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Chapter 28

She’s also now riding a tiger.

On one side was Biden Lu who didn’t dare to offend, and on the other side was Chen Yong Da who had fallen in love with him.

Either way, it’s ultimately a loss.

Biden Lu side she would never dare to offend, then only to sacrifice Chen Yongda.

As long as she bit off more than she could chew on Chen Yongda’s relationship with Jenny, then everything she did today would be justified.

Not only that, but Jenny would be burdened with the reputation of cheating.

Who is Lu Jing-Shen?Would he allow his woman to have second thoughts about him?

When the time comes, I’m afraid that not only will Jenny be unable to clear her name, but her position in Biden Lu’s heart will also be shaken, so it won’t be too late to take care of her then!

Thinking of this, the look in Kelly Wang’s eyes became a little colder.

However, in the next second, I heard Chen Yongda’s urgent explanation, “Mr. Lu, she’s talking nonsense!Miss King and I have never met before, how could we be related?If you don’t believe me, you can look it up!”

“Chen Yongda, you daredevil coward!How did you get down on your knees and beg me to agree to let Jenny be with you in the first place?Now you can actually say such things, are you still a man?”

Chen Yongda was so angry that he reached out and pointed at Kelly Wang, his fingertips trembling with anger.

“You old hag, you slander me for fear of guilt when it comes to this?Even if you slander me, you still want to slander Miss King!Do you think Lu is stupid?So easily coaxed by you?”

Kelly Wang sneered.

“You still want to argue?Yes!You say I bribed you. Where’s the proof?I’m not even investigating the fact that you drugged Jenny!Now you’re blaming me instead?”

Chen Yongda’s face changed.

The glass of wine, indeed, was his drug.

But that was only because he listened to Kelly Wang and went ahead with the plan.

And now she’s trying to clear it up and blame it all on him?

Chen Yongda was going mad, yet he couldn’t say a word and could only stare at Kelly Wang.

When discussing this matter before, it had always been an interview, so Kelly Wang had known that he couldn’t come up with any evidence, and now saw the situation and snorted with pride.

Jenny watched the scene, but a word suddenly came to mind.

–dog bites dog.

It is, isn’t it?

Before it was still a grasshopper on a string, but now that Biden Lu was scared, the nest immediately revolted.

It’s a shame…

When she smiled playfully, she heard the lazy, cold voice of the man beside her.

“I just want to hear the truth, and you guys are fighting here…do you really think I’m free?”

The man dug his ears, his face flashing with impatience.

Kelly Wang and Chen Yongda were both scared to death.

The former piled up a smile and explained: “Mr Lu, this… I really didn’t know about your relationship with our Jenny family before, this child is really, since she has already fallen in love with a person like you, she should tell her family clearly.It is indeed our mistake to have made this happen, and please don’t be angry for the sake of the two in-laws.”

Biden Lu looked up at her with a seeming smile.


Kelly Wang laughed awkwardly, but still held on strong.

Actually, if you think about it, since Biden Lu and Jenny Jing were husband and wife, then she, as Jenny Jing’s grandmother, was naturally Biden Lu’s grandmother as well.

It’s just in-laws, isn’t it?

That was why Kelly Wang had dared to sit and talk until this moment.

surname Bi

It’s the elders, Biden Lu even if angry or dissatisfied, in order to get along with the future, will not do too much.

But if he really believed his own words and became suspicious of Jenny, it would be even better.

She never expected that dead girl Jenny Jing to get any benefits back from the Lu family anyway, and even if she did, depending on the relationship between the family and Jenny Jing, she wouldn’t be able to think of Jenny Jing.

So it’s better to lose her this big patron!

Kelly Wang thought this in her heart, but she suddenly heard Biden Lu’s voice.

“Since you all refuse to tell the truth, I’ll have to treat you equally and deal with you all together!”

Kelly Wang was slightly startled, and when he looked up at him, he saw Biden Lu commanding something to Vicky.

Summers went out immediately and brought in a large stack of papers shortly after.

“President, this is all the property in King’s and Young Master Chen’s name.”

Biden Lu took it and flipped it over at random.

Everyone in the room was a little confused as to what he wanted.

I saw him suddenly pull one out of it, light it with a lighter, and slowly place it in the ashtray in front of him.

It was a piece of real estate in the name of Yonda Chan, which had been allocated to him by his father.

Chen Yongda’s face changed as he saw the situation and said urgently, “Mr. Lu, what are you, what are you doing?”

Biden Lu said slowly, “You won’t talk, so I naturally need to think of some way to pry your mouths open!These properties are all yours, and I’ll burn one every three minutes, and I’ll return it to whoever says so first, so what do you think?”

You have the nerve to ask what she thinks?

I yuck!This is too shameless!

A few people’s hearts dared not speak up, and Kelly Wang now realized that her previous thoughts were all wrong, and that Biden Lu didn’t even care about her.

She cooled down and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Lu, the rest is fine, these real estate can be registered, do you think burning the paper documents will help?”

Biden Lu looked at her with a smile on her face, “Oh, Old Lady Jing is right, that reminds me, Vicky!”

Sumeru stepped forward immediately, “President.”

“Ordered to go on, I burned every one of them, I forcibly acquired a company under their name, can not be acquired on the suppression, until they themselves declare bankruptcy, stocks and funds and so on, the loss of we do not want, but any in profit, call old K to arrange, I believe that not before dawn, will also immediately turn a profit into a loss.”

Vicky made an effort to hold back a smile and nodded, “Yes.”

He turned and walked outside.

The Jing family and Chen Yongda instantly panicked at the sight of this.

“Lu, you can’t do that!”

“These are all our decades of hard work, you can’t just destroy them!”

Kelly Wang only wanted to bite off her own tongue at this point.

Don’t talk nonsense.

Not being nosy only burns paperwork and can be refilled, but now well, it’s really nothing!

Biden Lu looked at them with a cold face, not wavering.

“I’ll give you one last chance, say!Or not?”

Chen Yongda immediately nodded, “I’ll say I’ll say!”

Kelly Wang shouted harshly, “Chen Yongda, think carefully!”

Where was Chen Yongda at this point, hissing at her loudly, “You’ve had enough!Your Jing family is big and can afford to be tossed around, I’m not like you guys, I only have that little property in my mother’s name, if it all plays out, my dad will be the first one to kill me!”

Kelly Wang was furious with him.

Chapter 29

Chen Yongda turned his head and looked at Biden Lu with a pleasing face and said urgently, “Mr. Lu, I indeed didn’t know Jing over her beautiful name before, so when this old woman sent someone to find me, I was indeed tempted at that time.

Tonight, I arrived early and they found me and told me the exact plan to drug Miss King’s glass and then they would tell me in public that I was involved with her and then take her away in the confusion.

In this way, the raw rice was cooked, and she had to admit it even though she didn’t want to, and the only reason for doing so was because Miss Jing’s original boyfriend was Rovell!

The second miss of the Jing family broke into her sister’s boyfriend, this old woman is biased, in order to gag Miss Jing so she came up with this vicious plan!

I was just a pawn in her hand the whole time. I had nothing to do with the whole plan!

Also, the reason I helped Miss Jing leave in the hall just now, I didn’t really want to take advantage of her.

I admit that before I knew she was your wife, I did admire her, but when faced with a woman I admire, I naturally want to win her heart before getting her body, so how can I take advantage of the danger at this time?

It just occurred to me that if I didn’t agree to cooperate, the Jing family would surely find another way to deal with her!That’s why I’m just going to take her away for a while.

But if I’d known she was your wife, I wouldn’t have had the guts to mess with her!Mr. Lu, please be discerning!”

Chen Yongda’s words were heartfelt and very touching.

If he hadn’t already seen through this sc*m’s true colors, Jenny would have wanted to give him a Distinguished Medal for Moving China’s Ten Outstanding People!

She scoffed and laughed, Biden Lu did not move and looked at Kelly Wang beside her.

“What about you?What do you have to say?”

Kelly Wang had calmed down by now.

In the end, he was a character who had experienced decades of life, and just in terms of fixation, he was an unknown number of levels higher than Chen Yongda.

She looked at Biden Lu with a cold, resolute face and said in a deep voice, “What he says is nonsense!I never consulted him about anything, and the medicine in that cup was administered by him without my knowledge!”

Biden Lu shallowly curled his lips.

But there was a cold, cold light under the eyes.

A piece of paper fluttered out from his fingertips, and the flames rose up and burned to ashes.

Kevin Jing and the others’ faces changed abruptly, their pupils constricting.

It was a clothing company owned by King, which was quite small and was growing nicely.

About two minutes later, an abrupt ringing of a mobile phone suddenly started.

Kevin looked at Biden Lu, before he stepped aside to answer the phone.

“What?How is that possible?!”

Kelly Wang’s face was faintly white, having guessed something.

But she still couldn’t believe that Biden Lu could actually do what he said he would do in such a short amount of time!

If she was in Kyoto, she believed that Biden Lu did have the power to make a company go up in smoke with the snap of a finger.

But this is Visterdem!

The Jing family has been developing in Visterdem for decades, and the tree has deep roots, the relationships of which are so intertwined that not just anyone can move it if they want to.

However, Kevin Jing rushed back to whisper in her ear, still shattering even her last shred of illusion.

She looked in shock at the man sitting on the couch, his face incredulous with a calm and relaxed expression.

Biden Lu laughed.

He didn’t get angry, and he always spoke at a constant, unhurried pace, not even changing his tone.

But just for no reason at all, the man is scary!

It was as if even the air was oppressive because of his smile.

Biden Lu faintly said, “There’s still a minute left, who’s good to burn?”

He said, reaching out to another of King’s companies.

Jenny was watching and didn’t say anything.

Burn it! Burn it!

Anyway, all of the Jing family’s possessions had nothing to do with her from the moment Mom died.

How refreshing it was for her to see this family’s expressions of fear and heartache!

In fact, Jenny couldn’t guess why Biden Lu was doing this.

According to his ability, if he really wanted to take it out on her, he could have just done it without having to make them tell what happened.

But now he is preferring to torment them like a frog boiled in warm water, bit by bit, insisting that they tell the truth of the matter themselves.

Jenny suddenly thought of something and his eyes flickered.

It felt a little weird, but then I couldn’t stop smiling, and all I felt was a warmth in my heart.

This man, really….

Kevin Jing, who was standing at the back, immediately couldn’t stand when he saw the Jing family property he was throwing his hand at again.


He called out to Kelly Wang, and Kelly Wang’s face was incomparably ugly.

But it can’t be helped, the situation is better than the person.

At this time, they were like fish on the table to be slaughtered, not to mention the strength to resist, they didn’t even have the courage.

Just kidding!Against Biden Lu?

That’s not asking for death?

Especially after that phone call just now, when she learned that the company that Biden Lu had burned the document from before was immediately straightened out.

It’s not an acquisition, it’s a fix!

Said they found a problem with the fabric of the garment!

Ghost knows how a fabric that has never had a problem in over a decade of making it could have a problem at this point!

Kelly Wang wasn’t stupid, so she wouldn’t be unaware that it was the handiwork of the man in front of her.

But she can’t do anything about it!

She took a deep breath at the thought.

In the end, he still had no choice but to say, “Lu, what do you want to hear?I’ll say it!”

Biden Lu glanced up at her.

It was late, and the second document in his hand was already lit.

Kelly Wang watched the flames leap up, only to feel that she was about to die of heartache.

It was the biggest and proudest company in King’s besides Star.

It’s also one of the most profitable!

It could be said that for all these years, King’s has been able to grow to where it is today, all thanks to the facade this company has put up!

With this mega-profitable company, it is only possible to send blood to other companies on a regular basis for this huge family-owned business to run.

If we lose this company, what will the Jing family do in the future?

Biden Lu, however, seemed not to notice her heartache, and even shook the dust on his hands, then wiped his hands with a paper towel and leaned back against the sofa.

“Finally, you’re willing to talk?How good is early cooperation?”

Kelly Wang: “…….”

Biden Lu tilted his head slightly and looked towards Jenny Jing, asking softly, “Where do you want to hear her start?”

Jenny blinked and smiled.

“Let’s just start with when she decided to harm me!”

Lu Jing deeply nodded, “Good.”

Saying that, he also naturally took her hand and placed it on his lap, looking across at Kelly Wang as if he was watching a good show.

“Old Mrs. King, let’s begin!”

Chapter 30

Kelly Wang sank into a deep breath and began to complain.

It’s not really much to listen to.

It was nothing more than that night when Jenny Jing disowned her in front of everyone at the Jing family and left afterwards.

Although she knew that even for her mother’s legacy, Jenny Jing would be there for this birthday feast of Maya.

But she knew Jenny’s personality and knew that she would never be as obedient as she wished.

So, it was decided to simply do nothing and just beat Jenny completely into the abyss!

We all knew what kind of goods Chen Yongda was.

Jenny had fallen into his hands and it was almost impossible to escape again!

And then even if she tried to say something to the people out there, no one would believe her.

Clara, on the other hand, can rest easy from then on and continue to be her Mrs. Mu.

Clara’s reputation was preserved, then her position in the entertainment industry was also preserved.

This means that she can continue to film and make money, and only then will Fenghua Entertainment, who just signed her, not suffer any losses.

Really…what a conspiracy!

What a shameless trick!

Although he had roughly guessed that this would be the case, Jenny still found it a little hard to believe when he actually heard her say it herself.

How can there be such impudence in this world!

It seemed to feel her anger.

The large hand that held her palm suddenly squeezed gently.

She looked up slightly, to the side of the man’s face.

The silhouette, exquisite as if out of a painting, glowed hard and cold in the light.

A pair of inky pupils were calm and unruffled, yet they carried an unexplainable power to stabilize people’s hearts.

Her heart settled somehow, smoothing out the angry and irritated feeling in her heart.

Biden Lu played with her soft fingers and said in a soft voice, “Since that’s the case, there’s nothing more to say, call the police.”

Kelly Wang’s face changed.

“Lu!How can you call the police when I’ve already told the truth as you requested?”

Biden Lu looked at her with a seeming smile.

“Did I just promise you that I wouldn’t burn the documents, did I promise not to call the police?”

Kelly Wang: …….

He said bluntly, “I’m a good law-abiding citizen, and when I encounter someone trying to persecute my wife, of course I have to go to the police, so what’s wrong with that?”

King family: ….

Chen Yongda: …….

Jenny: ….


President, a good law-abiding citizen?Are you serious?

Then who secretly ordered me to plant evidence just now?And who made the hostile takeover?How dare you threaten him with this?


Vicky’s inner activities Biden Lu certainly did not know.

Even if I knew, I wouldn’t care.

If he doesn’t spoil his woman, who will?

Jenny was playing with his fingers, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

What is it about suddenly feeling moved when you are long past the age and mindset where you can be easily impressed?

Especially when it comes to knowing the man’s true intentions!

Jenny didn’t say anything, and Biden Lu directly waved his hand and gave the order.

Call the police!

The Jing family was completely panicked, but Chen Yongda was fine with it.

Anyway, a rich dude like him is often killed by the

Reporting to the police for all sorts of reasons, the reputation is already bad.

Just call his old man back and ask him to pay to get him out.

Although I can’t avoid a beating when I get home, but compared to falling into Biden Lu’s hands, a beating is a five-star treatment!

Summers was quick on the move and turned around and made the call.

Once the police side heard of Biden Lu’s name, they moved even faster!

Within minutes of the call, the police car was downstairs at the hotel.

By this time, the King family also knew that reconciliation was hopeless and could only be taken away by the police in a grizzled state.

Already there were guests who had left from the party tonight and had been secretly watching the goings-on here.

The Jing family had just been taken away by the police on the front foot, and on the back foot the news had spread throughout almost the entire upper class circle of Visterdem.

People were a little confused at first.

The reason why they had been paying attention to this side was nothing more than because Biden Lu had announced on the spot at the banquet that Jenny Jing was his wife.

Everyone was still secretly thinking that the Jing family was now considered to have climbed a high branch, and to be able to climb up to Biden Lu, it could be said that almost no one would dare to offend the Jing family in the future.

Someone is trying to figure out how to stammer back there!

I didn’t expect to turn around and hear the news that everyone in the King family had been taken to the police station.

Even Mrs. King!

It was only then that everyone caught a whiff of something unusual.

Then, a video suddenly exploded on it.

On the video, an elderly woman with white hair sits and tells her own story of how she murdered her own granddaughter.

And how to collaborate with outsiders to ruin the reputation of his own granddaughter, just for the benefit of another granddaughter and the family.

Those present were all human beings, and although the old lady’s face was coded on the video and her name was replaced with a beep, as soon as they heard the voice, they recognized that it was the Jing family’s old lady, Kelly Wang!

Oh, my God!How can that be?

As a grandmother, you’re trying to kill your granddaughter like this?

How can this man be so bad?!!!!!

Frankly, though, there’s always some dirty business in the upper echelons of the elite families.

But to be so desperate, to go this far, and only for a little selfishness and interest, it’s really the first time I’ve ever seen that!

Is this a real daughter or not?Is it your own granddaughter?

A pot exploded on it, and then thinking about the rumors that everyone in the Jing family had been sent to the police station, they all couldn’t help but curse.

Yuck!You deserve it!

Jenny was still unaware of the commotion outside at this point.

Although everyone in the Jing family was sent to the police station, Rovell got away with it because he was an outsider after all and wasn’t directly involved in their plan.

At that moment, he was standing in front of Jenny, looking at her with a complicated face.

Jenny looked at the black Rolls-Royce parked not far away, the window is half open, from her angle just can see the man’s cold and resolute side face, in will be bright in the still bright sky is more and more cold and isolated.

It’s five in the morning now, and I don’t know what time it started, but there’s a drizzle of rain and a bit of a cold, silky breeze that gets into your neck through the rain.

Jenny held up his arms and looked at him impatiently.

“Mu, if you’re here to plead for mercy, then you can shut up!You don’t have that much pride with me!”

Rovell Mu frowned and said in a deep voice, “I’m not here to plead for mercy.”

“So what do you want?”

Seeing the undisguised dislike plus impatience on her face, Rovell Mu’s already deeply furrowed brows frowned even tighter.


He said suddenly, with a touch of guilt on his face, “They were wrong about this, I’m sorry for you, I apologize on their behalf.”

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