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Chapter 283

In other words, don’t expect me to control your food and drink, even though you’ve forced yourself to stay here.

Do it yourself and be well fed.

I thought that someone would be dissatisfied with her words.

But unexpectedly, he only gave her a cool look and said, “That Filipino maid of yours, I’ve resigned for you.”

Nina Hua was startled.


Kepler frowned.

“Didn’t catch that?”

“No. By what right do you dismiss my Filipino maid?”

Kepler smiled coolly.

“Not sacked are you waiting for her to help you escape?”

Nina Hua was furious.

“I’ve told you, I’m not going to run away, and where can I run to in this situation?”

Kepler simply ignored what she said, “You have zero credibility with me, I don’t believe it.”

Nina Hua: “……..”

She gritted her teeth and pressed down the fire pressure anyway.

“So what do you think I’ll eat and drink in the meantime, with the maid gone?You’re not going to let me cook my own food with a big belly, are you?”

Kepler gave her a look.

Seems to think about it.

“If you really can do it, it’s not impossible.”

“Season Kepler!!!”

Looking at the cat-like woman in front of her who seemed to be blowing up, Kepler was somehow in a better mood.

“Don’t worry, messing around with you, you really think I’m as cold-blooded as you are.”

I said, clapping my hands, only to see a blonde haired woman walk in with a smile on her face.

“This is the new maid I hired for you, oh, she used to be Mrs. Moon, so she should suit you better than that clumsy Filipino maid of yours.”

She said, and let the newcomer’s maid greet her.

The new maid’s name was cy, she was ordinary looking and warm, and told her a whole lot of things she was good at.

Nina Hua was angry, but at this time, he couldn’t act out, and no matter what, cy was innocent, so he couldn’t be angry at others, so he just nodded his head and agreed.

When Kepler saw that she was fine with it, he sent CY to cook dinner while he took a book and sat on the sofa to look at it.

When Nina Hua saw that he didn’t treat him like an outsider, he just felt angry and turned around and went back to the bedroom.


In the afternoon, as soon as Jenny finished her lunch break and was getting ready to put on her makeup to shoot her afternoon scenes, she received a call from Nina Hua.

She’s currently working on an urban career drama with a woman who is an executive at a headhunting firm, interspersed with tangled stories of love and career.

She’s never done a workplace drama before, which is kind of a challenge for her.

When she got the call from Nina Hua, she raised her hand and told the makeup artist to wait, then got up and walked to the other side to pick it up.

“What’s wrong, Faraway?”


Over there, Nina Hua wanted to stop talking.

Jenny Jing heard that her tone was uncharacteristic, frowned and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong?Is something wrong?”


Nina Hua even explained, “Nothing’s wrong, don’t worry, I just wanted to discuss that…”

She pursed her lips, however she didn’t feel comfortable saying it.

Jenny advised, “Just say what you have to say, there’s no need to worry about the relationship between the two of us.”

Nina Hua was relieved, and that’s when he said, “It’s nothing really, I just thought .

If you’re too busy working, you won’t have to rush over when the baby is born.”

Before Nina Hua had even finished speaking, Jenny was keenly aware of some of the irregularities.

She got it with a twinkle in her eye.

“The baby’s father showed up?”

Nina Hua: “……..”

Jenny smiled, “You don’t have to hide it from me, don’t worry, I won’t ask about who it is, it’s just that you’re alone in a foreign country, if you don’t have someone familiar to look after you, I won’t feel at ease after all.”

Nina Hua also knew how worried she was about herself.

Only to honestly admit, “Yeah.”

“When did you get here?”

“Last night.”

Jenny Jing thought about it, arriving last night, it seemed that the other party should still be more attentive, after all, Nina Hua wasn’t someone who didn’t know the importance of things.

If the other party was truly unreliable, she wouldn’t tell Jenny that she didn’t have to go over there.

Jenny sighed.

“In that case, I won’t force myself, though I’d love to see my godson firsthand, but since my own father is here… I’ll stay away for now in case I don’t beat up my godson in front of his own father myself.”

Nina Hua was finally relieved and smiled, “Thank you, Jenny.”

“Hey, if you really want to thank me, just tell me who that man is and I’ll beat him up for you!”

Nina Hua paused.

It took a moment before he said, “I’ll tell you later, if I do get the chance.”

Jenny knew that they probably still had an inner affair when she heard that, and she couldn’t interfere too much with the private matters of their feelings, so she could only nod her head.

Hanging up the phone just in time to see the temporary assistant hired by the crew walk in and call her, saying that the director’s side was pushing for the makeup artist to hurry up.

She was just too busy putting her phone away and sitting over for the makeup artist to fix her makeup.

Jenny Jing is now considered a serious entertainer, she is not making a movie for the red, and not for money, purely because the last movie completely piqued her interest in acting, so take a movie never just look at the script is good, not look at the data and not look at the theme.

Biden Lu saw that she liked it so much and let her be.

Because of the unique situation, Jenny didn’t find herself an agent, after all, she was a professional agent herself.

All the resources will pass through her hands, so naturally, no more is needed.

But the assistant was a real need, because she hadn’t thought about it before, and hiring again after entering the group seemed rushed.

Fortunately, Lu Yanzhi had a previous acquaintance with a reliable one and introduced her to one.

But the other is still a college girl, just a short winter vacation job, after which is to go back to school.

Jenny was considering looking at sifting through the company and picking someone out who had a more stable and reliable personality.

I didn’t expect to receive a list of assistants to help her, which has been emailed to her, so she can take a look at it sometime and pick out who she wants to send the name to.

Only then did Jenny realize that Xiao He had already helped her think about it, and was suddenly very happy.

If Xiao He could stand alone, it was naturally something she would be most happy to see happen, after all, it was Xiao He who was now taking care of all of Xing Hui’s affairs, and although she was in charge of the big picture, it was often inconvenient for her to step in, so it was still necessary for Xiao He to step in.

After the afternoon shoot, Jenny clicked on her phone to check her email.

There were ten people in total that He sent, and each person’s resume was very clearly written.

She ran her fingers across the screen, watching one by one carefully until she saw the last one and suddenly paused.

Only the name on that resume, called Tong Xiaokui, the girl in the photo with clear eyebrows and short shoulder-length hair looked clean and crisp, and her shallow smile seemed to be overflowing with sunshine.

Chapter 284


How could it be her?

It is now three months since the incident with Clara.

In the beginning, when Jenny was in the habitat of the island, she had received an anonymous email with an audio recording, the same one that she had taken out and played for the media police.

Since it was anonymous, Jenny didn’t know who had sent it, but on the principle of not using it for nothing, she still used it.

And thus brought down the King family completely.

Afterwards, Jenny sent someone to check the provenance of the recording, and after rolling it over, he found out that it was something Aoi had left behind.

She was shocked at the time and had thought about finding Aoi and making it up to the others.

But at the time, no matter how much she searched, Aoi was nowhere to be found.

Because before recording a video openly on the testimony for Jenny, identify Clara paid her to drug Jenny, framing Jenny and other things, Aoi was a long time by the network violence.

While there were many who expressed support and belief in her, there were more questions from the outside world.

Therefore, she wasn’t found at the time, and Jenny only took it as if she was trying to clear her head for a change, so she didn’t continue her search.

And yet, I never expected to see her resume here today.

Jenny thought about it and sent a message to Xiao He.

Then, it was time to press the phone number on the resume and make a call.

The phone answered within a few rings.

The girl’s crisp voice came from across the room.

“Hello, who are you?”

“Aoi, it’s me.”Jenny whispered.

The other side was suddenly quiet for a moment.

This was followed by the sound of Aoi’s surprised voice.


Jenny smiled, “Well, from your tone, you sound surprised?”

Aoi was a little overwhelmed as she explained, “No, no, I didn’t think you’d call me, how did you get my number?”

Since that incident, she’s changed her phone number because she couldn’t stand the harassment from her friends and the media.

As a result, only a handful of people now know her number.

Jenny heard her question and raised an eyebrow.

Some surprise.

“I saw the resume you sent to Starflight and called from the phone number on it, didn’t you send this resume yourself?”


Aoi rasped, pausing and adding, “Sorry for the interruption, I didn’t think she’d pitch in for me.”

After saying that, he was about to hang up the phone in a hurry.

Jenny realized that something was wrong and stopped him, “Wait.”

She frowned, “Why does it feel like you’re afraid of me?I don’t remember ever offending you, if the time I let Mo Nan take you to the hotel before doesn’t count.”

Aoi gave an embarrassed laugh.

“Sister Jenny, you’re joking, it’s not that you’re offending me, it’s that I’m sorry to you, because I’m looking for a job right now, and I asked my friend to send my resume for me, maybe she didn’t pay attention, I know you must hate me, after all the things I did to you in the beginning… I’m really sorry.”

Jenny laughed.

“Don’t apologize to me, but I wouldn’t have won so well if you hadn’t left those recordings in the first place.”

Hearing her say that, Aoi was silent for a moment.

“I also just had a hard conscience, when I had to follow Clara because of my mother’s illness, and every time I watched her do what she did, I felt that I would definitely get my comeuppance in the future.

I had no way to stop her, and even had to become her accomplice a lot of the time, but I really didn’t mean to, and I left those recordings quietly because I was afraid that she would one day look down on me and try to harm me because I knew too much, so I left them as just a means of self-preservation.

Then I found out about your mother and thought it might be helpful to you, and that’s why I gave it to you.”

Jenny Jing smiled, “You’re right, it did help me, so I wonder if you’re willing to continue helping me next?”

Aoi was stunned, not understanding what she meant.

Jenny said directly, “I need an assistant, would you like to come over?”

Aoi was simply overjoyed.

“Me?Can I, can I?”


Jenny’s eye for people was always good.

Other than the fact that Rovell was the one who looked away, she had never looked away in all these years.

At first, even though Aoi was following Clara, she felt that this little girl was not as cold and heartless as she appeared to be.

The reason for following Clara and aiding and abetting the evil, I’m afraid there was another reason as well.

It turns out she was right.

Aoi was now so happy she couldn’t believe her ears, and for a moment, she restrained her laughter and asked apprehensively, “But before I…”

“What happened before is over, and as long as you promise me that you won’t do anything like that again, it’s okay.”

Aoi even promised, “I promise, I’ll never do anything like that again.”

Jenny Jing nodded with a smile and looked at the time on his watch again.

“Well, it’s getting late, I’m not going to talk to you anymore, you should know He’s contact information, go contact her whenever you’re free in the next few days, she’ll help you arrange everything.”

Aoi was just too excited to agree and thanked again.

Jenny hung up the phone.

Mo Nan knew that she was closing up and purposely drove her car over here, because the filming location was near Kyoto, so as long as she was closing up early, she would go straight back to the Maple Bridge Villa to stay.

And Mo Nan is her bodyguard and driver.

Mo Nan came over from afar and saw her standing there laughing all the time, so he asked curiously, “Jenny, what good thing has happened to you?So happy?”

Jenny then took it.

Mo Nan was dumbfounded after hearing that.

She shook her head, “Although you say you believe in your vision, I’m still a little unsure that she… shouldn’t be contacting Clara again, right?”

The King family has fallen, but Maya King is not in jail.

At first, Jenny Jing was too busy with other matters to care about her, but later on, when he sent someone to investigate again, he found that he could no longer find out where she was.

She was nothing more than a downed dog left and right, so she didn’t bother to pay any more attention to her.

Hearing Mo Nan ask this, Jenny Jing thought and shook his head.

“Although that girl Aoi is a bit of a heartthrob, she’s not bad by nature, as you can see from the fact that she thinks so highly of her own mother, a filial daughter may be a bit selfish, but she can’t be that bad, even if it’s for the sake of the recording she left me in the first place, if she can help out, it’s a handful!”

Mo Nan frowned.

Jenny added, “After that incident, everyone knows that she turned her back on her employer, and even though she herself did nothing wrong, she would not abuse her assistant, but not many people would dare to use her.

It’s not necessarily impossible that she was able to send her resume to me this time, although she herself said that her friend helped her, but it’s also not necessarily impossible that she deliberately sent it to Starlite after she got desperate, to test my attitude.

After all, looking at the entire entertainment industry right now, who else would dare to use her but me?”

Chapter 285

Mo Nan stared in surprise.

“You can see all that?”

Jenny gave a “hmm”.

“And you agreed to let her come over?Isn’t that like knowing she dug you a hole and jumping in it herself?”

Jenny laughed.

“How can you call this digging a hole?She’s desperate and needs a job, and I need a capable assistant who knows what she’s doing, so if she comes over, it’s a win-win situation.What kind of a pit is that?”

Mo Nan was silent.

After a half-hearted moment, Fang gave her a grudging look.

“Fine, since you think you can trust us again, we’ll trust you once, but don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on her from now on and never let her have the chance to be evil.”

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh when she looked like an enemy.

Mo Nan belonged to the most typical type of people who were simple-minded on all fours.

She felt that someone who had betrayed her once must not be trusted again.

But she doesn’t know that there is a lot of inevitability in life, and circumstances.

Jenny asked herself, if she were put in Aoi’s shoes, with her ailing mother on one side and an unrelated stranger on the other, she would have made the same choice as Aoi.

Jenny didn’t dwell on this topic, and after getting into the car, he drove straight to Maple Bridge Villa.

It was exactly nine o’clock at night when I got home.

Aunt Liu has been transferred back from Visterdem by Biden Lu and now also lives in Villa Maple Bridge, taking care of the house for her.

And because Ann’s health is not good, to school, but also doctors, Jenny and Biden Lu have to work, naturally, can not always accompany her, so still live in the old mansion side.

Just pick up and play every weekend or when Jenny Jing and Biden Lu are free.

Jenny and Mo Nan got out of the car together, and only just walked away from the door, did they keenly notice that something was wrong with the atmosphere inside.

The villa was brightly illuminated, and in the living room stood the maids of One Water, Aunt Liu standing at the front, and the end of her eyes caught sight of Jenny and Mo Nan coming in, and even gave her a wink.

Jenny Jing would be impressed and raised his eyebrows.

Taking a few steps inside, I heard the woman’s mean, cold voice.

“This is Kyoto, not a small countryside place like Visterdem, you have to know who you are working for, we have the rules of the Lu family, don’t be brought out of poverty by some people who come from a small countryside place.”

On the couch in the centre, with her legs crossed and a cup of tea shaking slowly in her hands, Lu Lanzhi is teaching a lesson from on high.

As soon as Mo Nan heard what she said, she immediately understood who the sarcastic words were, and her face turned pale, about to attack.

Jenny, however, stopped her and held up a finger to her lips, signaling her to be quiet.

Mo Nan, seeing this, could only endure and took a step back.

Lu Lanzhi still doesn’t know that Jenny has returned, taking a sip of Rong tea before continuing, “This Lu family in Kyoto is a hundred years of nobility, the family is the face of the whole family, like these glass, coffee table, and those ornaments over there, can use the best naturally.

Look at this. What have you got here?Don’t talk to me about the wife’s likes, the wife’s tastes.

Your wives come from small places and don’t have much knowledge, but you’re different, you’ve been working for various gentry families in Kyoto.

Before coming to the land, I’m sure they all had a lot of experience working in other homes, so they shouldn’t be unaware of what’s good and what’s bad.

As the saying goes, if you’ve never eaten pork before, haven’t you seen a pig run before?Besides, this Maple Bridge Villa is designed by the most famous international designer, and all the flowers and plants inside are carefully arranged and cultivated.

Look at this, and now it’s in such a state. It’s not like a nobleman’s wife, it’s just like a small country house.

I don’t blame you guys, I know, you couldn’t stop it, but now that I’m here, just move all this stuff to where it was supposed to go.”

I said that I would command the maids to start cleaning up the house.

Jenny listened with a snicker.

Unable to resist any longer, he stepped forward and coldly shouted, “Stop!”

Everyone was shocked, and when they turned around, they saw that she was back at some point.

One by one, they all greeted her in succession, and Jenny nodded, not looking at them, looking straight at Lu Lanzhi, who was still sitting on the sofa.

Lucian was just startled to hear her voice, but quickly reacted.

She was Biden Lu’s aunt and had raised Biden Lu since he was a child, without merit or hardship.

To put it bluntly, it would be like being half of Biden Lu’s mother.

In the past, when Jenny hadn’t come to the capital, she was free to come in and out of Maple Bridge Villa as she pleased.

Isn’t it enough now?

Thinking this, Lucian sat down again.

A nonchalant glance at her.

Jenny stepped forward and called out politely, “Aunt.”

Lu Lanzhi snorted and spoke in a gloomy tone, “Back?You heard what I just told them, didn’t you?”

Jenny nodded, “Yeah, I hear you.”

“Don’t blame me for being nosy, Biden was brought up by me as a child, and to me, he’s like my own son.

I know he likes you and spoils you, and it’s a blessing that you can’t control it if I want to.

But since you’ve become our Lu family’s daughter-in-law, there are some things that I have to teach you.

Our Lu family is not those small families outside, the Lu family has its own rules and facade, those unpresentable behavior and taste, I hope you can throw away as soon as possible.

Learn early, how to be a woman worthy of who you are, so you don’t go out and get laughed at.”

Jenny scoffed.

“Not sure what I’ve done to make people laugh, though.If your aunt knows, can you tell me a little bit about it?”

Lu Lanzhi frowned and snorted, “You don’t even notice what you’ve done, and you still have the nerve to ask?See for yourself.”

She said, pointing to a decorative cabinet next to the living room.

“If I remember correctly, there used to be some expensive antique vases in here, but why are they replaced with these now?Do you have any idea how much money was spent on the design and decoration of Maple Bridge Villa?

Every place in it is carefully placed and you move when you say you will, have you asked the depth of the view for advice?Have I been asked for my opinion?”

Jenny sneered.

“Aunt, I don’t understand that.This is my home with Biden, and I’m merely changing a few furnishings, so why ask your opinion?”


Lucian was extremely angry.

“With those antique vases that I gave to Biden in the first place, and besides, I’m Biden’s aunt…”

“I know.”

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