made a move to move forward, and Mo Nan stood in front of Jenny, not angry, and suddenly scared her back.

Everyone knew that this female bodyguard beside Jenny Jing was very skilled and not something that could be messed with casually.

She could only end up throwing her sleeves in hatred and turned to Jing, “Clara, you don’t need to pay attention to her, some people can’t eat grapes and say they’re sour, just let her be jealous.”

Clara looked a little embarrassed.

“Sister Cheryl, my sister is just a little more straightforward, but she doesn’t mean any harm, so don’t say that about her.”

“Sia!Look at the way she’s so high and mighty, and you’re helping her!”

“Someone is verbally bullying her, of course she’s going to give it back, we’re sisters after all, and she’s not picking on me, so why shouldn’t I help her?”

Cheryl: “…and…”

Someone around them couldn’t help but laugh lowly.

“Let her be nosy, no matter how bad their relationship is, they are blood sisters after all, she is nothing

Stuff?And you dare to get up there and talk nonsense!”

“It’s just that the man has done so much to welcome the high and step on the low that his eyes don’t know where they’ve gone.”

“No matter how bad people are, Jenny is still a leading actress, and she’s a featured group actress, and when Director Lin gives her a few extra shots, she’s really putting gold on her face.”

The low comments and jeers around her reached her ears, and the girl named Cheryl’s face went bruised with embarrassment.

Only after a half-hearted snort did she snort, “Forget it, you don’t know what’s good for you, I don’t care, I have work to do, I’ll leave first.”

That’s why we’re running away.

Clara walked over with Rovell Mu’s arm.

“Sister, thank you for making it happen this time.”

Jenny Jing looked at them and smiled faintly.

“There’s no need to be so polite, it’s just a deal, after all, it’s not really a loss to get 10% of King’s shares in exchange for this.”

Rovell’s face didn’t look too good.

Jenny Jing rightly ignored it, Clara tightened her arm around Rovell Mu and laughed lightly, “Although my sister doesn’t care, I’m still grateful to you, after all, if it wasn’t for your pushing, brother Aze and I wouldn’t have been able to get married so quickly, wouldn’t you say, brother Aze?”

Rovell Mu tensed his face, that normally gentle and elegant face was now filled with hidden anger.

Only after half a moment did he take a deep breath and coldly said, “Yes, thank you for your fulfillment.”

Jenny Jing faintly smacked the corner of his mouth.

What did it mean that Rovell was looking at her with such a look?

Is this the blame for the fact that she shouldn’t have helped fulfill their good fortune?

Jenny Jing didn’t bother to think much about it, he looked at the time and said in a soft voice, “Alright, I’m going to go put on my makeup, you guys go ahead and hand out your wedding candies here, bye.”

After saying that, he left with Mo Nan in slow motion.

The onlookers were surprised to see that the three of them could actually still stand there so calmly and speak for so long.

They’re all up in arms about the three of them. Don’t they know that?

Why do you look like nothing happened?

The Jing family’s dealings with Jenny Jing were naturally unknown to outsiders.

It’s just that in their eyes, on the almost cursed shit out of Jenny, three dimensional life is actually stable batch, without any sad or frustrated look at all.


What a fan!

But no matter what anyone else thinks, Jenny does have a busy and fulfilling life.

She rarely went to her phone, much less on it, and while she didn’t mind the cursing, it didn’t mean she liked to go looking for the guilt herself.

Instead, Rovell, who has been sending a bouquet of flowers to the crew almost every day for the past few days.

He and Clara were considered newlyweds anyway, and although people didn’t come every day, all kinds of concern and romance lingered around Clara almost every moment.

The crew, a bunch of young girls who aren’t married yet, look on and are dying of envy.

A wave of overwhelming fluff has also started to appear on it.

Saying something about love lasting five years from school uniform to wedding dress, the most beautiful love of all, etc.

As these passages went up in flames, Kingning was scolded even more.

At first Nina Hua was too angry to help her, and helped her to dislike her.

The result managed to set her on fire, and it was even said that Jenny was a white lotus flower, so her friend Nina Hua must not be a good thing either!

So angry that Nina Hua smashed his keyboard on the spot.

Her manager tried to persuade her not to get mixed up in this, but she was not persuaded, and was on the verge of tears as she watched the rotting keyboard.

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